Sunday, October 21, 2018
Washington Post / YouTube Trump visits North Carolina to survey...

Trump Offends Poland This Week By Disrespecting Polish President

Polish President Andrzej Duda visited the White House on Tuesday, and although he was pleased with the visit, many other polish citizens were left less than thrilled. In fact, Trump managed to offend the Poles so deeply that the fallout was all over Polish news sites on Wednesday morning. At the end of the meeting between Duda […]
Steve Baker / Flickr With BigBabyTrump we get a package...

Isn’t It A Shame Trump Can’t Escape The Truth This Time: Woodward Instills ‘Fear’

Well, it looks like there’s no chance in hell that Trump can discredit Bob Woodward and his new book given the accuracy of his past reporting and his famous “fly on the wall” technique… Rick Wilson, a Republican political strategist, had this to say: When I was a young aide in the DOD, Bob Woodward was […]

The Speed of Consciousness; Snake Bites, Facebook, and All We Don’t Know

We all know that everything we’ve assumed can change quicker than an instant, the speed of recognition must be faster than the speed of light because there have been many times in my life when I’ve had precognition – realizing a change before it actually happens. The last time it happened vividly was when the […]
Vox / YouTube Trump and Putin A surreal moment...

Trump Signs Pro-Putin, Pro-Russian, Signing Statement on McCain Defense Bill

As Charlie Pierce asks, what does this man have to do to prove to the world he’s a Russian agent, puppet, asset, – put on a fur hat and dance the chechotka on the Truman Balconey? It appears that Donald Trump cannot even put America ahead of Russia when signing an American national defense budget. Six hours after all […]
Washington Post / YouTube Trump holds rally in Ohio...

Ingraham, Carlson, Trump, Nunes, Combine to Announce, Fascism Is Here, Now.

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden summed up what you and I have always believed about what it means to immigrate and become a citizen, beautifully: “It’s pretty simple, You read the document, you understand the document, you pledge allegiance to the document, and we shake your hand, and you are every bit as much of […]
Jesse Baca / Flickr quot Facebook Knows More About Russia...

Facebook Poses Clear Danger to Democratic Western Ideals, Must Be Regulated Like Utility

The Guardian published a story on the British Government’s investigation into the role Facebook played in the Brexit vote, one that is hauntingly familiar in its overlap to that Facebook played in the election of Donald Trump, such that one could almost consider the Brexit vote a “dry run.” In “A Withering Verdict: MPs Report […]

On Rubles, Enemies of the People, Tweets, Power and Fake News

We don’t auto-publish every Trump tweet each morning. One cannot give a platform to the dribbles of an unhealthy mind. It can spread diseased thinking throughout the body politic. But, we don’t ignore tweets that function as proclamations from the President of the United States, especially ones that chip away at the basic agreement we’ve […]

The World Knows; The U.S. Has Been ‘America First’ for a Long Time

This is not going to be some well-earned shot against Trump and the role he’s played in devaluing the United States around the world. That is taken as a given, it could take a generation, best case scenario, for “the world” to trust the United States like they did the day before Trump was elected. […]
Jessyca Frederick / Flickr American Flags...

The Nation Is Teetering on the Edge, You Know that, Right?

I am not sure if you heard, but some Republicans actually filed impeachment charges yesterday. Yes, they did their patriotic duty in filing articles of impeachment against Rosenstein. It is a known tactic, well-studied, that fascist governments overwhelm the populace with outrageous new behaviors and false news stories, all with the focused intent upon dulling […]

The End of the United States as YOU Know It.

Sometime between today and tomorrow evening, Trump will decide upon whom he will nominate to the critical swing seat on the Supreme Court. Each person Trump considered (there are said to be four candidates left) has been vetted and approved of by the Federalist Society, a far-right think tank which espouses to be “originalist” in […]

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