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Trump Tips His Racist Hand When He Disses Parasite, Advocates Gone With The Wind...

Donald Trump divulges a lot of unintended toxic views when he goes off script, which is something you can depend upon when he’s with his base. He lives to get with them and experience the roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd and feel the adoration coming up at him, when he throws red meat out, usually racist dogma. Trump was in Colorado Springs Thursday and he bemoaned the fact that the movie Parasite from South Korea, a bitingly dark comedy about class struggle won the Best Picture Oscar. “And the winner from South Korea — what the hell is that? We have enough trade problems with South Korea? Can we get back ‘Gone With The Wind?'” Yes, indeed, can we go back to a sensible world of white supremacy, where slavery is depicted as paternalistic at worst and even desirable — seen from the POV of the slaves who stuck around? I think that Trump’s problem with Parasite is that he had to read sub-titles and we know he can’t read. What an affront, for Trump to have to watch people from a different culture and speaking a different language, depict a universal human problem. It truly must have been too much for him. Trump goes off on the Oscars for giving Best Picture to Parasite because it's a South Korean movie — Claudia Koerner (@ClaudiaKoerner) February 21, 2020 “Was it [Parasite] any good? I don’t know.” i’m sure he doesn’t. Trump has probably never seen a foreign film in his life, because he can’t read subtitles. That’s too art house for him. Yeah, “what the hell is that?” Today, subtitles, tomorrow they’ll be serving kimchi instead of popcorn. Trump also made a reference to Sunset Boulevard. I wonder what intrigues him about that film? Perhaps the fact that a delusional character, living in her past, buys the company of a young man? That sounds Trumpian. Maybe he sees his future in that movie, when he’ll be the next Norma Desmond, living in a bubble world of his own fame and past glory, and planning his come back. Blow back was swift and biting. It's bringing up Gone With the Wind that raises this from simple xenophobic ignorance to real dada racism. — Jeet Heer (@HeerJeet) February 21, 2020 I bet he didnt like the ending of "Gettysburg" — Jennifer Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) February 21, 2020 Trump talks far more harshly about South Korea than North Korea. And of course he loves pro-Confederate “Gone With the Wind.” Very telling. — Max Boot (@MaxBoot) February 21, 2020 Interesting that Trump would pick one movie made 81 years ago, Gone With the Wind, and another movie made 70 years ago, Sunset Boulevard, for mention. That is quite a while back and both society and cinema have come many light years since those films were made. And granted, these are great motion pictures and certainly were feted in their time. GWTW is a classic love story. It was massively popular as WWII was ramping up in Europe, because it portrayed the destruction of a culture ravaged by war. Production values for the time were outstanding and it was the winner of eight Academy Awards. But alas, it has fallen into disrepute for it’s whitewashed and romanticized vision of […]

Saving Private Bonespurs and Other Trump Movie Titles Trending on Twitter

#ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump is up and trending today. All you have to do is replace Trump with a movie title — and add a picture, if you like. As ridiculous as Trump is in “real” life, transposing his persona to the silver screen does yield some gems. Here are some of the favorites so far. Forrest Trump. #ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Kalecgos (@piousbrony) February 17, 2020 Goodfelons#ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Celebriety – Get Clear (@andfeelgood) February 17, 2020 Clear and president danger #ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Karen cooper (@i_am_k_cooper) February 17, 2020 How about “White Men Can’t Trump?” and “Trump White and the Seven Nazis?” Here’s a good one, “Trumpback Mountain.” Or this, “Saving Private Bonespurs.” Trumpmageddon#ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Robin Moore (@robinv0001) February 17, 2020 The Wizard of Fraud #ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Olive Stem (@olivestemstrong) February 17, 2020 #ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump Impeachment Day — Kidar Wolf (@KidarWolf) February 17, 2020 Comb Me If You Can #ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Medic Dave (@DavidLo27560362) February 16, 2020 Fat and Furious #ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Impeached King Trump* the 3rd (@realTrumpClone) February 16, 2020 The Devil Wears Tanner#ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — εѵα ✨ (@minervastreep) February 16, 2020 THE BIG ZELENSKYYou don't think it was a perfect call?Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.#ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump — Thinking About It (@Jorlev_11) February 17, 2020 And the tweet goes on. Any ideas for a movie title? Share them in the comments.
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‘Came For The Politics, Stayed For The Sex’ – Don’t Let The Spam Bots...

I knew 2020 would be an interesting year on PolitiZoom, but didn’t think we’d be dealing with spam bots peddling porn on the site. “Emma” will be cast into oblivion soon enough, if she hasn’t been already. In any event, if you haven’t read Emma’s contributions, there are comments in most of today’s articles about a website where we can all find sex partners. I hit the link and it was rank. God. I had to clean off my computer screen, it was so foul. – I started getting concerned emails a few hours ago and I wrote back, “Maybe this will become our motto around here: ‘Came for the politics, stayed for the sex.’” Hey, you get lemons, you make lemonade. – Now porn is an industry with which I have more than a nodding acquaintance, believe it or not. I watched the entire “canon” of pornography available in the seventies, and I was actually “discovered” and asked to appear in a Marilyn Chambers opus in the early 80’s. Seriously. Take a stroll down memory lane with me. As you might expect, how all this happened is another opus from the You Can’t Make This Shit Up file. – The year was 1977. I was friends with a couple, Glenn and Bobbie. They were getting their Ph.D.s in philosophy at the University of Denver. They both needed a job badly. I remember being at their apartment on a few occasions and staying over and in the morning we’d decide to go have breakfast at the coffee shop where it cost $1.49. And they would literally sell a few of their stereo records to get breakfast money. They were the poster children for starving students. – So, they finally had to seriously look for employment and they called me up one day to say that they had found nirvana and said, “You must come down and celebrate with us,” and they gave me an address. I didn’t know that Nirvana was the name of an adult-movie motel on Colfax. So, I got there and went to the door and Glenn was already there to open it. They had seen me on the security camera, I was told. – They invited me in and told me of their tremendous good fortune in landing a job managing this motel which screened porn movies 24/7/365. Their compensation included a two bedroom apartment, and while it was modest, a little bungalow set apart from the rows of motel rooms, it was palatial compared to where they had lived before. They also got a salary. The only restriction put on them was that one of them had to be on the premises at all times. That was fine with them. All they wanted from life was to write their dissertations. They never went out much anyhow. So, this literally was nirvana, shangri-la, you name it. And the owner of the place was in heaven, too. He had a couple of nice, middle class kids, college students no less, with manners and good heads on their shoulders, to manage his property. This became an asset, actually, when the mafioso showed up. More about that later. – Their job duties were quite modest and doable. They had to check in guests, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., collect […]

‘Santa Jaws’ Is The Funniest Present You’ll Get This Year

Friends and fellow Zoomers, we at PolitiZoom have taken a sacred vow to direct our readers to those artistic efforts which are so horrifically bad, that they’re great — not to mention hilarious — and to award such nefarious offerings, all at the same time. Few cinematic efforts are worthy of our highest honor, the Zoscar, (a statue in the shape of a furry white bear paw with prominent claws, otherwise known as a “FawPaw”) but this year one film has distinguished itself and will take home the prize. This epic is called “Santa Jaws.” It was produced by the same people who brought us “Sharknado” a masterpiece which tried to hire Donald Trump to play the president of the United States, before reality took a deranged fork in the road and  he got the honor for real and was unavailable to play it on the silver screen. And believe us, the writers of “Sharknado” could not dream up scenarios and dialogue remotely approaching the bizarro alternate universe that Trump has provided us extemporaneously, albeit unintentionally. Twas the night before Christmas and all through the reefNot a creature was swimming in fear of those teeth. The fear of carnage and destruction filled everyone with dreadFor Santa Jaws was coming and they all would soon be dead. — 💉Plague Daddy🩸 (@Arrogant_Shark) December 24, 2019 "Ho, Ho, Ho, you son of a Fish." Santa Jaws (2018) — 📽 Alfred Murphy 🎅 (@AlfredMurphy99) December 24, 2019 Feast your eyes and ears and be glad that smell-o-vision hasn’t been invented yet, because this movie really stinks. Go over to SyFy, without further ado and hear how the ominous ba bomp music as the shark swims through the water has been replaced with jingle bells. Seriously, you have to see this. The runner up for this year’s Zoscar was a late entry for worst movie of the year, and a definite contender for worst movie of the decade, the screen version of “Cats!” I predicted that horror months ago. Here’s what I wrote in July, when the first trailer came out. Turns out I was right. Rolling Stone gave “Cats!” zero stars. They called it, “a Broadway musical straight out of the litter box” Ouch. Let the sheer grinding monotony of Cats stand as a measuring stick for future cinematic takes on Broadway musicals that hope to match its unparalleled, bottom-feeding dreadfulness. In his prize-winning Angels in America, playwright Tony Kushner wrote a scene in which the rat-bastard lawyer Roy Cohn is on the phone sucking up to a client who wants tickets to a Broadway smash. When the caller says, “Cats,” Cohn sticks his fingers down his throat and mock vomits. Look for that gesture to be repeated by all who must endure this hellish fiasco of a film version. This disaster of a movie shouldn’t happen to a dog. The Los Angeles Times calls it a “CGI generated horror.” Take :37 and check out this travesty. CATS (2019) OFFICIAL TRAILER // THEATER AUDIENCE REACTION#CatsMovie — Will Tempfer (@wtempfer) July 19, 2019 Seriously, when top critics start echoing and amplifying the sentiments of your humble reviewer here at PZ, namely myself, when the spirit of Addison DeWitt (remember the evil theater critic in “All About Eve?”) descends upon me, you know that a show is a castastrophic bomb — no pun […]
The View / YouTube Stormy Daniels announces new book ...

Stormy Daniels Rocks Out With Rapper YG to His Tune, ‘F**k Donald Trump’

Porn mixed with politics in 2016 and in 2019, rap has been added to the mix. Stormy Daniels was yukking it up onstage in Los Angeles recently with Rapper YG, and the lyrics are ones that we sing in our hearts every day. Mediaite: YG, whose real name is Keenon Jackson, handed Daniels a mic during his performance at the Camp Gnaw Flog Carnival at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium and asked her to recount her experience with the president, whom she claims to have had an affair with in 2006; Trump denies this allegation, despite his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen pleading guilty last year to paying out $130,000 in hush money to the adult film star in an attempt to keep her quiet during the 2016 election. “My name is Stormy fucking Daniels and I am the reason that Donald Trump is fucked,” Daniels said as YG’s raucous fans cheered and applauded. So. This happened tonight. — Stormy Daniels (@StormyDaniels) November 11, 2019 Catchy little tune, has a real primal resonance about it. The words hit me where I live. I think we should blast this out of speakers and have it on the screens in sports bars on November 3, 2020.  

John Cleese Calls Trump ‘Extraordinary Caricature Of An A$$hole’ Predicts America Shall Prevail

John Cleese and Eric Idle know a farce when they see one, they are celebrating 50 years of Monty Python this month. They both live in America and have for some time. They also remember Watergate all too well, and recently they kicked in their two cents about the Trump “shitshow.” Daily Beast: “It’s been quite clear to me from the very beginning that he is not mentally balanced,” Cleese says of Trump. “He is an extraordinary caricature of an asshole; a person who has no interest in anyone else except himself. Every time he makes a decision, no matter how impulsive it is, it’s the one that makes him feel best about himself for the next 20 minutes. But I think he is now for the first time, because he is really becoming a disaster in foreign affairs, I think some Republicans are beginning to notice it. But the people who support him are basically so ignorant, because they only ever get news from Fox News, I don’t know what you say to people like that. To me, it’s like people who go and watch professional wrestling and don’t realize that it’s fixed. If they can’t see it when it’s right under their nose, I have no idea how they’re going to realize how wrong they are.” Idle agrees. “He’s stark raving mad. Absolutely mental. He’s a criminal and a con artist and a mob boss.” But he has faith in America. “America was founded by people who drew up a Constitution that accounted for somebody like Trump,” he says. “They wrote down laws to guard against it. They don’t have that in England. And that’s why they’re in the mess they’re in over there.” Nice to hear the vote of confidence, but on the other hand, it’s not entirely clear that the constitution was written with the thought of a charlatan like Trump in mind. Plenty of people worry that the advent of Trump has opened the door for more of his self-serving, predatory capitalist ilk to come in, media charmed as he was, and do the same thing. Idle and Cleese then shared ruminations from Watergate. “When we were first touring here, in Canada, actually, the impeachment hearings were on,” Idle says. “It was amazing and riveting. But it was a lesson in how resilient America is, too. William Barr is nothing more than this era’s John Mitchell, and you can see how well that turned out for him.” For his part, Cleese has less faith in the Republicans in Congress. “This is the best job they’re ever going to get,” Cleese says, emphatically. “The better-known ones will go on living well, of course. But the rest of them will have to go back to being assistant manager in a shoe shop!” “They’re terrified of Trump, sure,” contends Idle. “But do you know what they’re really terrified of? If you think the Russians only hacked Hillary Clinton and the DNC, you’re a fool. They hacked everyone! The RNC, Mitch McConnell and, especially, Lindsey Graham. That’s why they’re all so docile. But don’t be fooled that they’re doing this out of allegiance to Trump, or even because they fear his base. They’re afraid of what Russia has on them!” Cleese has an interesting bottom line, one that’s at odds […]

Biggest Hypocrite In Hollywood, Mark Burnett, Said To Be In Talks With Trump About...

Mark Burnett has an uncanny ability to appeal to the lowest common denominator. “Survivor” was a testament to that premise, and certainly Donald Trump is the poster child for that perfect show biz ideal, as first articulated by P.T. Barnum, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.” Burnett has taken a lot of heat for his refusal to provide “Apprentice” outtakes, wherein Trump famously uses the n-word and purportedly reveals that his “grab ’em by the pussy” comment was actually one of his tamer elocutions. He’s protecting Trump.  Like the GOP, watch what Burnett does, not what he says. Daily Beast: Burnett declined to make any footage public or to let former contestants out of their nondisclosure agreements. But shortly before Trump was elected president, he did go out of his way to denounce the “hatred, division, and misogyny that has been a very unfortunate part of his campaign.” The statement came in the midst of a flood of sexual-misconduct and assault allegations that were publicly made against Trump shortly after the October 2016 publication of the infamous “grab ’em by the pussy” tape. After Trump won the election, however, Burnett was ready to put all that bigotry and sexism behind him. He buddied back up to Trump and even played a role in the inauguration, trying—largely unsuccessfully—to recruit musicians to perform for Trump’s festivities. One person who has spoken with Burnett about Trump said he openly boasted of his relationship to the president: “Mark would say ‘My relationship with the president is incredibly strong. I’m the most powerful person in Hollywood because of it. I could wipe the floor because of it.’ Mark has no shame.” As you would expect, Burnett’s office has denied the rumors, any conversations between Trump and Burnett on the topic, and the like. But again, forget what they say, watch what they do. Television is not only Trump’s medium, it’s his substitute for living life. At some point, the White House will stop being an extension of the “Apprentice” set and Trump will return to the only way of life he understands, superficiality and soundbites. He was hoping that the presidential campaign was going to be an extension of his TV show and when reality began to overcome reality TV, he was not happy about it. “The day that NBC announced that Donald Trump would no longer be able to host The Apprentice in 2015 was one of the very few times I’ve ever seen the [then-future] president visibly upset in immediate reaction to news,” [former aide Sam] Nunberg said. The ex-aide continued, “When very famous people—celebrities, athletes, people in Hollywood, politicians, network executives, network hosts—would call his office in Trump Tower, he would often let people sit there and listen as he talked to them; occasionally, he would put them on speakerphone. But when Mark Burnett called, which was frequent [between 2013 and 2015], Trump would politely tell everyone else to ‘get out’ of his office.” Ironically, one of President Trump’s central gripes in recent months regarding his predecessor, Barack Obama, is the imagined corruption that the former president engaged in by securing a major entertainment and production deal with Netflix in his post-presidency life. But if Trump’s conversations with Burnett are of any indication, it appears that the sitting president is yearning for his […]
Entertainment Tonight / YouTube Kanye West Speechless After Jimmy Kimmel...

Kanye West Proclaims Himself ‘Greatest Human Artist Of All Time’ Announces Presidential Ambitions

I don’t know what meds Kanye West is on, but apparently he’s off them, or was when he gave an interview to Zane Lowe on Beats 1, Thursday, upon the release of his newest album “Jesus Is King.” Whether Jesus is king or not might be debatable, but it’s a certainty that Kanye West is screaming banana bonkers. The Week: “I am unquestionably, undoubtedly the greatest human artist of all time,” West said. “It’s just not even a question anymore at this point. It’s just a fact.” The greatest “human” artist, he qualifies. Okay…does that mean that there are non-human artists, we should know about? Polar bears doing ice sculptures, blowfish creating tasteful mosaics out of coral reef? Or, maybe West is talking about other non-human beings, such as the ones that his medication is supposed to control, they who flit about in the corners of his vision, flapping their leathery wings, and flashing their fangs? Only his shrink would know for sure. And perhaps Donald Trump, his BFF and role model. West mentioned this while deciding that it was “God’s practical joke to all liberals” for “the greatest artist in human existence to put a red hat on,” referring to his support for President Trump, since this is apparently the sort of thing God has time for. “God is using me to show off,” West also said at one point in the interview. Apparently also now beyond question is the fact that a West administration lies in the American public’s future, whether they like it or not. After previously announcing his plans to run for the White House, West stated as a matter of fact Thursday, “there will be a time where I will be president of the Untied States.” Well, now we know what the plot line for “Wingnuttia: The Next Generation” looks like. Kanye West on the GOP ticket and Kim Kardashian as First Lady. Oh, my stars….and they are not my stars, believe me. The consistently strange discussion also included West revealing that he asked those working on his new album to abstain from premarital sex, saying that he’s “no longer an entertainer,” and casually announcing another album to be released this Christmas amid skepticism that he’ll even manage to release Friday’s album. The just released album was twice delayed and with any luck, West’s presidential ambitions will go the same route. The White House needs to be overrun with rabid raccoons and contaminated with flesh eating bacteria, more than it needs him in the Oval Office — even as a guest, for that matter. Delusion this severe needs to be contained. There’s enough full blown crazy on Pennsylvania Avenue these days, we don’t need this loon.

Sean Spicer’s Debut On Dancing With The Stars Evokes Liberace and Dr. Suess

This is one of those times when not only is a picture worth a thousand words but a picture is the only thing that can truly convey the weirdness of the topic under discussion — and even then you’re going to be rubbing your eyes and blinking. Yes, Virginia, Sean Spicer really looks this way now and no, you’re not having an acid flashback — or maybe you are. Some of those are purportedly induced by bright lights and Spicer’s shirt is blinding. It is so loud, that it’s beyond words, it must be measured in decibels. This is what life is now. #DWTS @seanspicer — Matt Wilstein (@mattwilstein) September 17, 2019 The puce goose is loose and pounding his fists like King Kong. Raw Story has a video up of Spicer’s White House days and his present career as celebrity hoofer, the Baryshnikov of Bullshit. Hit the link, because it’s not to be believed otherwise. Spicer’s dancing partner is an acrobat, whose costume creates an illusion that she’s naked except for a partial tutu that matches Spicer’s shirt. The name of the video is “Sean Spicer Does Whatever the Hell This Is.” Actually, in truth, he’s a much better dancer than he ever was a press secretary. Enjoy.  

Star Trek Turns 53 Today, Wish It A Happy Birthday!

Fifty-three years ago today I was 13 years old. The first episode of Star Trek was screened, at 8:00 p.m. local time in Denver, and by 9:00 p.m. I had a new favorite television show. I was an instant trekkie. In those days the show was called “Star Track” by functional illiterates, at least the ones in my eighth grade glass, and they resented me correcting them. There was also a rumor that Mr. Spock had green skin. Bear in mind that color television sets were just going mainstream, so the first episodes of Star Trek that I saw were in black and white. I was completely thrilled when my one friend with a color TV, Pam, invited me over to her house to watch the show in color. Listen to this clip and walk down memory lane. On this day in Trek history… 💫 #StarTrekDay #StarTrek — Star Trek (@StarTrek) September 8, 2019 Rod Serling was not happy when Star Trek was cancelled. But then he wasn’t happy fighting with CBS the five years and three cancellation threats that he endured over Twilight Zone. On the last go round, he just let them have their way. Serling was a visionary, and he appreciated the same in Roddenberry, although Serling was far and away the better writer. And neither of them was particularly loved by the “legitimate” science fiction writing community. Serling had an epic falling in the 60’s with Ray Bradbury, who strongly inferred that Serling was a plagiarist and said that he “didn’t understand the genre” of science fiction. Serling: "The day @StarTrek was cancelled, I could have cut off heads at the network. It was a marvelous show." #StarTrek53 #StarTrekDay — The Twilight Zone (@TheNightGallery) September 8, 2019 Roddenberry was called a “third rate hack” by Harlan Ellison and while that was considered a bit over the top, it was generally acknowledged that other, better writers, such as Theodore Sturgeon and Norman Spinrad helped Roddenberry’s concept reach it’s full potential, most definitely in the many spin off series. Ellison said, “Star Trek can turn your brains to pure puree of bat guano,” and he went completely bonkers about the show on an interview with Tom Synder in 1976. Roddenberry told him that he agreed with him that “Star Trek is neither scripture and certainly is far from being great literature. I understand that you use ‘overstatement’ in order to shake up the audience and jolt them into thinking. But in your enthusiasm to slay the dragon your sword begins to slice up a lot of fellow warriors who are fighting the same battle as you but are simply using different methods.” The letter is worth reading in full and is at this LINK.For some reason it’s now a PDF and I can’t copy and paste it, but it is extremely worth reading. I met a few of the actors from Star Trek. In 1976 I was working at talk show radio station KWBZ in Denver and George Takei was a guest one afternoon. I also met James Doohan in the produce department at Ralph’s in Van Nuys in 1979. He was gong through the green beans and that’s where I was headed, so I just started chatting with him. Very nice, congenial fellow, as was […]

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