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And The Hits Just Keep Coming In Wisconsin

Well, well, well. It appears that the GOP chickens may be starting to come home to roost in the fallout of the Wisconsin primary and special election that they rammed through a couple of weeks ago. And as most people already know, if enough chickens fly in, you’re gonna get covered in chicken shit. Politico is reporting that Wisconsin public health officials have found seven new cases of the coronavirus in Milwaukee, that they believe may have been caused by participation in the primary and special election process. Six of the people involved were voters, and one person was a poll worker. One of the reasons that they were able to make the possible connection is that the health department is now asking every new case that is recorded whether or not they voted in or worked at the election. If the county health department keeps asking that question, look for that number to get progressively worse. By my feeble calculations, we are just now starting to hit the height of the gestation period before symptoms begin to become evident. And if it does, it carried a greater peril to the GOP than just a bungled special election and a lost state Supreme Court seat. The real problem for the GOP is one of optics. Honestly, it will be very difficult to conclusively pin these new cases on participation in the special election, but they don’t actually have to! The simple fact that there can be a possible connection between the two exposes the callous disregard of the Wisconsin and national GOP for the health and welfare of their voters. If enough new cases are reported with that possible connection, it becomes statewide news, and leaves the GOP with egg on their faces. And if enough new cases are reported, then it becomes a national news story, with the media avidly replaying the entire, sorry spectacle. And if that happens, the entire GOP ends up covered in what comes out of the back end of a chicken after a hearty meal. This has the potential to become a nightmare scenario for the GOP, mainly because it raised a graphic specter of the possible November election. Hell, even EEG flat liners like Trump supporters would like to be able to vote in November without risking a painful death. The Democrats are pushing hard for universal mail in balloting, and while there isn’t enough time to make it universal by November, there is plenty of time for reluctant states with no provisions to get partial programs in place, and ,ore than enough time for red states with candy ass absentee and mail in balloting to expand them exponentially. All of which is sunlight to the morally bankrupt GOP vampire, but state officials may not have much choice if the pressure is high enough, other than to risk possible defeat in November. Now, let’s just briefly recap, if for no other reason than that I so love rubbing the GOP’s nose in their own pile of shit. The Wisconsin and national GOP, with boneheaded support from the US Supreme Court, forced a clearly unsafe special election forward, despite resistance from the state’s Democratic Governor, after publicly bragging that the move was specifically designed to aid the chances of their candidate with the lowest possible turnout. And then they still ended up losing the election, and not by a […]

Trump’s Campaign Strategy’s Not Working Because It’s Like ‘Trying to Bail Out the Titantic...

Donald Trump is “starting the fourth quarter of his campaign behind and in a lousy field position” according to professor of international politics and Washington Post contributor Daniel Drezner. His ongoing flailing and hoping for a miracle have all come to naught. Hydroxycloroquine was going to be the Hail Mary pass that got him back in the game. it fizzled when Anthony Fauci and others shot it down as untested and unsafe. Then Trump experimented with being a tough guy and touting his “total authority” and threatening to adjourn Congress and that totally blew up in his face. Now he’s trying to play Mr. Nice Trump, but that only works for a few minutes and then some reporter — usually a woman — will tick him off and the beast that lurks under the veneer comes out and stares us in the face once again on live television. Bottom line, three presidents in the last century have lost reelection and Trump looks to be in line to become the fourth — and defeat could not happen to a more deserving loser. Washington Post: What is Trump thinking?! Trying to explain his behavior beyond the toddler thesis might seem ambitious. For once, however, I think he is conforming to a normal psychological trope. To use the language of prospect theory, Trump is operating in a world of loss and is gambling for resurrection. To use the language of English: Psychologists have found that most people act in a risk-averse manner when approaching possible gains relative to the status quo. When confronted with losses, however, they are more likely to behave in a risk-loving manner. This means that when someone suffers a negative shock, they might take risky gambles if winning would get them back to the prior status quo. Trump is operating in a world of loss. Two months ago, he had survived impeachment, the economy looked strong, and his likely opponent was Bernie Sanders. This did not guarantee him reelection, but his chances looked good. Now he is at the helm during a long-lasting health and economic emergency and facing an opponent who cannot be convincingly portrayed as out of the mainstream. His current political position is weak. So weak. Little wonder that, according to one source, he “wants this magical moment when this is all over.” That was what was fueling the magic bullet of hydroxycloroquine. What a shame Trump couldn’t get Fauci to sign off on it, because Fauci isn’t a hack nor a quack and won’t recommend anything unless it meets rigorous standards. Trump knows nothing about standards of any kind. His only standard is that he gets his and if you don’t, too bad, you’re a loser. But without hydroxycloroquine to act as love potion number nine and fix Trump’s problems, he’s now gone to his fall back position, which is to laughably contend that Joe Biden is a dupe of the Chinese. We won’t even begin to talk about pots critiquing the complexion of kettles. Washington Post: My Post colleagues Michael Scherer, Josh Dawsey, Annie Linskey and Toluse Olorunnipa have the most jaw-dropping opening: “President Trump’s campaign is preparing to launch a broad effort aimed at linking Joe Biden to China, after concluding that it would be more politically effective than defending or promoting Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.” All of these stories are […]

Hogan Sneaks 500,000 Coronavirus Tests Past Trump

In this brave new world of near-mindless Trump fanatics who’d rather kill millions than go against their cult leader, it’s refreshing to see a high-ranking Republican go against Der Fuehrer’s orders on behalf of the people he governs. Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) should never had had to do what he did. In a sane society, under a sane federal government, Hogan, like every US state and territorial governor, would have received as many Covid-19 tests and PPE items he could have asked for. That’s not what happened. Hogan had to reach out to South Korea for a “midnight requisition” of 500,000 tests, in a mission he titled “Operation Enduring Friendship.” On Saturday, First Lady Yumi Hogan and I stood on the tarmac at @BWI_Airport to welcome the first ever Korean Air passenger plane, carrying a very important payload of LabGun #COVID19 test kits which will give MD the capability of performing half a million coronavirus tests. — Governor Larry Hogan (@GovLarryHogan) April 20, 2020 (I learned about “midnight requisitions” from a wonderful book, Warm Bodies, which I read for the first time at about age 10. The senior officers on the lowly Navy LST would sneak aboard larger and better-provisioned destroyers, cruisers and the like while in port and “requisition” items they wanted or needed but couldn’t get through the usual labyrinthine logistical routes. Go find the book, if you can.) Hogan has been walking a tightrope on behalf of Maryland’s citizens, as so many others have done in times of crisis to avoid bruising Trump’s swollen and fragile ego — and suffering the consequences Trump will inflict upon said citizens. But his efforts were doomed to failure, and he knew it. Hogan endorsed Trump’s impeachment in 2019. After that, it was inevitable that Trump would look for an opportunity to hurt Hogan in retaliation. And what better way than to kill the citizens Hogan was elected to govern? So, a month ago, Hogan decided to take matters into his own hands. His wife, Yumi, is South Korean. She spoke in Korean with Lee Soo Hyuck, South Korea’s ambassador to the US. Yumi Hogan capitalized on her status as the first Korean-American first lady in US history to ask for assistance. “We made a personal plea, in Korean, asking for their assistance,” Hogan recalls. “That call set in motion 22 straight days of vetting, testing, negotiations, and protocols between our scientists and doctors, eight Maryland state government agencies and our counterparts in Korea.” He says negotiations took place almost nightly, and “sometimes, it seemed like all night.” Hogan and his officials began securing — quietly — the necessary approvals from a variety of federal agencies so that the chartered Korean Air flight could land unmolested at the Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport. Why the secrecy? Hogan freely acknowledges that he feared the federal government would seize the tests and spirit them away to God knows where. Hogan declines to say what steps he took to keep that from happening. Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, harshly criticized Trump after Hogan’s story went public, saying the administration’s response to the pandemic has been “so slow, and so ineffective, that the Governor of Maryland — a Republican — had to turn to South Korea to get badly-needed tests.” Hogan later adds: “Each part of this international collaboration […]

Matt Drudge Says Trump’s Wrong About Him, He’s Never Had It So Good

The handwriting has been on the wall since October, that Matt Drudge and Donald Trump are not seeing eye to eye. In October Drudge was running impeachment commentary which was critical of Trump, featuring the likes of Andrew Napolitano. Trump saw that as disloyal, needless to say, and so has turned on Drudge, for not playing ball. I gave up on Drudge (a really nice guy) long ago, as have many others. People are dropping off like flies! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 18, 2020 It’s new information to Drudge that “people are dropping off like flies.” He responded to Trump’s taunt with a fact check and the fact is, the Drudge Report is doing more business now than it ever has. Trump did not provide any evidence to support his assertion that people are abandoning @DRUDGE's website en masse. Page view data directly from the Drudge Report's server actually shows a significant traffic surge in March amid the pandemic. — Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) April 18, 2020 Matt Drudge is a power broker in the right wing media world. He has been characterized as the “de facto assignment editor of the conservative media” and Mediaite writer John Ziegler says, “He’s one of the dominoes that would have to fall for the right wing media to allow Trump to be removed from office.” The domino looked wobbly in October and now in April it’s not looking any steadier. Just one more sign of the times for Donald Trump. He may have bought Limbaugh off with the Medal of Honor, but the fact remains that Limbaugh has been in the game a lot longer than Trump and if you had to take a guess on which one of them would be left standing, the smart money would be on Limbaugh. The times, they are a’changin’ and Trump is going to be out on his orange tush before too much longer.
Joseph Morris / YouTube Kavanaugh hearing Lindsey Graham TANTRUM quot...

Postcards From Home

Keep those cards and letters coming!   Old time radio show sign off As a lot you regulars know, since October Teri and I have been engaged in what we whimsically refer to as our twice monthly “tithing,” tossing a cookie first to Amy Klobuchar and now Joe Biden, as well as Amy McGrath, Mark Kelly, and Jamie Harrison. And if you donate like we do, you quickly learn that politicians are like your child’s new puppy, the minute you give them a treat, they follow you all over the house, yapping and doing tricks trying to get another nummer. Actually, I kind of get a kick out of their text blasts. Sometimes they’re whimsical. For instance, every time you get a Biden text, it says From Team Biden. Hey Folks, this is Joe. Ole Biden actually writes all of his own texts, instead of some 22 year old e-geek that never gets laid. But the nice thing about Biden texts is that they are very opinion driven. Almost every text has a link at the bottom that takes you to some form or another of questionnaire that asks your opinion on specific topics. It’s nice to know that even if they’re not constantly getting money, they are getting opinions to help to drive their messaging. But the ones I like the most are the ones from the Senatorial candidates. I prefer these because, although we donate to the candidates, we don’t live in those states, and they tend to provide some helpful information on how the campaign is going that we can’t necessarily pick up from national media coverage. Amy McGrath’s last e-mail newsletter is a perfect example. In it, she led off with some bad news, namely that Moscow Mitch McConnell just had his best single quarter fundraising haul of his political career, raising something like $7.1 million. But on the bright side, McFrath left Yertl the Turtle in the mud, posting a healthy $12.7 million haul for the quarter. While I’m sure that McConnell’s Super PAC’s are overflowing, it’s nice to know that McGrath is remaining competitive in fundraising, and it looks like her national ads may be helping. Jamie Harrison is a real chatterbox. And it was all good news. First, his campaign just passed the 500,000 mark in terms of individual donors, so both he and McGrath are grassroots fundraising campaigns. Second, while Leningrad Lindsey Graham had a nice haul in the quarter, Jamie out raised him as well. And in the last month, Harrison has cited two different polls, one showing him +6 against Graham, and the other +4. The name of the poll(s) was not given. A quick word about polling. Most people are suspicious if a candidates campaign releases the results of an internal poll showing rosy results, figuring the poll was skewed that way. My experience shows that to be wrong. If a candidates campaign manager graduated from Kindercare, the last thing they need is a dishonest poll. How does a candidate know what message is resonating, and what isn’t, how to fine tune his messaging, or where he needs to go if the data isn’t legitimate? I’ve found that while the results might be a shade to the sunny side, the results are normally within the margin of error for a normal poll. But the important takeaway from the […]
News Hollywood / YouTube Michael Cohen  s secret Trump...

Michael Cohen Reportedly ‘Pissed’ ‘Willing to Dish’ On Trump In Tell-All Book Before Election

Hell hath no fury like a former bag man scorned. Donald Trump’s fixer, Michael Cohen, has been using his time in prison productively, to pen a tell-all book about his relationship with Trump over the years. This may be the same manuscript tentatively entitled Trump Revolution: From The Tower to The White House, Understanding Donald J. Trump, that Cohen had shopped to a publisher back in February, 2018. Now that Cohen is being released from prison due to the coronavirus pandemic, which ran through his minimum security facility, infecting guards and staff, a pre-Election Day publication date is anticipated. This is not the first word of Cohen writing a book about Trump, by far. Wow, just revealed that Michael Cohen wrote a “love letter to Trump” manuscript for a new book that he was pushing. Written and submitted long after Charlottesville and Helsinki, his phony reasons for going rogue. Book is exact opposite of his fake testimony, which now is a lie! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 1, 2019 Congress must demand the transcript of Michael Cohen’s new book, given to publishers a short time ago. Your heads will spin when you see the lies, misrepresentations and contradictions against his Thursday testimony. Like a different person! He is totally discredited! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 1, 2019 Michael Cohen’s book manuscript shows that he committed perjury on a scale not seen before. He must have forgotten about his book when he testified. What does Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, say about this one. Is he being paid by Crooked Hillary. Using her lawyer? — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 1, 2019 Trump must wish for the halcyon days of last spring, when the biggest whale spout on the horizon was Cohen’s testimony to Congress. That must seem like Disneyland to him, in comparison with his current predicament. Here are some advance reviews of this tome, from those in the know.  Daily Beast: A former prisoner who served time with Cohen told The Daily Beast that Cohen had told him about the tell-all book and said he had spoken with a publisher. “He was bragging he was going to have a one-hour television show on ABC and he said he would be like the Count of Monte Cristo and come back and get Trump.” […] “It’s like Jaws—you don’t see Jaws very much, but you hear the music, and for Trump he knows Michael is coming and Trump better hear the Jaws music,” [actor Tom] Arnold told The Daily Beast. “He told me he’s been writing a book and he’s pissed. He told me he is going to spill the beans. What has he got to lose now?” […] “He has been using his time wisely inside to write a book and no one should be surprised as he’s always talked about writing a book,” a person close to Cohen told The Daily Beast. “Michael’s stories about Trump are incredible. He has saved a lot of them for when the time is right and the time is now right. Michael spent a long time with Trump—he is going to go into everything and he’s not going to hold anything back. He has paid his dues and he’s pissed he had to go to jail for this.” Here’s what Rick Wilson said about Cohen, a man who indeed […]

Trump Calls For Violent Overthrow Of State Govts While His Campaign Accuses Dems Of...

History is being made every day of this sordid debacle of a Republican administration, but Friday, April 17 will unquestionably be tagged in the history books under sedition. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only time in American history that a sitting president has called for the violent overthrow of a democratically elected state government. I’m no virologist but encouraging civil unrest during a pandemic seems ill advised. — Molly Jong-Fast🏡 (@MollyJongFast) April 17, 2020 Molly Jong-Fast is Editor of the Daily Beast. David Rothkopt is the author of “Traitor: A History of American Betrayal From Benedict Arnold to Donald Trump” Of course, this will get people killed. Not necessarily in insurrections but because he is making pretending a deadly disease doesn't exist a centerpiece of being a MAGApublican. They will ignore the quarantine. And they will get sick. And some will die. Because of Trump. — David Rothkopf (@djrothkopf) April 17, 2020 Here’s the bottom line: Donald Trump wants to win reelection at whatever cost. He is oblivious to reality and the cost to America in what he is trying to do. He doesn’t care. He will do anything to stay in power. To that end, early afternoon EDT, the Trump campaign released their weekly email/fundraiser, accusing Democrats of stealing the election via “ballot harvesting.” Trump is calling for insurrection with reference to guns at the same time his campaign is falsely claiming that Democrats are trying to “steal” the election. This is what despots do. It’s dangerous. He’s laying the groundwork for his supporters to reject results and use violence. — Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) April 17, 2020 And this batshit tweet was written just three days ago. GET RID OF BALLOT HARVESTING, IT IS RAMPANT WITH FRAUD. THE USA MUST HAVE VOTER I.D., THE ONLY WAY TO GET AN HONEST COUNT! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 14, 2020 Trump is referring to absentee ballots, and the sublime irony of this is that the only case of “harvesting” absentee ballots was on the part of a Republican congressional candidate in 2018, Mark Harris, North Carolina District 9. Huffington Post, February 19, 2019: …investigators had evidence that McCrae Dowless, a political operative working on behalf of the Harris campaign, filled out and mailed in incomplete or blank ballots from both his office and home. She said Dowless paid people in cash to collect requests for absentee ballots and the ballots themselves. The state board also has evidence, she said, that Dowless paid people to falsify signatures on absentee ballots indicating that they had witnessed those ballots being filled out (North Carolina requires two witnesses to someone filling out an absentee ballot). It is not illegal to help someone request an absentee ballot in North Carolina, but it is illegal for anyone other than a close relative to take custody of the actual ballot. [Kim] Strach [Board of Elections Director] said Dowless took several steps to conceal the fraud. Those measures included using the same color ink as the voter who filled out other parts of the ballot, mailing the ballot from a post office close to the voter and placing the stamps on the envelopes in a certain way not to raise red flags. And don’t forget the story of the campaign worker in Florida changing voter registrations […]

Amash Running as an Independent Presidential Candidate? Okay, Should We Care? The Answer is...

US Representative Justin Amash (I-MI) is considering a run as a third-party independent. You’d be forgiven by asking, “Who?” You’d also be forgiven for adding, “Why should I care?” Well, the answer to the second question is, “Maybe you shouldn’t, but…” Amash is a former Tea Party darling who entered Congress as part of the sewage tsunami that overran Congress in 2010. He’s more libertarian than most of the right-wing bottom feeders, and in his own way, he has some integrity about him. Position-wise, he’s hard to pin down. He’s 100% against abortion in any form, but is also against the death penalty in federal prisons. Then, in February 2020, he was one of the four Congressional members to vote against a landmark anti-lynching bill. He opposes the EPA, doesn’t believe the government should take any actions to mitigate climate change, and even voted against providing funding for water provisioning to Flint, Michigan. There’s more, but you get the idea. He encapsulates the ideal of the far-right libertarian, actually better than libertarian darling Rand Paul (R-Thug), who is just a white supremacist who has Atlas Shrugged downloaded to his Kindle app. At any rate, we don’t want him in government at all, even if he does have a sense of integrity that most of his (former) GOP colleagues totally lack. His ideology and policy stances are 175.2 degrees away from ours (that figure is a rough estimate, of course). But he did win some fans when, in mid-2019, he began telling anyone who would listen that he believed Trump had committed impeachable acts. No one in the GOP was surprised: Amash was always a Never Trumper, and has been targeted as one of Trump’s innumerable “enemies” since at least 2017. Amash supported the conclusions of the Mueller Report, and left the Republican Party shortly thereafter. He was the only non-Democrat in the House to vote for impeachment. At least five Republicans are running to unseat Amash, so it’s no surprise that he may want to do something to either revitalize his House campaign or step away from Congress altogether. On April 13, he tweeted that he was considering a run for the White House because “Americans who believe in limited government deserve another option.” Americans who believe in limited government deserve another option. — Justin Amash (@justinamash) April 13, 2020 Well, Americans deserve better than Trump, that’s certain. But they also deserve better than Amash. Regardless. It’s pointless to analyze Amash’s potential for good or bad as president, because he won’t win. He may not choose to run. Certainly the Never Trumpers at The Bulwark (the conservative site headed by William Kristol and Charlie Sykes, among others) don’t want him to. They are very clear on their reasoning: they love everything about Amash and would wet themselves in glee if by some electoral miracle he could gain the White House, but since that won’t happen, his “run could help reelect Donald Trump.” Yup. Authors Sarah Longwell and Tim Miller are very clear: This isn’t an easy call. On one hand, we want to be for him — to have the joy and satisfaction of getting behind the constitutional superhero of our dreams. But on the other hand, there is a downside risk to his running and the price of a second Trump term […]
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The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Ally. For Now.

Let’s acknowledge right up front that the people we’re welcoming to our bosom today are not our friends. George Conway III is a corporate lawyer and a proud member of the Federalist Society. Reed Galen is a veteran political consultant who helped inflict George W. Bush on the Oval Office. John Weaver is another political consultant who tried to give us John McCain and John Kasich as presidents. Steve Schmidt is the political consultant who thought the best choice for vice president in 2008 was Sarah Palin. Rick Wilson, another political consultant, gave us a truly brutal campaign ad that tried to tie war hero Max Cleland to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. In normal times, we would be pillorying them for the damage they helped inflict on our country. These are not normal times. These five are board members of The Lincoln Project, the “hive mind” of what the mainstream media has giddily dubbed the “Never Trumpers,” a loose coterie of Republicans who have taken what they say is a principled stance against the modern GOP, because it “has abdicated” the responsibility of serving the people and respecting the Constitution, “and instead pledged their loyalty to one person.” I agree completely, but damn, y’all. Sarah Palin? George W. Bush? Sarah Palin? Let’s let them explain a bit: Patriotism and the survival of our nation in the face of the crimes, corruption and corrosive nature of Donald Trump are a higher calling than mere politics. As Americans, we must stem the damage he and his followers are doing to the rule of law, the Constitution and the American character. … Congressional Republicans have embraced and copied Mr. Trump’s cruelty and defended and even adopted his corruption. Mr. Trump and his enablers have abandoned conservatism and longstanding Republican principles and replaced it with Trumpism, an empty faith led by a bogus prophet. … [Between now and November], our efforts will be dedicated to defeating President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box and to elect those patriots who will hold the line. Yes, indeed. I agree absolutely. And in normal times, I would continue with a “But” or a “However,” and qualify this new-found resistance to Republican criminality and excess with a reminder of how they were involved and complicit with the high crimes and misdemeanors of the Bush administration and other nests of GOP wrongdoing. I’m not going to do that for today. In fact, I’m not going to do it between now and November. Because these are not normal times. The five members of the Lincoln Project wrote an op-ed published on April 15 that reads in part: This November, Americans will cast their most consequential votes since Abraham Lincoln’s reelection in 1864. We confront a constellation of crises: a public health emergency not seen in a century, an economic collapse set to rival the Great Depression, and a world where American leadership is absent and dangers rise in the vacuum. Today, the United States is beset with a president who was unprepared for the burden of the presidency and who has made plain his deficits in leadership, management, intelligence and morality. So they’ve taken a step unprecedented in modern American history. They, prominent Republican movers and shakers all, have turned their backs on their party and endorsed Joe Biden […]

April 7, 2020. The Day The GOP Canary Hit The Cage Floor.

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having a corona-virus pandemic? Geez, it seems like barely a week ago when I was writing an article about the courage of the citizens of Wisconsin, lining up for hours in face masks just to cast a ballot in an election. Shit, wait a minute, it was just about a week ago when I wrote that. The GOP, not only the Wisconsin GOP, but the entire national GOP went whole hog on this effort. They went all in even before the flop card was turned over. Democratic Governor Tony Evers delayed the election until June for public health concerns. The GOP legislature went to the state Supreme Court to block Evers, which it did. And then, because apparently Chief Dipshit John Roberts learned nothing from 2000, the US Supreme Court exposed itself as nothing less than a Justice League of Whores in ordering the election to proceed. And they lost! The Associated Press is reporting that the liberal Supreme Court challenger has defeated the GOP incumbent that the entire Republican party was hell bent for leather to keep on the court. And all of the hypocritical, dirty, underhanded, double dealing for which the GOP is world renowned came for naught. The good guys won. You all remember the images that were broadcast on your television. Thousands of people in Milwaukee and elsewhere, wearing masks and trying to observe the 6′ social distancing guidelines in line, standing in hours because less than 10 % of the polling places were open, and just to cast a ballot. But here’s the critical thing to remember. This wasn’t a national election. Trump and Biden weren’t on the ticket, not a single US Senator or US House member was on the ballot. And it wasn’t even about the Democratic primary. This was all about a lousy seat on the Wisconsin state Supreme Court, held by a Republican. That’s it. They forced their own constituents to make a decision between casting a ballot in a free and fair election, and possibly suffering a slow and painful death, or staying home instead. And as I said, it wasn’t just Wisconsin. Trump himself touted the conservative candidate, and insisted that the election go forward. And Senate Majority Leader Bitch McConnell himself spoke frequently about how the maximum way to ensure retaining the seat was to force the lowest possible turnout. They didn’t even try to hide the fact that at the core, they were nothing but a bunch of craven, cowardly power sluts. And they lost! April 7th, 2020 was the day that the GOP canary landed feet up on the bottom of the bird cage. This is a watershed moment that was more than three years in the making. The Women’s March on Washington. The mass protests over the insane Muslim ban. The 2017 Virginia elections. The mass protests over the child separation policy at the southern border. The mass protests and congressional office takeovers to protest the attempted repeal of the ACA. The 2018 midterm elections. The 2019 Kentucky and Virginia state elections. If I’m a GOP incumbent anywhere but in Mississippi or Alabama, I’m not just fearing for my seat, I’m fearing for my immortal soul. For three long years, Trump and the GOP have been sitting around, waiting for this fire to burn itself […]

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