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CNN / YouTube Lindsey Graham erupts Kavanaugh hearing an...

The Senate Goes National

Ya know, for a while there I thought I was losing what little was left of my teeny mind. Starting on October, I began getting weekly postcards from Tom Steyer, which sadly ,made shitty cardboard airplanes. In the two weeks following the Iowa caucuses, I despaired, fearing the airwaves onslaught that was coming my way. But despite my fears other than the now brain numbed Steyer ads, there was nothing, maybe a rogue Klobuchar commercial, but that was it. Strange, apparently nobody gave a shit about the Nevada caucuses, or our votes. But in the week after the caucuses, suddenly we’re swamped. Buttigieg, Warren, Bloomberg, Klobuchar. Can’t they read a calendar? The caucuses are over. And then a friend explained to me that the Vegas media market is beamed into a lot of southeast California, and the rates in Vegas to advertise are a fraction of what they are in California. Mystery solved. I only mentioned this as an example because in the last 10 days or so, I’ve seen something else that is odd, political ad wise, and if you haven’t already seen it yourself, get ready, because I think you’re going to before long. For the last 10 days or so, I’ve seen introductory, inspirational political ads from Amy Mcgrath and Jamie Harrison. Who are they? Well, Amy McGrath is a former Marine fighter pilot, and running to oust Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. And Jamie Harrison is the former head of the South Carolina Democratic party, and running to retire Leningrad Lindsey Graham. But why are they wasting money showing campaign ads in states where the people who see them can’t even vote for the candidates? It’s Jerry McGuire time, Show me the money! Fate has placed McGrath and Harrison in races where they can profit from nationalizing those races. I don’t care who’s running against say a Ben Sasse, or a Tim Scott, they’d be wasting money advertising like this, because nobody outside of their home states even know that these two fatuous goofs are in the Senate. But Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, no matter what else they may be, are now national figures. And not only that, as far as Democrats are concerned, they’re notorious national figures. And as Beto O’Rourke showed in 2018 in his race against the hated Ted Cruz, if you can present even an image of being a serious threat to take them down, you can capitalize on their nationwide repugnance in your race. Beto raised presidential race money for a statewide race, and clearly McGrath and Harrison are hoping to do the same. This is actually smart politics. McConnell and Graham already have expansive cash flow leads over McGrath and Harrison, with as much more available as they need to protect their seats. Why not use their own notoriety against them by helping to ease up the cash score. Money talks, and bullshit walks, and with money, you can not only advertise and fund raise more effectively, you can also hopefully close the polling margins enough to make the DSCC pump some resources into your campaign. There are two more races that I can see going national successfully in this campaign cycle. The first is, of course, Susan Collins. She is in a terribly weak position, her poll numbers are abysmal, and she suffers not only from […]

‘Disheveled’ Is Viral Lincoln Project Ad Depicting Trump As Jurassic Park T-Rex

Albert Einstein said, “The greater the knowledge, the lesser the ego. The lesser the knowledge, the greater the ego.” Trump’s knowledge is so abysmal that it makes sense that his ego would be the size of a T-Rex — plus they have tiny hands and small brains too. The T-Rex crashed through the world with it’s enormous body and Trump crashes through with his equally enormous ego. This before and after montage of Trump boarding and exiting Marine One is stellar. Trump has provided a few instances of killer damaging imagery in the past week or so, and the ad meisters are on the job. The West Point death ramp has been the source of many guffaws and then Trump compounded his error with fifteen minutes of justifying the ramp walk at his Tulsa rally. That led to greater mockery still and more videos. Then his classic return from Tulsa, looking like a broken bum clutching a crumpled MAGA hat has become the stuff of legend. These are all great cinematic images and so the Lincoln Project is mocking them amply. This is short, but it’s classic. Your campaign was so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) June 22, 2020 * For anyone who can’t access the media above, here is the link to watch on Facebook.
Barack Obama / Flickr Joe Biden in Blacksburg August 15th...

It’s Official. Biden Wins Majority Of Super Tuesday Delegates, Sanders Can’t Catch Up

Super Tuesday vote counting is finishing up, leaving Joe Biden the decisive victor. Associated Press: The Associated Press has allocated more than 92% of the 1,344 delegates that were up for grabs on Tuesday, and Biden has such a commanding lead that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders cannot catch up as the remaining votes from that day’s 14 state primaries are counted. […] Sanders won California and three other states — Colorado, Utah and his home state of Vermont. Although Sanders won the biggest state, California, he didn’t rack up the commanding lead required to surpass Biden’s haul. Biden has won at least 610 delegates from Tuesday’s contests, while Sanders has won at least 513, according to the AP delegate count. There are 102 delegates still to be allocated. Most of the delegates still not allocated are in California, with the next biggest chunks in Colorado and Utah. Despite Sanders winning all three states, he has already been awarded the largest share of delegates in those states. Mike Bloomberg did well in California and he may score above the 15% threshold and gain delegates. It’s a bit of a moot point now that he’s dropped out, but it is part of the final accounting of the contest. AP says that regardless of whether Bloomberg reaches the threshold Sanders can’t catch up because the delegates would go to Biden.  
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Stormy Daniels Boosts Voter Registration While Taking A Shot At Trump’s Sexual Performance

Stormy Daniels has announced her intention to drive Donald Trump out of office. You can register to vote in less time than it took Tiny to…well, you know. Its significantly less traumatic as too. #stormthevote — Stormy Daniels (@StormyDaniels) February 14, 2020 This should drive Trump nuts. Not only does Daniels laugh at Trump as a lover, she is actively working to get him out of office.  The Inquisitor: Like she did in the tweet on Friday, Daniels had frequently mocked the short duration of their tryst. She said she felt reluctant when Trump started to make strong moves but went along with it anyway — and regretted it afterward. “It may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had, but clearly, he didn’t share that opinion,” she wrote in the book. While the insult to Trump’s performance may have caught the most attention, Daniels’ recent tweet also helped shed some light on her efforts to drive out the vote. She has said she intends to help drive the president out of office in 2020, and her Storm the Vote website helps people with their registration, set reminders for when to vote and to register if they have not yet turned 18, and gives them a rundown of their voting rights. The site is connected to, a non-partisan effort to help voters register. This is a terrific thing Daniels is doing. She’s got her eyes on the prize, StormTheVote indeed! Maybe Bloomberg can take a cue from this and say, “I’d rather miss a few inches in height than in length.” And Joe Biden could chime in with, “I’d rather be Sleepy Joe than boring in bed.” Hey, let’s fight fire with fire. The hell with it. No more high road. This is war.  
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Campaign Worker In Florida Switches Voters’ Party Affiliations From Democrat To Republican

Donald Trump likes to scream about voter fraud and how he only lost the popular vote in 2016 because of same. Right now, an overt case of it is going on in Florida, where a woman hired to register voters changed the party affiliations of 119 people from Democrat to Republican. NBC Connecticut: Sheriff’s investigators said all 119 false forms were assigned to Hall, a registered Republican, to collect. She worked for Florida First’s office in Winter Haven. The agency said in an emailed statement that it is working closely with elections officials to “ensure every voter is properly registered to vote.” Lake County Supervisor of Elections Alan Hays told the Orlando Sentinel earlier this week that some forms appeared to have forged signatures. “Voters begin calling here last week, telling us that they had begun receiving new voter information cards from our office indicating that had been changes from registered Democrats to registered Republican Party members,” Hays told WFTV. “Voters denied filling out that form that would make that change.” Hays said that when his office notified voters to the changes on their registration, 10 of them filed formal complaints. Don’t take your eyes off of Florida. It was messed up back in the day of the Gore/Bush debacle and it hasn’t gotten any better. Right now, the GOP campaign mechanism down there is broken, due to Trump’s BFF Ron DeSantis being in charge. Even Republicans can’t determine if DeSantis is dropping the ball for Trump or is merely incompetent. And this story about voter fraud at the level of registration is hardly encouraging on top of it. Early voting started Thursday and the primary is March 17.
Washington Post / YouTube Trump holds rally in Montana...

Trump’s Compulsion Is Killing His Campaign

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. But all of them leave the cat dead Trust me on this, for I know of what I speak. From the day that Trump clanked and farted (you can see Melania’s nose wrinkle in the video) to declare war on all things Mexican, I’ve been following Trump closely, and I have the therapy bills to prove it. There has never been a more media obsessed, crowd centrist person I’ve seen in my life. Trump’s nasty and corrosive tactics helped to change the 2016 GOP Presidential primaries. He held rallies the way other candidates sent out fund raising texts. And the medias sad and callow fondness for his verbal nonsense helped to turn every night into a new episode of Stupid Pet Tricks instead of a serious political campaign. And apparently, in the elect-a-twit year of 2016, stupid pet tricks are what people wanted. And it didn’t stop with Trump’s election. Trump announced the opening of hie reelection campaign within 48 hours of being sworn in, and within weeks of taking office, set out on a nationwide Thank You America tour of rally style events. If you pile them all together, Donald Trump has probably held more political rallies in five years than Billy Graham held church services in his career. Those mass rallies are a critical part of Trump’s political life, on two fundamental levels. First, Trump requires a constant flow of fawning, slavish applause and devotion to feed his ravenous ego, and these are the perfect vehicle. And just as important, these rallies serve as a perfect deflection point in times of crises. Just look at the history. How many times in the last 4 years has Trump been caught in a major scandal, and within days is hollering at 15,000 mental retreads while FUX News broadcasts the whole thing live. It keeps the Trombies from paying attention to anything else. Well, due to the ravages of the corona-virus, Trump’s salad days of mass, slavish devotion are over. And it’s telling on him, and telling badly. Trump is getting absolutely hammered on all sides for his handling of the corona-virus. What’s Trump’s instinctive reaction to a crisis and negative press? What else, an arena packed full of orcs, trolls, goblins and other flotsam and jetsam of the lower strata. But he can’t get away with even trying to pull something like that off. But remember what I said above, mass adulation is only one of the two central pillars of Trump’s existence. The other one is the media. Trump has an almost infantile obsession with controlling the events of the day through the media. And so, as a way of scratching that itch, as well as a way of continuing to communicate with his followers, even the ones who can’t read Twitter, he has turned the daily briefings on the corona-virus response into the closest thing he can cobble up to a mass rally. Trump spends 1-2 hours behind the podium, spewing out copious amounts of grandiose bullshit about his leadership and management genius, and picks fights with every reporter who doesn’t have a FUX News or Drudge Report badge around his or her neck. The grandiose bullshit feeds his base, and the fight picking distracts from the actual content of the briefing. But it […]

If Ron DeSantis Knifes Trump GOP Could Lose Florida in 2020

It’s no secret that Donald Trump feels that a lot of people owe him and they better pay up. You recall Trump railing against a seemingly disloyal Fox News, “Remember who put you where you are!” Trump may be saying that, and worse, to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who basically owes his entire political career to Trump and who is not only not paying that debt, he’s letting Trump down big time and Trump cannot afford to lose Florida. Politico: DeSantis is no verbal knife fighter, something Trump expects from his inner circle, and the onetime Fox News stalwart has ceased appearing on the cable channel. And with Election Day just eight months away, his pick to lead the Republican Party of Florida resigned on Tuesday after failing to deliver crucial get-out-the-vote infrastructure. Tension between the president and the governor was on display in February, when Trump was set to address a roomful of rainmakers at billionaire Nelson Peltz’s Palm Beach estate. DeSantis had agreed to speak that same night at the Everglades Foundation gala, an event packed with hundreds of wealthy supporters of a group whose 2018 support had given DeSantis some much-needed environmental street cred in a tight race. Trump’s endorsement ultimately put DeSantis over the finish line in 2018, but on that night in February, the governor picked the foundation over the president. Sitting at Trump’s table in Palm Beach, DeSantis got up and left before the president spoke. That’s a bad enough no-no in Trumpworld, to walk out on el jefe, but DeSantis’ dereliction of duty goes far beyond that. He’s let the Florida GOP go all to hell and now it’s eight months before election day. After DeSantis took office he began cleaning house at the Florida GOP headquarters. He let a lot of people go and then he hired Peter O’Rourke, who had worked in the Trump administration for a while, to be the party’s executive director. O’Rourke was not a great pick for the job of running the 2020 campaign, because he had no experience doing so. He was a buddy of Marvel Entertainment’s Ike Perlmutter, who is a heavy hitting GOP donor. Apparently O’Rourke himself has decided he’s not up to the job, because he resigned it on February 28, apparently deciding that he couldn’t deliver what was needed and better to run now then to stick around until things exploded. And DeSantis has done nothing to deal with this. O’Rourke dropped the ball and DeSantis doesn’t seem to care. “Florida doesn’t have a political leader at the moment who is working to reelect the president,” the person said. “The state party doesn’t seem to be building a significant ground game because they lack resources and direction. The state executive director has zero experience building a GOTV operation, which is why there has been no movement.” And while Florida is lying fallow, there’s all those Mike Bloomberg field offices sitting there, just waiting to toil in the field for the Democratic nominee. It’s not known whether DeSantis has betrayed Trump or if he’s just flaming incompetent, but the bottom line is the same: Trump needs Florida, he expects DeSantis to deliver it, and DeSantis is doing squat. He’s looking out for himself and not Trump. Maybe DeSantis played Trump, figuring Trump would be […]

A Sinking Trump Cries Out To GOP For Protection, Says Democrats ‘Are Vicious and...

Poor Donald Trump. He’s taking incoming fire from all sides and wondering which is worse, the Evil Democrats or the Never Trumpers in his own party — the party that he is now castigating vociferously, because they won’t defend him properly. And he does have a point. The GOP has enabled him all the way so far, why are they jumping ship now, when, according to Trump, they should be rallying behind him. The Hill: Asked later to elaborate on his desire to see Republicans get tougher, Trump said he felt Democrats were “vicious.” “I think the Democrats fight dirty. I think the Democrat [sic] are lousy politicians with lousy policy,” he said. Trump added that so-called “Never Trump” Republicans “might be worse than the Democrats.” “The good news is they’re dying off fast,” he said. That’s interesting news. The old GOPers are biting the dust at a faster clip than usual? Maybe the stress of having Donald Trump as their standard bearer is shortening their lives. However, since this stat is coming out of the bubble world of Donald Trump, I’ll take it with a pillar of salt, for the moment. “The two things they have: They’re vicious and they stick together,” he said of Democrats. “They don’t have Mitt Romney in their midst. They don’t have people like that.” I think that we’ll all agree that no, we don’t have Mittens in our midst, or anyone like him. No argument there. As to the “stick together” comment — that’s hilarious. Does he not know what a herd of cats we are? Apparently not. And it’s a cinch he never heard Will Rogers’ famous line, “I don’t belong to any organized political party — I’m a Democrat.” And he doesn’t know, “Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line” — mountains of truth in that one. The Republicans are better at strategy than the Democrats for the most part, because they see the existential nature of politics and go along with it. Perfect example: Chuck Schumer approached Beto O’Rourke to drop out of the presidential race and run for John Cornyn’s senate seat last month. O’Rourke refused. On the same facts, if McConnell had proposed the idea to a Republican running unsuccessfully for the GOP nomination, my bet is that the Republican in question would have gone along with it, to strengthen the party. They do strategy, we do purity, and personally, I wring my hands and jump up and down a lot, watching it and fretting. From time to time my hysteria rises to where I contemplate registering as an Independent, even. So, we are the cat herd. But let me tell you something about that. Even a bunch of cats will band together for a common cause that benefits them all, and this I’ve seen with my own eyes. When I was in college, I shared a house with a roommate who was a pootie person, and had eight cats to prove it. One night I awakened for some reason about 3:30 a.m. sensing something odd, and I went into the kitchen. There, all eight cats were sitting in a circle, equidistant from one another. In the middle of the circle was an enormous blue jay, the largest I had ever seen. it was the prize that one of them got and the cat community just decided […]
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The Hill: ‘Is Mike Pence Preparing To Resign, Assume the Presidency, Or Both?’

The role of Mike Pence in Drunk Watergate has been hotly debated. On the one hand, will he be implicated in Ukraine, such that he himself will come under impeachment proceedings of his own, and then Nancy Pelosi would become president, by dint of the line of succession? That is one extreme scenario, and another is that somehow Pence will be shielded from his own wrongdoings and succeed Donald Trump — in the also unlikely scenario that Trump is removed as president. A writer in both the Reagan and H.W. regimes penned an op/ed piece today about the current state of Mike Pence’s political career. I warn you upfront because when you get to the portion about the “partisan revenge” of impeachment or the “left’s despicable attacks” on Pence, you will guffaw as I did. I don’t see Pence as the “dignified and decent” guy that this writer portrays him as, I see him as a crass opportunist and a phony, who started misappropriating campaign funds at the beginning of his career and then went on to pass medieval legislation, targeting women and LGBTs. I only cite to this article because it’s a snapshot of what the Republicans think of Pence’s situation and on that basis, it’s good for us to take a look at it. The Hill: …there is open talk among some Republicans that unless Pence is replaced by someone else of stature — such as frequently mentioned former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley — Trump may well be the last Republican president for the foreseeable future. […] Now, Pence is navigating something dramatically removed from the basics — a world where meetings behind closed doors, whispered conversations, promised new positions and suspect loyalties are the norm. It’s an atmosphere you’d expect to find created by murder mystery author Agatha Christie or Italian diplomat Niccolo Machiavelli more so than our Founding Fathers. With the Senate trial — and more cracks appearing and then being patched in the foundation of solidarity beneath Trump — Pence knows that more whispered conversations are taking place. […] Some are wondering whether all of this will cause Pence to decline to serve as vice president in a second Trump term. They believe Pence has no chance to be elected president on his own and that, sometime after the Senate trial, he will opt for a private sector life of normalcy, family and faith. Should that be the case, who could fault him? Depending on how the Senate trial shakes down, Pence’s future will indeed be decided. Nobody can read the political tea leaves with any accuracy right now, but one scenario that has been suggested is that Trump will, of course, be acquitted, but perhaps at the cost of the Senate. This is probably what keeps Mitch McConnell awake at night and heading for the Kentucky bourbon, trying to figure out how to have his cake and eat it too, keeping Trump in power and not losing vulnerable Republican senators in the 2020 election. Pence’s best case scenario is that he won’t be too tarnished by Ukraine and other things Trumpian and he can then go on to a career as a lobbyist and write his memoirs. His worst case scenario will be to be fully implicated along with Trump for his misdeeds in Ukraine and possibly […]

‘Impotus Americanus’ Spoof Is Lincoln Project’s Funniest Ad Yet

The folks at Lincoln Project have a killer sense of humor. This just dropped, a National Geographic spoof featuring a creature called “impotus Americanus.” This is the most enjoyable one minute you’ll have all day. Impotus Americanus is one of the heaviest leaders in the animal kingdom, and is famously known to be an orange, ruddy color not found in nature. — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) July 31, 2020

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