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Trump Lashes Back At Twitter Restrictions in Pure Authoritarian Form ‘As President I Will...

Well, this didn’t take long, Less than two hours, in point of fact, for Donald Trump to lash back at Twitter for slapping a fact check label on his tweets  about mail-in ballots being fraudulent. And it’s pure gibberish laced with paranoia, which the base will lap up with a spoon — but it won’t help Trump’s quandary, which is that Twitter is reining in the worst aspects of the conspiracy theory that he drops into the public conversation like it was a sugar cube in tea. ….Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 26, 2020 Twitter is a publicly owned company, meaning that it sells shares of stock, so the yous and mes can buy a piece of it. But its owner, Jack Dorsey, and board of directors decides what the rules are are and they can bounce Trump off of their website for abuse of their rules  anytime they want to. And right now, apparently, they’re playing the role of adult in the room, appropriately, since it’s their site, and admonishing people to check out the facts. On Tuesday, Twitter added a warning phrase to two Trump tweets that called mail-in ballots “fraudulent” and predicted that “mail boxes will be robbed,” among other things. Under the tweets, there is now a link reading “Get the facts about mail-in ballots” that guides users to a Twitter “moments” page with fact checks and news stories about Trump’s unsubstantiated claims. The move comes after years in which Twitter has declined to apply its community guidelines and other rules of the road to the 45th U.S. president. It’s too soon to tell whether this action represents a turning point for Twitter in its treatment of Trump. But the warning labels suggest that the president has finally crossed a line that the company was not willing to move for him. The problem here, is that Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about business, other than his closely held family real estate business, and we know how well he managed that. He declared bankruptcy six times. He’s never read the United States constitution and I can guarantee you that he has no idea what using a private platform on the internet is all about — and that “free speech” guarantees are only applicable when the GOVERNMENT is the one who “stifles” it. Twitter is a private platform — just like little PolitiZoom, here. And Jack Dorsey can bounce you off into the cornfield at wil — as can I. The government doesn’t own or control social media or the internet — yet. That is where Trump would like to go, no question. But whether he can get there between now and November, with Americans dropping like flies from COVID-19 and the economy in the toilet is the question. My instinct is that Trump has used and abused Twitter as much as he’s going to. I could be wrong. But many have been calling for Jack Dorsey to ban Trump in recent days because of his insistence on pressing the absurd conspiracy theory about Joe Scarborough  murdering an aide — and Trump and Scarborough used to be friends and allies. I mention this only so that you get reminded, once more, about […]

Trump Calls For Violent Overthrow Of State Govts While His Campaign Accuses Dems Of...

History is being made every day of this sordid debacle of a Republican administration, but Friday, April 17 will unquestionably be tagged in the history books under sedition. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only time in American history that a sitting president has called for the violent overthrow of a democratically elected state government. I’m no virologist but encouraging civil unrest during a pandemic seems ill advised. — Molly Jong-Fast🏡 (@MollyJongFast) April 17, 2020 Molly Jong-Fast is Editor of the Daily Beast. David Rothkopt is the author of “Traitor: A History of American Betrayal From Benedict Arnold to Donald Trump” Of course, this will get people killed. Not necessarily in insurrections but because he is making pretending a deadly disease doesn't exist a centerpiece of being a MAGApublican. They will ignore the quarantine. And they will get sick. And some will die. Because of Trump. — David Rothkopf (@djrothkopf) April 17, 2020 Here’s the bottom line: Donald Trump wants to win reelection at whatever cost. He is oblivious to reality and the cost to America in what he is trying to do. He doesn’t care. He will do anything to stay in power. To that end, early afternoon EDT, the Trump campaign released their weekly email/fundraiser, accusing Democrats of stealing the election via “ballot harvesting.” Trump is calling for insurrection with reference to guns at the same time his campaign is falsely claiming that Democrats are trying to “steal” the election. This is what despots do. It’s dangerous. He’s laying the groundwork for his supporters to reject results and use violence. — Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) April 17, 2020 And this batshit tweet was written just three days ago. GET RID OF BALLOT HARVESTING, IT IS RAMPANT WITH FRAUD. THE USA MUST HAVE VOTER I.D., THE ONLY WAY TO GET AN HONEST COUNT! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 14, 2020 Trump is referring to absentee ballots, and the sublime irony of this is that the only case of “harvesting” absentee ballots was on the part of a Republican congressional candidate in 2018, Mark Harris, North Carolina District 9. Huffington Post, February 19, 2019: …investigators had evidence that McCrae Dowless, a political operative working on behalf of the Harris campaign, filled out and mailed in incomplete or blank ballots from both his office and home. She said Dowless paid people in cash to collect requests for absentee ballots and the ballots themselves. The state board also has evidence, she said, that Dowless paid people to falsify signatures on absentee ballots indicating that they had witnessed those ballots being filled out (North Carolina requires two witnesses to someone filling out an absentee ballot). It is not illegal to help someone request an absentee ballot in North Carolina, but it is illegal for anyone other than a close relative to take custody of the actual ballot. [Kim] Strach [Board of Elections Director] said Dowless took several steps to conceal the fraud. Those measures included using the same color ink as the voter who filled out other parts of the ballot, mailing the ballot from a post office close to the voter and placing the stamps on the envelopes in a certain way not to raise red flags. And don’t forget the story of the campaign worker in Florida changing voter registrations […]

Donald Trump Has Figured Out A Way To Get Black Votes — Buy Them

Money is Donald Trump’s solution to every situation. Everything has it’s price, whether you’re paying for a passing grade in school or buying a woman, it can all be had for the right amount of money. In the case of the 2020 election, Trump is using the same approach. He’s got a pastor in Cleveland that hands out envelopes stuffed with cash to woo voters to the Trump cause. The main problem with this is that a church is a non-profit and engaging in political campaigns is illegal for non-profits and may endanger their tax status. Raw Story: “At the center of the controversy is a new charity called the Urban Revitalization Coalition led by Ohio Pastor Darrell Scott,” the report states which has, “Raised red flags saying the cash events may violate tax laws that bar nonprofits from engaging in political campaign activities and could jeopardize the group’s tax-exempt status. In an interview, Scott said he’s careful to follow the law., but groups like the NAACP accuse him of trying to buy support for President Trump.” And it won’t surprise you that Man of God Mike Pence is involved in this tawdry business. Darrel Scott works with Mike Pence’s PAC, America First Policies. That PAC gave Scott’s Urban Revitalization Coalition a $238,000 grant in 2018, to “get it off the ground,” and then the rallies with cash giveaways started. Donald Trump is indeed the Queen For A Day president, his State of the Union address was far from a one time deal. Watch the rally clips here. I like the one where “Pastor” Scott proclaims, “Come back in February — where we give you FIFTY thousand dollars.” Amen and hallelujah. Prosperity consciousness meets politics and Trump is buying black votes. Terrific.    

Trump’s Dingell In Hell Crack May Have Just Cost Him Michigan’s 16 Electoral Votes

Somebody should explain to Donald Trump that all politics is local, because he blew it bigly last night in Battle Creek, disparaging Michigan statesman John Dingell, and insulting his widow, Debbie, who took over his congressional seat when he retired. Trump’s big mouth might have cost him the state in 2020, and wouldn’t that be fine? In any event, he gave the Democrats great political ad copy, bravo Bozo. Trump insulted Rep. Debbie Dingell, “there’s a real beauty” for voting yes on articles of impeachment. He then went on to insult her late husband, John, saying “maybe he’s looking up” [at the impeachment vote] meaning from Hell, not looking down from heaven, after his death in February. Spectators were shocked and waves of boos rippled through the crowd last night, as a respected leader and military officer, not to mention an institution in Congress, was disrespected, in his home state, no less. Debbie Dingell was understandably crushed. Washington Post: “Mr. President, let’s set politics aside,” said Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.), whose husband, a World War II veteran and the longest-serving member of Congress in U.S. history, died in February at age 92. “My husband earned all his accolades after a lifetime of service. I’m preparing for the first holiday season without the man I love. You brought me down in a way you can never imagine and your hurtful words just made my healing much harder.” She’s right, he can never imagine, because Trump is an animal. He’s a self centered sociopath and he is devoid of normal human feelings and certainly of common decency and compassion, as his crack about the Dingells proves. All relationships in Trumpworld are transactional. Trump was venting that Debbie Dingell owed him a nay vote on impeachment because he had given her husband, “A-plus treatment” i.e. ordered flags lowered to half mast when John Dingell died. Debbie Dingell wasn’t listening to Trump’s Battle Creek rally, but heard about all this later when a reporter contacted her, and she said, “I kind of felt kicked in the stomach.” No wonder. And she’s not the only one who took affront. For President Trump to come to Michigan and insult both Chairman Dingell and my friend @RepDebDingell is reprehensible. John was a WWII veteran and a true statesman. Both he and Debbie embody the best of Michigan. — Senator Gary Peters (@SenGaryPeters) December 19, 2019 John Dingell served in Congress longer than any other representative in history. He took office in 1955, when Eisenhower was president, and retired in 2015, when his wife, Debbie Dingell, succeeded him in the seat. John Dingell was an icon in Michigan politics and greatly respected. This was a moronic move on Trump’s part, and even his pals over at Fox News are saying it. Chad Pergram covers Congress for Fox and this is what he said. Multiple sources tell Fox Trump is playing w/fire by taking on the Dingells in the swing state of Michigan and suggesting that longest serving Congressman in history, late Dem MI Rep John Dingell is in hell. “He could lose Michigan alone on this one” said senior GOP Congressman — Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) December 19, 2019 Good. Let’s watch Trump blow it big time in a rust belt, swing state that he so desperately needs. Bring it on. And others […]
PBS NewsHour / YouTube Sen Mitch McConnell speaks after ...

Mitch McConnell In Jitters That Trump Might Lose, Calling Senior Judges Begging Them To...

Say what you will about Mitch McConnell, he’s a cunning old bastard and a wizard of the dark arts of politics. He knows how to read the political tea leaves better than anybody, and right now, he doesn’t have to resort to that, because the handwriting on the wall is blatant enough. Trump is exposed for the phony, incompetent and liar that he is, as a result of his complete botching of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that MicConnell has begun hedging his bets and telephoning senior Republican-appointed judges and encouraging them to retire early, so that he can finish stacking the judiciary for the rest of 2020, in the event Trump loses — a scenario which he’s now taking very seriously, evidently. Raw Story: On Monday, the Courier-Journal reported that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is privately calling Republican-appointed federal judges and urging them to retire, or take senior status, before rather than after the 2020 presidential election. “Yes, he has made calls,” said one anonymous source close to the GOP leader. It is unclear when McConnell started making this push, but it continues as President Donald Trump’s re-election prospects look worse than they did a month ago. Media criticism of his handling of the pandemic, the ensuing economic collapse, and the greatly diminished chances that the Democratic primary will end in a brokered convention have all made Trump’s path to a second term rockier. The coronavirus and the stock market fluctuations are real. They cannot be spun out as partisan-fueled hoaxes. And Trump’s incompetence is paramount — as usual — but it’s exposed now, because he can’t interpose any of his usual GOP enablers to redact and sugarcoat. Things are so bad that even Fox News is taking the coronavirus seriously. One of the talking heads over there, Trish Regan, spun coronavirus out as “the new impeachment hoax” and she’s no longer in prime time. Trump can’t lie his way out of this one. McConnell knows it and he’s doing damage control. When Mitch McConnell starts heading for the bunker, you know that s*it just got real.

LISTEN: Trump Openly Admits If Dems Secure Voting, ‘You’d Never Have A Republican Elected...

I must say, this jolted me awake and I’ve already had two cups of coffee. Donald Trump made a phone appearance on Fox News Monday morning, and this is what he said. Trump openly admitting if we made voting easier in America, Republicans wouldn't win elections Trump: "The things they had in there were crazy. They had levels of voting, that if you ever agreed to it you'd never have a Republican elected in this country again." — Lis Power (@LisPower1) March 30, 2020 Wow. One of them actually came out and said that the Republicans depend upon low voter turnout. I wonder if Trump will come out in favor of actual voter suppression, such as purging people from the voting registers, and gerrymandering next? I swear, the closer we get to Election Day, I’m going to get a set of tom-toms and pound out my mantra GET OUT THE VOTE! GET OUT THE VOTE! non stop, until Trump is defeated or they put me in the loony bin, whichever comes first.    
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Trump Blasts NYT for Reporting EU COVID-19 Origins, because It Destroys His Entire Reelection...

Donald Trump’s obligatory weekly fundraiser went out to the faithful on Saturday and it hammered home the point that is intended to be the mantra of the 2020 election, that Joe Biden is dedicated to selling out the U.S. to China whereas he-man Trump is going to stand tough and save us all — from what, precisely, is not made clear, but it’s probably kept deliberately vague, because the purpose of the Trumpian edict is to pull an emotional trigger, not to make sense. “I am TOUGH ON CHINA and Sleepy Joe Biden is WEAK ON CHINA.” For the weak of intellect, the all-caps approach certainly helps. You’re certain to see more of it. The other anti-China point to be driven home, and this is the biggy, way beyond Biden, is that China unleashed the COVID-19 strain upon an unsuspecting United States. This newest conspiracy theory dovetails beautifully with Trump’s latest Biden smear, as manifested in his attack ad this week. If you missed that jewel, here it is now. Now Team Trump intended to carry this ball for quite a few yards, if not all the way through the goal posts, but now the pesky New York Times is reporting that studies indicate that the outbreak of COVID-19 in this country came from travelers from Europe to New York:  — and not from China at all. So Trump, true to form, became livid on Saturday and went into one of his now-daily meltdowns. “So now the Fake News The New York Times is tracing the CoronaVirus origins back to Europe, NOT China. This is a first! I wonder where (sic) the Failing New York Times got for this one? Are there any NAMED sources?” The entire article is cited and sourced to the doctors and researchers who made the discovery. But that’s not the issue. Trump’s problem is that the details of the virus originating anywhere other than where Trump wants it to be from, is a gut punch to his Evil Chinese narrative, and that is the basis upon which he’s endeavoring to get reelected, now that the economy has washed off the boards and was last seen headed for a sewage recycling plant. And Trump’s anti-China, anti-Biden crusade is not going as well as hoped, either. The Biden attack ad featured, among other things, Biden bowing to another American, a man of Asian descent, and this is being framed as Biden capitulating to the Chinese. If you’ve looked at the ad, you saw Biden purportedly criticizing Trump for restricting travel from China, which is not the case — but Trump needs everyone to desperately believe that, because that one minor decision is what he has built a huge case on, that he saved thousands of lives. You will hear that reiterated over and over again as we go towards November 3. The travel restriction is the sum total of what Trump did pro-actively to stem the spread of the virus, and he did that solely because he could make a racist snub with it. You will recall that he also “closed the border” with Mexico, when there were about seven coronavirus cases in the whole of Central America, total. Anybody who was paying attention realized at the time that Trump was asleep with respect to COVID-19, but making a […]

Joe Biden’s Attack Ad ‘The World Is Laughing At Trump’ Looks Like A Winner

The Biden campaign didn’t miss a beat getting this one out and up on the board. The world is laughing at President Trump. They see him for what he really is: dangerously incompetent and incapable of world leadership. We cannot give him four more years as commander in chief. — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) December 5, 2019 This should hit Trump where he lives. He can’t stand being laughed at and it’s impossible to deny that these two events took place, the one at the United Nations and the one at the NATO summit. It will be interesting to see what Trump puts up as a counter-attack ad — Hunter Biden counting money on the beach, something like that? It’s going to be an ugly campaign, making 2016 look civil by comparison, but this is the level Trump has dragged us down to and we have to fight fire with fire. I think this is a good beginning. I admit to some trepidation recently when Joe Biden got his “no malarkey” bus rolling, but this, on the other hand, is a very smooth move. This is what we need more of.  

The True Genius Of Stupid. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

You can’t possibly BE that stupid! Oh, yeah! Don’t tell ME how stupid I can be!   GOP Motto You know, anybody can do something stupid once in a while, God only knows I’ve dipped my toes into that particular pool on more than one occasion. But it takes true, rare genius to do something so stupid that it just continues to lumber stupidly along, like Godzilla laying waste to Tokyo. Recently I wrote an article in which I pointed out that El Pendejo Presidente had just committed an act of monumental stupidity, said act being that by not just in trying to extort the Ukraine into a political hit job investigation into the Biden’s, but by getting caught, he had robbed himself of the very scandal he wished to dump on Biden’s head if he became the nominee. But as time goes by, and as facts on the ground evolve, it becomes more apparent that this wasn’t just clumsy and stupid, it was an almost inspirational act of stupid. Every day it becomes more and more likely that Trump’s worst nightmare will come true, and that Joe Biden will be his general election opponent. This may well be a foregone conclusion sometime late Tuesday night. And the more that becomes a reality, the less that Trump’s mistake above starts to look like common, garden variety, everyday stupid, and more like the inspirational kind of stupid gift that just keeps on giving. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but His Lowness doesn’t seem to be spending as much time lately talking about Biden and Burisma as he used to. A good part of that is likely due to the corona-virus and the impending Trump recession, but I also think that it’s partially due to the fact that both his handlers, as well as select GOP Senators have advised him that this issue is a dog with mange. But Biden knows that this is out there, and that the GOP made great hay about it without much of a definitive response from the Democratic side. And since forewarned is forearmed, what’s to stop Biden, during his acceptance speech at the convention, from saying something like; You know what, folks? I’m going to let you in on a little secret. And that secret is this, Donald Trump is scared to death of me! Right now he’s shaking like a month old puppy in a thunderstorm! You wanna know how terrified he is right now? So terrified that long before the Democrats cast a single primary vote, I was beating him so badly in the polls that he sent his personal attorney and fixer, Rudy Giuliani, over to the Ukraine to try to dig up dirt on my son Hunter, and a power company called Burisma. They were so clumsy at it that they got caught! And when they did, do you know what we all found out? That the government of the Ukraine had already held an independent investigation, and determined that there was nothing illegal in Hunter’s relationship with Burisma. Was it unseemly? Yes, it was, and I, sorry for that, it wasn’t the greatest idea for Hunter. Do we wish something different had happened? Every day we wish that. But the thing you have to remember is that the government of the Ukraine investigated, and […]
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Michael Cohen Reportedly ‘Pissed’ ‘Willing to Dish’ On Trump In Tell-All Book Before Election

Hell hath no fury like a former bag man scorned. Donald Trump’s fixer, Michael Cohen, has been using his time in prison productively, to pen a tell-all book about his relationship with Trump over the years. This may be the same manuscript tentatively entitled Trump Revolution: From The Tower to The White House, Understanding Donald J. Trump, that Cohen had shopped to a publisher back in February, 2018. Now that Cohen is being released from prison due to the coronavirus pandemic, which ran through his minimum security facility, infecting guards and staff, a pre-Election Day publication date is anticipated. This is not the first word of Cohen writing a book about Trump, by far. Wow, just revealed that Michael Cohen wrote a “love letter to Trump” manuscript for a new book that he was pushing. Written and submitted long after Charlottesville and Helsinki, his phony reasons for going rogue. Book is exact opposite of his fake testimony, which now is a lie! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 1, 2019 Congress must demand the transcript of Michael Cohen’s new book, given to publishers a short time ago. Your heads will spin when you see the lies, misrepresentations and contradictions against his Thursday testimony. Like a different person! He is totally discredited! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 1, 2019 Michael Cohen’s book manuscript shows that he committed perjury on a scale not seen before. He must have forgotten about his book when he testified. What does Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, say about this one. Is he being paid by Crooked Hillary. Using her lawyer? — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 1, 2019 Trump must wish for the halcyon days of last spring, when the biggest whale spout on the horizon was Cohen’s testimony to Congress. That must seem like Disneyland to him, in comparison with his current predicament. Here are some advance reviews of this tome, from those in the know.  Daily Beast: A former prisoner who served time with Cohen told The Daily Beast that Cohen had told him about the tell-all book and said he had spoken with a publisher. “He was bragging he was going to have a one-hour television show on ABC and he said he would be like the Count of Monte Cristo and come back and get Trump.” […] “It’s like Jaws—you don’t see Jaws very much, but you hear the music, and for Trump he knows Michael is coming and Trump better hear the Jaws music,” [actor Tom] Arnold told The Daily Beast. “He told me he’s been writing a book and he’s pissed. He told me he is going to spill the beans. What has he got to lose now?” […] “He has been using his time wisely inside to write a book and no one should be surprised as he’s always talked about writing a book,” a person close to Cohen told The Daily Beast. “Michael’s stories about Trump are incredible. He has saved a lot of them for when the time is right and the time is now right. Michael spent a long time with Trump—he is going to go into everything and he’s not going to hold anything back. He has paid his dues and he’s pissed he had to go to jail for this.” Here’s what Rick Wilson said about Cohen, a man who indeed […]

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