Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Trump’s “Kiss Of Death”?

So what is it with kisses anyway? I thought they were supposed to be all warm and romantic and shit. But look at history and popular culture. Christ was betrayed to the Romans with a wet one from Judas. And in all of those mob movies, it’s always a kiss on the cheek that indicates it’s time for a fishing trip on Sheepshead Bay with a juke god tied around your ankles. I’m starting to think that kisses are greatly overrated. Yes, this is actually pertinent to a current news event. After saying all sorts of nasty stuff about El Pendejo Presidente while polling 0%, Lindsey Graham has been nothing if not a faithful soldier. He is a frequent golf partner of Trump, which means suspending math where scoring is concerned, he has backed Trump over every insane, inflammatory thing he says, and is even willing to die on the hill of Muellergate in his judiciary committee. And how does Trump repay hid faithful minion? Over the weekend Trump formally announced by Twitter his endorsement for Graham in the upcoming election. This news was immediately jumped on by the campaign. No not the Graham campaign, they’re all sitting around like their cell phone coverage crapped out. It was immediately pounced on by Democrat Jamie Harrison’s campaign, which sent out a national text message blast asking for cash to combat Trump’s evil influence, while touting a poll that has the race tied at 42-42. This is going to be a real problem for vulnerable GOP incumbents, and it’s a no win situation for them. Trump is about as toxic as Chernobyl right now. He has totally botched the coronavirus pandemic response, and that’s hanging like an anchor around his neck. His heavy handed, dictatorial handling of the civil unrest in the wake of the George Floyd murder has everybody who’s still healthy pissed off at him, and his insistence, along with that of his moron son in law in touting the recovering stock market as proof that all is well with the economy again, at a time when 40 million people are laid off is only stressing the point that there are actually two economies out there, and Trump is interested in the wrong one. A recent poll showed Trump finally crashing through his previously sturdy floor of 40% in popularity, and coming to rest at 38%. Recently vulnerable GOP incumbents have taken to what I like to call the 100 meter dash strategy when it comes to dealing with Trump fallout. They literally run down the hall with their heads down, mumbling Sorry, I have to take this call as they steam by reporters. This is like trying to decide which is better, being swallowed whole by the shark, or being bitten in half by the shark. If Trump feels they’re not being supportive enough, he slams them on Twitter, which costs them his base. But if he smiles gently on them and endorses them, their opponents slam them over the head with the endorsement. Reap what ye sow, jerk offs! And it’s not just the vulnerable Senate incumbents who are in the soup, the GOP House incumbents are no better off. It was reported over the weekend that His Lowness is steaming full speed ahead on holding a mass rally somewhere, some time in the next two weeks. Trump is […]

Facebook Removes Trump’s Racist Orwellian Ad About Refugees Spreading COVID-19

The Trump ministry of propaganda is burning the midnight oil these days, as we are now 33 days out from election day and they are desperate.  The Daily Beast is reporting Facebook has removed a Trump campaign ad that made the baseless assertion that offering sanctuary to refugees would expose more Americans to COVID-19. The […]

Et Tu Rupert? Fox News’ Murdoch Predicts Landslide Win For Joe Biden

Donald Trump is already upset that Fox News is insufficiently worshipful of him nowadays and Rupert is being mean and won’t do anything about it, and he thought they were pals. But when Trump gets wind of Murdoch saying, “After all that has gone on, people are ready for Sleepy Joe,” that will be his […]
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Lincoln Project Delivers the Next Blow, An Ad On How Trump’s Getting Conned by...

Donald Trump’s psyche is filled with land mines and the Lincoln Project has demonstrated that they know just where to step. Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, has been living very high on the hog since he met Trump. Now since Trump is the ultimate grifter, to show him that he’s being grifted by somebody else should truly drive him nuts — at least that is my speculatiion about where the Lincoln Project is going with this. This is just another example that @realDonaldTrump is the worst manager America has ever seen. Don, you got conned … by your IT guy. — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) May 20, 2020 The Lincoln Project promised that their next ad would drive Trump up a wall and it looks like they’ve delivered.

Shh! Listen…What DON’T You Hear?

Drivin’ for Jesus., Drivin’ for Jesus. Makin’ ALL the lights!   George Carlin Today’s look at the Coronavirus Dashboard on MSMURFBC is brought to you by TrumpDiva, the world’s first shit flavored laxative, because Trump supporters will swallow ANYTHING It’s only getting worse, not only for the states, but for those GOP Governors. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got so rattled that he actually wore a mask in public while explaining just how serious the coronavirus really is, but still insisted that blowing $200 on a ticket, and wandering around wearing mouse ears all day was just the ticket for what ailed you. Brian Kemp in Georgia is still trying to add 65,000 voters to the 2018 voting rolls so that Stacey Abrams can take over this shit sandwich, and Greg Abbott in Texas spoke at length about how serious the virus surge in Texas has gotten, and how Texans are going to have to start taking some personal responsibility for taking preemptive action to help to stop the spread, And Doug Ducey in Arizona gave a speech in which he stated that this was only the first wave, and not the last one, and that things would get worse before they get better. None of them ordered mandatory mask wear in public, but none of them slammed mask wear either. And DeSantis, Abbott, and Ducey all announced that their re-openings were being stopped in their tracks. When you look at these guys, they all share a common characteristic. They all have that deer in the headlights look, like “How could this get so far out of control?” Being a Governor under Trump was supposed to be like playing mailbox baseball, even if you got caught, Dad knows the sheriff, so there’s no problem. And suddenly they have another voice in their drunken aria. For the last 3-4 weeks, while his neighboring red states were suffering the tortures of the damned, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has been one cocky little son of a bitch. He has gone on show after show, including MSNBC to tout his brilliance as a leader, and how rosy the coronavirus situation in Arkansas was. Plenty of beds and respirators, and well rested doctors and nurses. Not anymore. Arkansas cases are soaring, and his own state university Medical center models are projecting that Arkansas won’t see it’s peak until late September or early October, at which time their load will be 30X what it is currently, capping out at some 150,000 cases, and they’re already pushing the limits right now. As far as I can tell, Asa Hutchinson has gone into the Witness Protection Program. And as one would expect, as the numbers get progressively worse, so do Trump’s job approval and reelection numbers. And over the last week or so, I’ve noticed something, especially in the aftermath of the Tulsa and Phoenix rallies. None of these people can seem to remember Trump’s name anymore. In Tulsa, officials, including the Governor spoke about how they wished that The President had decided to reschedule the rally, or go somewhere else. The day after Phoenix, Ducey spoke of being on stage with The President. These guys used to drop his name like a trucker trying to get into Studio 54, and now they can’t even spell it. Because they want the distance, and calling Trump The President depersonalizes him. But they won’t get it. Ever give a ball of yarn to a cat or kitten? It’s […]

‘Recovering Republican’ Men Dropping Away Like Flies From Trump 35% to 19%

The Trump crazy train keeps caroming down the tracks. But apparently some Republican men, white, non-college educated, specifically, are having a moment of clarity, as they say in 12-step programs, and they want off. They are realizing that their lives have been adversely affected by Donald Trump and they’re seeking to walk a different way. […]
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Bernie bites the hand he wants to feed him.

Maybe it’s just me, but this seems to be getting just a wee ridiculous. We’re still 6 1/2 months from the first primary votes being cast, as everybody likes to tell me whenever I talk about a poll, “It’s early yet!”, and already the recriminations are flying around. In q statement to Politico, Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir dumped a bucket of shit on the heads of the very people the campaign needs for its oxygen, the media; “This isn’t intended to be a sweeping generalization of all journalists,” he told POLITICO, “but there are a healthy number who just find Bernie annoying, discount his seriousness, and wish his supporters and movement would just go away.” OK, chis is cheap, petty, and obnoxious for a number of reasons. For starters, while Shakir disavows making it a “blanket statement,” he goes on to infer that it’s a “healthy number,” clearly indicating he believes it’s a majority of reporters. Second, no responsible journalist would ever allow any personal feelings to seep in and color the way that they cover any candidate. And third, as long as the reporters keeps their feelings to themselves, and out of their reporting, the claim is specious and inconsequential in the first place. This is not the first time that Bernie Sanders and his campaign have jousted with the press. The article points out that in 2016, Sanders complained that the media largely ignored him especially in the early stages of the campaign, ignoring the fact that the media regularly touted his prolific small donor contribution efforts. Worse yet, this is not the first time Sanders has voiced public complaints this early in the campaign. Several weeks ago, when he fell further behind Biden after his campaign announcement, and as Elizabeth Warren started to climb in the polls, Sanders groused that the other candidates were holding him back by “stealing his thunder,” in pushing the same programs and ideas that he pioneered in 2016. This is like Bill Walsh complaining that other NFL teams snaffled his “West coast offense.” The real problem here is that the optics are absolutely terrible. We’ve only had one debate, only 12% of voters have fixed on a single candidate, which means that nobody is out of the game, no votes have been cast, and yet the Sanders campaign is throwing shine all over the place. This tends to lead to two conclusions, both of them negative. Either Sanders is blaming other people for his performance and current standing in the polls, or worse yet, he’s starting to pick scapegoats to blame if his campaign fails. Neither one should be an image the campaign wants to portray, especially this early in the campaign. Look, full disclosure, I’m not a Bernie supporter, but I’m not a Bernie hater either. I am not going to “back” any one particular candidate before the completion of the second debates at the earliest. And if it turns out that Bernie is the candidate, I will certainly vote for him. Anybody who follows politics knows that different candidates often have similar, or nearly identical solutions for major issues. Sanders should be proud that his once “radical” ideas are now a part of the mainstream conversations in the campaign. But rather than blaming everybody else for his current showing, I would […]
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Majority oppose push to replace Ginsburg before election can determine the presidency

A significant majority of Americans say that November’s elections should determine who chooses Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s successor on the Supreme Court, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Sunday. Overall, 62% of people want...

‘Trump’s Polls Are Cratering, That’s The Source Of The Danger’ Warns British Journalist

It’s no secret that Donald Trump lives for nothing but reelection. While that may seem to be a no-brainer, bear in mind that Trump needs to be reelected not only for all the standard reasons, money, reputation, ego, continuing his agenda; Trump needs to be reelected to stay out of prison. British Journalist Edward Luce was on Morning Joe Thursday morning and he said Trump’s “back is very much to the wall.” “He has no idea how to speak to the protests, he has no idea how to unify the nation, he has no idea how to handle the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing, he has no idea how to handle this pandemic.” Luce explains Trump’s ineptitude in handling this lethal confluence of factors by framing it in a manner with which you are quite familiar — to Trump this is all a television show. Financial Times: What is the point of all this? The key is to view these images through the lens of reality television. Mr Trump wants Americans to believe that the White House is threatened by domestic terrorists, arsonists, thugs, looters and killers — words he has used frequently in the past few days. US stability is under threat, he claims. The president’s life, and those of decent law-abiding Americans, are threatened by the extremists on the streets. That is the gist of Mr Trump’s message. But it requires a visual backdrop. Hence the hyped-up situation in Washington. A more sober assessment is that Mr Trump’s poll numbers are dropping. He is faced with the triple cocktail of a badly-managed pandemic, the worst economic contraction since the Great Depression and an inability to quell the legitimate anger behind America’s demonstrations. The article goes on to say that Trump has no political instincts, only optical ones. What we are to draw from this moment in time is that from now on and for the next five months, Trump will stop at nothing to simulate reality in such a manner that he can stoke fear and raise tensions to the boiling point, so that he can then appear to come in and solve the situation. This is a standard Trump M.O. the manufactured crisis. The sublime irony here is that we have real crises, which are tanking us right now, and which Trump is unable to comprehend, let alone solve. To him it’s all play acting and manipulation, with our nation’s capitol as the stage and with real people suffering and dying. The Trump administration itself is dying. Luce went on to point out that “Trump’s polls are cratering” and he said, “I’ve lived in many democracies, including America. I know a dying administration when I see one.” Meanwhile, as we speak, troops on buses drive into D.C. so that the day’s reality TV shoot can start. Let the games begin. This is all political theater to Trump right now, in a desperate gambit to stay out of court and avoid the inevitable. And he cares not a jot what the cost is to America, of that you may be certain.  

Trump Goes On About Lying and Demeaning in New Ad, the Irony Is Lost...

There are none so deaf as they who will not hear. Trump is always having an old tweet or tape show up to bite him in the butt. The Meidas Touch compiled some of these gaffes into a brand new clip. 📺 NEW VIDEO The more you lie, and demean, and collude, the more credibility you lose. #TrumpHasNoCredibility — (@MeidasTouch) July 5, 2020 Like the song asks, when will they ever learn?

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