Sunday, August 9, 2020

Lincoln Project Hits Grand Slam With Ads On Vulnerable GOP Senators. Kill ‘Em With...

The Lincoln Project and comedian J-L Cauvin have united their considerable talents and come up with three attack ads on incumbent senators Susan Collins, Steve Daines and Dan Sullivan. If you haven’t heard Cauvin before, he’s a Trump imitator that sounds so much like Trump that it’s scary. I sincerely hope that he doesn’t go […]

Mary Trump Suggests If Trump’s Reelected, He’ll Ask Pence To Resign and Give Ivanka...

Mary Trump has given another interview, this time with The Independent, and her predictions for what would happen should her Uncle Donald get reelected are frightening. I mean frightening. It will come as no shock that Trump’s reelection would single the end of democracy as we know it. The Independent: “I think if somehow Joe Biden […]

Trump Will Flip When He Sees the Latest TIME Cover In This Series

Trump loves being on the cover of TIME Magazine so much, that he faked a TIME cover and hung it in one of his private clubs. This is another terrific TIME image in a series which depicts Trump with water metaphors. First the storm, on the left, then the water, in the middle, then Trump […]

Is It Just Me, Or Did The Entire GOP Up And Quit?

And when you see Janey, give her a hug for me!   Great, now they’ve got me carrying cargo   George Carlin This is almost getting creepy. Over the last 3 days, it almost seems like a whole lot of little lights have started going off over the heads on the opposition side. The tables are empty, […]

Trump Has Zero Chance Of Swaying Suburban Women Who See ‘Moms’ Ad From Lincoln...

The Lincoln Project is krytonite to Trump’s reelection campaign, which is having enough problems of its own even without the anti-Trump Republican strategists. What do you say about a campaign that has no message and is pulling ads right and left, 90 days out from the big day? Not to mention the ads that Twitter […]

Trump Says Joe Biden Will ‘Hurt God’ ‘Hurt the Bible’ In Unrestrained Delusional Rant...

Unhingery and Donald Trump are made for one another, like hot dogs and mustard. That said, today’s raving mania in Ohio was one that even he will find difficult to exceed. I mean, we are talking unalloyed, pure sterling batshit. It was only nine seconds, but it is one for a time capsule, lest anybody […]

Donald Trump To Give Bible Studies So Joe Biden Will Play Nice and Stop...

Poor God, he’s under attack by Joe Biden. That’s the bad news. But the good news is that He’s thanking Himself profusely that he has Donald Trump on board to help him through these difficulties. Trump is the perfect one to advise the Almighty, because Art Of The Deal, Trump informed us back in the […]
Crash Symbols / Flickr Donald Trump in church...

Oh, My God. Trump Just Turned the Election Into A Religious War

This isn’t at all surprising, considering it’s coming from the lips of a man who self-identifies as “The Chosen One.” Donald Trump spoke with Geraldo Rivera on Fox News Thursday morning and he said that Joe Biden is “against the Bible.” Voters everywhere: "… How could he possibly know that?" Common sense: "He can't. He […]

Trump’s Payroll Tax Insanity Explained In Just 19 Words

Paul Ryan is probably running around in circles barking, seeing Donald Trump say this on TV. This is better than any trial balloon Ryan ever dared to float, this will starve Granny for sure. The disrupter in chief got up in front of his mini-rally in Bedminster today and announced a cut to the payroll […]

‘Coward’ Republican Veterans Turn On Trump In Ad Set To Air On Fox News...

“We’re looking at a lying draft dodger who berates those who serve our country honorably, rewards those who do not,” says a veteran who is a lifelong Republican but who plans to vote for Joe Biden come the fall. This latest ad from Republican Vets Against Trump which is aligned with Republican Voters Against Trump will air […]

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