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Trump Brags About His “SS” Doesn’t Know That It’s Not the Same As Hitler’s,...

Another day, another gaffe from the Know Nothing in Chief. This one’s a doozy. Our great National Guard Troops who took care of the area around the White House could hardly believe how easy it was. “A walk in the park”, one said. The protesters, agitators, anarchists (ANTIFA), and others, were handled VERY easily by the Guard, D.C. Police, & S.S. GREAT JOB! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 11, 2020 Translation: "While I was sobbing until a table in my bunker, my goons gassed one of the priests of St. John's church and other unarmed protesters, including senior citizens, and beat up an Australian news crew. They don't call me Chickenfeathers McCrimespree for nothing." — Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) June 11, 2020 Wow. Trump just tweeted that the peaceful protestors around the White House were handled very easily by the S.S. The S.S., otherwise known as the Schutzstaffel, was Adolf Hitler’s paramilitary group of the Nazi Party. It was led by Heinrich Himmler and was pure fucking evil. — Eugene Gu, MD (@eugenegu) June 11, 2020 Nobody refers to the Secret Service as the S.S. in this sensitive context and situation unless they are doing it intentionally to troll people. Just like Trump’s rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth, Trump only seeks to inflame tensions and instigate harm. That’s irresponsible as hell. — Eugene Gu, MD (@eugenegu) June 11, 2020 That’s not the only place Trump is inflaming tensions. News of his resuming rallies, at a time when the COVID-19 crisis has by no means been eliminated, also show that he’s tone deaf to the issue, no matter how loudly America screams at him from the streets. CNN: Donald Trump will return to the 2020 campaign trail on June 19 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a move freighted with racial symbolism and one almost certain to end poorly for the incumbent president. The selection of Tulsa as the place where Trump returns to the stump and the date on which he is choosing to do it both suggest that Trump’s long-whispered-about race speech — in the wake of ongoing protests and unrest following the death of George Floyd — will happen next Friday, and at a campaign rally no less. —Tulsa was the site of one of the most vicious acts of racial violence in American history when, in 1921, a mob of white people attacked a section of the city known as Greenwood or “Black Wall Street” and murdered hundreds of African Americans. (The event was the basis for HBO’s “Watchmen” series.) And June 19, which has become commonly known and celebrated as Juneteenth, or Emancipation Day, commemorates the anniversary of the reading of the General Orders, No. 3, which officially informed slaves that they were free Its hard not to see this as intentional by the Trump campaign. While Oklahoma has no set limit on group gatherings, it’s not a swing state, so there’s no other obvious reason — other than to address racial issues — that Trump would stage his first rally in the state (and Tulsa particularly). And Trump could have done the rally on lots of days — 364 of them actually! — that don’t commemorate the emancipation of slaves. If I had to make a prediction at this point, I would say that this latest media stunt on Trump’s part is going to […]
Screencapture / CNN trump speaking to police in long island screencapture...

Trump Lawyers Send Cease and Desist Letter to CNN, Demand Apology For Poll

Donald Trump may have started out in reality TV but now he’s crossed over into an alternate reality of his own devise, where he believes — apparently — that you can make unpleasant facts and figures vanish by sending a cease and desist letter to the purveyor of same. CNN received such a letter on Wednesday demanding that they retract, and apologize for, their recent poll, showing Trump trailing Joe Biden by 14 points. CNN’s reaction was what you would expect. CNN: “We stand by our poll,” said Matt Dornic, a CNN spokesman. The CNN poll conducted by SSRS and released on Monday shows Trump trailing the former vice president by 14 points, 55%-41%, among registered voters. It also finds the President’s approval rating at 38% — his worst mark since January 2019, and roughly on par with approval ratings for one-term Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush at this point in their reelection years — and his disapproval rating at 57%. Donald Trump does not like the handwriting on this wall, oh no siree. “It’s a stunt and a phony poll to cause voter suppression, stifle momentum and enthusiasm for the President, and present a false view generally of the actual support across America for the President,” read the letter, signed by the Trump campaign’s senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis and chief operating officer Michael Glassner. – The campaign formally requested that CNN retract the poll and publish a “full, fair, and conspicuous retraction, apology, and clarification to correct its misleading conclusions.” This is what drop dead desperation looks and sounds like. If you could have held the letter in your hand, you might have smelled the desperation, it’s that palpable. The poll came out Monday and by the same afternoon Trump was reportedly restructuring his campaign and he employed the services of a “highly respected” polling firm, McLaughlin and Associates. It’s unclear at this point exactly by whom they are highly respected, because it isn’t their peers. McLaughlin ranks as one of the least accurate pollsters in the industry, as measured by FiveThirtyEight. This is a big deal, that this pollster is labeled as least accurate. Peer review is important, whether you’re talking about academia, polling, or blogging. With respect to blogging, for example, a site called Media Bias does fact checks and credibility assessments of various blogs, including this one, and assigns a rating. PolitiZoom has the same Mixed rating, for news mixed in with commentary, as Daily Kos and PoliticusUSA. I can sleep nights being in the same ballpark as those two sites, as opposed to being classed with Breitbart and Daily Caller. These considerations are important in the real world, not that Donald Trump would ever recognize them as such. In the fantasy world he lives in, a pollster becomes “respected” when Trump decides they are. I think it’s fair to assume at this point that McLaughlin is getting a nice paycheck to tell Trump what he wants to hear. This is how Trump operates. He will pay anybody to get in his corner and produce a result and these pollsters probably have reached the same conclusion as everybody else who works for him, which is that the Trump gravy train isn’t going to run forever, but until it derails, get while the gettin’ is good. McLaughlin is […]

‘Trump’s Polls Are Cratering, That’s The Source Of The Danger’ Warns British Journalist

It’s no secret that Donald Trump lives for nothing but reelection. While that may seem to be a no-brainer, bear in mind that Trump needs to be reelected not only for all the standard reasons, money, reputation, ego, continuing his agenda; Trump needs to be reelected to stay out of prison. British Journalist Edward Luce was on Morning Joe Thursday morning and he said Trump’s “back is very much to the wall.” “He has no idea how to speak to the protests, he has no idea how to unify the nation, he has no idea how to handle the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing, he has no idea how to handle this pandemic.” Luce explains Trump’s ineptitude in handling this lethal confluence of factors by framing it in a manner with which you are quite familiar — to Trump this is all a television show. Financial Times: What is the point of all this? The key is to view these images through the lens of reality television. Mr Trump wants Americans to believe that the White House is threatened by domestic terrorists, arsonists, thugs, looters and killers — words he has used frequently in the past few days. US stability is under threat, he claims. The president’s life, and those of decent law-abiding Americans, are threatened by the extremists on the streets. That is the gist of Mr Trump’s message. But it requires a visual backdrop. Hence the hyped-up situation in Washington. A more sober assessment is that Mr Trump’s poll numbers are dropping. He is faced with the triple cocktail of a badly-managed pandemic, the worst economic contraction since the Great Depression and an inability to quell the legitimate anger behind America’s demonstrations. The article goes on to say that Trump has no political instincts, only optical ones. What we are to draw from this moment in time is that from now on and for the next five months, Trump will stop at nothing to simulate reality in such a manner that he can stoke fear and raise tensions to the boiling point, so that he can then appear to come in and solve the situation. This is a standard Trump M.O. the manufactured crisis. The sublime irony here is that we have real crises, which are tanking us right now, and which Trump is unable to comprehend, let alone solve. To him it’s all play acting and manipulation, with our nation’s capitol as the stage and with real people suffering and dying. The Trump administration itself is dying. Luce went on to point out that “Trump’s polls are cratering” and he said, “I’ve lived in many democracies, including America. I know a dying administration when I see one.” Meanwhile, as we speak, troops on buses drive into D.C. so that the day’s reality TV shoot can start. Let the games begin. This is all political theater to Trump right now, in a desperate gambit to stay out of court and avoid the inevitable. And he cares not a jot what the cost is to America, of that you may be certain.  

Trump Melts Down Attacking ‘LOSERS’ Lincoln Project Ad and They Hilariously Troll Him In...

Maybe Donald Trump’s staff hid the new Lincoln Project “Mourning in America” ad from him. The rest of the world saw it early Monday and Trump apparently got hold of it late at night, because he went into one of his now-routine Twitter meltdowns in the wee hours. ….get even for all of their many failures. You see, these loser types don’t care about 252 new Federal Judges, 2 great Supreme Court Justices, a rebuilt military, a protected 2nd Amendment, biggest EVER Tax & Regulation cuts, and much more. I didn’t use any of them…. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 5, 2020 ….lost for Evan “McMuffin” McMullin (to me). Steve Schmidt & Reed Galvin lost for John McCain, Romney’s campaign manager (?) lost big to “O”, & Jennifer Horn got thrown out of the New Hampshire Republican Party. They’re all LOSERS, but Abe Lincoln, Republican, is all smiles! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 5, 2020 Retaliation was swift and beautiful. Dear Mr. President: My friend @WindsorMann, who gave me the idea that we do a “Mourning in America” (not “Morning”) ad, is sad you didn’t rage-tweet at him. Could you take a moment from your busy day of abject self-pity to attack him? Many thanks. Love,Your friend,Moonface — George Conway, Noble Committee Chair (@gtconway3d) May 5, 2020 I guess our next ad should be “Moron in America.”@ProjectLincoln@realDonaldTrump — George Conway, Noble Committee Chair (@gtconway3d) May 5, 2020 It’s really dark and empty in here. Perfect for social distancing. Lots of bats tho. Please bring lights and furniture. — George Conway, Noble Committee Chair (@gtconway3d) May 5, 2020 They’ve got Trump nailed. Now what is even funnier still, is that Trump had his own plans for “Morning in America” the sequel to “American Carnage” according to Greg Sargent, Washington Post: One irony here is Trump hoped to run his own “Morning in America” campaign. He has constantly claimed he took over a smoldering economic hellscape and magically transformed it into a spectacular economic juggernaut. Trump’s great at making things up, not so great at dealing with what’s actually there. The battle lines are drawn and all bets are that the Lincoln Project boys whup Trump.  

Trump Says He Doesn’t Believe in Polls, Thinks Americans Are Too Smart ‘To Put...

It’s too bad that Iron, the goddess of Irony said fuck it and put her head in the oven, because this latest commentary of Donald Trump’s is beyond parody. This is sublime. Reuter’s: During an interview in the Oval Office, the Republican president said he did not expect the election to be a referendum on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and added he was surprised the former vice president was doing well. “I don’t believe the polls,” Trump said. “I believe the people of this country are smart. And I don’t think that they will put a man in who’s incompetent.” Trump has been called tone deaf and lacking in self-awareness but this comment shows a level of self delusion that few have thought even him capable of. Can it be that he really doesn’t know or even suspect that he’s a moron? I doubt if there’s a psychiatrist living who has seen a greater case of projection than this. Trump has criticized Biden’s decades-long record as a U.S. senator and as President Barack Obama’s vice president. “And I don’t mean incompetent because of a condition that he’s got now. I mean he’s incompetent for 30 years. Everything he ever did was bad. His foreign policy was a disaster,” Trump said. “Everything he ever did was bad.” Wow. Even a broken clock is right twice a day but not Joe Biden. Maybe someone should tell Trump about how he embodies this H.L. Mencken quote? “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” I guess nobody ever showed that to Trump and if you snuck it in on the silver tray with the french fries he wouldn’t make the obvious connection. January 21, 2021 President Biden: 'Donald! It's Joe Biden! Come out of the White House now. This has gone on long enough. This is your fourth and final warning! Vacate the premises, before the SWAT team sends in teargas and the K9s. Tell Eric to put that plastic sword down!' — The Rube Report (@GuadalahonkyToo) April 30, 2020 President Pine-Sol is very, very, very mad. “‘I’m not losing to Joe Biden,’ Trump said at one point, both of these people said, adding that the president used profanities throughout the call.” — George Conway, Noble Committee Chair (@gtconway3d) April 30, 2020 President Pine-Sol the Plague King should sit down and have a nice Lysol cocktail and chill out under a UV light for a bit. It’s a long time until November.  

And The Hits Just Keep Coming In Wisconsin

Well, well, well. It appears that the GOP chickens may be starting to come home to roost in the fallout of the Wisconsin primary and special election that they rammed through a couple of weeks ago. And as most people already know, if enough chickens fly in, you’re gonna get covered in chicken shit. Politico is reporting that Wisconsin public health officials have found seven new cases of the coronavirus in Milwaukee, that they believe may have been caused by participation in the primary and special election process. Six of the people involved were voters, and one person was a poll worker. One of the reasons that they were able to make the possible connection is that the health department is now asking every new case that is recorded whether or not they voted in or worked at the election. If the county health department keeps asking that question, look for that number to get progressively worse. By my feeble calculations, we are just now starting to hit the height of the gestation period before symptoms begin to become evident. And if it does, it carried a greater peril to the GOP than just a bungled special election and a lost state Supreme Court seat. The real problem for the GOP is one of optics. Honestly, it will be very difficult to conclusively pin these new cases on participation in the special election, but they don’t actually have to! The simple fact that there can be a possible connection between the two exposes the callous disregard of the Wisconsin and national GOP for the health and welfare of their voters. If enough new cases are reported with that possible connection, it becomes statewide news, and leaves the GOP with egg on their faces. And if enough new cases are reported, then it becomes a national news story, with the media avidly replaying the entire, sorry spectacle. And if that happens, the entire GOP ends up covered in what comes out of the back end of a chicken after a hearty meal. This has the potential to become a nightmare scenario for the GOP, mainly because it raised a graphic specter of the possible November election. Hell, even EEG flat liners like Trump supporters would like to be able to vote in November without risking a painful death. The Democrats are pushing hard for universal mail in balloting, and while there isn’t enough time to make it universal by November, there is plenty of time for reluctant states with no provisions to get partial programs in place, and ,ore than enough time for red states with candy ass absentee and mail in balloting to expand them exponentially. All of which is sunlight to the morally bankrupt GOP vampire, but state officials may not have much choice if the pressure is high enough, other than to risk possible defeat in November. Now, let’s just briefly recap, if for no other reason than that I so love rubbing the GOP’s nose in their own pile of shit. The Wisconsin and national GOP, with boneheaded support from the US Supreme Court, forced a clearly unsafe special election forward, despite resistance from the state’s Democratic Governor, after publicly bragging that the move was specifically designed to aid the chances of their candidate with the lowest possible turnout. And then they still ended up losing the election, and not by a […]

Trump Calls For Violent Overthrow Of State Govts While His Campaign Accuses Dems Of...

History is being made every day of this sordid debacle of a Republican administration, but Friday, April 17 will unquestionably be tagged in the history books under sedition. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only time in American history that a sitting president has called for the violent overthrow of a democratically elected state government. I’m no virologist but encouraging civil unrest during a pandemic seems ill advised. — Molly Jong-Fast🏡 (@MollyJongFast) April 17, 2020 Molly Jong-Fast is Editor of the Daily Beast. David Rothkopt is the author of “Traitor: A History of American Betrayal From Benedict Arnold to Donald Trump” Of course, this will get people killed. Not necessarily in insurrections but because he is making pretending a deadly disease doesn't exist a centerpiece of being a MAGApublican. They will ignore the quarantine. And they will get sick. And some will die. Because of Trump. — David Rothkopf (@djrothkopf) April 17, 2020 Here’s the bottom line: Donald Trump wants to win reelection at whatever cost. He is oblivious to reality and the cost to America in what he is trying to do. He doesn’t care. He will do anything to stay in power. To that end, early afternoon EDT, the Trump campaign released their weekly email/fundraiser, accusing Democrats of stealing the election via “ballot harvesting.” Trump is calling for insurrection with reference to guns at the same time his campaign is falsely claiming that Democrats are trying to “steal” the election. This is what despots do. It’s dangerous. He’s laying the groundwork for his supporters to reject results and use violence. — Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) April 17, 2020 And this batshit tweet was written just three days ago. GET RID OF BALLOT HARVESTING, IT IS RAMPANT WITH FRAUD. THE USA MUST HAVE VOTER I.D., THE ONLY WAY TO GET AN HONEST COUNT! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 14, 2020 Trump is referring to absentee ballots, and the sublime irony of this is that the only case of “harvesting” absentee ballots was on the part of a Republican congressional candidate in 2018, Mark Harris, North Carolina District 9. Huffington Post, February 19, 2019: …investigators had evidence that McCrae Dowless, a political operative working on behalf of the Harris campaign, filled out and mailed in incomplete or blank ballots from both his office and home. She said Dowless paid people in cash to collect requests for absentee ballots and the ballots themselves. The state board also has evidence, she said, that Dowless paid people to falsify signatures on absentee ballots indicating that they had witnessed those ballots being filled out (North Carolina requires two witnesses to someone filling out an absentee ballot). It is not illegal to help someone request an absentee ballot in North Carolina, but it is illegal for anyone other than a close relative to take custody of the actual ballot. [Kim] Strach [Board of Elections Director] said Dowless took several steps to conceal the fraud. Those measures included using the same color ink as the voter who filled out other parts of the ballot, mailing the ballot from a post office close to the voter and placing the stamps on the envelopes in a certain way not to raise red flags. And don’t forget the story of the campaign worker in Florida changing voter registrations […]
LeStudio1 - 2018 / Flickr The New York Times...

Trump Blasts NYT for Reporting EU COVID-19 Origins, because It Destroys His Entire Reelection...

Donald Trump’s obligatory weekly fundraiser went out to the faithful on Saturday and it hammered home the point that is intended to be the mantra of the 2020 election, that Joe Biden is dedicated to selling out the U.S. to China whereas he-man Trump is going to stand tough and save us all — from what, precisely, is not made clear, but it’s probably kept deliberately vague, because the purpose of the Trumpian edict is to pull an emotional trigger, not to make sense. “I am TOUGH ON CHINA and Sleepy Joe Biden is WEAK ON CHINA.” For the weak of intellect, the all-caps approach certainly helps. You’re certain to see more of it. The other anti-China point to be driven home, and this is the biggy, way beyond Biden, is that China unleashed the COVID-19 strain upon an unsuspecting United States. This newest conspiracy theory dovetails beautifully with Trump’s latest Biden smear, as manifested in his attack ad this week. If you missed that jewel, here it is now. Now Team Trump intended to carry this ball for quite a few yards, if not all the way through the goal posts, but now the pesky New York Times is reporting that studies indicate that the outbreak of COVID-19 in this country came from travelers from Europe to New York:  — and not from China at all. So Trump, true to form, became livid on Saturday and went into one of his now-daily meltdowns. “So now the Fake News The New York Times is tracing the CoronaVirus origins back to Europe, NOT China. This is a first! I wonder where (sic) the Failing New York Times got for this one? Are there any NAMED sources?” The entire article is cited and sourced to the doctors and researchers who made the discovery. But that’s not the issue. Trump’s problem is that the details of the virus originating anywhere other than where Trump wants it to be from, is a gut punch to his Evil Chinese narrative, and that is the basis upon which he’s endeavoring to get reelected, now that the economy has washed off the boards and was last seen headed for a sewage recycling plant. And Trump’s anti-China, anti-Biden crusade is not going as well as hoped, either. The Biden attack ad featured, among other things, Biden bowing to another American, a man of Asian descent, and this is being framed as Biden capitulating to the Chinese. If you’ve looked at the ad, you saw Biden purportedly criticizing Trump for restricting travel from China, which is not the case — but Trump needs everyone to desperately believe that, because that one minor decision is what he has built a huge case on, that he saved thousands of lives. You will hear that reiterated over and over again as we go towards November 3. The travel restriction is the sum total of what Trump did pro-actively to stem the spread of the virus, and he did that solely because he could make a racist snub with it. You will recall that he also “closed the border” with Mexico, when there were about seven coronavirus cases in the whole of Central America, total. Anybody who was paying attention realized at the time that Trump was asleep with respect to COVID-19, but making a […]
Washington Post / YouTube Trump holds rally in Montana...

Trump’s Compulsion Is Killing His Campaign

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. But all of them leave the cat dead Trust me on this, for I know of what I speak. From the day that Trump clanked and farted (you can see Melania’s nose wrinkle in the video) to declare war on all things Mexican, I’ve been following Trump closely, and I have the therapy bills to prove it. There has never been a more media obsessed, crowd centrist person I’ve seen in my life. Trump’s nasty and corrosive tactics helped to change the 2016 GOP Presidential primaries. He held rallies the way other candidates sent out fund raising texts. And the medias sad and callow fondness for his verbal nonsense helped to turn every night into a new episode of Stupid Pet Tricks instead of a serious political campaign. And apparently, in the elect-a-twit year of 2016, stupid pet tricks are what people wanted. And it didn’t stop with Trump’s election. Trump announced the opening of hie reelection campaign within 48 hours of being sworn in, and within weeks of taking office, set out on a nationwide Thank You America tour of rally style events. If you pile them all together, Donald Trump has probably held more political rallies in five years than Billy Graham held church services in his career. Those mass rallies are a critical part of Trump’s political life, on two fundamental levels. First, Trump requires a constant flow of fawning, slavish applause and devotion to feed his ravenous ego, and these are the perfect vehicle. And just as important, these rallies serve as a perfect deflection point in times of crises. Just look at the history. How many times in the last 4 years has Trump been caught in a major scandal, and within days is hollering at 15,000 mental retreads while FUX News broadcasts the whole thing live. It keeps the Trombies from paying attention to anything else. Well, due to the ravages of the corona-virus, Trump’s salad days of mass, slavish devotion are over. And it’s telling on him, and telling badly. Trump is getting absolutely hammered on all sides for his handling of the corona-virus. What’s Trump’s instinctive reaction to a crisis and negative press? What else, an arena packed full of orcs, trolls, goblins and other flotsam and jetsam of the lower strata. But he can’t get away with even trying to pull something like that off. But remember what I said above, mass adulation is only one of the two central pillars of Trump’s existence. The other one is the media. Trump has an almost infantile obsession with controlling the events of the day through the media. And so, as a way of scratching that itch, as well as a way of continuing to communicate with his followers, even the ones who can’t read Twitter, he has turned the daily briefings on the corona-virus response into the closest thing he can cobble up to a mass rally. Trump spends 1-2 hours behind the podium, spewing out copious amounts of grandiose bullshit about his leadership and management genius, and picks fights with every reporter who doesn’t have a FUX News or Drudge Report badge around his or her neck. The grandiose bullshit feeds his base, and the fight picking distracts from the actual content of the briefing. But it […]

‘We’re Republicans Who Are Sick of Trump’s Lies’ Title of Blistering New Trump Attack...

I wouldn’t want to be a television set when Trump sees this one. He’ll probably throw a case of Diet Coke, along with a hissy fit. Republicans For the Rule of Law has put out another gem, this one a compilation of Republican voters nationwide who say they won’t vote for Trump, based upon how he has botched the coronavirus response. YES!! More of this!!

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