Wednesday, October 21, 2020

MUST SEE: Hilarious Paul McCartney Parody of Trump, ‘Maybe I’m Immune’

This is a great find. James Corden is a terrific singer. So much art this morning. James Corden deserves a Grammy in the political mockery category. Had my lighter in the air by the end. — The Hoarse Whisperer (@TheRealHoarse) October 7, 2020 One thing about the sanctimony and snake oil salesmanship of Donald […]

WATCH: Lincoln Project Goes There, Does Hilarious ‘Evita’ Parody of Trump’s Balcony Photo Op

This was too obvious to pass up and so the Lincoln Project didn’t. They ran with it all the way and it is a scream. Take a moment and enjoy. Don’t cry for my White House staffer. — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) October 7, 2020

Trump’s ‘October Surprise’ May Have Just Blown Up. Top Prosecutor Leaves Durham Team

Another seismic event in Trump world. Too bad that we’re all so used to living on a jello-esque landscape to where we don’t even notice the shaking. Instability is the norm and crisis is the standard tone of the day. Nevertheless, it is newsworthy that a top prosecutor in the John Durham probe, which was expected […]

Trump Mumbles and Sways Through Pledge Of Allegiance on 9/11, Melania Doesn’t Even Try

Another courtly appearance by the statesman in chief and his classy wife. The two embarrassments that live in our White House made an appearance in Pennsylvania at the site of the downed plane on 9/11. Trump doesn’t know the words to the pledge of allegiance and Melania didn’t even bother. Watch and you’ll see he […]
World News / YouTube Donald Trump names Don McGahn as...

‘Earth Shattering’ Ruling Denies House Enforcement Power On Subpoenas

This is grim, particularly now, when it looks like the House is going to have to subpoena Louis DeJoy because he missed the prescribed deadline to produce documents. The District of Columbia Circuit Court ruled 2-1 that the House cannot enforce a subpoena against Don McGahn. The court states that there is no law allowing […]

Trump Convention Loses Ratings Battle To Dems, Plus Ratings Are Much Lower Than 2016

There is going to be a roar of “Fake News!!” and the crash of a TV set splintering in Trump world when these stats filter upstairs to the Infant in Chief. Donald Trump lives for ratings. He’s going to have to cope with the fact that the first night of the Democratic National Convention got […]

Don Junior ‘Is Legit Ramped Out Of His God Damn Mind’ At RNC, While...

Seeing is believing. Here’s a small clip of Donald Trump Jr., before he got to blaming the “Chinese Communist Party virus,” and he looks pretty hammered. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 25, 2020 Plus, his delivery is frantic, compared to how he spoke at the RNC in 2016. There, he was calm, his […]

The Foreward To Michael Cohen’s Tell All Is Out, Describing Trump’s Deviant Sex Acts,...

The servers to Michael Cohen’s book site are purportedly crashing since the foreword to his new book, Disloyal: A Memoir. The true story of the former personal attorney to President Donald J. Trump has just been made available on the internet. You may recall, that Cohen suffered the same fate as Mary Trump, with attempts being made […]

Lincoln Project Focuses On Trump’s Fondness For Ghislaine Maxwell

It’s always interesting to see Donald Trump attempt to imitate human emotion, and particularly in this case. Trump conveyed his good wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of heading up an international child rape ring. It’s said that his White House aides were cringing when he did it, and a cringe worthy moment it was, by any standards. The Lincoln Project hammers the point home in their most recent ad. We need to get Trump out of office before he can pardon Ghislaine Maxwell — as it is rumored that he will. Don’t forget the list of people Trump has wished well: Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and now Ghislaine Maxwell. If you’re a political enemy, he accuses you of treason without even knowing the definition of the word. But if you’re a child rapist? No biggy there. Donald Trump wishes you well. Have a nice day in jail. And if you’re convicted? Oh yeah, “Sleep well, you’ve got friends in high places.” Bill Barr will work something out, don’t worry. No “lock her up” chants for Ghislaine Maxwell. Goes to show you where Trump’s values and priorities truly lie.

EXPLOSIVE: Financial Writer Estimates Trump’s Actual Wealth As ‘Between Broke and $150 Million’

It is no secret that Donald Trump and the Trump Organization have two sets of books, one to look flush to lenders and one to look broke to the IRS. We’ve never seen Trump’s tax returns because to reveal them would undoubtedly expose him as the “clown living on credit” that he has been called. Adam Davidson is a financial writer who contributes to the New Yorker. So, three businesses that lose around 5 million pounds a year and have a collective value of, say, 70M pounds (being generous) are claimed to bring in 150 million pounds a year! And, again, those are his MOST trustworthy numbers. 2/ — adamdavidson (@adamdavidson) July 20, 2020 I do think there is fairly strong evidence that he, also, makes money by helping oligarchs launder money. BUT, he seems to also be bad at that. He makes dumb deals that involve too much risk and too little return. 4/ — adamdavidson (@adamdavidson) July 20, 2020 And he, himself, doesn't understand business. But I would wager that he is somewhere between broke and worth $150M or so. Which, of course, is very rich but not impressive. A $200M or so (we don't know the real number) inheritance in 2004 should be worth far more today. 6/ — adamdavidson (@adamdavidson) July 20, 2020 But those suburban "common sense" Republicans surely understand that if they leave their kids $200K and their kids are worth $100K 20 years after their death, their kids have messed up badly. 8/end — adamdavidson (@adamdavidson) July 20, 2020 It has occurred to me that maybe what Vladimir Putin has on Trump is something this basic: Putin could show that Trump is broke. Occam’s Razor dictates that the simplest explanation is usually the right one. Maybe there is no pee pee tape or great scandal and there doesn’t need to be. Putin, who actually is one of the world’s richest men, knows Trump doesn’t have squat. And that would explain why Trump is so obsequious to Putin. Putin actually is what Trump wishes he was and can never be. He can’t even be wealthy, let alone powerful and a leader in world affairs. He’s a total fraud. His base might not be alienated by the fact that he lies about money. They probably will think, cool, he doesn’t have as much as he says, but he flies a big plane and lives in a gold leaf penthouse, and has a gold toilet, even without billions. But how can he hold his head up with actual conservative Republicans, who — purportedly, at least — value a dollar? So this issue is explosive, make no mistake. It always has been. However, we’re not going to see Trump’s tax returns before the election. New: The Supreme Court refuses House request to immediately issue judgments in congressional subpoena cases to more quickly restart fight for Trump financial documents. Justice Sotomayor notes her dissent. — Todd Ruger (@ToddRuger) July 20, 2020 I'll never forget the common sense Republican challenged 2016 with the fact that his casinos went bankrupt 5 times, and she said, "That's STRATEGY. It was a business strategy that shows how smart he is." There is no arguing with that kind of idiocy. — Abe Whipple (@abe_whipple) July 20, 2020 And "the hustle" his fans […]

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