Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Trump Campaign Releases Doctored Audio of Joe Biden Calling Coronavirus a “Hoax”

Last week Priorities USA issued a stellar ad (see below) compiling notable Trump quotes and lies about the coronavirus. The ad hit such a nerve that Trump immediately had a lawyer write a cease and desist letter to broadcasters, and he threatened to revoke networks’ licenses. Now, here’s the latest salvo in this particular theater of the cultural war, an attack ad on Joe Biden, featuring doctored audio. The media is giving a pass to a pro-Biden TV ad that doctors and deceptively edits audio of President Trump, even though every independent fact checker said President Trump DID NOT call the coronavirus a hoax. Joe Biden, on the other hand? This sounds authentic… pic.twitter.com/YY6vN5gTM6 — Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022 (@TrumpWarRoom) April 2, 2020 The ad is done in retaliation and to see if Twitter will enforce its manipulated media standards on both sides. The campaign feels that Twitter is pro-Biden and will only enforce the standard against the Trump campaign. The Hill: “Twitter has so far effectively instituted a ‘Biden protection rule,’ refusing to apply their manipulated media label to video and audio of President Trump that every independent fact checker says is false,” a Trump campaign official said. “This tweet forces the issue and makes Twitter decide. It can enforce its arbitrary rules fairly and equally, or it can have its policy exposed as totally ineffective or a partisan sham. It’s their move.” […] Several videos promoted by Democrats, including the Priorities USA ad, have been viewed millions of times and feature audio of Trump saying: “The coronavirus, this is their new hoax.” Fact-checkers at The Washington Post, Snopes, PolitiFact and FacCheck.org have determined that it is false to claim that Trump called the virus a hoax. Rather, he used the term while talking about Democratic efforts to politicize the virus. Trump’s full quote was: “Coronavirus. They’re politicizing it. We did one of the great jobs, you say, ‘How’s President Trump doing?’ ‘Oh, nothing, nothing.’ They have no clue, they don’t have any clue. … And this is their new hoax. But you know, we did something that’s been pretty amazing.” Ugly is as ugly does and this is totally in line with who Trump is and how his campaign has been run so far. The only way they know how to win is by cheating or voter suppression. The 2020 campaign is going to be down and dirty, like nothing we’ve ever seen. It will make the 2016 campaign look genteel by comparison. Here’s last week’s video that got Trump threatening lawsuits, if you missed it. Trump refused to take the threat of the coronavirus seriously, now he won’t take responsibility as his administration has been totally unprepared for this crisis. pic.twitter.com/Jdh1GY9HHS — Priorities USA (@prioritiesUSA) March 23, 2020    

LISTEN: Trump Openly Admits If Dems Secure Voting, ‘You’d Never Have A Republican Elected...

I must say, this jolted me awake and I’ve already had two cups of coffee. Donald Trump made a phone appearance on Fox News Monday morning, and this is what he said. Trump openly admitting if we made voting easier in America, Republicans wouldn't win elections Trump: "The things they had in there were crazy. They had levels of voting, that if you ever agreed to it you'd never have a Republican elected in this country again." pic.twitter.com/x5HmX6uogo — Lis Power (@LisPower1) March 30, 2020 Wow. One of them actually came out and said that the Republicans depend upon low voter turnout. I wonder if Trump will come out in favor of actual voter suppression, such as purging people from the voting registers, and gerrymandering next? I swear, the closer we get to Election Day, I’m going to get a set of tom-toms and pound out my mantra GET OUT THE VOTE! GET OUT THE VOTE! non stop, until Trump is defeated or they put me in the loony bin, whichever comes first.    

GOP Fundraising Guru Leaves Politics to Cash In On Coronavirus Windfall

Well, at least we know where GOP fundraiser Mike Gula’s loyalties lie, and it’s not to the Republican party — not when there’s money to be made from the coronavirus pandemic. Gula just formed a company, Blue Flame Medical, LLC on Monday in Delaware. His website says that it sells coronavirus testing kits, which is good to know, since even the government supposedly can’t get a hold of enough of them, and other “hard to find medical supplies to beat the outbreak.” When asked how he comes by these treasures Gula responded, “I have relationships with a lot of people.” We bet you do. Politico: The abrupt move to shutter Gula’s firm has set the Republican operative world ablaze, with many in the business wondering about Gula’s intentions and how he was able to move so swiftly. [Partner John] Thomas [a GOP strategist] declined to specify how he and Gula had managed to obtain masks that have become so rare that some hospitals have resorted to reusing them or having health care workers tie bandannas or scarfs around their faces. “It’s just relationship-based,” he said. “I can’t say anything else.” Now this is particularly noteworthy, in a day and age where the likes of Peter Navarro, wing-nut and resident economist at the White House, has gone on record saying that if you’re a hoarder, “we will be coming for you.” The new company may draw scrutiny as the Trump administration has moved to crack down on the hoarding of critical medical supplies and the sale of supplies at above fair market value. President Donald Trump issued an executive order on Monday designed to combat price gouging and Attorney General William Barr told reporters this week that the Justice Department has set up a task force to stop people from “manipulating the market and ultimately deriving windfall profits.” In an interview, Thomas said Blue Flame had already sold medical supplies to authorities in Georgia and other states. Police departments are “almost begging for supplies,” he said. “I don’t want to overstate, but we probably represent the largest global supply chain for Covid-19 supplies right now,” he said. “We are getting ready to fill 100 million-unit mask orders.” That’s pretty good to go into business on a Monday and by Friday be the biggest player on the world stage. I mean, that’s memorable. I’m betting they don’t teach how to do this at Harvard Business School. You know what occurs to me? But then I have a wicked imagination coupled with a keen sense of human nature, plus decades of watching Republican skullduggery. Just pretend we were writing a novel here, and let’s suppose that a star GOP fundraiser had a lot of dirt on a great many of his clients and he used that information to coerce persuade them that they should help him become a rich(er) man fast, or he would drop a dime on them. Not trying to foment CT here, just tossing ideas into the air for my own amusement — and certainly the notion isn’t all that fantastic after hearing about Richard Burr and other Republican senators using their privileged knowledge about COVID-19 to do insider trading on the stock exchange. Gula might know about all kinds of things like this, that we’ll never hear about. In all events, […]

Joe Biden’s Latest Attack On Trump Is Killer

Attack ads are endemic to presidential campaigns like ivy is to college campuses, so expect to see a lot more of them as we near the November finale of the Trump schitt-show. This one is Biden’s newest and it contains not only famous last lines of Trump’s that you have already heard, but some new clips of Trump abusing reporters. Napoleon had Waterloo, Hitler had the Russian front, and Trump has COVID-19. holy shit this @JoeBiden ad is good. pic.twitter.com/CAgIrt2Zua — Florida Chris (@chrislongview) March 26, 2020 Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall, When COVID-19 came, he dropped the ball, Now all of his ass-kissers fret about when, The voters decide to take back America again. BYEDON! Exit through the west wing revolving door and don’t let it hit ya in the ass!

Tit For Tat. Here’s a Mashup of Fox News Dissing Joe Biden, While Trump...

This is so funny and I’m elated that somebody did it. Fox News is constantly doing a sanctimonious take down of Joe Biden, pointing out his gaffes, opining that he’s senile, confused, who knows what all. Now take a look at the comments leveled at Biden with clips of Trump doing exactly what Biden is accused of. This is stellar. Fox News is very concerned that this presidential candidate's brain isn't working pic.twitter.com/VGfUgG0tE3 — The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) March 25, 2020 The pot calling the kettle black doesn’t even begin to describe this. More please. And let’s put this out on campaign attack ads as well.  

Comparing Bernie’s Campaigns. And What It Means For November.

Let’s all agree, for all serious purposes Bernie Sanders campaign for President is over after last night. And personally, I don’t really care how long it takes for Bernie to land the plane. He fought his heart out, and losing is hard. And the more passionate you are, the harder the loss is. Give him time. But Steve Kornacki on MSNBC last night jolted my head back when he made some side by side comparisons to Sanders performance in 2016, and his performance so far in 2020. There were several things that stuck out at me, but what stuck out the most was that seemed to be another comparison that could be made. In 2016, Bernie mopped up with lower middle class rural voters, and also scored well with white non-college educated voters. Sanders successfully wooed them with things like a minimum $15 an hour wage, and Medicare for all insuring them healthcare coverage. He also mopped the floor with young, first time college age voters, and swept the table in college towns. He did this by offering them things like a free 4 year college education, and forgiveness of student loan debt. Sanders also cleaned up by selling a sense of grievance, the rich get richer, everybody else gets fucked, and it’s time that they paid! Sanders was able to ride this wave all the way through the primaries. But it turned out that Joe Biden was Bernie Sanders’ worst nightmare. In a crowded field, Biden was the only one who had name recognition that could match Sanders. In side by side comparisons in states like Illinois, Michigan, and Florida, the contrast was striking. In 2020, Biden beat Sanders in college town after college town. Not necessarily by flipping the college vote, but by energizing the white suburban, formerly GOP in the surrounding area. And in the lower middle class and rural areas, Biden cleaned up where Sanders had dominated in 2016. Sanders spoke to them of grievance, but Biden spoke to them with familiarity, and a non confrontational positive vision for the future. There is one more thing that turned the tide in my opinion. Timing is everything, and Biden had it. By the time that the primaries had reached South Carolina, Democratic primary voters had heard enough, and they had had enough of all of the indecision. They were finally ready to stop being pundits, and coalesce behind one candidate. And when the African American population launched Biden out of South Carolina from a cannon, the momentum cast the die. Biden rolled in Super Tuesday, and with California and Texas being moved up to Super Tuesday, Sanders lost two valuable firewall states that he could have relied on later in the calendar, if Biden’s momentum slowed. So, what does this have to do with November? Only this. Back in 2016, another presidential campaign was waged. And in this one, a tubby, poorly dressed, loud mouthed caricature of a candidate farted his way down a schlock golden escalator, and announced his run for the presidency by exploiting hatred and bashing Mexicans. Remember that ass gasket? Like Sanders, Trump ran on grievance, but not a grievance against rich shitpokes, of whom he counts himself a member in good standing, if only a leech. His grievance was against minorities of every stripe, alternate […]

An Ohio Judge Won’t Postpone Tuesday’s Primary UPDATED

With everybody going mad over the stock market crashing and the coronavirus, it gets forgotten that we’re in the middle of a primary campaign leading up to a presidential election in the fall. Three states have decided to postpone their Tuesday primaries, Arizona, Illinois and Florida, but Ohio is going forward, because a judge said he wasn’t comfortable rewriting election law 12 hours before a primary. Politico: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced earlier Monday that the state would support a lawsuit to delay voting. “We can’t tell people it’s in their best interest to stay home and at the same time tell people to go vote,” DeWine said at a news conference. But Judge Richard Frye ruled later that evening that it was too late to move back the primary. […] “We’re here at 7 o’clock, 12 hours before the election. I don’t believe the plaintiffs have proceeded in a timely manner,” Frye said. “And for that matter, I don’t believe the Secretary of State has proceeded in a timely manner himself.” “There is no medical evidence here today to suggest that” it would be safer to vote in June, Frye added. “To the contrary, it’s my understanding from the briefings we’ve seen in the national media that it may be months before we get to a point of stability or a peak of the virus and its transmission rates.” The Judge’s argument makes legal sense. Ohio election officials had already closed or relocated 150 polling places that were in either nursing homes or assisted living facilities and they also recruited back up workers to replace poll workers who were no longer comfortable serving due to their age or health status. Be that as it may, the primary is going forward tomorrow and one election official said, “I have no doubt that the patriotic Ohio election officials would get [the] job done.” Boy I hope so. UPDATE: 7:30 P.M. PDT Mike DeWine was upset at the judges ruling, saying that if Ohio held a primary tomorrow, it would be deemed illegitimate. So he found a way to shut down the primary, by declaring a health emergency. BREAKING: @OHdeptofhealth director @DrAmyActon orders Ohio polls closed tomorrow "as a health emergency" pic.twitter.com/HY39u87z1q — Jeremy Pelzer (@jpelzer) March 17, 2020 This is undoubtedly the best way to proceed. The last thing we need are contested results.
PBS NewsHour / YouTube Sen Mitch McConnell speaks after ...

Mitch McConnell In Jitters That Trump Might Lose, Calling Senior Judges Begging Them To...

Say what you will about Mitch McConnell, he’s a cunning old bastard and a wizard of the dark arts of politics. He knows how to read the political tea leaves better than anybody, and right now, he doesn’t have to resort to that, because the handwriting on the wall is blatant enough. Trump is exposed for the phony, incompetent and liar that he is, as a result of his complete botching of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that MicConnell has begun hedging his bets and telephoning senior Republican-appointed judges and encouraging them to retire early, so that he can finish stacking the judiciary for the rest of 2020, in the event Trump loses — a scenario which he’s now taking very seriously, evidently. Raw Story: On Monday, the Courier-Journal reported that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is privately calling Republican-appointed federal judges and urging them to retire, or take senior status, before rather than after the 2020 presidential election. “Yes, he has made calls,” said one anonymous source close to the GOP leader. It is unclear when McConnell started making this push, but it continues as President Donald Trump’s re-election prospects look worse than they did a month ago. Media criticism of his handling of the pandemic, the ensuing economic collapse, and the greatly diminished chances that the Democratic primary will end in a brokered convention have all made Trump’s path to a second term rockier. The coronavirus and the stock market fluctuations are real. They cannot be spun out as partisan-fueled hoaxes. And Trump’s incompetence is paramount — as usual — but it’s exposed now, because he can’t interpose any of his usual GOP enablers to redact and sugarcoat. Things are so bad that even Fox News is taking the coronavirus seriously. One of the talking heads over there, Trish Regan, spun coronavirus out as “the new impeachment hoax” and she’s no longer in prime time. Trump can’t lie his way out of this one. McConnell knows it and he’s doing damage control. When Mitch McConnell starts heading for the bunker, you know that s*it just got real.

Coming Soon To A TV Near You!

In a side-by-side comparison with the other brand   Multiple television commercials As the glide to the Democratic National Convention becomes a little closer, and as the likelihood of the outcome becomes a little more obvious, you should start to see something happen. Barring any shocking surprises on Tuesday night, Joe Biden should become the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination. And as the prohibitive front runner, he will of course be subject to the “front runner mantra.” If you’re going to be the front runner, you have to look like and act like the front runner. Which means that you’ll see Joe Biden spending less time engaging with Bernie Sanders, and more time engaging with Donald Trump. I, along with most other scribes of current events, heralded the intelligence of both the Sanders camp, as well of the Biden camp, for trotting out their candidates within 18 hours of El Pendejo Presidente’s Oval Office address. The slobbering dotard spent 11 minutes of vengeful meandering and nonsensical policy proposals before signing off and giving all of us some hard earned peace and quiet. It was a shrewd and savvy move by both campaigns to trot their candidates out there as soon as possible to present a calm, dignified, straightforward option to the disjointed ramblings of Glorious Bleater. And I believe that it worked. I am really looking forward to polling this week for head-to-head match ups between Trump and Biden and Sanders, to see how people reacted when, for the first time in three years, they had an alternative to gauge Trump’s incoherent ramblings against. As Biden solidifies his front runner status, you can expect to see him appearing more and more to make addresses to directly confront Trump on current events. This only makes sense. Earlier today, my friend and editor Ursula posted a piece about how the Dow Jones futures market tanked for Monday morning after yet another brain dead, delusional quote from Traitor Tot about how firmly the coronavirus was under control. I imagine that there were other, international factors that weighed in, but clearly the stock market isn’t buying what Trump is selling. If, as I expect, the Dow opens up Monday morning dropping off of another cliff, then by no later than Wednesday, you can expect another formal statement from former Vice President Joe Biden in front of the cameras. And this address to the nation will be right in Biden’s wheelhouse. Lest we forget, Biden was President Barack Obama’s wing man when Obama took office in January of 2017, in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of 1929, 80 years before. Obama brought Biden on because of his international diplomacy chops, as well as his legislative experience and contacts. Biden would have been in on a lot of meetings, heard a lot of strategies and plans, and likely have had some input. Barring Obama himself, or his economic guru Austan Goolsby, there is nobody today that is better qualified or equipped to give a contrast response to Trump’s handling of the economic crisis than Biden. Biden can begin his address by recounting the situation that he and Obama walked into on January 20, 2009, and the management style used to deal with it. He can speak authoritatively about the steps that the Obama administration took to […]

The True Genius Of Stupid. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

You can’t possibly BE that stupid! Oh, yeah! Don’t tell ME how stupid I can be!   GOP Motto You know, anybody can do something stupid once in a while, God only knows I’ve dipped my toes into that particular pool on more than one occasion. But it takes true, rare genius to do something so stupid that it just continues to lumber stupidly along, like Godzilla laying waste to Tokyo. Recently I wrote an article in which I pointed out that El Pendejo Presidente had just committed an act of monumental stupidity, said act being that by not just in trying to extort the Ukraine into a political hit job investigation into the Biden’s, but by getting caught, he had robbed himself of the very scandal he wished to dump on Biden’s head if he became the nominee. But as time goes by, and as facts on the ground evolve, it becomes more apparent that this wasn’t just clumsy and stupid, it was an almost inspirational act of stupid. Every day it becomes more and more likely that Trump’s worst nightmare will come true, and that Joe Biden will be his general election opponent. This may well be a foregone conclusion sometime late Tuesday night. And the more that becomes a reality, the less that Trump’s mistake above starts to look like common, garden variety, everyday stupid, and more like the inspirational kind of stupid gift that just keeps on giving. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but His Lowness doesn’t seem to be spending as much time lately talking about Biden and Burisma as he used to. A good part of that is likely due to the corona-virus and the impending Trump recession, but I also think that it’s partially due to the fact that both his handlers, as well as select GOP Senators have advised him that this issue is a dog with mange. But Biden knows that this is out there, and that the GOP made great hay about it without much of a definitive response from the Democratic side. And since forewarned is forearmed, what’s to stop Biden, during his acceptance speech at the convention, from saying something like; You know what, folks? I’m going to let you in on a little secret. And that secret is this, Donald Trump is scared to death of me! Right now he’s shaking like a month old puppy in a thunderstorm! You wanna know how terrified he is right now? So terrified that long before the Democrats cast a single primary vote, I was beating him so badly in the polls that he sent his personal attorney and fixer, Rudy Giuliani, over to the Ukraine to try to dig up dirt on my son Hunter, and a power company called Burisma. They were so clumsy at it that they got caught! And when they did, do you know what we all found out? That the government of the Ukraine had already held an independent investigation, and determined that there was nothing illegal in Hunter’s relationship with Burisma. Was it unseemly? Yes, it was, and I, sorry for that, it wasn’t the greatest idea for Hunter. Do we wish something different had happened? Every day we wish that. But the thing you have to remember is that the government of the Ukraine investigated, and […]

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