Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Kemp, Raffensperger Stand Their Ground As Trump Continues To Dynamite Georgia GOP Ahead Of...

Trumpism is the opposite of truth and demagoguery is the opposite of democracy. The ideological war now moves to Georgia where Donald Trump gives every indication that he intends to blow up the Georgia GOP. What good that’s going to do him is murky, but it does seem clear that that is his intention. ….Also, […]

Sidney Powell’s Kraken Lawsuit Is Closer To Crack Pipe With Experts Like the ‘Statistician...

It’s been said about both Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani that they come from the school of not, shoot first ask questions later, but rather from shoot first, don’t ask questions at all. What happened to these two lawyers, that at one time were highly credible prosecutors would be interesting to know. In all events, […]

Master Campaigner My A$$!

I just wanted to toss my loyal peeps a quick cookie to amuse them on a Sunday while I rest my tortured eyes. One of Trump’s most vaunted strengths was supposed to be as a Master Campaigner. He proudly touted his ability to pick a city, any city, pop a pin in a map, announce a date, and […]

Ronna McDaniel Panics In GA When GOPers say Why Vote, Election ‘Is Already Decided’

A lot of devils are going down to Georgia these days, in anticipation of the January 5 runoff for two senate seats. Ronna McDaniel made a stop to Get Out The Vote and she is finding out first hand the sad truth that if you want to play up the fantasy that election fraud cost […]

Trump Mentions FBI and Justice Department As Part Of Election Conspiracy Against Him

Donald Trump gave an interview to Fox Business on Sunday morning and it is the classic you would expect, a straight head first plunge into batshittery and conspiracy theory. And a mind like this can get 73 million votes in America, folks, just bear that in the mind that you try not to lose as […]
Maryland GovPics / Flickr voting...

“Enemy of the People”

I have one recommendation for Brad Raffensperger, the beleaguered Secretary of State of Georgia. Hire security. Hire good ones. In fact, Brad, you should get your family out of Georgia, install a top-rung home security system, and hire security to protect you and your family. Do it now. On Thanksgiving Day, Trump stopped smearing mashed […]

WATCH: Jenna Ellis’ *Law Mentor* Explains Why She Is Like She Is

Jenna Ellis is fast becoming the punchline of jokes, and after you watch these three short clips of Sarah Cooper playing the *Law Mentor* for Ellis, you will understand why. Ellis is pretty much beyond parody, but Cooper manages to bring it off. I’m the law mentor of Jenna Ellis esquires pic.twitter.com/wQKrp9wxdE — Sarah Cooper […]

GA Senate Race Degenerates Into A *Food Fight* As Perdue Throws Shade and It...

Jon Ossoff visited a small business that specializes in vegan cuisine and David Perdue thinks that makes Ossoff some kind of a dork, apparently. Perdue proudly displayed his credentials as a carnivore, which makes him more down to earth, or something. .@ossoff can have the plant burger, we'll take the all-star special. Pick your side, […]

Trump Is Hell Bent On Making Pennsylvania His Own Personal Gettysburg

In Trump world, all roads lead to Pennsylvania, incredibly. Strikeforce Rudy has struck out in flames in Pennsylvania, twice in just the last week, first with Judge Matthew Brann refusing to invalidate millions of votes in a ruling that got loads of press for its scathing legal analysis. Then, a few short days later, the […]

House Republicans Target Democrat Who Filed State Bar Complaints To Get Rudy Giuliani Disbarred

The Age of Trump has wrought many wonders, chief among them the absolute down and dirty internecine fighting in Congress which we see now. Harry Reid once said, “politics has always had a feral quality” but I don’t think even he foresaw this kind of infighting amongst elected officials. Last week Representative Bill Pascrell Jr. […]

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