Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Even In Face Of COVID, Christianists Still Remember Missionary Who Infected Indian Island

At first glance, it may seem that the religious right’s obstinate support for Donald Trump is the starkest example to date of fundamentalism–or rather, Christianism–in its most unacceptable form. Indeed, with it becoming more apparent that Trump is in danger of being voted off the island in November, it is equally apparent that his fundie supporters will have to answer for continuing to prop him up. But believe it or not, there’s an example more outrageous than that. It takes some effort to get more outrageous than continuing to rally around a man who plastered a private cell phone number on social media, mocked the disabled, condones violence, revels in degrading women, and engages in blatant racism. But as outrageous as it is, it did not directly put innocent people in mortal danger. I’m about to tell you about a case of Christianism run amok that actually put innocent people on a remote island in danger of being wiped out–all in the name of being reached for Jesus. And it looks even more outrageous when you consider that the coronavirus pandemic should have erased any doubt about why it was so outrageous. On Thanksgiving Day 2018, the nation learned that John Allen Chau, a young Christian missionary, had died in a hail of arrows four days earlier while attempting to minister to the Sentinelese, an isolated tribe who live on North Sentinel Island off the coast of the Indian mainland. At first glance, it looked like another case of Christians being persecuted in a country where Christians had frequently been targeted for persecution long before Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi became prime minister in 2014. But any sympathy for Chau–at least in the reality-based world–quickly evaporated when more details of his adventure dribbled out. The Sentinelese are among the few peoples who have never had any sustained contact with the outside world. Numbering anywhere between 15 and 500 people, they have lived as hunter-gatherers on North Sentinel for over 60,000 years. One side effect of this prolonged isolation is that they have no genetic immunity to diseases; something as mundane as a cold could kill them. According to Survival International, an NGO that advocates for indigenous peoples, this was proven in brutal fashion during the British colonial era. A colonial administrator took some Sentinelese adults and children to his base to Port Blair, capital of the island chain that includes North Sentinel, ostensibly for research. The adults died in short order, but the children were sent back to the island with gifts. It’s not unreasonable to conclude that the kids brought pathogens back with them as well–with catastrophic results. The Indian government has long barred any travelers from coming within three nautical miles of the island. After numerous attempts to contact the islanders from the 1960s onward, it largely abandoned any effort to reach out to them after it appeared they survived the 2004 tsunami. New Delhi dispatches naval patrols to the area. As it turns out, Chau was well aware of this. He’d actually spent several years trying to network with people who could help him reach out to what he called “Satan’s last stronghold on Earth.” He’d spent a year training with All Nations, a missionary group based out of Kansas City, before traveling to India in 2018. He even bribed two fishermen […]

New Police Chief Fires Three Racist Cops on First Day in Office

I live in Wilmington, NC. Nice beaches just a few minutes’ drive away, warm weather, college town ambience in some areas. And lots and lots of racism, both overt and (barely) under the surface. And, like so many other cities, towns and rural districts across this great country of ours (TM), our police departments and sheriff’s offices are…problematic. Some of the officers are as bluntly and callously racist as you can get. Others are good and dedicated people. I know, I’ve worked with them when I was in the educational system. This story is about both sets. [Trigger alert: I am not going to use bleeps or asterisks to sanitize the words spoken by the racists in this story. Be warned.] The Wilmington Police Department, which has a distinctly checkered history in race relations, has a new police chief, Donny Williams. Williams is black. That’s notable. One of Williams’s first actions as chief was to fire three particularly bestial racists on the force. Name them and shame them: Michael “Kevin” Piner, James “Brian” Gilmore, and Jessie E. Moore II, all white, all veterans of the police force. The firings come after a routine review of dashcam footage that accidentally recorded two phone conversations between the officers. Williams used the “extraordinary circumstances” exclusion in North Carolina law to allow him to report the details of the firings. A lawyer for the officers attempted to prevent Williams from doing just that. In a press conference by Williams and some — not all — members of the City Council, Williams said: Why are we releasing this information this way and at this time? Because it is the right thing to do. Normally, personnel laws allow only a very small amount of information to be made public. However, in exceptional cases, when it is essential to maintain public confidence in the administration of the City and the Police Department, more information may be released. This is the most exceptional and difficult case I have encountered in my career. We must establish new reforms for policing here at home and throughout this country. He added: When I first learned of these conversations, I was shocked, saddened and disgusted. There is no place for this behavior in our agency or our city and it will not be tolerated. Mayor Bill Saffo added, “I can honestly say that I was sickened by the vile and destructive language used by these officers.” Williams will release the video footage if he can secure the approval of a judge. The June 4, 2020 conversations were recorded from Piner’s car. The first recording to draw the attention of the police supervisor was a conversation between Piner and Gilmore, who pulled up alongside Piner in his car. When the conversations turned to the George Floyd protests, the talk quicly turned ugly. Piner told Gilmore that the WPD was only interested in “kneeling down with the black folks.” Gilmore replied that he had seen a YouTube video of white people bowing down on their knees and “worshipping blacks.” Bad enough, right? It gets worse. The three then began badmouthing some of their black colleagues. One was characterized as “bad news” and a “piece of shit.” Piner said of the black officer, “Let’s see how his boys take care of him when shit gets rough, […]

What the F*ck Is Going On with You, Gaetz?

I expect just about any level of idiocy from Matt Gaetz (R-Beer Bong). He’s the idiot who cribbed garbage conspiracy theories from Reddit for a House amendment calling for the prosecution of Hillary Clinton and James Comey. He’s the lunatic who brought a white supremacist to the State of the Union address. He’s the jackass who threatened House witness Michael Cohen on Twitter, and demanded to be allowed to take part in the Cohen hearing even though he isn’t a member of the House Judiciary Committee. He’s the traitor who led a squad of fellow traitors into a highly secure Capitol Building facility to disrupt the Trump impeachment hearings. He’s the assclown who wore a gas mask (see the photo above) on the House floor to mock the precautions being taken in light of the COVID-19 virus. (When one of his constituents died from the virus days later, Gaetz sent thoughts and prayers. Mighty big of him.) And, he’s the sorry shit who posted on Twitter recommendations that the US military “hunt down” members of the so-called “antifa” movement because they are “terrorists.” But now…I’ll admit. I’m flabbergasted. Two days ago, as documented by our own Mama Zoom, Gaetz got his ass handed to him by black Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond. Richmond spoke at length about the Republicans’ greasy efforts to derail the House floor discussion of police brutality against people of color: I am absolutely sitting here offended. To my colleagues, especially the ones that keep introducing amendments that are a tangent and a distraction from what we’re talking about, you all are white males, you never lived in my shoes and you do not know what it’s like to be an African American male. … If you are opposed to this legislation, let’s just have a vote. But please don’t come in here and make a mockery of the pain that exists in my community. Gaetz, who doesn’t have an iota of decency in his privileged white body, leapt up and berated Richmond. It didn’t work. But one statement Gaetz made before being dragged from the floor kicking and screaming, er, being gaveled into silence, was this: Are you suggesting that you’re certain that none of us have nonwhite children? Richmond refused to take the bait, and eventuallly Gaetz returned to sulky silence and absent-minded crotch scratching. But the next day, something unexpected happened. Gaetz, who is 38, unmarried, and has never once spoken about family other than his parents and siblings, took to Twitter to announce that he…wait for it…has a son! He is the father of a proud baby boy…wait a minute…a proud teenager, my bad, named Nestor, who came over, quite legally, Gaetz assures us, from Cuba six years ago when he was 12. And Gaetz has been his proud daddy ever since. For all those wondering, this is my son Nestor. We share no blood but he is my life. He came from Cuba (legally, of course) six years ago and lives with me in Florida. I am so proud of him and raising him has been the best, most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life. pic.twitter.com/JB96wzOzYU — Matt Gaetz (@mattgaetz) June 18, 2020 Um…wut? Gaetz suddenly has a son? For how many years? He admits that the young man in question, Nestor Galban, isn’t related to him, and he […]

70-Year Old Takes on 2 (3?) GOP Congress Critters on Twitter. GOP Badly Outgunned.

I’m not a huge fan of Ron Perlman the actor. I liked Hellboy, hated Alien: Resurrection, and haven’t watched Sons of Anarchy because I think the title is pretentious (I understand it is excellent, so likely a bad decision on my part). But he obviously eats belligerent little boys masquerading as “lawmakers” for breakfast. Twitter is, in a lot of ways, an ever-simmering fondue pot of weasel shit that sometimes comes to a boil and spatters everyone at the table. Over the last few days it boiled over. It started with one of the biggest idiots in the Republican caucus, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Giggles at Fart Jokes). Gaetz didn’t take well to the US Soccer’s Board of Directors decision to repeal its policy requiring athletes to stand for the National Anthem. Showing an amazing lack of give-a-shit about Black Lives Mattering a damn, Gaetz responded that he’d rather see the US Soccer program disbanded than an athlete taking a knee during the anthem. I’d rather the US not have a soccer team than have a soccer team that won’t stand for the National Anthem. You shouldn’t get to play under our flag as our national team if you won’t stand when it is raised. — Matt Gaetz (@mattgaetz) June 11, 2020 You shouldn’t get to play under our flag as our national team if you won’t stand when it is raised. Don’t even get me started on the First Amendment and the Constitutionally given right to stand, sit, take a knee, or guzzle an entire bottle of Old Panther Sweat during the anthem. Just fuck off, Gaetz, you ignorant fascist. The Twitterati apparently felt the same. After some epic dragging by people calling themselves NastyJerseyGirl and La Bifurcated Penis Strangiato (okay, I make shit up sometimes), among others, Perlman weighed in. The US Soccer team called and you guessed it… said they couldn’t give any less of a fuck about what you two dipshits think. @realDonaldTrump @mattgaetz — Ron Perlman (@perlmutations) June 13, 2020 Yeeowch. Compared to some of the other responses, Perlman’s wasn’t a carefully crafted insult pearl, but it had plenty of backhand to it. Gaetz, predictably, didn’t like it, and since Perlman wasn’t physically anywhere around to send Gaetz scurrying under the furniture, he answered. This racial justice warrior had no problem in Hollywood portraying the White Supremacist leader of a motorcycle gang. #SOA https://t.co/mKUFz4y5ru — Matt Gaetz (@mattgaetz) June 14, 2020 Oooh. Now this is the work of a veteran internet troll. “Racial justice warrior.” “Hollywood.” Nice Fox News callouts, fartboi. Also notice that Gaetz doesn’t seem to understand that Perlman’s choice to play a white supremacist biker gang leader on TV doesn’t make him a hypocrite if, in real life, he is a #BLM supporter. Which he is. No one ever accused Gaetz of having any mental firepower. Or consistency, since he brought an actual white supremacist, the odious Chuck Johnson, to the State of the Union address. (Gaetz’ defense? “I had no idea who he was.” Gaetz is an infantile liar.) Perlman pointed that out a little later during their exchange: Try again? Dude, you brought a Holocaust denier to the State Of The Union. Doesn’t get sicker than that. Buzz off punk, it’s past your bedtime. https://t.co/mFRiR9I2jw — Ron Perlman (@perlmutations) June 15, 2020 […]

Vladimir Putin Just Bashed Trump’s Handling of COVID-19, Protests, On State TV, Accuses Trump...

If Donald Trump didn’t have a stroke in November, he’ll have one now, when he finds out his BFF Vladimir Putin has dissed him. Holey moley. Here’s what Putin said on Russian state TV. Daily Mail: “We are exiting the coronavirus situation steadily with minimal losses, God willing, in the States, it isn’t happening that way,” Putin said. Considering how abysmal their health care system is, compared with other countries, including the United States, that is a mouthful. Putin went on and it wasn’t complimentary. Attacking the US response, Putin told state television that the coronavirus pandemic had exposed ‘deep-seated internal crises’ in the US. He criticised a lack of US leadership, saying that ‘the president says we need to do such-and-such but the governors somewhere tell him where to go.’ ‘I think the problem is that group interests, party interests are put higher than the interests of the whole of society and the interests of the people,’ he said. Ouch. That last one wasn’t just a slam at Trump, that was a slam at the entire GOP. I wonder where Ron Johnson, John Bolton, Dana Rohrabacher and the rest of them will go for vacations, now? Then Putin went on to tell Trump how the big boys, the real autocrats, not the pretend ones, do it. In Russia, he argued, the government and regional leaders work ‘as one team’ and do not differ from the official line. ‘I doubt anyone in the government or the regions would say ‘we’re not going to do what the government says, what the president says, we think it’s wrong,’ Putin said of the virus strategy. As if this isn’t enough to make Trump’s blood boil, Putin came out and made comments on the racially sparked protests in the U.S., the first ones he has made on the issue. ‘If this fight for natural rights, legal rights, turns into mayhem and rioting, I see nothing good for the country,’ the Russian leader said in his televised broadcast. He stressed he supported black Americans’ struggle for equality, calling this ‘a longstanding problem of the United States’. ‘We always in the USSR and in modern Russia had a lot of sympathy for the struggle of African-Americans for their natural rights,’ he insisted. But Putin added that ‘when – even after crimes are committed – this takes on elements of radical nationalism and extremism, nothing good will come of this.’ Putin also described the protests as a sign of ‘deep-seated internal crises’ in the United States, linking the unrest to the coronavirus pandemic, which he said ‘has shone a spotlight on general problems’. He said he nevertheless expected that the ‘fundamental basis of American democracy will allow the country to escape this series of crisis events’. This is Putin-speak for “The United States is in the toilet,” that much is obvious. Now why would Putin say these things? He wants to make Trump look even worse to the rest of the world than he does already; He’s helping Trump cheat on this election, too, but doesn’t want to appear to be doing so; He’s giving Trump some plausibility when he says, “Nobody has been tougher on Russia than I have,” Mitch McConnell told Trump not to do Putin’s bidding re: sanctions and so Putin is taking revenge; Putin sees […]

George Floyd’s Death Was an Act of Cowardice for Personal Motives

Everything I know about police, criminals, etc does not come from Law and Order — which is actually a good thing, as it turns out. One thing I know from experience: most murders have a personal component. And it seems that may be the case with Derek Chauvin and his choice to murder George Floyd. Chauvin worked as security for a bar in Minneapolis, El Nuevo Rodeo, where Floyd worked as a bouncer. The building owner, Maya Santamaria, recalled: “Chauvin was our off-duty police for almost the entirety of the 17 years that we were open. … They were working together at the same time — it’s just that Chauvin worked outside and the security guards were inside.” Interestingly, the bar employee who first spoke about Floyd and Chauvin “bump[ing] heads” during their time working together, David Pinney, has now changed his story, saying that Chauvin had a conflict with a different African-American employee, not Floyd. Pinney originally described himself as very close to Floyd: “Like, I see him like a brother.” He said: “I can relate to George, how he felt. And I think that’s what makes that personal bond between him and I, dealing with Derek.” Apparently that brotherly relatioship has changed in the last few days. I’ll be curious as to what Pinney testifies to under oath. Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s younger brother, agreed with Pinney’s earlier characterization. In testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, Floyd said: “[Chauvin] killed my brother just because he didn’t like him, and it has to be racist. It has to be something to do with racism.” He went on to say: He gave the little that he had to help others. He was our gentle giant. I was reminded of that when I watched the video of his murder. He was mild mannered; he didn’t fight back. He listened to the officers. He called them “sir.” The men who took his life, who suffocated him for eight minutes and 46 seconds. He still called them “sir” as he begged for his life. A.J. Jaurequi, a club promoter in the area, wondered if Floyd and Chauvine “had some beef with each other, because it’s odd that you’d treat someone you knew like that.” Originally, Pinney told CBS News that Floyd and Chauvin knew each other “pretty well,” a view somewhat corroborated by Santamaria. She steered CBS towards Pinney because, Pinney later told CBS, “she was unable to give detail information about George because she did not have a close relationship with him as I did.” That led to his supposed mistake in misidentifying Floyd. Pinney stands by his characterization that Chauvin was “extremely aggressive within the club.” On June 6, five days before Pinney made his retraction, he did a nearly hour-long interview with CBS, where he went into detail about the relationship between Floyd and Chauvin. “Is there any doubt in your mind that Derek Chauvin knew George Floyd?” the reporter asked. Pinney replied, “No. He knew him … I would say pretty well.” He added: “I knew George on a work basis. We were pretty close. When it came to our security positions, he was in charge and I worked directly below him as a security adviser.” Pinney contrasted Floyd with Chauvin. Floyd, he said, “was good at talking with people and establishing himself. […]
The Daily Conversation / YouTube Donald Trump  s Nazi Like...

Join the Trump Army. Get a Cool Hat. Maybe Kill Some Folks.

The Sturmabteilung, or “brownshirts,” were formed as the Nazi Party’s first paramilitary group. They protected Nazi officials, including Adolf Hitler and Erich Rohm, fought with the paramilitary groups that opposed them, and intimidated Romani, trade unionists, and especially Jews. Donald Trump, who is known to be a fan of Adolf Hitler, apparently believes this is a great idea. Check out the email he sent out “exclusively” to his “fiercest and most loyal defenders:” The Trump campaign is fundraising off people being in the "Trump Army" and selling camouflage hats. "YOU are the President’s first line of defense when it comes to fighting off the Liberal MOB." pic.twitter.com/KIzxDmkDMg — Aaron Blake (@AaronBlake) June 4, 2020 TL;DR version: the Trump campaign wants to sell the aforementioned “fiercest and most loyal defenders” of His Royal Orange Ass a camo MAGA/KAG hat for $35 (this may not be the exact hat offered in the email), that they can wear to Show Their Loyalty and Proclaim Their Allegiance. But here’s the kicker: The President wants YOU and every other member of our exclusive Trump Army to have something to identify yourselves with, and to let everyone know that YOU are the President’s first line of defense when it comes to fighting off the Liberal MOB. Take a minute. Roll the idea around in your head. Trump wants to recruit and create a “Trump Army,” all wearing easily identifiable hats, to “figh[t] off the Liberal MOB.” I’m guessing that this is part of the “liberal mob” that Trump is agitating against: What exactly does it mean for the “Trump Army” to fight off this ravening, slobbering mob of peaceful liberals? Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m thinking it will start off something like this: They already know how to give the salutes: Trump 2020 is recruiting its own private army to engage in street fighting with, well, whoever they’re pointed at. Naturally Trump and his cadre of press flacks and liars, which we can call the Goebbels Brigade, will sneer and poo-poo the meaning behind the email. Kayleigh McEnany will laugh and say the “hysterical left” is taking the email far too seriously. Kellyanne Conway, whose continued status as being married to George Conway never fails to mystify me, will label the call to violence “metaphorical.” Sure it is. But the Trump 2020 campaign isn’t alone in calling for violence against Americans. Senator Tom Cotton (R-Vermin) wants to send in our military’s most elite units to slaughter Americans. “Slaughter”? Absolutely. Sen. Tom Cotton R-AR suggests using the 101st Airborne to restore order. pic.twitter.com/FBjbQDX8sk — Jamie Dupree (@jamiedupree) June 1, 2020 Cotton is a military veteran. He says, No quarter for insurrectionists, anarchists, rioters, and looters. “No quarter” means shoot to kill. It means blood and bodies in the streets. He knows what he means. He wants it. “Pastor” Rick Wiles, who is as crazy as a shithouse rat, says that protesters should be rounded up, taken to Guantanamo, and tortured. The Trump administration has given Rick Wiles's website press credentials on several occasions: https://t.co/BMObDjZIUT https://t.co/5UZBvp5HVr — igorvolsky (@igorvolsky) June 4, 2020 This is where the Trump administration/campaign (screw campaign law, they are the same organization) is taking us in 2020. A Trump Army, wearing hats to identify themselves, going out in angry, gun-wielding mobs to attack […]
Curt Johnson / Flickr Donald Trump goes on Russia Twitter...

Russian TV Encourages Trump To ‘Create Fear and Terror’ Then ‘Ride In On A...

Political pundits in Russia are declaring that the nationwide protests on racial killings and police brutality are to Donald Trump’s benefit politically. They have advised him to “wait it out” and exploit the situation to his advantage. You can’t blame them for their attitude. We were stupid enough to elect Trump once, they’re banking on us being gullible enough to be manipulated into it again, while they sit over there and point and laugh at us. Daily Beast: Instead of siding with the protesters, Russian state media focused on the benefits Trump may be able to reap once he is able to crush the uprising. Political scientist Vladimir Kornilov suggested, “It would be better for Trump to wait it out—just not too long—to terrorize a significant part of the society; 83 percent of the Minnesotans are white, a great majority. That’s why he should wait it out, to create fear and terror. And then he can ride in on a white horse as someone who will restore order. That will be very important for him right now, especially in light of the economic difficulties.” […] The view from Moscow is curiously similar to the opinions reportedly held by Trump’s advisers, who believe that the impression he’s restoring law-and-order will help him to turn the unrest to his advantage—particularly with the seniors, whose support has diminished in light of the president’s poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic. This is the gambit that both the Russians and Trump’s allies are hoping that he will play, the theory being that if suburbanites are terrified that the unrest will reach out their way, and if Trump manages to quash it, then he will be seen as their savior and vote for him. It’s hard to imagine that anybody who has lived in this country the past three and a half years is stupid enough to believe that Donald Trump can fix anything, but this is a prevailing political “theory,” if you will. My own theory is that people are so disgusted of living this way, with a vacuum in top leadership, that they will vote Trump and the Republican senate the hell out of Dodge. But I always acknowledge that I could be wrong. But while we ponder these matters, the Russians are sitting around with a vodka gleefully wonderfuling just how bad it’s all going to get. What we’re seeing in America now is what the Kremlin has wanted for a long time. Back in 2018, appearing on Russia’s state TV show The Evening with Vladimir Soloviev, deputy dean of world politics at Moscow’s State University, Andrey Sidorov, complained: “Unfortunately, Trump didn’t reach the level of Abraham Lincoln and didn’t drive the U.S. to civil war. That’s sad. Hopefully, he’ll become Herbert Hoover and at least drive them into a Great Depression.” In 2020, the Kremlin’s wish list is on the verge of being fulfilled, as the perfect storm of the coronavirus pandemic, economic turmoil and civil unrest has been unleashed upon the United States. But it’s not only the Kremlin that’s rejoicing. Pandemonium unfolding in the United States hit the sweet spot at the intersection of Russia’s and China’s anti-American propaganda, cross-pollinating for maximum exposure. During the broadcast of Russia’s 60 Minutes, host Evgeny Popov repeatedly showcased an offensive image posted by People’s Daily (Zhenmin Zhibao, an official newspaper of the Central Committee […]

Charles P. Pierce: ‘He Can Only Exist As President* Of A Divided Country’

Charlie Pierce is arguably the best political commentator in the country. He’s far and away my favorite. He brings to his political writing a depth of knowledge of history and literature, which coupled with a keen intellect, a killer wit, an admirable grasp of language and the sensibility of a Mad Irish Poet produces a level of commentary far above the norm. This is one of Pierce’s better offerings. Read it in it’s entirety. This is the truth about Donald Trump. He feeds on division. He’s not a public servant, he’s a troll. Every other president in history, with the sole exception of Trump, has sought to unite the country, and has given lip service, at the very least, of being the president for all Americans, even the ones who didn’t vote for him. Trump believes in divide and conquer and here we are, race riots in the streets in the midst of a global pandemic and an economy in free fall.  Esquire: The entire country has been on the edge of a crack-up since the returns started rolling in on the first Tuesday of November, 2016. An actual president would have been aware of that and worked to calm a country that his election had so caught by surprise. But, at almost every turn of his presidency, this president* has worked to keep the country on edge, to disrupt the “domestic tranquillity” that is a stated purpose of the Constitution he swore to preserve and protect. Where there is hatred, he sows anger. Where there is injury, resentment. Where there is doubt, uncertainty. Where there is despair, poison. Where there is darkness, destruction. And where there is sadness, desperation. There’s something that feeds his soul in feeding the soul of the country to the flames. He has nothing else. He can’t conceive of another way to live. He belongs to another entirely different species of parasite. In 1860, the state of things was such that the newly elected president of the United States had to be smuggled into Washington by train. The overwhelming momentum toward Civil War was carrying the day, and half the country was preparing to leave rather than submit to the results of the election. By March of 1861, when Lincoln took his oath of office, seven states already had seceded. Federal property all over the South had been seized. By any reasonable standard, a rebellion already was underway. But Lincoln’s inaugural address was conciliatory. He announced that he had no intention of disturbing the status quo where slavery already existed, a promise he had to know at that point probably was an empty one. (He had said as much not only in his famous “House Divided” speech in 1858, but also at his equally renowned Cooper Union  address in 1860.) But still, he concluded, famously, with a passage that sounded very much like a prayer. In your hand, my fellow countrymen, and not in mine, is the momentous issue of civil war. The government will not assail you. You can have no conflict without being yourselves the aggressors. You have no oath in Heaven to destroy the government, while I shall have the most solemn one to preserve, protect, and defend it… We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may […]

Trump’s Blame Game vs. Real Leaders Taking Responsibility Highlighted In Terrific New Ad

Donald Trump doesn’t have the intellectual hardware to do any kind of reasoned analysis. His career as a reality TV star and self-styled tabloid celebrity was built upon his ability to cobble together talking points and weave them into a simplistic black and white, us vs. them philosophy. This is the same philosophy that he brings to the White House now and it is a disaster, to use of of his own 200 vocabulary words. But, nevertheless, this is all he’s got so it’s all we’re going to get. Here is Trump’s latest contribution to the national discourse, as the govenor of Minnesota puts the National Guard on full mobilization. It’s ANTIFA and the Radical Left. Don’t lay the blame on others! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 30, 2020 He says these things not because he believes them, but because he needs somebody to blame. He is incapable of the analysis it would take to reach a decision as to what’s what in any given situation, and so his kneejerk reaction is to figure out who to point the finger at. That’s the topic of this new ad, and it is spot on. All you do is lay the blame on others. Real leaders take responsibility. pic.twitter.com/ANncOUEei3 — MeidasTouch.com (@MeidasTouch) May 30, 2020 This is good because it’s got presidents of both parties. Whether they’re mediocre or great, real leaders take responsibility. You will never see that from Donald Trump. He doesn’t have it in him. He’s too small and immature a person.

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