Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Trump Demanded Walter Reed Personnel Sign NDAs On His November Midnight Run

Encountering Donald Trump is not a normal experience no matter who you are. It is an automatic ticket to the Twilight Zone, even if you work at a world renowned medical facility like Walter Reed hospital. When Trump made a sudden appearance there on November 16 of last year, the first thing he did was […]

Trump’s Dexamethasone Crash Is Coming and It Will Be A Nightmare

“Don’t cry for me Orange-tina” — new Trump world national anthem.  Welcome to the COVID Chronicles, 28 days out edition. We will do this once a day until COVID-19 is gone, or Donald Trump is gone, or the blessed day when both are but a bad memory. Last night the world watched TrumpVita climb the […]

The “Masks” Are All Off Now

No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself, and another for the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true   Nathaniel Hawthorne   The Scarlet Letter I honestly don’t know who in the hell is planning all of these recent Trump photo ops, But whoever it is should retire to […]

Don Jr. Thinks Dad ‘Is Acting Crazy’ After Joyride, Wants To Stage Intervention

The newest macabre chapter in the COVID Chronicles is a barrage of early morning, all caps tweets, from the patient in chief. They are what you would expect, “PROTECT THE SECOND AMENDMENT! VOTE!” Supposedly steroids make you high and Trump is either that or bored, and so he’s on the tweet box wearing his tiny […]

Trump Stages Political Theater Joy Ride In SUV, Endangering Lives Of Secret Service

It’s too bad that while scientists search for a COVID-19 vaccine that they can’t also develop one that immunizes a person against stupidity and immaturity — because Donald Trump needs both. In a childish and epically selfish display of temperament Sunday, Trump left Walter Reed Hospital to go joyriding in an SUV and wave at […]

Fire Up The 25th Amendment. And Fire Those Doctors!

OK, fuck it, this is just ridiculous. 2:30 PDT on a Sunday afternoon, and out of nowhere, and for no previously announced medical or logical reason, Trump’s motorcade crawls out of the front driveway like they’re trying out for the role of the tortoise in the race with the hare. Nobody had the slightest idea […]

WH Gaslighting Runs So Deep They’re Not Even Telling Each Other the Truth About...

What do you do when you’ve got one doctor who has been intimidated into breaching all medical ethics and doing a PR job, never mind the facts, and another guy who’s not a doctor at all, but puts his own spin on the patient’s status? No, it’s not an episode of House, it’s an episode […]

Trump With Heart Palpations, ‘Am I Going Out Like Stan Chera?’

Oh God, to be a fly on the wall of the White House and be able to do a split screen of what they’re saying next to one of what’s really going on. Mark Meadows let it slip on Fox News Saturday night that Trump’s oxygen level “had gone down rapidly” Friday morning and this […]

Trump Dictates Hospital Bed Statement To Rudy Giuliani, Bypassing WH Comms Department

Could it be that Trump is on the outs with Kayleigh McEnany? Because one would think that as press secretary, she would be the one releasing news and information about the president’s* condition at Walter Reed Hospital. Make what you will of it, Trump decided to call up Rudy Giuliani and let him play his […]

Trump On Oxygen, WH Doctors Keeping It Hush Hush, as Trump Faces Mortality

I can’t decide whether the Trump era can best be penned by George Lucas or William Shakespeare. The black and white simplicity of the war between Good v. Evil is Lucasinian, but the sheer depravity and complexity of how the entire drama has unfolded would lend itself better to the Bard’s talents. If Shakespeare was […]

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