Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Fauci Puts the Kabash On Trump Campaign Ad Using His Likeness Without Permission

Team Trump just doesn’t bother to get clearances and that’s a no no, but a foreseeable one. Nothing in the White House works like normal. Memos contain typos and misspellings, aides tell lies that are easily exposed, and everybody who works there is cringing in the shadows, wondering whether to be more afraid of catching […]

WATCH: Pro-Fauci Ad, Exposing Trump ‘Sidelining and Discrediting’ the Doctor Is Airing On Fox...

I’m surprised Donald Trump doesn’t phone in to Fox & Friends and demand that this ad stop airing during their show. Or maybe he hasn’t heard about it yet. Republican Voters Against Trump has enlisted Olivia Troye, who used to work side by side with Fauci at the White House, to tell the truth about […]
CNN / YouTube Melania Trump moves into the White...

Barron Trump Also Had Coronavirus, WH Lied About It

Doesn’t it seem like a no brainer that a guy who can’t even protect his own family can’t protect the rest of us? And doesn’t it also seem like a no brainer that a White House caught in this many lies, is a White House that you cannot trust to tell the truth about anything? […]

Republican Assaults Election Judge in North Carolina Polling Place

Another day, another old, cranky white male Republican setting it off. This morning, it was a former NC GOP representative who decided he would bully his way into a polling place before it was open. Gary Pendleton is one of far too many privileged white Republican men who think they can do whatever the hell […]

White House Science Office Takes Credit For ‘Ending’ Pandemic — As Infections Skyrocket

It is pretty obvious that Donald Trump is attempting to do a Big Brother spin in his last few days and just hope that it flies. Tuesday the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy ranked “‘ending the Covid-19 pandemic’ atop the list of President Donald Trump’s top first-term accomplishments,” quoting from Politico. What’s that you say? […]

Bannon Twitter Account Suspended for Advocating Beheading FBI Director and White House Pandemic Advisor

While the rest of us wait for Biden’s victory to be made official, Steve Bannon fantasized about the glories of a second term of Trump autocracy, chaos and filth. In the process, he got the current episode of his YouTube show blocked and his ass banned from Twitter. Why? Because he fantasized about having pandemic […]

Trump Campaign Accuses Pfizer Of Withholding Vaccine Announcement To Help Biden Win

Here we go with the blame game. All the world’s a plot and all the people co-conspirators. And they’re all out to get Donald Trump, who is simply blameless. If his enemies would just do what he wants them to, then all would be well. And if his non enemies would just give him credit […]

A Nurse Writes Of Dying COVID-19 Patients Who Claim It’s A Hoax

The tragedy of America’s sojourn with the reality TV actor, is that so many people have believed his lies. Some of his followers have died from their beliefs or come close to dying. A nurse in South Dakota tells details of the absurd contradictions she hears from coronavirus patients. Going to ruin the USA. All […]

‘Performative A$$holery’ Behold the Face Of The Post Trump GOP

Trumpism is to the political bloodstream what heroin is to the human and there are a lot of very sick GOPers out there right now. Trump will be gone in 63 days, but there is much elbowing and jostling for the new poster child of Trumpism, and Ted Cruz wants to make sure that he’s […]

Scott Atlas Pens Self-Congratulatory Letter Of Resignation From Coronavirus Task Force

When Atlas shrugged, he must have been in the outhouse and dropped Scott, his namesake, on his head. Radiologist Scott Atlas was recruited by Donald Trump 130 days ago to join the COVID-19 task force, when Trump heard him parroting his talking points on Fox News. If there’s one thing Trump loves better than a […]

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