Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Eric Trump Crows ‘GREAT DAY for the DOW!!’ as COVID-19 Death Toll Rounds Up...

It’s interesting that Republicans tout themselves as the “party of family values.” We certainly know the values of the Trump family, and if we didn’t, Eric has come along to tell us all we need to know with one tweet. Tone deaf, much? Not a great day for the 100,000 Americans who died of coronavirus pic.twitter.com/pJk7FVW1ts — Molly Jong-Fast???? (@MollyJongFast) May 28, 2020 The Trumps make no bones about their values or their priorities. Whlle America may be leading the world in coronavirus deaths, and way behind the world in testing, of what possible importance is that, if the Dow Jones Industrial Average is high? Because it’s all about the elite few in the country making money, right? What other aspect of life — or America — could possibly compare? The Trump family doesn’t even make a pretense of caring.

Trump Getting Mocked For #Coronapalooza Event In Tulsa

Saturday is Donald Trump’s return to rallying, in defiance of all good sense. He insists on packing people together during a pandemic — signed waivers and all — and at a time when Oklahoma has seen a spike in reported COVID-19 cases. Trump says it will be great, while on Twitter #coronapalooza is trending. Sir, the line of women you assaulted is longer. https://t.co/FBqzeEeMn5 — E. Jean Carroll (@ejeancarroll) June 19, 2020 Wait a minute. The Secret Service asked the mayor of Tulsa to put a curfew in place for the next two nights. The mayor complies. And the president* demands the city call it off?1) The mayor should’ve told the president* to stuff it.2) He wants a riot. He’s begging for one. — Charles P. Pierce (@CharlesPPierce) June 19, 2020 have fun at Coronapalooza, everyone! hey, it would be a real shame if #Coronapalooza trended all weekend — Jeff Tiedrich (@itsJeffTiedrich) June 19, 2020 We've officially entered the late-Caligula phase of the Trump administration. — 9fm (@aJellyElectric) June 19, 2020 I think it’s more like the late-Elvis stage, when everybody’s just hanging around for the money. But in all events, the signs are that Coronapalooza is not going to go well.

Fox News Doctor Disagrees w/Trump on Hydroxychloroquine ‘I Cannot Stress Enough It Will Kill...

Donald Trump stunned the world Monday when he claimed that he has been take hydroxychloroquine for “a week and a half now” with the knowledge of the White House physician. The Hill: The president said he consulted with the White House doctor about taking the drug, but it was not explicitly recommended for him since he has not tested positive for the virus. “I asked him what do you think,” Trump said. “He said, ‘Well if you’d like it.’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’d like it. I’d like to take it.’ ” He said he’s been taking the drug for about a week-and-a-half along with a zinc supplement, adding he based his decision on positive reviews he’s heard from front-line health care workers who have had good results treating patients with it. “Here’s my evidence: I get a lot of positive calls about it,” Trump said. “So far, I seem to be OK,” he added. He hasn’t provided documentary evidence of the dosage, and perhaps this was meant strictly as a pubicity stunt. Who knows? But Fox’s Neil Caputo makes no bones about how this is not a good idea. Fox News's Neil Cavuto is stunned by Trump's announcement that he's taking hydroxychloroquine: "If you are in a risky population here, and you are taking this as a preventative treatment … it will kill you. I cannot stress enough. This will kill you." pic.twitter.com/e6D5alfAgc — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) May 18, 2020 I’m going to wait to hear how much he’s taking and how often. If this is true, it’s reckless and if it’s not true, it’s just one more instance of Trump manipulating the media and manipulating Americans, to their detriment. Another day, another low bottom in Trump world.    
Steffen Kamprath / Flickr Mandalay Bay Las Vegas NV...

Two Different States. One Common Denominator. Two Different Paths.

I guess it’s probably best to get bad news early in the day, that way it goes to shit right off of the bat, with no illusions that it was worth getting out of bed that morning. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak just announced that the stay-at-home order for the citizens of Nevada has been extended until May 15th. I guess that while our numbers are actually pretty good compared to a lot of other places, they’re not quite where the state wants them before beginning to turn people loose again. No question about it, Nevada is getting hammered fiscally by the coronavirus pandemic. Carson City is the state capitol, and that’s about what it’s worth. You have Reno in the north, Las Vegas in the south, and in the middle you have the totally worthless Bundy family poaching on federal land. Nevada exists for two simple purposes, gambling and prostitution. If it weren’t for blackjack and brothels, Nevada would be nothing but a gas stop on the way from the southeast to California. If you go all the way cross country to the east coast, and hang a right, you come to Florida. If you break it down to its base, Florida really isn’t that much different from Nevada, it depends largely on tourism. But the major features of Florida are beaches to the south, and an over sized rodent in the middle of the state. The only other notable thing about Florida is that half of the population spends its falls cheering a college football team named after the very same thing that blows the roofs off of their homes every damn summer. Go figure, huh? Both states are largely dependent on tourism for their daily bread, but the way that the state’s duly elected governors are dealing not only with the fallout of the coronavirus, but the imaging and messaging problems it brings couldn’t be more stark. Vegas has become kind of an “in” destination for the media lately. Because of its legendary persona, reporters are lining up to give reports from an empty Strip, with no traffic and shuttered opulent hotel-casinos in the background. Which means that Democratic Governor Sisolak is also getting increased national face time as he discusses the financial chasm that the lost gambling revenue has brought to the state. Sisolak has been pretty much pitch perfect in his public utterances. He leads with two basic talking points, boundless optimism, and public safety. He tends to sound something like this, Nevada will come back, and so will Las Vegas. Both are a great places to go, enjoy great meals and shows, have fun at the tables. But none of that will happen unless people feel safe. We could open the doors to the casinos tomorrow, but nobody will come if they don’t feel safe. And one of the things in making them feel safe is ensuring that our own citizens, the people they’ll come into contact with during their stay, are safe and healthy too. So, we’re going to do this slow, and we’re going to do it right the first time, so that when we do reopen, people will know it’s safe for them to come and enjoy themselves again. This is a marked improvement over the dingbat Mayor of Las Vegas, who wants to […]

Trump’s Hydroxychloroquine Announcement is a Microcosm Of How He’s Handling the Pandemic

Donald Trump bizarrely and unexpectedly made an announcement Monday that he was taking hydroxychloroquine. He didn’t specify the dosage or how often he takes it, and those details are up in the air, as are the details of just who the front-liners are that Trump claims won’t leave home without taking it, in essence. As strange as it was, it was also strangely familiar, because it echoes how Trump has dealt with the entire pandemic episode so far — and episode is an accurate word to use here. Everything to Trump is reality TV and the coronavirus pandemic is just one more dramatic development. He’s too self-absorbed to deal with it on any other level. The Atlantic: It’s easy to make jokes—Donald Trump is finally getting a taste of his own medicine—but the president’s bizarre announcement yesterday that he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine is an excellent microcosm of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump ignores doctors and scientists. He grabs onto quackish ideas he hears on TV and won’t let go of them. He emphasizes grand symbolic gestures, while declining to take less splashy ones that could be more effective. His statements are a Rorschach test: Some people believe him instantly; others are sure he’s lying. The main question is whether his medication regimen will prove as disastrous as his national coronavirus approach has been. […] For anyone who treats medical evidence seriously, assesses risk, and acts prudently, Trump’s decision to take a potentially hazardous drug prophylactically is crazy. But it fits with the conservative-media ecosystem that launched Trump’s political career, and in which he continues to marinate, preferring it to hard data and unpleasant truths. Right-wing outlets are full of advertising in which program hosts tout the benefits of this or that snake-oil supplement: mysterious pills with magical oils, or supercharged-vitamin regimes. Trump, who contemplated launching a talk-radio show this spring, is emulating this. He has often treated the presidency as more like a media platform than a leadership position, and now he has the dubious product endorsements to match. (Last week, the FDA also issued a warning about an instant COVID-19 test that Trump has energetically touted.) […] The tragedy about this entire farce of a pandemic response is that it is geared into dramatic presentation and symbolism, rather than presenting and explaining the virus in real time for what it is — a global tragedy and a national health crisis of proportions rarely seen, at least not in the past 100 years. This is why we find ourselves hearing on the news every night what the latest death count is, but there is no evidence anywhere of a nation in mourning or any kind of emphaetic or decent response from the White House, and that is precisely because the man in the Oval Office himself is devoid of emphathy and decency. He’s just trying to field this unweildy public relations problem he finds himself stuck with — and that’s really his take on this, to all appearances — so that he can get onto the important business of the day, which is reelection.  And in the meantime, he’s only concerned with what looks good, and so we continue to watch the Apprentice: White House Editiion, Season 3: Coronavirus plot line. … Trump reportedly believes that wearing a mask is a sign of weakness and is unpresidential; […]

McConnell’s Tightrope: Humor Trump While Destroying the $2,000 Stimulus Checks — And He’ll Do...

Hoe, boy, they say legislation is dull. Not in Trump world. The latest monkey wrench that Donald Trump has thrown into the machinery of government is to get up and announce that the Senate will look into $2,000 stimulus checks, plus Section 230, plus his favorite, voter fraud. And Mitch McConnell has said that he […]

‘Cheerleader’ Trump Equates Lying With ‘Leadership’ Justifies Cover Up With ‘Avoiding Panic’

Another day, another off-the-wall scene at the White House. Donald Trump got up at the podium to announce twenty new names added to the list of potential supreme court justices, among them, Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz. That in itself would give the press corps, the public, and any sentient being with two synapses still […]
 / YouTube Coronavirus 39 Vaccines are not 100 1596646180.jpg...

Trump administration accused of deception in pledging release of vaccine stockpile

By Peter Szekely and Steve Gorman NEW YORK/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The governors of several states accused the Trump administration on Friday of deception in pledging to immediately distribute millions of COVID-19 vaccine...

Cuomo Was Right About A Covid-19 Tsunami, Naval Ship w/Extra Hospital Beds Deployed To...

Andrew Cuomo appears to be on top of this. He predicted a tsunami of cases on Monday and said that there weren’t enough ICU hospital beds to accommodate them. In the past 24 hours 1,008 new cases have been reported, so it would appear he’s right. This is what he said to his brother Chris Cuomo. I don’t see a curve. I see a wave. And the wave is going to break on the health care system and I am telling you, my little brother, it is going to be a tsunami. You take any numerical projections on any of the models and our health care system has no capacity to deal with it. We in New York have 3,000 ICU beds. We already use 60. We need multiples of that. You’re talking about thousands, because the people who are going to come in are the older people with the underlying illnesses, emphysema, heart disease, et cetera.” In light of these developments the U.S. Navy vessel Comfort, a hospital ship has been deployed to New York City harbor. Daily Beast: The announcement came as the state reported 1,008 new cases of the virus in a 24-hour period and New York City confirmed 1,339 cases in total. The ship, which holds 1,000 hospital beds, has previously been deployed to assist with survivors of Hurricane Katrina, wounded U.S. military troops in the Iraq War, and victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. On Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio called for military assistance to combat the crisis, saying that the military had “extraordinary medical capacity” that is “needed in places like New York right now.” Cuomo also ordered all New York businesses to enforce at least half of their employees to stay at home. You’ve got to hand it to Cuomo, he went on record saying, “The buck stops at my desk.” That’s what a leader says and especially in a time of crisis.

Medical Screener At LAX Tests Positive For Coronavirus

A medical professional conducting passenger screenings at Los Angeles International Airport was tested for coronavirus and was confirmed as having it Tuesday, according to the Department of Homeland Security. NBC News: In its public statement, the DHS said, “Late last night, DHS headquarters was alerted to a situation where one of our contracted medical professionals conducting screenings at LAX international airport had tested positive for COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. This individual is currently under self-quarantine at home with mild symptoms and under medical supervision. Their immediate family is also under home quarantine.” According to DHS, the individual began to exhibit cold-like symptoms on Saturday and visited a primary care doctor Sunday, where the person received a test for COVID-19, which came back positive. […] “At this time we do not know if this case is a result from community spread or through their work as a medical screener,” said DHS. “There have been no positive COVID-19 detections reported from the LAX screened travelers. This is an evolving situation that the CDC, DHS and county public health officials continue to examine.” LAX is a huge and busy airport. At this point it would be pure speculation to guess how many people might have interacted with other people, before one of them interacted with this medical person doing screenings and infected him or her. The person reports that s/he used all precautions, gear, etc. — yet still got the virus. This is sobering. If this was happening during the Obama era, or indeed almost any other era, I wouldn’t feel so alarmed. But in the age of Trump the government barely functions and it is incapacitated to deal with this crisis — ergo, I’m scared to death.  

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