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‘I Could Easily Kill Them’ Say Doctors Who Can’t Get Tested and Fear They...

Here we go into phase two of the coronavirus pandemic and the government from hell that finally declared a state of national emergency Friday. While Donald Trump peacocks and does sound bites about how there is nothing more important than protecting Americans, the fact is that doctors have been complaining for some time now about the lack of testing kits and the fact that they can’t get tested themselves. And who will provide care for the afflicted if the doctors can’t? Daily Beast: One doctor based in Oklahoma City, who asked to remain anonymous because she was not cleared to speak to the press and did not want to draw undue attention to her local clinic, told The Daily Beast on Friday that she had symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and had not been tested, despite the fact that she treats high-risk patients. “I have a minimal cough, some body aches, some fatigue and chills—but no fever, no runny nose, and I can suppress my cough,” said the doctor. “If I don’t take care of my patients, it creates a huge problem, but if this is COVID-19, I could easily kill them, no matter how well I wash my hands.” “I am a physician whose patients are mostly very elderly with lots of complicated medical problems,” continued the doctor. “They are all at high risk of dying. I am not a high priority person to test, by most standards, but I desperately want to be tested, for the sake of my patients.” Right now the criteria for CDC testing is to have traveled from a foreign locale, been exposed to someone who is a confirmed case, or if one is seriously ill and other respiratory infections have been ruled out. Anybody else, doctors included, cannot get the test. This is a major problem in testing and doctors have gone on record saying they feel they’re “working in the dark.” An internal medicine doctor and hospitalist in Ohio who asked to remain anonymous over fear of retaliation from her employer told The Daily Beast on Friday that she was personally treating a case of the virus at her facility—and feeling her own anxiety. “Fear is certainly the best word to describe the mood in my hospital right now,” she said. “Confusion would be another good word.” “So far the only information we’ve gotten from administration has been in the form of emails,” continued the Ohio-based doctor. “There have been no formal staff meetings or forums where we’ve gotten any solid information about how to handle this crisis.” This is where the rubber meets the road and where the sheer idiocy and ineptitude of the current administration is laid bare. This is the juncture where people are going to start dying. It’s good that Donald Trump decided to throw some cash at the problem today. Now people with actual expertise in infectious disease and pandemics need to get out there in the world and coordinate.

Trump Takes No Responsibility For Coronavirus, Calls Question About Firing Pandemic Chief ‘Nasty’

If the shade of Harry Truman is wandering the White House, he’s probably ready to slap Donald Trump up the side of the head. Truman was famous for posting his sign, “The Buck Stops Here.” Even his political adversaries acknowledged that it was a good moral for any president to live by. Today, Trump got on the airwaves and told the American people that he had “two big words” for them, “national emergency.” Yep, those are poly-syllabic words alright, and to a man with a two hundred word vocabulary and whose expressive syntax runs along the lines of of See Spot Run, he probably was impressed that he could say them in the same sentence without stumbling. The press conference went pretty much as you would expect. Trump was asked if he took responsibility for the failure of the coronavirus response. Hell, no. Him? Not my yob, mon. No, it was Obama’s job and he dropped the ball. Here's the clip. On the lack of testing #Covid_19 and the "failure" of the response, @realDonaldTrump: "No, I don't take responsibility at all." #COVID pic.twitter.com/rpTh5DcILr — Kyle Morse (@Kyle_A_Morse) March 13, 2020 And it got better. Trump dismantled the pandemic response office, but when asked about that, he characterized the question as “nasty” and said he didn’t know anything about it. He fired Rear Admiral Rear Timothy Ziemer who was the head of the global health security team of the NSC and he didn’t replace his position — but probably Obama made him do it. I’m waiting for that line, I don’t think it can be too far off. What did we think of her question? #TrumpPressConference pic.twitter.com/pEW68gvjMH — DC Young Democrats (@DCYDs) March 13, 2020 Trump lives in a world of self-imposed delusion. When he is out of the White House, which will take place, sooner or later, he will shuffle along the rest of his days talking about his “perfect” response to this or that, how he was the “best president” in history, and how reports of anything to the contrary are either the result of a deep state plot or fake news or both. This is the only way he can survive. If he had the psychological makeup of a normal person and the self-awareness and maturity of a ten-year-old, it would occur to him that taking responsibility for one’s errors in life is a sign of character, and one that gets respect. Trump has never known, nor ever will know, what respect is. Respect is earned. Trump only knows what it is to inspire fear and compliance in toadies, or gin up his fans from the TV set to cheer for him. But nobody respects this guy. Donald Trump lives in an alternate reality and unfortunately he’s dragged America through the looking glass and in there with him. This can’t be over soon enough.  

Trump Declares National Emergency on Friday the 13th, Video Conference w/World Leaders Monday

Thank God this is finally happening. That said, it is a trifle ironic that after steadfastly ignoring Democrats’ demands that a national emergency be declared, so that the Stafford Act can be invoked and over $42 Billion in disaster relief funding be made available to states to fight the coronavirus, that Donald Trump is finally forced into it on Friday the 13th. Enjoy this nano second of levity, because if what has been happening in Italy and other parts of the world are what we’re in for in a few weeks, this may be the last chuckle you have for a while. Bloomberg: The president said he will hold a news conference at 3 p.m. in Washington. Trump spoke Friday with Emmanuel Macron, the French president tweeted, about the pandemic, and agreed to organize a video conference with world leaders on Monday to coordinate research efforts on a vaccine and treatments and work on how to respond to the economic fallout. Trump is under increasing pressure to act as governors and mayors nationwide step up actions to mitigate the spread, closing schools and canceling public events. Declaring a national emergency would allow the government to marshal additional resources to combat the virus, and also marks a symbolic turning point for the president, who has repeatedly compared the coronavirus to the seasonal flu and insisted that his administration had the outbreak under control. […] An emergency declaration would allow a state to request a 75% federal cost-share for expenses that include emergency workers, medical tests, medical supplies, vaccinations, security for medical facilities, and more, according to a letter Democrats sent the president earlier this week. Trump is undoubtedly clueless about what’s going on in other parts of the world, because Fox News is too busy spinning his dismissive interpretation of the coronavirus, so they’re not broadcasting any useful information. But maybe Jared has read a few newspapers from abroad and has an idea about coronavirus containment and lockdown and what that looks like and where we may be headed, as he tries to figure out how to spin all this to make Trump look like an innovative genius in the field of epidemiology. Daily Beast: Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte this weekend signed an unprecedented coronavirus containment decree, to disastrous effect, as Italians jumped in cars and on trains to flee an impending travel lockdown, and authorities sent and received mixed signals about whether they should even stop anyone. While movie theaters, museums, gyms, schools, and beauty parlors have been closed in the south, officials across the country instituted a “one meter rule,” requiring three feet of personal space everywhere from sidewalks to coffee bars. All 60 million people in the country are now affected by either the expanded lockdown or other travel and social-distancing restrictions. Anyone defying a ban on “unnecessary movement”—into and out of the virus-battered northern region, which includes the cities of Venice, Milan, Parma, and Modena—could be subject to criminal charges. The country’s worst cluster emerged in northern Italy on Feb. 21. As of Wednesday, there were 12,462 cases and 827 deaths nationwide. Meanwhile, in China, the outbreak was largely confined to the Hubei province, where it first originated. The lockdown in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus, is still in effect, though the rate of new cases has come way down, and President Xi Jinping even visited the […]

Mark This Date On Your Calendar

March 12, 2020. Not necessarily a day that will live in infamy as FDR once put it, but one you need to keep in the back of your mind when you look at polling in head to head match ups between Sanders or Biden and His Lowness for the next couple of weeks. Yesterday, Brutus Cheesecake laid another golden turd in the Oval Office. He gave what was originally purported as a serious speech on the coronavirus pandemic, and the governments response to it. Instead we got another rambling, incoherent drivel fest that was so replete with not only mis-statements, but flat out lies that the New York Times actually despaired over whether or not to cover it as news. Well, today the last two men standing in the Democratic primaries took a whack at it. In separate addresses to the nation, they each laid out their response to the coronavirus, and what each would do if president. Both men were calm, measured, dignified and both had more IQ points in their tie pins than Trumplethinskin has in his empty head. Both men attacked the problem directly, and both gave out more useful, substantive information in 10 minutes each than the Trump administration has since day one. The reason I tell you to stick a pin in this date for the next couple of weeks is this. In the last head-to-head poll that I saw a couple of days ago, Biden topped Trump by 8 points, and Sanders by 5. But there is normally a 5-7 day lag from a current event, and it’s first measured effect on national polling. And March 12, 2020 was a current event, and then some. Both the Biden as well as the Sanders campaigns obviously had their shit together. They saw an unprepared, corrupt, vindictive, incompetent president give an awful speech from the Oval Office, and they immediately crafted calm, measured, substantive speeches, and or their candidates out there in front of cameras to deliver them. These were not political speeches, and they weren’t campaign speeches, instead, they were contrast speeches. Today was a watershed moment in the history of the 2020 election cycle. Up until now, almost every Democratic candidate has taken swipes at The $1 Store Caligula, but they were swipes almost in passing before they turned back on each other. But today, for the first time in more than three years, the voting public got to see the vain, strutting, empty headed popinjay they call a president give a rambling, incoherent speech, and with 18 hours they were they were able to see a stark, and almost shocking contrast when two other men showed that leadership, and presidential composure looked like. And I’m betting it was a shock to the system for a lot of people. Up until now, the American public have only seen the Democratic candidates going up against each other. Today they saw the two survivors go up against Trump. So, for the next 4-5 days, take any national head-to-head polling with a grain of salt. Most of them were most likely either partially or completely taken before Trump’s Oval Office address, and the Sanders and Biden responses. But starting a week or so from today, pay close attention. I’m betting that you’ll see the lead for each man widen […]

Trump’s Hot Mic Moment Shows Just What A Game This All Is To Him

Donald Trump’s Wednesday Oval Office address has been universally hailed as catastrophic, being as how it elevated peoples’ fears of the coronavirus, rather than allaying them. Before Trump had finished his speech, world markets that had been set to open on the upside Thursday morning were in the process of tanking. Trump, of course, was oblivious to the chaos he had set in motion, not only with his xenophobic comments about “foreign” viruses, but also with all the inaccuracies that he enumerated. Bear in mind at all times that all Trump is trying to do is get away with this scam — not just the coronavirus, but everything in his presidency. He just wants to keep this televised mass delusion that he has perpetrated on America on the air. He has no other agenda, and he is incapable of understanding where he is and what’s at stake — not because he’s nuts, but because he is living in a delusional world of his own, never having lived in the real one. All he knows is that he’s on television, television being the only thing he’s good at, and he needs to stay there. Take a look at who the real Donald Trump is when he thinks the cameras are off. "Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy." pic.twitter.com/ySaGrpkQdV — David Gura (@davidgura) March 12, 2020 This is who he is. Monumentally bored, completely jaded, and more than a little bit annoyed that he has to get in front of the cameras with Jared and Stephen’s speech and try to sound like he really gives a rat’s ass about the coronavirus or the people affected by it, when he could be doing a rally and having fun. What Trump knows is that he got into politics for precisely the same reason he got into show biz — attention. In Trump’s reality, all the world’s a sound stage and all the people merely bit players to his starring role, because he doesn’t get what life is about. He’s been insulated from it by money since birth and deadened to it by ego. If it’s not about him, he’s not interested. So that’s why you got the disinterested, drawn out “okaaaaaaaaaay.” I’m surprised he didn’t come right out and say “fuck it” to be honest. It does make one think of what we would be seeing on television about the coronavirus pandemic now if we had a real president in the White House, and not a clod pretending to be a king — and pretending to give a damn. He’s such a bad actor, it’s almost worse when he tries to play it straight. On Earth 2, Pres Hillary Clinton has finished her Oval Office Address delineating how because of mass testing organized early by the gov't, universal paid leave she passed early in her Admin and her expansion of health care to all Americans, incidents of coronavirus are declining — Neera Tanden (@neeratanden) March 12, 2020 Anybody know where I can find the interdimensional portal and get to Earth 2? I took a wrong turn in the Twilight Zone and I don’t belong here. And it keeps getting weirder, to boot.

WHO Declares Covid-19 Offically A Pandemic, Trump Cuts CDC Budget 15%

This is astoundingly stupid, even for Donald Trump and cadre. On Wednesday the World Health Organization officially declared that the coronavirus covid-19 strain outbreak qualifies as a pandemic. This is the first time since the 2009 swine flu, that a pandemic has been declared. Thursday, Trump’s budget director, Russel Vought, declared that he was sticking with previous pre-coronavirus plans to cut the CDC budget by 15% and also to cut money from the Infection Diseases Rapid Response Reserve Fund. Salon: Russ Vought, the acting director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, told Rep. Matt Cartwright, D-Pa., during a congressional hearing on Tuesday that the administration does not plan on amending its 2021 budget. That budget proposes reducing Health and Human Services funding by $9.5 billion, in the process cutting $1.2 billion from the CDC’s budget (a reduction of 15%) and eliminating $35 million from the Infection Diseases Rapid Response Reserve Fund. […] “The question is today, as we sit here and we know about coronavirus and the impact it’s taking on the people of the world and the economies of the world and the stock market and everything, as you sit here today, are you ready to take that back?” Cartwright asked Vought regarding the 2021 budget cuts. “If you’re asking if I’m sending up a budget amendment, no, I’m not sending up a budget amendment,” Vought replied. Now try to wrap your head around this and hope that it doesn’t explode. Trump fired pandemic preparedness personnel and gutted the programs they were assigned to. And now, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, when the United States is egregiously behind the rest of the world in testing the population, his administration is cutting funding. Can you believe this? “It’s kind of remarkable actually, that they are consistent in their failure to prepare, and then often working actively against preparedness measures, and then blaming Obama for the predictable, chaotic outcome,” [Shaunnessy[ Naughton [of 314 action] added, referring to Trump’s efforts to blame former President Barack Obama for America’s poor response to the coronavirus. (Trump’s claims about Obama have been repeatedly debunked.) “Congress just allocated what, $8 billion to the Coronavirus, a crisis that we’re facing. And here they are trying to cut funds to the infectious disease rapid response.” So while Trump is going on about how a vaccine is being “rapidly” developed and how covid-19 diagnoses are “going very substantially down — not up” the truth is that little or nothing is being done and not as much as needs to be done will be done, or can be done, with funding being cut. As stated, this is astoundingly stupid even for this group. I shudder to think how they’re going to lie their ways out of this one.

The Scary Parallels Between Covid-19 and the Spanish Flu

“Cold & Flu Season.”   Please keep that thought in mind should you choose to read on.   Especially since President Dipshit has already raised the concept of this all being over once warm weather gets here.   His surrogates will amplify any crowing he does should, as is likely the number of infections/deaths from covid-19 drop significantly by summer.    Keep in mind when “Cold & Flu Season” takes place in a typical year.   Having established that, what follows is my take on what might well happen. I realize the title is a weird mix of reassurance and grim warning.   Most people know an influenza pandemic swept the world one hundred years ago infecting a third of the world’s population and actually killing an appalling number of them.   It’s impossible to know how many died, but most estimates start at fifty million people and some credible estimates put it closer to a hundred million.   Even today with so many more billions of people in the world that would be a staggering number of deaths from such an illness, much less in so short a time. There are some troubling, even scary parallels between covoid-19 and the strain of influenza that became known as (the “Spanish Flu.”  That label is incredibly unfair – they were the only country that honestly addressed and reported numbers of cases/deaths from the outset but Spain wasn’t the epicenter/responsible for the 1918-1919 pandemic.    Time, perspective and advances in medicine have provided lessons for those willing to look at that particular bit of history.   The lessons have been learned, but sadly and even tragically sometimes those lessons have been ignored.    In fact, I think it’s easy to make a case there are countries including (and especially) our own that seem determined to refuse to apply the lessons of history. Much has been written in the last century about the pandemic, and I have an often too strong tendency to dive into the weeds on topics so if I leave out some key information in an attempt to only hit what I think are the main points I ask for your forgiveness.   And anyone wanting to fill in more details in comments are encouraged to do so.    With that in mind I want to emphasize some key points. The pandemic took place over not one but two “flu seasons.”   That’s right.   It showed up and infected a lot of people in the first part of 2018, and seemingly was petering out by summer.   It was serious in that first go-round and a significant number of people were infected and died, but the numbers that everyone talks about as in one-third of people in the world being infected and anywhere from fifty to a hundred million people dying wasn’t a result of the initial outbreak in the winter and spring of 1918.   No, it came back in the fall and in more virulent form, and the bulk of the infections and deaths happened starting in the fall of 1918 and continuing well into 1919. Think about that for a minute.   Viruses can and do mutate, and while they often get milder or at least vaccines & treatments are developed to deal with them sometimes they mutate into a more virulent/dangerous form which happened back then.    However that […]

U.S. Has Done 11,000 Coronavirus Tests, Period, Korea Does 10,000 Per Day — We’re...

Donald Trump was approached about the coronavirus in Davos, back in January, when the death toll in China was only 17 and the virus hadn’t begun to spread. Trump just waved off any discussion of the topic. He said, “We have it totally under control,” and a few days later, “It will all work out well.” This is Trump-speak for, “We’re not doing a damn thing about it, don’t care, because we’re too stupid to understand the import of what is taking place.” Meanwhile, other countries got it in gear and began testing their people, while the United States fell very far behind on this crisis, from the get go. Vanity Fair: To put things in perspective, South Korea has been testing roughly 10,000 people a day, Ralph Baric, who studies coronaviruses and emerging diseases at University of North Carolina, told the Times, while China has probably already tested millions. And, according to the Times, there’s a distinct possibility that “failure to provide adequate testing” gave the virus “time to gain a toehold” in the U.S. [emphasis mine] “Clearly, there have been problems with rolling out the test,” said former CDC director Thomas Frieden. “There are a lot of frustrated doctors and patients and health departments.” Or as Michael Mina, an epidemiologist at Harvard University, put it: “The incompetence has really exceeded what anyone would expect with the CDC.” [emphasis mine] Fortunately, on Monday, administration officials promised there would be a rapid expansion of testing capabilities by the end of the week. Unfortunately, it appears that old habits—by which we mean lies and obfuscation—die hard. So what about that “rapid expansion of testing capabilities” promised Monday? By Tuesday, Don Lemon was reporting that the number of coronavirus tests that the CDC had performed that day was ZERO and other public health agencies had performed EIGHT! If that’s what a rapid expansion is, I don’t want to even ask what dropping the ball looks like. Meanwhile, people keep getting sick and dying and the stock market keeps plunging and Trump keeps lying. Vanity Fair:  Not surprisingly, Trump has addressed the extremely serious issue in the way he addresses most things in life: with bald-faced lies. During his first press conference on the matter, he insisted: “We’re testing everybody that we need to test,” which was obviously completely untrue. During a visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, he repeated the same lie, saying, “As of right now and yesterday, anybody that needs a test [can have one], that’s the important thing.” On Thursday, following a uniquely disastrous address to the nation from the Oval Office, Trump doubled (tripled?) down, telling reporters, “Frankly, the testing has been going very smooth.” Later, when asked about people returning to the United States from abroad, he very falsely claimed that everyone is tested upon arrival: Trump claims (falsely) all Americans returning to country are being tested:"We have heavily tested. If an American coming back or anybody coming back, we have a tremendous testing set up where people coming in have to be tested … if it shows positive … We have to quarantine." pic.twitter.com/ndGlKmSFJh — Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) March 12, 2020 And if you can’t get tested, it’s your own damn fault, according to Donald Trump. Trump then suggests people are to blame if they can't get a test, saying, "If you go to the right agents, if you go to the right […]

Kushner and Stephen Miller Penned Trump’s Xenophobic, Inaccurate Coronavirus Speech That Tanked the Markets

Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, Donald Trump’s Wednesday night Oval Office address to the nation epitomizes the concept. The markets were actually set to open Thursday on an upswing of hundreds of points, and stop the plunging which led us into the bear market in which we now find ourselves. But unfortunately, as soon as Trump opened his mouth, futures tanked, And by the time he was done talking, the gain was wiped out and futures were down over 1,000 points. Then things got worse. New Civil Rights Movement: And just minutes into Thursday’s open, the DOW dropped so far it triggered an automatic “circuit breaker,” pausing trading for 15 minutes. As of this writing the DOW is down over 1800 points, on top of Wednesday’s 1400 point drop. What President Trump was saying – and not saying – was the result of his decision to turn to the two people he often turns to in a crisis: His 39-year old son-in-law who he made Senior Advisor to the President, Jared Kushner, and his 34-year old senior advisor for policy, the white nationalist Stephen Miller. Calling it “vintage Trump,” The New York Times reports the President “blamed European and Chinese people for bringing the outbreak to the United States, describing it ominously as a ‘foreign virus,’ language that reflected the isolationist views of his chief speechwriter, Stephen Miller, who alongside Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, helped draft the address.” Now, let’s clarify what’s different about this administration. Every president has speech writers. That’s normal. And they represent a president’s views and reflect his or her policies. Here, Stephen Miller is creating policies, and Trump not only signs off on them, he goes on television and proclaims them. And you add the son-in-law to the mix, and you’ve got a toxic mess. And that is precisely where we are. Two un-elected officials, one of them a relative of the sitting *resident, are running our country. What Kushner and Miller wrote was xenophobia personified, riffled with inaccuracies to boot. This is why the markets tanked. Anybody knowledgeable hearing this twaddle knew that things were hopeless and that the American government has no plan. Trump also “repeated another theme — that he viewed the virus as something that was inflicted upon him from a foreign country. He wanted to discuss ‘our nation’s unprecedented response to the coronavirus outbreak that started in China and is now spreading throughout the world,’ he said.” It’s no wonder, given the people Trump turned to to write his speech, that it was riddled with errors – important error that have injected fear – more fear – into the hearts of Americans. “To keep new cases from entering our shores, we will be suspending all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days,” Trump told the American people Wednesday night. “There will be exemptions for Americans who have undergone appropriate screenings, and these prohibitions will not only apply to the tremendous amount of trade and cargo, but various other things as we get approval.  Anything coming from Europe to the United States is what we are discussing. ” Pres Trump tonight: – Wrongly told the world trade with Europe was suspended-apparently wrongly said health insurers are waiving out of pocket for treatment-exempted UK from travel ban (UK […]

Tom Cotton Wants To Punish China For Coronavirus

This is totally unhelpful. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton closed his Washington, D.C. office today, due to the coronavirus, and here is a part of what he posted on his website. We are a great people. We rise to every challenge, we vanquish every foe, and we come through adversity even better than before. I have every confidence America will once again marshal the resolve, toughness, and genius of our people to overcome the serious threat to our health and well-being posed by the Wuhan coronavirus. We will emerge stronger from this challenge, we will hold accountable those who inflicted it on the world, and we will prosper in the new day.” [Emphasis mine.] Cotton had earlier shared on Fox News a debunked conspiracy theory that the virus was developed in a lab in Wuhan. He accused the Chinese of “dishonesty and duplicity from the beginning.” You notice he also referred to this as the “Wuhan coronavirus.” And it gets nuttier still. Cotton is not only blaming the Chinese government for something that they had nothing to do with, Cotton is using the occasion of the coronavirus to trash Joe Biden. National Review: And Joe Biden? Well, he’s on China’s side — not yours. […] It should have been a warning on more fronts than one when President Obama recruited Biden to his ticket to buttress his credibility on foreign policy; unsurprisingly, there was no about-face on Beijing. As the Chinese Communist Party gained strength and Xi Jinping seized absolute power, Biden continued to push for closer ties and even more trade. As for American workers? In February 2012, in friendly remarks with Xi standing next to him, Biden praised Beijing as a “new partner” that would help to meet “global challenges,” and said Americans “welcome this competition. . . . It pushes our companies to develop better products and services and our government to craft better policies.” Millions of American jobs were disappearing as he spoke, and the militarization of the South China Sea was just around the corner. And you knew this was coming — Cotton is trashing Hunter Biden as well. One would think Hunter was running for president and not Joe, with all the Republicans out to get him. While warmer ties with China were devastating American workers and threatening our national security, they have been very good for the Biden family. Reporters thought it unusual when Hunter Biden, Biden’s prodigal son, accompanied him on a trip to Beijing in 2013. That same year, Hunter joined the board of a Shanghai-based private equity firm. In 2017, a few months after his father left office, he invested a substantial chunk of his own money in the company. We don’t know what he’s made off the deal, but I expect Hunter is doing better than laid-off workers in Arkansas or Delaware. Must be nice.   This is Tom Cotton’s rhetoric, that China and Joe Biden are ganging up on Americans, do you love it? And it gets worse still. Cotton’s taking out an anti-Biden ad in Ohio. Cotton has suggested coronavirus might have come from a Chinese “super-lab” near Wuhan today the senator from Arkansas is launching an ad in Ohio accusing Joe Biden of being “weak on China” https://t.co/fVTnKU4O13 — John Harwood (@JohnJHarwood) March 12, 2020 Actually, this isn’t that strange. Trump was claiming that Obama was responsible for the […]

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