Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Trump On Oxygen, WH Doctors Keeping It Hush Hush, as Trump Faces Mortality

I can’t decide whether the Trump era can best be penned by George Lucas or William Shakespeare. The black and white simplicity of the war between Good v. Evil is Lucasinian, but the sheer depravity and complexity of how the entire drama has unfolded would lend itself better to the Bard’s talents. If Shakespeare was […]

Trump In Silent Running Mode All Day, Now Being Transported To Walter Reed Via...

The word lunacy is derived from the ancient notion that the full moon can cause madness. Last night’s full harvest moon rose as Donald Trump was getting the results from his and Melania’s COVID-19 tests, taken that day after Hope Hicks was diagnosed with the coronavirus. The scene in the past 24 hours in the […]

Trump Has Low Grade Fever, Being Treated With Experimental Drug

Massive efforts are afoot to get Donald Trump up and running so he can lead the country and continue his reelection campaign. Maybe medical science can cure his bone spurs too, ya spose? In addition his doctor says in a statement that Trump has been taking zinc, Vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin, and a daily aspirin. […]

Trump’s Off Ramp

Jake: You lied to me   Elwood: It wasn’t lies, it was just bullshit   The Blues Brothers First, let ne say this. I have absolutely no reason to doubt that Hope Hicks has contracted the coronavirus. The fact that a reporter had to break it, instead of the White House self disclosing it tells you all […]

GOP Congressional Candidate Accuses “Left” of Deliberately Infecting Trump

Well, that didn’t take long. Admit it, you’ve been waiting for Republicans to blame Democrats for Trump catching the hellbug. You didn’t have to wait long. Meet DeAnna Lorraine, a gibbering idiot who makes her living blathering bullshit for Newsmax, and who ran a hopeless (and senseless) campaign to take Nancy Pelosi’s House seat in […]

Trump Is Finished Any Way You Look At It. He Can Color the Campaign...

October has always been characterized as the dark angel of the months, the time when summer cedes to brisk winds and falling leaves; and the grim reaper of winter stands just down the road. October is metaphor no longer in Trump world. It is now officially the date when reality served notice on the child […]

Up Yours, Secretary Azar!

This shouldn’t take long, In fact, I probably shouldn’t even be typing this, but I’m pissed as hell, and wanted to get it out when my full Irish was up and burning white hot. I just saw HHS Secretary Alex Azar’s little fireside chat with Chuck Todd today on Meet The Press. I ain’t up […]

It’s Trump v. Reality. He Says Redfield Is ‘Confused’ and Miracle Vaccine Ready For...

It never ceases to amaze how Donald Trump has no problems whatsoever trashing the members of his own administration. Where it becomes ridiculous, and where Trump loses credibility — not that there’s any to lose at this point —  is that he appoints people to posts and then reduces them to rubble. Robert Redfield is […]

Caputo Goes the Weasel..

  Late-breaking News! Michael R. Caputo is going home to be with his family and get some much-needed rest and medical attention. His leaving is being called a voluntary "Leave of Absence". But we've seen...

MUST WATCH: Michael Caputo’s COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory Video Is Frightening

This is not normal, even in the exaggeratedly bizarre world that we call Normal Life circa 2020 in the age of Trump. HHS spokesperson Michael Caputo went into meltdown Sunday night on Facebook. He subsequently deleted the video, but Yahoo News has a copy of it. This is a shorter version than is available at the above […]

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