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Trump Calls For Violent Overthrow Of State Govts While His Campaign Accuses Dems Of...

History is being made every day of this sordid debacle of a Republican administration, but Friday, April 17 will unquestionably be tagged in the history books under sedition. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only time in American history that a sitting president has called for the violent overthrow of a democratically elected state government. I’m no virologist but encouraging civil unrest during a pandemic seems ill advised. pic.twitter.com/UxwpHFtqFH — Molly Jong-Fast???? (@MollyJongFast) April 17, 2020 Molly Jong-Fast is Editor of the Daily Beast. David Rothkopt is the author of “Traitor: A History of American Betrayal From Benedict Arnold to Donald Trump” Of course, this will get people killed. Not necessarily in insurrections but because he is making pretending a deadly disease doesn't exist a centerpiece of being a MAGApublican. They will ignore the quarantine. And they will get sick. And some will die. Because of Trump. — David Rothkopf (@djrothkopf) April 17, 2020 Here’s the bottom line: Donald Trump wants to win reelection at whatever cost. He is oblivious to reality and the cost to America in what he is trying to do. He doesn’t care. He will do anything to stay in power. To that end, early afternoon EDT, the Trump campaign released their weekly email/fundraiser, accusing Democrats of stealing the election via “ballot harvesting.” Trump is calling for insurrection with reference to guns at the same time his campaign is falsely claiming that Democrats are trying to “steal” the election. This is what despots do. It’s dangerous. He’s laying the groundwork for his supporters to reject results and use violence. pic.twitter.com/pNCeqq0Phz — Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) April 17, 2020 And this batshit tweet was written just three days ago. GET RID OF BALLOT HARVESTING, IT IS RAMPANT WITH FRAUD. THE USA MUST HAVE VOTER I.D., THE ONLY WAY TO GET AN HONEST COUNT! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 14, 2020 Trump is referring to absentee ballots, and the sublime irony of this is that the only case of “harvesting” absentee ballots was on the part of a Republican congressional candidate in 2018, Mark Harris, North Carolina District 9. Huffington Post, February 19, 2019: …investigators had evidence that McCrae Dowless, a political operative working on behalf of the Harris campaign, filled out and mailed in incomplete or blank ballots from both his office and home. She said Dowless paid people in cash to collect requests for absentee ballots and the ballots themselves. The state board also has evidence, she said, that Dowless paid people to falsify signatures on absentee ballots indicating that they had witnessed those ballots being filled out (North Carolina requires two witnesses to someone filling out an absentee ballot). It is not illegal to help someone request an absentee ballot in North Carolina, but it is illegal for anyone other than a close relative to take custody of the actual ballot. [Kim] Strach [Board of Elections Director] said Dowless took several steps to conceal the fraud. Those measures included using the same color ink as the voter who filled out other parts of the ballot, mailing the ballot from a post office close to the voter and placing the stamps on the envelopes in a certain way not to raise red flags. And don’t forget the story of the campaign worker in Florida changing voter registrations […]

‘FireFauci’ Launches As Hashtag, Trump Retweets Suggestion, Accuses Fauci of Fake News

This isn’t surprising in the least, because in his desperation, Donald Trump has been acting more irrationally than ever. But irrational is one thing, suicidal is quite another. And firing Anthony Fauci falls in the latter category. Sorry Fake News, it’s all on tape. I banned China long before people spoke up. Thank you @OANN https://t.co/d40JQkUZg5 — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 12, 2020 DeAnna Lorraine unsuccessfully ran for Congress in the May 3 primary. She is on Right Wing Watch’s list of religious right candidates and she promotes coronavirus conspiracy theories. She started the hastag “FilmYourHospital” because she’s of the school of thought that this is all make believe. And Alex Jones thinks she’s terrific, that should tell you everything you need to know. First off, Lorraine is dead wrong that Fauci was saying the end of February that there was nothing to worry about. Fauci knew back in December and early January that there was plenty to worry about. But that’s not the issue. The issue is that Dr. Fauci was on TV talking to Rev. Al Sharpton Sunday and he told the truth about a couple of things, 1) that the China ban was too little too late and 2) that he asked Trump to do something in January and Trump didn’t. Now you know that’s gospel truth, because Trump and his right-wing media arm, Fox News, Limbaugh, the lot of them, were saying up until mid-March that coronavirus was a fabrication. Trish Regan got fired for saying that coronavirus was an impeachment plot against Trump. This is not new information. But Trump doesn’t want to hear the truth and so in speaking any truth, Dr. Fauci is putting himself on the line. Raw Story: What Fauci also said, and many have observed, is that after it became clear the virus was being spread person to person, no significant action was taken in the month of February. Fox News was reporting it was all hype through the first week of March. The president similarly was saying it was nothing more than the flu well through the end of February. It wasn’t until March that states began shutting down. Fauci also said he was begging for actions in middle to late January. […] In fact, what Fauci said is that based on the information, they had Trump’s China ban was too little too late. By the time the shutdown happened, the U.S. already had the virus, and it was spreading. After the first of the year, 430,000 people came into the United States from China, including 40,000 after the China ban. Trump didn’t ban Europe until nearly a month later. Fauci is doing what he should be doing, telling the truth. Trump is a trigger-happy lunatic who loves to fire people, especially intelligent and capable ones. If he fires Dr. Fauci, he’ll live to regret it. Trump is addicted to polls, and maybe he should go look up the polls that have Fauci getting far higher marks than Trump ever has, because people trust him. My sense of things is that Fauci is at a stage in his life, both personally and professionally, that he’s not scared of Trump and he’s going to continue to fight the good fight. He served under five presidents before he got to this clown. His reputation […]
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Trump Blasts NYT for Reporting EU COVID-19 Origins, because It Destroys His Entire Reelection...

Donald Trump’s obligatory weekly fundraiser went out to the faithful on Saturday and it hammered home the point that is intended to be the mantra of the 2020 election, that Joe Biden is dedicated to selling out the U.S. to China whereas he-man Trump is going to stand tough and save us all — from what, precisely, is not made clear, but it’s probably kept deliberately vague, because the purpose of the Trumpian edict is to pull an emotional trigger, not to make sense. “I am TOUGH ON CHINA and Sleepy Joe Biden is WEAK ON CHINA.” For the weak of intellect, the all-caps approach certainly helps. You’re certain to see more of it. The other anti-China point to be driven home, and this is the biggy, way beyond Biden, is that China unleashed the COVID-19 strain upon an unsuspecting United States. This newest conspiracy theory dovetails beautifully with Trump’s latest Biden smear, as manifested in his attack ad this week. If you missed that jewel, here it is now. Now Team Trump intended to carry this ball for quite a few yards, if not all the way through the goal posts, but now the pesky New York Times is reporting that studies indicate that the outbreak of COVID-19 in this country came from travelers from Europe to New York:  — and not from China at all. So Trump, true to form, became livid on Saturday and went into one of his now-daily meltdowns. “So now the Fake News The New York Times is tracing the CoronaVirus origins back to Europe, NOT China. This is a first! I wonder where (sic) the Failing New York Times got for this one? Are there any NAMED sources?” The entire article is cited and sourced to the doctors and researchers who made the discovery. But that’s not the issue. Trump’s problem is that the details of the virus originating anywhere other than where Trump wants it to be from, is a gut punch to his Evil Chinese narrative, and that is the basis upon which he’s endeavoring to get reelected, now that the economy has washed off the boards and was last seen headed for a sewage recycling plant. And Trump’s anti-China, anti-Biden crusade is not going as well as hoped, either. The Biden attack ad featured, among other things, Biden bowing to another American, a man of Asian descent, and this is being framed as Biden capitulating to the Chinese. If you’ve looked at the ad, you saw Biden purportedly criticizing Trump for restricting travel from China, which is not the case — but Trump needs everyone to desperately believe that, because that one minor decision is what he has built a huge case on, that he saved thousands of lives. You will hear that reiterated over and over again as we go towards November 3. The travel restriction is the sum total of what Trump did pro-actively to stem the spread of the virus, and he did that solely because he could make a racist snub with it. You will recall that he also “closed the border” with Mexico, when there were about seven coronavirus cases in the whole of Central America, total. Anybody who was paying attention realized at the time that Trump was asleep with respect to COVID-19, but making a […]
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Fear Not. Ivanka Is Joining Second COVID-19 Task Force to Rescue Entire Economy

As well you know, Donald Trump is dying to reopen the nation, “sooner, rather than later” despite all expert advice telling him this is a rotten idea. Andrew Cuomo said just this morning that it’s not a good idea to talk about opening vs. reopening because this is uncharted territory and all decisions have to be fact based, not theory based about what could or might happen. That’s a sound point to make, but the only point Trump is concerned with is how COVID-19 affects his image and his reelection and right now both are in the toilet. To this end, Trump is forming a second coronavirus task force, without those annoying medical experts to muddy the waters, and Task Force II will focus solely on the economy. And just look at the experts on this task force. Axios: Trump’s new Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and economic adviser Larry Kudlow are all expected to be part of the new task force. Ivanka Trump, who has turned her attention to the administration’s small business efforts, will also be part of the group, per a White House official. The only financially credible figure mentioned here is Mnuchin, so I guess the economic future of America is up to the Batman LEGO guy, because he sure as hell isn’t going to be getting any meaningful input from Meadows or Kudlow. But what about Ivanka? After all, she has created 15 Million jobs — or so Daddy says. And he’s never lied to us, right? Vanity Fair: Trump just told the completely egregious lie that Ivanka Trump "created over 15 million jobs." That would be more than twice the total number of jobs created in the country before coronavirus wrecked the economy. pic.twitter.com/zniSteAbv6 — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) April 7, 2020 While Trump has told a lot of absurd lies in his day, the scale of this one is basically off the charts; it’s so completely ridiculous that he might as well have said that Ivanka gave Abraham Lincoln the idea for the Gettysburg Address, or that when the Reagan administration was floundering during the AIDS crisis, it was Ivanka, age eight, who stepped in and took control of the situation. As Vox notes, as of January, prior to the coronavirus wreaking havoc on the economy, roughly 152 million people were employed in the United States—ergo Trump is claiming that his daughter created 10% of all jobs in the country. It’s an extra incredible feat when you factor in the data point that in the three years Trump has been president, only 6.7 million jobs have been created in total. Ivanka, then, is apparently not only working overtime beyond all comprehension, but also asking the Bureau of Labor Statistics to keep it on the down low, because if there’s one thing the Trump family is known for, it’s modesty. And speaking of attributing major feats to the first daughter, a new one on Wednesday seems…somewhat dubious: Ivanka Trump personally lobbied top bank executives to line up the $1.5 billion in commitments to small business that were announced yesterday at a videoconference among the bank executives and President Trump—stoking competitive juices among the execs to drive up their commitments…. Ivanka, who has had workforce development in her portfolio going back to 2017, plans an increasing emphasis on small businesses in […]

Dammit. Here We Go Again.

What was it that I said a few days ago, something about not realizing what you had until it was gone? Turns out that applies too. Lately, due to the fact that he is a one man jackhammer to the foundation of the stock market, Trump has managed to find ways to delay his daily televised mental masturbation session until well after the markets have closed for the day. As such, he has normally been drooling and slobbering merrily away during my official old fart nap time. But suddenly today, with the markets closed for Good Friday, I ended up with a 55 gallon drum of drivel dumped over my head. But today showed me that whether it’s due to age, distraction, inattention, or mental incontinence, when it comes to guile, misdirection, and pure flat out bullshit, Trump is losing something off of his fastball. It used to take hours of tin-panning through the river of bullshit trying to finds the small, golden nuggets of truth that pointed the way to his true, nefarious intentions. Now he just plops them along behind himself, like a horse strolling along after eating too many green apples. Just from what he said today, while I sat there bleeding from the eyes, I can already glean the contours of his next scam-o-rama of self effacing bullshit as the corona-virus plods along its course. Let’s just take a peek at some of the fun-with-Dick-and-Jane bullshit we can look forward to hearing over the next few days and weeks. For starters, get ready to hear a lot about testing in the days to come, mainly because it’s a subject that His Lowness has been getting his ass kicked over, and now it’s time for payback. Trump went all in on defending his testing record today, claiming that the United States is doing more testing right now than anybody in the world. Oddly enough, that may actually be true, but the operative words in that sentence are right now. We’re doing the most testing because pretty much everybody else in the world is already fucking done with the mass testing that helped them to finally flatten the curve! But being Trump, he also had to lie out of both halves of his mouth. He defended not testing everywhere by saying that there was no need to test in places where there are no cases. Ummm, no, actually shit-for-brains, that’s exactly where you want to test, to find the asymptomatic ones so you can isolate them away from everybody else! But why let logic and facts get in the way of a nice fantasy Next, watch El Pendejo Presidente try to treat every Governor in the country like the President of Montenegro, and elbow them right out of the picture. At least if they have a “D” after their name. He’s already doing it. For instance, in today’s oral Rorschach test, Trump highlighted the fact that Washington’s Governor, whom he refused to mention by name, had just returned to the government a field hospital that Trump’s decisive leadership had built there, and which was no longer needed. Missing from that four-bong-hit vision was the fact that by the time his lazy ass finally got the Army Corps of Engineers out there to build the fucking thing, it was no longer needed! Watch for this to become standard fare. […]

Trump Brags He’s ‘Tougher and Smarter’ Than the Coronavirus

If anybody doubts that Donald Trump lives in a cartoon, fantasy world, this tweet should allay all concerns. We are learning much about the Invisible Enemy. It is tough and smart, but we are tougher and smarter! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 5, 2020 He’s anthropomorphizing a microscopic biological entity. Now people do that with their pets, and some people, myself included, even give names to their cars. But ascribing human attributes to a virus? Really? It’s a smart virus as opposed to a stupid virus? A tough virus as opposed to a wimpy one? However, it is encouraging that Trump thinks that  he’s smarter than a microscopic infectious agent. Frankly, I think that both Trump and the coronavirus are biological entities with no brain. Maybe Trump could go back down to the CDC or anyplace that research is going on, and have a non-intelligent-entity to non-intelligent-entity talk with COVID-19. Hey, he could scream, “You’re fired!” at it. That should make it go away, scare it at the very least. Or, better yet, maybe he could negotiate a deal with the virus, ya spose? “Go away now and don’t come back until I get reelected, and then I’ll let you kill the entire human race?” COVID-19 may be the invisible enemy, but I’m not sure it’s worse than the visible one. America IS engaged in a historic battle to safeguard the lives of its citizens. And the enemy ISN'T invisible. Far from it. It's fluorescent orange and weighs 475 pounds. pic.twitter.com/UUaMMpKX93 — Smokey Stafford ???????????????????????????????? (@SmokeyStafford) April 6, 2020 Trump is bragging that he is smarter than something that doesn't have a brain. That's as close as he will get to the truth all week. — Mrs. Betty Bowers (@BettyBowers) April 5, 2020 You are not tough and smart.#Covid_19 is not under control.It isn't close to air tight.It is not contained.It is not a hoax. It was never a hoax.Cases are not down close to zero. pic.twitter.com/aPoXpoVmR3 — ???????????? Willow ???????????? (@Fuzzy_Fuzzbutt) April 5, 2020 But cheer up. Trump has got Dr. Oz on board now, as part of his brain trust, and it’s all going to be just swell.

Trump Goes Banana Republic ‘Somebody Should Sue His Ass Off’ About Inspector Gen’l, Whistle...

Donald Trump is on a mad power binge right now, doing a purge of all who are “disloyal” to him. Michael Atkinson, the inspector general who forwarded the whistle blower complaint to congress, has long been on Trump’s hit list and for whatever reason, Trump decided that Friday was the day to pull the plug. This is certainly not surprising and actually is part of an overt pattern of disabling the intelligence community. This isn’t what a democracy looks like. New York Times: The slew of late-night announcements, coming as the world’s attention is gripped by the coronavirus pandemic, raised the specter of a White House power play over the community of inspectors general, independent officials whose mission is to root out waste, fraud and abuse within the government. […] The administration official described the move as part of a broader shake-up of the intelligence community that Mr. Trump has set in motion in the past several weeks. He recently installed Richard Grenell, the ambassador to Germany known for his combative conservatism, as the acting director of national intelligence, a position where presidents typically look to install career officials or apolitical appointees. And Mr. Trump has nominated one of his top allies in Congress, Representative John Ratcliffe of Texas, to the take over the post permanently. The ouster of Mr. Atkinson came as the White House announced five nominees for inspector general positions. They included Brian D. Miller, an aide to Mr. Trump in the White House counsel’s office, who was tapped to be the newly created special inspector general for pandemic recovery. Trump hasn’t given a solid reason for firing Atkinson, “loss of confidence” not being good enough. Trump also put Atkinson on administrative leave, rather than give a thirty day notice to him and the rest of the government that he’s making the change, as he is required to do by law. This is no different from when he had Alexander Vindman walked out of the White House and fired his brother, Yevgeny, as well, although the man had nothing to do with the impeachment hearings. His only infraction was being the brother of Alexander Vindman and in Trump world that’s enough. These are banana republic machinations, and in true form, Trump gave a total banana republic performance at his press briefing Saturday. Pure vindictiveness and rancor oozed. Trump is a bombastic buffoon most of the time, but today he showed another, creepier side. He showed the creature under the rock, the one that envies, the one that schemes, the one that hates. Take a look at this. You can tell your grandchildren, either now or in the future, if they haven’t been born yet, that this is what it looks like when a petty, authoritarian personality gets too much power. The President admits he fired the ICIG over the whistleblower report pic.twitter.com/UwJ7wLJC1B — Acyn Torabi (@Acyn) April 4, 2020 “That man is a disgrace to IGs… He’s a total disgrace.. That’s my decision. I have the absolute right… He’s a fake whistleblower and frankly somebody should sue his ass off” pic.twitter.com/Sz4SotQJMs — Acyn Torabi (@Acyn) April 4, 2020 It’s not clear whether Trump is talking about suing the ass off the whistle blower or the inspector general, but I’m sure either or both would be fine with him. At least […]

Governor of Iowa Refuses To Issue Stay Home Order, Says Fauci ‘Doesn’t Have All...

I thought Joni Ernst was the worst politician in Iowa but Republican Governor Kay Reynolds has her beat to Hell and back. Ryan Foley is a reporter for the Associated Press. Iowa governor Kim Reynolds says her refusal to issue a shelter-in-place order has become a "divisive issue"; chastises Dr. Fauci for saying all states should implement one: "I would say that maybe he doesn’t have all the information" — Ryan J. Foley (@rjfoley) April 3, 2020 Well, maybe he doesn’t Governor. But the Iowa Medical Board unanimously recommended on Friday that you issue a mandatory stay at home order, so why don’t you listen to them? Des Moines Register: Such an order would effectively limit Iowans’ movements to essential work and travel. The board plans to send Reynolds a letter that further describes their recommendation. The move is the latest sign of growing pressure on Reynolds to take more stringent action to further slow down Iowans’ movements during the coronavirus outbreak. While Democratic state and federal politicians have called on Reynolds to issue a mandatory order, the Board of Medicine is made up of Iowa medical professionals. Kent Nebel, the board’s executive director, told the Des Moines Register that the vote, taken at an emergency meeting by phone, stemmed from members’ concern that Iowans are not following social distancing orders to slow the spread of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the virus. “I think the board believes that a stronger commitment to isolation is in the best interest of the public and health care providers,” Nebel said. Then there’s other information that might persuade the good governor. Illinois is right next door to Iowa and just today Governor J.B. Pritzker asked celebrities if they would encourage people to stay home because Illinois experienced the largest spike of new cases in one day, 1,209 and 53 deaths, including a Chicago police officer, whose death will be considered an on-duty death, thereby providing his family with more benefits. So how Governor Reynolds can look at what’s happening around her and conclude that there’s nothing to worry about and Anthony Fauci doesn’t know what he’s talking about, in essence, is absolutely unfathomable. There are really two pandemics facing the country right now, one, the coronavirus and two, Republican stupidity and dereliction of duty. Of the two, I’m thinking that the latter might be worse, quite frankly.  

‘We’re Republicans Who Are Sick of Trump’s Lies’ Title of Blistering New Trump Attack...

I wouldn’t want to be a television set when Trump sees this one. He’ll probably throw a case of Diet Coke, along with a hissy fit. Republicans For the Rule of Law has put out another gem, this one a compilation of Republican voters nationwide who say they won’t vote for Trump, based upon how he has botched the coronavirus response. YES!! More of this!!

Trump Interrupts Coronavirus Press Conference To Play With His Hair

Americans are dying, but who cares about that? Trump is behind the podium for ratings and to look good. He was giving his daily coronavirus briefing Monday, when the wind began to gust and muss up his hair. Now, bear in mind, this is the man who wouldn’t go to a cemetery in Paris to honor fallen American soldiers, because it was raining and he didn’t want his hair to look bad on camera. Life and death matters never trump (you should pardon the expression) issues of personal appearance. The man has priorities. "My hair is blowing around. And it is mine. The one thing you cannot get away with. It is a problem if you are president" — Trump pic.twitter.com/ZifUxnquYQ — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 30, 2020 You can tell how bored he is with all this.  What does he care about beds at the Javitz Center, or anywhere else for that matter? He’s got real issues, like baldness, and the desperate need to conceal it. Take another listen. He’s talking about beds, then he sees a box blowing — or something — then he plays with his hair and then forces himself back to reading stats, in a bored monotone. This is what’s leading us through our darkest hour in many a decade. And while this was going on, Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy, who is a Fox advertiser, and who, not surprisingly, has been sued for deceptive marketing and unsupported health claims was introduced as a key soldier on the battlefield of coronavirus. He’s allegedly going to manufacture face masks. Mask pillows? Who knows? Trump has the MyPillow guy in a pandemic press conference and that is a sentence that proves we are in the most asinine assholes of fucking timelines. That or the simulation is glitching HARD. A clown car filled with Fredos on fire, off the cliff. — Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig) March 30, 2020 I’ve often questioned if we aren’t in the Matrix and Morpheus can’t get us back online. Or maybe there was a third pill and we took that, and now we’re in this phuquing nightmare. And check this out from historian Kevin Kruse. Two days ago, I tweeted this. Right now, Trump has the My Pillow guy speaking in the Rose Garden. https://t.co/tGYtidILaM — Kevin M. Kruse (@KevinMKruse) March 30, 2020 I’m sure that you read that Trump called ARod (Alex Rodriguez) and J Lo the other day to solicit their views on the coronavirus. This is not unusual at all, especially when Trump’s bored. When he was at the G20 he found that too boring to pay attention to and so began tweeting birthday greetings to celebrities on Twitter. This is vintage Trump. He’s not even paying attention, let alone on board for a global health and humanitarian crisis. He’s just going through the motions at this point, and we haven’t even seen the worst of COVID-19 in this country yet. You know this isn’t going to get any better, right?  

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