Trump Signs Stimulus Bill Purportedly To Avert Catastrophe in Georgia Runoffs

Speculation is running rampant at this moment about Donald Trump agreeing to sign the stimulus bill which he has been avoiding signing since last Monday. The fact that he didn’t sign it by midnight Saturday has had the immediate effect of limiting the unemployment benefits that eligible Americans would have gained by one week. Losing […]

Trump Teases ‘Good News On COVID Bill’ Like It’s A Reality Show Cliffhanger

Maybe this is one of those good news bad news scenarios. The good news is that Trump is making some feeble indication that he’s even aware that the country he was elected to lead is in massive despair and crisis right now. The bad news is that so much damage has already been done, since […]

‘Foreclosures, Hunger, Homelessness, Suicide’ Workers Group Describes Toll Of Trump’s Refusal To Sign Omnibus...

If you check Donald Trump’s public schedule for today, he has nothing on calendar. It’s yet another day when the *president* whom we were assured was “working tirelessly” on our behaves from Mar-a-Lago is sitting in a funk and spastically tweeting from time to time and thinking about nobody but himself. Meanwhile, in the real […]

Mike Pence Could Remove Trump From Office Tomorrow Under Section 4 — Would He...

Mike Pence is either in an enviable position or the worst position possible, depending upon your point of view. He could remove Donald Trump from office as early as tomorrow, under a little studied section of the 25th Amendment, Section 4, which says:  If the vice-president and the majority of the Cabinet decide that, for whatever […]

Mt. Trump-suvius Spews Lava On ‘Incompetent and Weak’ SCOTUS, Raves DOJ and FBI ‘Should...

Trumpdee Dumpdee must have fallen out of bed this morning forget about getting out on the wrong side. He unleashed a torrent of hostility and blame that is one of the most toxic, if not the most, he’s ever banged out with his tiny brain and thumbs. You can smell the desperation and panic. I […]
Steve Jurvetson / Flickr trump golfing...

Trump Goes To War With ‘Politicians’ Denying Relief Funds While He Golfs

When the going gets tough the tough go golfing. Whether America is literally exploding is of no import. Priorities are priorities and Donald Trump puts his golf game above all the trivia and annoyance of governance. I mean, the bomb in Nashville went off at 7:30 a,m. don’t these terrorists have any consideration? Bomb went […]

House GOPers Block Trump’s $2,000 Stimulus Raise. Check or Checkmate?

This may be a watershed moment. It’s an interesting development in all events. Nancy Pelosi called Donald Trump’s bluff the other day when he went on Twitter and grandstanded, in order to create the impression that he wanted to give people more money but that the establishment wouldn’t let him. As it turns out, it’s […]

Trump’s Real Reason For Opposing Omnibus Bill Is Because Ivanka’s ‘Pet Project’ Got Dumped

This makes complete sense. Read this statement from Rep. Elliot Engel (D-NY.) But first read this tweet from Nicholas Grossman and between the two, you will have all the information that you need to have on why Donald Trump did what he did last night. And lo, all is revealed. The scales drop from our […]

Trump’s Xmas Present To America Isn’t $2,000 It’s Chaos and A ‘Full Blown Legislative...

Just hours after Joe Biden had gotten in front of the American people and announced that he was going to level with everybody about how the darkest days are yet to come, Donald Trump decided that he had to upstage Biden. So he took to Twitter with a video and savaged the details of the […]

Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump’s Bluff, House To Vote On $2,000 Checks

Donald Trump has painted himself into a corner. When he gave his manifesto Tuesday night about what a “disgrace” the stimulus relief bill was and how he had a better idea, he blamed Democrats for stalling on the bill. In point of fact, they wanted bigger checks sent all along. Here’s Nancy Pelosi’s response. Republicans […]