WHO’s China probe

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Biden administration expresses 'deep concerns' about WHO's China probe WHO dismissed the theory that the virus originated in a lab. By Adam Shaw  WHO dismisses theory...

Trump Plays Santa Demanding Revision Of ‘Disgrace’ COVID Bill To Include $2,000 Checks Instead...

Donald Trump took to Twitter late this afternoon and delivered a video, posted below. I don’t recommend that you listen to over four minutes of him sing songing the way he does when he’s bored. My guess is that Stephen Miller cobbled this together so that Trump could go in front of the American people […]

Trump’s Campaign Strategy’s Not Working Because It’s Like ‘Trying to Bail Out the Titantic...

Donald Trump is “starting the fourth quarter of his campaign behind and in a lousy field position” according to professor of international politics and Washington Post contributor Daniel Drezner. His ongoing flailing and hoping for a miracle have all come to naught. Hydroxycloroquine was going to be the Hail Mary pass that got him back in the game. it fizzled when Anthony Fauci and others shot it down as untested and unsafe. Then Trump experimented with being a tough guy and touting his “total authority” and threatening to adjourn Congress and that totally blew up in his face. Now he’s trying to play Mr. Nice Trump, but that only works for a few minutes and then some reporter — usually a woman — will tick him off and the beast that lurks under the veneer comes out and stares us in the face once again on live television. Bottom line, three presidents in the last century have lost reelection and Trump looks to be in line to become the fourth — and defeat could not happen to a more deserving loser. Washington Post: What is Trump thinking?! Trying to explain his behavior beyond the toddler thesis might seem ambitious. For once, however, I think he is conforming to a normal psychological trope. To use the language of prospect theory, Trump is operating in a world of loss and is gambling for resurrection. To use the language of English: Psychologists have found that most people act in a risk-averse manner when approaching possible gains relative to the status quo. When confronted with losses, however, they are more likely to behave in a risk-loving manner. This means that when someone suffers a negative shock, they might take risky gambles if winning would get them back to the prior status quo. Trump is operating in a world of loss. Two months ago, he had survived impeachment, the economy looked strong, and his likely opponent was Bernie Sanders. This did not guarantee him reelection, but his chances looked good. Now he is at the helm during a long-lasting health and economic emergency and facing an opponent who cannot be convincingly portrayed as out of the mainstream. His current political position is weak. So weak. Little wonder that, according to one source, he “wants this magical moment when this is all over.” That was what was fueling the magic bullet of hydroxycloroquine. What a shame Trump couldn’t get Fauci to sign off on it, because Fauci isn’t a hack nor a quack and won’t recommend anything unless it meets rigorous standards. Trump knows nothing about standards of any kind. His only standard is that he gets his and if you don’t, too bad, you’re a loser. But without hydroxycloroquine to act as love potion number nine and fix Trump’s problems, he’s now gone to his fall back position, which is to laughably contend that Joe Biden is a dupe of the Chinese. We won’t even begin to talk about pots critiquing the complexion of kettles. Washington Post: My Post colleagues Michael Scherer, Josh Dawsey, Annie Linskey and Toluse Olorunnipa have the most jaw-dropping opening: “President Trump’s campaign is preparing to launch a broad effort aimed at linking Joe Biden to China, after concluding that it would be more politically effective than defending or promoting Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.” All of these stories are […]

‘Performative A$$holery’ Behold the Face Of The Post Trump GOP

Trumpism is to the political bloodstream what heroin is to the human and there are a lot of very sick GOPers out there right now. Trump will be gone in 63 days, but there is much elbowing and jostling for the new poster child of Trumpism, and Ted Cruz wants to make sure that he’s […]
CNN / YouTube Melania Trump moves into the White...

Barron Trump Also Had Coronavirus, WH Lied About It

Doesn’t it seem like a no brainer that a guy who can’t even protect his own family can’t protect the rest of us? And doesn’t it also seem like a no brainer that a White House caught in this many lies, is a White House that you cannot trust to tell the truth about anything? […]

Fauci Puts the Kabash On Trump Campaign Ad Using His Likeness Without Permission

Team Trump just doesn’t bother to get clearances and that’s a no no, but a foreseeable one. Nothing in the White House works like normal. Memos contain typos and misspellings, aides tell lies that are easily exposed, and everybody who works there is cringing in the shadows, wondering whether to be more afraid of catching […]
Grunge / YouTube Coronavirus Myths You Need To Stop 1587762647.jpg...

In Poorer Neighborhoods, the Wealthy Are Lining Up for Vaccines

Abby Goodnough and Jan Hoffman, New York Times WASHINGTON — As soon as this city began offering COVID vaccines to residents 65 and older, George Jones,...
Associated Press / YouTube Cabinet Members Gush Over Trump During...

Truly A Den Of Thieves

Well, this is weird. For the past three years it’s been so much fun, comparing the pathetic attempts of brazen theft by the Trump administration, calling them things like The Don Cornholeone gang, or The Hole In The Head Gang, or even The Gang That Couldn’t Shit Straight. But it starts to feel like a quick trip to The Twilight Zone when you find out that all of that shit is true. Trump and his cabal are actually nothing more than third rate street thieves. Rachel Maddow broke the story last night, and with her usual inimitable style. She started by reminding people of a story they had covered a week or so ago. It concerned the height of the scramble for medical supplies, and the California chapter of the Service Employees International Union. With no assistance forthcoming from the federal government, the union undertook the daunting task of trying to unearth some and any kind of medical gear California could purchase for its hospitals. And they were successful! They were able to find a cache of 39 million masks that the state was attempting to purchase. It was a real feel good story for a dark time. Except that it turns out that it wasn’t. Turns out that it was nothing more than a cheap scam, a con thought up to try to find a way to bilk desperate states out of some easy pickings. The reason it came to light was that the FBI broke the news of the scam, along with the information that there was a criminal investigation being run out of the Pittsburgh US Attorney’s office. But wait for it, because here comes the McGuffin, and why ya gotta love Rachel. As it turns out, the FBI became aware of the scam when they began investigating the transaction so that the US government could intercept and seize the shipment upon delivery, and turn it over to FEMA to add to their stock to distribute. That’s right, the Trump mob has actually turned the Federal Bureau of Investigation into nothing more than a street gang. To use the parlance, the FBI got tipped to a soft mark, so they were casing the joint to set up an easy score when they discovered the whole thing was a fraud. And this isn’t the first time. Apparently the FBI has been running around, tracking  private state or local purchases of masks, surgical gowns, ventilators, anything in short supply, letting the state pay for the shipment, and then literally intercepting the shipment either en route or at the delivery point, and folding it into FEMA’s supplies for distribution. But here’s the really funny part, if you look at as funny in the sense of ironic. The states have tipped to this tactic. Rachel spoke of one state, which begged for anonymity to help protect itself, that has an order for a couple of freighter planes stuffed full of medical goodies. The state actually has an active plan under consideration of calling out the fucking National Guard to the delivery point, to prevent it from being hijacked by the FBI thugs! The state is actually considering threatening armed violence to help to protect it’s own property from the federal government. The texture of Trump’s hypocritical bullshit is so rich that you could package it and sell it as pate de fois gras. Remember, […]

Kurt Eichenwald Reveals How ‘China Virus’ is PR Ploy to Trick Democrats Into Playing...

If you harbor the slightest doubt that the Republican party is a pack of self-serving sociopaths who care far more about staying in power than serving their constituents or their country,  I hope that the following will dispel that notion. Investigative journalist Kurt Eicnenwald spoke with a Republican source of his earlier in the month. The source was furious that the coronavirus was spreading and that his colleagues, “could not maintain the ‘COVID-19 is a fictional thing being used to hurt Trump’ charade.'” So they had to find another way to politicize it, and stat. To that end they hired a political consultant who said the answer was to call it “China virus” or “Chinese virus,” and get everybody on the right-wing side of the cultural spectrum to do so The idea behind this spin was to provoke the Democrats, or any sane thinking person, for that matter, to inquire why call it Chinese virus? Why use a racist term? And of course, that is precisely what the Democrats did and why. And that played right into the GOP’s hands. The idea was to attack the Democrats and the media with self righteousness, claiming that they refused to call the virus by it’s true name. Kurt Eichenwald via DC Report @ Raw Story: I found the whole idea amusing. That couldn’t possibly work, I said. First, who calls a disease the name of its virus? No one says Rubeola virus instead of measles. And everybody knows the name of the disease – COVID-19. And while most people don’t know the real name of SARS-CoV-2, everybody has heard the partially accurate “coronavirus.” My source told me I was naive. The President would say “Chinese Virus” or “China Virus.” So would GOP members of Congress. And Fox News. And conservative talk radio. It would be repeated again and again until it was drilled in the heads of the base that might be wondering whether Trump really had messed up everything. And whenever anyone called it racist or challenged its use, the Republicans would just say “We just want to be accurate,” or “We’re not going to avoid its real name just because Democrats are absurdly sensitive.” Now of course what this racist idiocy does is inflame the Chinese and that is ill advised, if not outright insane, at this juncture, because China has the most information and research on the virus and is cooperating with every other country in the world on dealing with it. Eichenwald pointed that out to his source. That, my source said, was why he was so angry. His colleagues were behaving like a cornered dog, and lashing out without thinking. They had spent so much time denying science that now all they could think about was politics. So the new phrase took root, starting with Tucker Carlson and moving on to Trump himself. Even Kellyanne Conway used the phrase and defended it by saying she was just being “accurate.” Conway’s accuracy is as credible as her alternative facts. As I watched this language spread, knowing the GOP was engaging in PR spin to tear the country further apart during a health crisis, was willing to damage our scientists key relationship with the Chinese, was willing to make this outbreak worse simply to “own the libs.” That’s it in a nutshell. Snopes is reporting […]

Trump’s Real Reason For Opposing Omnibus Bill Is Because Ivanka’s ‘Pet Project’ Got Dumped

This makes complete sense. Read this statement from Rep. Elliot Engel (D-NY.) But first read this tweet from Nicholas Grossman and between the two, you will have all the information that you need to have on why Donald Trump did what he did last night. And lo, all is revealed. The scales drop from our […]