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Will Trump Attack the US In Revenge for Not Re-Electing Him? A Psychologist Says...

The 2020 presidential election will decide either the life or death of America. — John Gartner I have a list of things I fear — death by fire, a decline into dementia, Pop-Tarts — but I have never feared Donald Trump or his goose-stepping minions. I loathe and despise them, and I fear for the people whom their policies actively hurt (most all of us, really), but I don’t fear them. Neither should you. However, I do feel a deep apprehension for what Trump might do if and when he loses re-election in November. We all think, hope, pray and anticipate him getting his ass dragged around the block by Biden in November, but there’s a question: what will Trump do in the event he loses? Psychologist and psychotherapist John Gartner, a specialist in borderline personality disorders, has those same worries. And he feels Trump will go out swinging. Trump’s bagman Michael Cohen said in Congressional testimony in February 2019: Given my experience working for Mr. Trump, I fear that if he loses the election in 2020, there will never be a peaceful transition of power. I’m not worried about him not leaving the White House, as some do. It doesn’t matter if he acknowledges the loss or not. If he loses in November, his presidency ends at noon on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, no matter what he and his idiot brownshirts say or do. I like to think that, given Trump’s penchant for belligerent, bullying behavior towards his “inferiors,” there will be plenty of Secret Service agents who are waiting for 12:01 pm on January 20 to put him on the ground and arrest him for trespassing. (Or just beat his flabby ass and throw him out of the front door. I’m good either way.) Former US Attorney Barbara McQuade agrees, writing for The Atlantic: “[T]he newly minted president would possess … presidential powers. If necessary, [Biden] could direct federal agents to forcibly remove Trump from the White House. Now a private citizen, Trump would no longer be immune from criminal prosecution, and could be arrested and charged with trespassing in the White House. While even former presidents enjoy Secret Service protection, agents presumably would not follow an illegal order to protect one from removal from office.” She doesn’t say anything about the Secret Service beating the brakes off him in the East Room, but I think privately she might get a chuckle out of the idea. Nor can he just cancel the election. If he does something insane to disrupt the election to the point where it cannot be held, then on 12:01 pm of January 20, 2021, Nancy Pelosi becomes president. Boy, would he hate that… What Gartner fears is the motivation for vengeance an infuriated Trump would feel in the days and weeks after the November election, should he lose it. You can forget about W’s being pried off keyboards. Trump is psychologically capable of far worse than that. Since Trump has taken office, he has performed not one action that was taken on behalf of the American people. Not one. He started by lying about the size of the crowd during his inauguration and attacking the media over its inauguration coverage, and in the last several days has recommended that Americans inject themselves with disinfectants to battle […]

Dammit. Here We Go Again.

What was it that I said a few days ago, something about not realizing what you had until it was gone? Turns out that applies too. Lately, due to the fact that he is a one man jackhammer to the foundation of the stock market, Trump has managed to find ways to delay his daily televised mental masturbation session until well after the markets have closed for the day. As such, he has normally been drooling and slobbering merrily away during my official old fart nap time. But suddenly today, with the markets closed for Good Friday, I ended up with a 55 gallon drum of drivel dumped over my head. But today showed me that whether it’s due to age, distraction, inattention, or mental incontinence, when it comes to guile, misdirection, and pure flat out bullshit, Trump is losing something off of his fastball. It used to take hours of tin-panning through the river of bullshit trying to finds the small, golden nuggets of truth that pointed the way to his true, nefarious intentions. Now he just plops them along behind himself, like a horse strolling along after eating too many green apples. Just from what he said today, while I sat there bleeding from the eyes, I can already glean the contours of his next scam-o-rama of self effacing bullshit as the corona-virus plods along its course. Let’s just take a peek at some of the fun-with-Dick-and-Jane bullshit we can look forward to hearing over the next few days and weeks. For starters, get ready to hear a lot about testing in the days to come, mainly because it’s a subject that His Lowness has been getting his ass kicked over, and now it’s time for payback. Trump went all in on defending his testing record today, claiming that the United States is doing more testing right now than anybody in the world. Oddly enough, that may actually be true, but the operative words in that sentence are right now. We’re doing the most testing because pretty much everybody else in the world is already fucking done with the mass testing that helped them to finally flatten the curve! But being Trump, he also had to lie out of both halves of his mouth. He defended not testing everywhere by saying that there was no need to test in places where there are no cases. Ummm, no, actually shit-for-brains, that’s exactly where you want to test, to find the asymptomatic ones so you can isolate them away from everybody else! But why let logic and facts get in the way of a nice fantasy Next, watch El Pendejo Presidente try to treat every Governor in the country like the President of Montenegro, and elbow them right out of the picture. At least if they have a “D” after their name. He’s already doing it. For instance, in today’s oral Rorschach test, Trump highlighted the fact that Washington’s Governor, whom he refused to mention by name, had just returned to the government a field hospital that Trump’s decisive leadership had built there, and which was no longer needed. Missing from that four-bong-hit vision was the fact that by the time his lazy ass finally got the Army Corps of Engineers out there to build the fucking thing, it was no longer needed! Watch for this to become standard fare. […]

Trump Pence Explain That Obama Is Screwing Up the Governmental Response to Coronavirus

I suppose that this is one of those good news/bad news scenarios. The good news — if this can possibly be construed as “good” — is that Donald Trump finally admitted that the governmental response to the coronavirus pandemic was botched. This is the first time anything approaching an admission about the failure to adequately test for Covid-19 has been made. The bad news is that he is spinning it to make Barack Obama the fall guy — for a screw up taking place in the Trump administration. Yes, another entry into the You Can’t Make This Shit Up file. Trump on coronavirus testing: "The Obama administration made a decision on testing that turned out to be very detrimental to what we're doing & we undid that decision a few days ago so that testing can take place in a much more accurate & rapid fashion" (what's he talking about?) pic.twitter.com/Z0UBaORIwI — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 4, 2020 And it gets better still. Team Trump just admitted they lied about working on #CoronavirusOutbreak for weeks and weeks. Trump and Pence just blamed Obama for a regulation that slowed down testing. When did Trump change that regulation? Weeks ago? Before his press conference a week ago? Nope, 4 days ago: https://t.co/GJMQk1psku — (((DeanObeidallah))) (@DeanObeidallah) March 4, 2020 The Obama administration “asserted FDA jurisdiction over testing and the development of tests like this.” Why how unusual. To put the testing of a drug under the Food and Drug Administration? Now who would have ever thought of that? Thank heavens that Donald Trump is here to destroy yet another regulation — dammit, it’s always a regulation preventing the free flow of genius endeavor, isn’t it now — and get us moving again. After Obama had crippled us. Right. Does anybody want some kool-aide while we sit through Gaslighting 101? Yet again? It is a matter of public record that Trump fired key civil service personnel in charge of this very thing, a global pandemic. But no, it’s Obama’s fault. At least Trump stopped short of suggesting that we rename Covid-19 the “Obamavirus” — today at least. Give him a little while. This is one of his trial balloon numbers, that we’ve seen before, and if it gets traction and people actually bee-leave that Obama is responsible, then that’s all you’ll hear from here on out.

Maybe Pence Will Be Out Soon, White House Staffers Blaming Him For Botching Coronavirus

Buck passing and finger pointing are part of any incompetently run organization and the White House certainly qualifies as that. Donald Trump appointed Mike Pence head of the coronavirus task force last week and went on vacation, figuring that Pence would mind the store. Instead, things got worse and White House staffers morphed into Chicken Littles, crying, “the stock market is falling!” Oh, what to do! Trump took to the airwaves, finally, late Monday, with some hastily cobbled together ideas. Politico: While President Donald Trump previewed a slate of fiscal stimulus options from the White House Monday night, other aides privately continued to debate the seriousness of the coronavirus. Officials, like Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, had been urging staff not to overreact, while other aides advocated dramatic measures, such as shutting down borders, stopping cruise ship travel and expanding travel restrictions. Then there was the blame game. One senior administration official blamed the national security staff for bungling the early coronavirus response. Other aides blamed the vice president’s office, which has taken the lead on the response. “The Office of the Vice President seems way in over their heads,” one White House official said, referring to the coordination and messaging. “They don’t know what they’re doing.” Separately, some aides took issue with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield, who’d dutifully stood by Trump during his Friday visit to the Atlanta agency and commended the president for his “decisive leadership.” Trump, for his part, continued to denigrate the media and Democrats on Twitter for overhyping the coronavirus threat. It stands to reason that the Trump administration is blaming everybody and everything but themselves, while the fact remains that the key problem here is that since the very beginning of this crisis it has been handled as a PR problem and not a public health emergency. All subsequent problems stem from that. That, and the fact that when Trump took office he gutted pandemic preparedness programs, firing key personnel, and when he needed them, they weren’t there. So now he has to try and reverse engineer something that will take care of this emergency. Rotsa ruck. Not too many people believe that this administration is going to rise to the occasion, after the incompetence that’s been displayed so far. Trump’s first public comment on the coronavirus was to say that, “there are only about fifteen cases and soon there will be zero.” The number of reported cases is now at 500 and the death toll is 26. Democrats would do well to emphasize this in a campaign ad. Trump loves to shoot from the hip and make things up and the covid-19 crisis emphasizes that tendency like nothing else. And unfortunately, it’s a matter of life and death.  

‘We’re Republicans Who Are Sick of Trump’s Lies’ Title of Blistering New Trump Attack...

I wouldn’t want to be a television set when Trump sees this one. He’ll probably throw a case of Diet Coke, along with a hissy fit. Republicans For the Rule of Law has put out another gem, this one a compilation of Republican voters nationwide who say they won’t vote for Trump, based upon how he has botched the coronavirus response. YES!! More of this!!

Dan Rather says Trump ‘Is Not Going To Come To Anybody’s Rescue’

Both Dan Rather and Carl Bernstein were on CNN this morning, and they both made very good points about Donald Trump and his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. They were both there to comment on Trump’s latest boondoggle, that of informing state governors, in essence, that this is their baby and “we are there to back you up should you fail.” Whoa. Time out. Did everybody else know that this was a state issue and not a federal emergency? And I assume that’s the fault of the media for not reporting that correctly? Here we go, another front in the War on Truth has just exploded. Rather’s initial take was that Trump’s blaming the media was “disgraceful” and divisive, “at a time when we need to pull together more than ever. This is unacceptable and I think most Americans recognize it as such.” Rather’s connection was lost and the ball was passed to Bernstein, who said that he believed that Trump should broadcast daily briefings, because among other reasons, he’s a compulsive liar and needs to be called out for such. “He’s focused on a war on truth as opposed to focused on a war against a deadly plague.” That’s it in a nutshell. Trump doesn’t care what happens to America. He’s covered in all events, health wise, money wise, he’s got his. All he needs to do is fix the optics of this deal somehow and get reelected and he’ll be just fine. That is the extent of “leadership” you’re going to get from the man, which is to say you’re not going to get any at all, get used to it. And that’s pretty much what Dan Rather had to say. “Until and unless he proves differently, I’d pay far less attention to president Trump. I really regret having to have said that. But he’s not going to come to anybody’s rescue and the faster we realize that, the better off we’ll be.” The only problem with what Rather said, is what do we do? If the steward of the government is incompetent to pull it’s levers, what is our recourse? Guess we’re gonna find out. Here’s the four minute clip.  

Trump Told He’s Got One Month To Win Reelection Or He Won’t — So...

In the movie Blade Runner the Rutger Hauer character catches up with his girlfriend, another replicant, played by Darryl Hannah, and gives her the bad news of how they’re getting wiped out. He tells her, “Priss, there are only two of us left now.” She replies, “Then we’re stupid and we’ll die.” Maybe that’s a description of America in 2020, because those who listen to Donald Trump right now are signing their own death warrants, because he doesn’t care about the science or the math of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump is listening to a number of conservative advisers who are telling him to reopen the economy because it’s the only way he can win reelection — and the lives of Americans are apparently of no consequence in this equation. As Rick Wilson pointed out Saturday, Fox News and Facebook are ginning up the base, and the base doesn’t believe coronavirus is real — or if they do, they don’t believe that it’s going to affect them personally. Like Heaven and Hell, Hell is for somebody else. Everyone believes s/he is going to go to Heaven. And the Trump campaign is capitalizing on this folly. Politico: They point to emerging signs around the country. Trump-supported activists are protesting strict stay-at-home orders. Conservative groups’ internal polling in red-leaning and swing states show a significant uptick in Americans who favor reopening the country. A growing chorus of Republican lawmakers across the nation are on board. “If you don’t see something start to happen … you’re going to see a conservative revolt by our base,” said Adam Brandon, president of FreedomWorks, a conservative group which recently polled on reopening the economy. “The worst strategy for him is to keep things shut until August. Trump is basically going to win or lose his election right now, in the next month.” It goes without saying that facts are being cherry picked and manipulated. Trump stated two weeks ago that the death rate in New York City was down, despite the fact that the morgues, funeral homes and even the refrigeration trucks were packed with the dead, and there was discussion of temporarily interring bodies in a mass grave in a local park. I'm currently working in a hospital in Boston. A lot of my patients had Fox on today, where the message seems to be that the pandemic is cresting and we're now on the back end. Meanwhile an entire building of our hospital is dedicated to COVID, mostly ICU-level care. — topherius (@topherius1) April 6, 2020 That was April 6. On April 17, Trump took to Twitter to foment civil insurrection in the states of Virginia, Minnesota and Michigan. Trump wants to reopen the economy, the human cost be damned, and other GOP leaders are with him on this. They don’t care about human life, either. The poster child for this proposition is Ron DeSantis, who just reopened Florida beaches on April 17, because “Floridians need fresh air.” Now bear in mind that April 14, last Tuesday, marked the height of the Florida death toll from coronavirus, with 72 people dying in 24 hours. Yet three days later, it’s volleyball on the beach. This is in spite of the fact that the number of cases in the state is still increasing as of Saturday April 18, bringing the totals to […]

Trump Signaling He’ll Block Oversight of Stimulus Bill So He Can Grab Money For...

Donald Trump signed the $2 Trillion coronavirus rescue bill on Friday, which is the good news. The bad is that he says he intends to ignore the provision that specifies that the newly-created Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery is to report to Congress “without delay” when any government agencies don’t provide information on how the stimulus money is to be spent. Politico: Trump’s decision to override the requirement that the inspector general report concerns to Congress is reminiscent of his handling of the whistleblower complaint regarding Ukraine that ultimately led to his impeachment last year. At the time, the intelligence community’s inspector general sought to relay to Congress a whistleblower complaint that Trump had abused his power by seeking Ukraine’s interference in the 2020 election. But top officials in the Justice Department and White House intervened, blocking the report from reaching Congress until subpoenas and a pressure campaign from House Democrats forced it into the open. Trump, in his signing statement, is now suggesting that any legal requirement that an inspector general report to Congress is inherently improper without allowing for the president to make the ultimate decision. Under the final measure, the special inspector general would be nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate. He or she would be required to “conduct, supervise, and coordinate audits and investigations of the making, purchase, management, and sale of loans, loan guarantees, and other investments made by the Secretary of the Treasury under any program established by the Secretary under this Act.” “I do not understand, and my Administration will not treat, this provision as permitting the SIGPR to issue reports to the Congress without the presidential supervision required by the Take Care Clause, Article II, section 3,” the signing statement specified. Trump has in essence granted himself authority to block the inspector general from reporting inter-agency obstruction to Congress, even though there is nothing in the bill which says he can do that. But he does get a chance to rant about Article II. He loves to talk about Article II and how powerful he is. And here’s the bottom line: “But a requirement to consult with the Congress regarding executive decision-making, including with respect to the President’s Article II authority to oversee executive branch operations, violates the separation of powers by intruding upon the President’s power and duty to supervise the staffing of the executive branch,” Trump wrote. Two reasons he’s doing this: 1. He’s power mad, that’s a no brainer; 2. He’s looking to exploit loopholes in the bill which will allow himself and Jared Kushner to get bail out money. Market Watch: WASHINGTON — The $2 trillion legislative package moving through Congress to shore up the U.S. economy devastated by the coronavirus was carefully written to prevent President Donald Trump and his family from profiting from the federal fund. But the fine print reveals that businesses owned by Trump and his family still may be eligible for some assistance. […] Ethics groups warn, though, that the 880-page bill contains loopholes in the ethics ban and wording elsewhere could theoretically allow the banned parties to still benefit from the federal giveaways. After analyzing the massive bill, the DC-based ethics group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said Trump and his family might still benefit from provisions in […]

Trump Interrupts Coronavirus Press Conference To Play With His Hair

Americans are dying, but who cares about that? Trump is behind the podium for ratings and to look good. He was giving his daily coronavirus briefing Monday, when the wind began to gust and muss up his hair. Now, bear in mind, this is the man who wouldn’t go to a cemetery in Paris to honor fallen American soldiers, because it was raining and he didn’t want his hair to look bad on camera. Life and death matters never trump (you should pardon the expression) issues of personal appearance. The man has priorities. "My hair is blowing around. And it is mine. The one thing you cannot get away with. It is a problem if you are president" — Trump pic.twitter.com/ZifUxnquYQ — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 30, 2020 You can tell how bored he is with all this.  What does he care about beds at the Javitz Center, or anywhere else for that matter? He’s got real issues, like baldness, and the desperate need to conceal it. Take another listen. He’s talking about beds, then he sees a box blowing — or something — then he plays with his hair and then forces himself back to reading stats, in a bored monotone. This is what’s leading us through our darkest hour in many a decade. And while this was going on, Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy, who is a Fox advertiser, and who, not surprisingly, has been sued for deceptive marketing and unsupported health claims was introduced as a key soldier on the battlefield of coronavirus. He’s allegedly going to manufacture face masks. Mask pillows? Who knows? Trump has the MyPillow guy in a pandemic press conference and that is a sentence that proves we are in the most asinine assholes of fucking timelines. That or the simulation is glitching HARD. A clown car filled with Fredos on fire, off the cliff. — Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig) March 30, 2020 I’ve often questioned if we aren’t in the Matrix and Morpheus can’t get us back online. Or maybe there was a third pill and we took that, and now we’re in this phuquing nightmare. And check this out from historian Kevin Kruse. Two days ago, I tweeted this. Right now, Trump has the My Pillow guy speaking in the Rose Garden. https://t.co/tGYtidILaM — Kevin M. Kruse (@KevinMKruse) March 30, 2020 I’m sure that you read that Trump called ARod (Alex Rodriguez) and J Lo the other day to solicit their views on the coronavirus. This is not unusual at all, especially when Trump’s bored. When he was at the G20 he found that too boring to pay attention to and so began tweeting birthday greetings to celebrities on Twitter. This is vintage Trump. He’s not even paying attention, let alone on board for a global health and humanitarian crisis. He’s just going through the motions at this point, and we haven’t even seen the worst of COVID-19 in this country yet. You know this isn’t going to get any better, right?  

Trump Says ‘Democrats Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Win’ 2020 Election

This is a particularly nutty day for Donald Trump. He’s making a lot less sense than usual and that’s saying quite a lot. The highlight so far is that the Democrats “shouldn’t be allowed to win” the 2020 election. Hoe Kay. “They view this [coronavirus] as a campaign issue…they want to try and win an election that they shouldn’t be allowed to win, based on the fact that we have done a great job. We built the greatest economy in the world — I’ll do it a second time — we got “artificially stopped” by a virus that nobody ever thought possible.” This has to be heard to be believed. Trump's case for his own reelection is all about what he did before the pandemic he wasn't prepared for hit, as well as weak Obama whataboutism. Doesn't bode great for him. pic.twitter.com/K8ZoQO7xDw — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) April 6, 2020 Intriguing that he thinks that “nobody ever thought” a pandemic could happen — when there were trained experts on the national security council, who Trump fired. It’s a bit like somebody driving a flatbed full of dynamite, soaked with gasoline, on an icy road and after the tremendous explosion, saying, “Nobody ever thought possible that one truck could ever cause this much damage.” Well, maybe the people who know not to transport dynamite, let alone soaked in gasoline, on a flatbed know the potential damage. And maybe a real president wouldn’t have gutted the pandemic response team, knowing full well how overwhelming a pandemic can be, and that it’s something that can always happen, so be prepared. A little bit like the people who cancel car insurance because they think it’s an unnecessary expense and then they find out just how necessary the expense was. But if this is Trump’s best argument for reelection, he’s more pathetic than I thought. And that, too, is saying a lot. But I have to commend him on this: this clip and others from today’s presser are going to make great attack ad fodder. I can’t wait.

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