Tuesday, October 27, 2020

WATCH: Pro-Fauci Ad, Exposing Trump ‘Sidelining and Discrediting’ the Doctor Is Airing On Fox...

I’m surprised Donald Trump doesn’t phone in to Fox & Friends and demand that this ad stop airing during their show. Or maybe he hasn’t heard about it yet. Republican Voters Against Trump has enlisted Olivia Troye, who used to work side by side with Fauci at the White House, to tell the truth about […]

Fauci Puts the Kabash On Trump Campaign Ad Using His Likeness Without Permission

Team Trump just doesn’t bother to get clearances and that’s a no no, but a foreseeable one. Nothing in the White House works like normal. Memos contain typos and misspellings, aides tell lies that are easily exposed, and everybody who works there is cringing in the shadows, wondering whether to be more afraid of catching […]

‘Let Them Eat COVID’ Trump’s Final Days Are An American Tragedy and He’s A...

“Let them eat cake,” has resounded through the centuries as the casually cruel comment of a clueless elite leader, totally out of touch with her people or their real world struggles. Donald Trump basically one upped Marie Antoinette the night of the first presidential debate, when he mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask, and […]
 / YouTube President Trump returns to the White 1601947392.jpg...

Federal Food Boxes plus…

In a story related to today's Nobel Prize Winner, and hunger, we have the polar opposite. Worker at Food Banks all over the country have made a surprising discovery. The latest Federal Assistance in...

“Feral” Trump Demands Immediate Indictment of Biden, Clinton and Obama

Donald Trump, Twitter, and his smartphone is a toxic combination. We’ve known this for years. But now Trump has, once again, broken new ground in his endless quest to turn America into his personal fiefdom. He wants his political opponents arrested. After having his virus-riddled ass driven back to the White House from Walter Reed, […]

Trump Demanded Walter Reed Personnel Sign NDAs On His November Midnight Run

Encountering Donald Trump is not a normal experience no matter who you are. It is an automatic ticket to the Twilight Zone, even if you work at a world renowned medical facility like Walter Reed hospital. When Trump made a sudden appearance there on November 16 of last year, the first thing he did was […]

Trump’s Dexamethasone Crash Is Coming and It Will Be A Nightmare

“Don’t cry for me Orange-tina” — new Trump world national anthem.  Welcome to the COVID Chronicles, 28 days out edition. We will do this once a day until COVID-19 is gone, or Donald Trump is gone, or the blessed day when both are but a bad memory. Last night the world watched TrumpVita climb the […]

The “Masks” Are All Off Now

No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself, and another for the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true   Nathaniel Hawthorne   The Scarlet Letter I honestly don’t know who in the hell is planning all of these recent Trump photo ops, But whoever it is should retire to […]

Don Jr. Thinks Dad ‘Is Acting Crazy’ After Joyride, Wants To Stage Intervention

The newest macabre chapter in the COVID Chronicles is a barrage of early morning, all caps tweets, from the patient in chief. They are what you would expect, “PROTECT THE SECOND AMENDMENT! VOTE!” Supposedly steroids make you high and Trump is either that or bored, and so he’s on the tweet box wearing his tiny […]

Trump Stages Political Theater Joy Ride In SUV, Endangering Lives Of Secret Service

It’s too bad that while scientists search for a COVID-19 vaccine that they can’t also develop one that immunizes a person against stupidity and immaturity — because Donald Trump needs both. In a childish and epically selfish display of temperament Sunday, Trump left Walter Reed Hospital to go joyriding in an SUV and wave at […]

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