Sunday, July 5, 2020
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“Family Separation” is NOT a Trump “policy.” It’s an insidious PR campaign.

My friends, it’s time to wake up and smell the outhouse. The obvious can no longer be denied or covered up. We literally have an evil government. And no, I don’t mean a stupid, corrupt, feckless, ignorant, or incompetent government. From Donald Trump to Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, to Kirstjen Nielsen, we have a triumvirate […]
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The best antidote to Russian interference in 2018? Our candidates.

Y’all gotta stop confusing me all the time! Come on, you know how easy that is, it’s like taking a chew toy from a puppy. More and more these days I keep hearing “Russia 2018! Russia 2018!” I keep thinking that you’re all just a bunch of rabid World Cup fans. Cut me some slack here, […]
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Up YOURS Trey Gowdy!

If you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the Trump campaign, present it to the damn grand jury…Whatever you got, finish it the hell up   Representative Trey Gowdy I live for this shit. You know how, when somebody’s toddler throws a tantrum, sometimes the parent will catch it on their cell phone, and […]
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Insult to Injury? Trump Administration Forcing Families to Pay to Re-Unite

Were it not enough that our government forcibly separated families, parents from children, such that the government is now under a court order to re-unite families, ICE is putting up huge costs and red tape to hinder or slow the process, making it almost as painful as losing the child altogether, according to the New […]
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Trump Makes Veiled Threat to Protesters/Opponents, Hypocrisy Never Stronger

As we’ve discussed already, Donald Trump went for safe cover, Fox TV, to do a sit down interview with Maria Bartiromo today. There are those who believe that Trump agrees to do sit down interviews on the eve or on the verge of upcoming bad news for Trump, we can hope that is true. Nonetheless, […]
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A joyful reunion? Afraid not, the damage is already done.. (With a video)

Quick show of hands, how many of you have children? Now, remember when they were 7 years old? What was it like when you walked in the door after being gone for 9-10 hours at work? Remember the squealed “Mommy! or “Daddy!” and the hug? What if you had to go away for a week […]
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Trump Will Trade Abortion for Protection from Mueller

He’s gloating now. Having quite possibly successfully pressured Kennedy into retirement, with a great deal of weird interrelationships between himself, his sons, Kennedy’s son at Deutsche Bank, and looking for a “close-out” 5th conservative justice to ensure that any Mueller case/questions that go up to the SCOTUS turn out “his way,” Trump is already mugging […]
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Trump Won’t “Rule Out” Lifting Sanctions After Putin Meeting

President Trump on Friday promised reporters winging their way with him on Air Force One that he’d bring up the issue of election meddling when he meets with Russia’s Vladimir Putin next month. But Trump couldn’t bring himself to rule out lifting sanctions or recognizing the Kremlin’s annexation of Crimea. “We’ll be talking about elections. […]
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Patience, the “constitutional crisis” is closer than you think.

Constitutional crisis. Just two words, but oh, how they chill the heart. For months now, every poli-sci major without gainful employment has been going in front of every camera with a green light to opine about the impending constitutional Armageddon. And like most of the book-smart-and-street-stupid class, they’re right and wrong at the same time. […]

Top SCOTUS Nominee: Pres May be Immune From Criminal Invest.

Get to know the name Brett M. Kavanaugh, because he may well be our next Supreme Court Justice, or at least nominee. He checks off all the boxes that I knew existed,  conservative, anti-abortion, etc. But, he also checks off a box that must have been on the other side of the page. Cavanaugh comes through […]

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