Friday, November 22, 2019
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What’s with this “Trump ruins reputations” argle-bargle all of a sudden?

I’ll be honest, I am not loving this. As the unplanned dismissal rate in the Trump administration rises like the “Viet Cong body count” in an old Pentagon press release, more and more media analysts are bemoaning the fact that His Lowness tarnishes the reputation of everybody he comes in contact with, their reputations just […]
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At least ONE person in Trumptopia loves Rudy Giuliani.

You know, it turns out that Rudy Giuliani is a man with many hats. Currently, he’s a legal laughingstock, and an existential threat to the Trump legal defense, both in terms of Stormy Daniels, as well as the firing of James Comey. But Rudy has plenty of room on that fat, empty head for another […]
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Rudy Giuliani rides to the rescue! Of Stormy Daniels and James Comey.

Did you ever catch a toddler that did something wrong? You tell them that you know they did it, and they burble out a totally nonsensical explanation of why it couldn’t have been them. Then, you patiently explain why you know it was them, and they come up an excuse so lame that even the […]
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John McCain: Trump NOT Welcome at Funeral, Pence Will Stand In When Time Comes

John McCain is not well. This is not breaking news, obviously. But, the neuro-blastoma that has set-in, appears to not be responding to treatment (it basically never does), and the elder-statesman is making plans for his final arrangements. According to the New York Times, McCain’s friends have told Donald Trump that he is not welcome […]
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Michael Cohen’s next excuse? “I’m not dumb, I’m just trained that way.”

Oh. My. God! I have got to stop being so sarcastic! I have in the past referred to some of His Lowness’ legal representation as having having graduated from Jim Bob’s Bait Shop and Law School. When it comes to Michael Cohen, it turns out that I was damn near RIGHT! Politico took a good, long […]

Will Trump talk to Mueller, or won’t he? Watch ONE man.

Following the surprise release by the New York Times of a rather long list of questions that team Mueller told the Trump defense team that they would like to ask him in an interview, the burning question is, “Will Trump sit down with Mueller, or won’t he?” This is a question we may well have […]

“The Swamp’s” newest crocodile? Mick Mulvaney.

Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” But any good surveyor will tell you, when you drain a swamp, the first thing you do is to expose all of the really nasty, slimy shit that was hiding at the bottom. And now, his OMB director, Mick Mulvaney is the latest denizen to slither up out […]
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Forget Michelle Wolf, will ya? Trump just spilled the beans again.

OK, everybody can stop hyperventilating now. The bad, nasty curly haired lady has gone back to telling jokes to people who actually like her. To me, Michelle Wolf didn’t crack the best joke of the night, that honor went to Andrea Mitchell, hysterically shrieking “I’ll GET you Michelle, and your little dog too!” on Twitter. […]
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Trump Unhinged Part II. Cuz, like Fox and Friends worked out SO well!

One thing about Trump, he’s a man of his word. He promised during the campaign to promote job creation in the US, and he’s made good on his promise. There is now a whole cottage industry that has sprung up in the United States devoted in creating metaphorical life rafts and life preservers, simply to […]

Revealed: Donald Trump Jr. Had A Back Channel To Kremlin

In the Trump administration procuring a back channel to the Kremlin was pursued like it was the Holy Grail. Jared Kushner sought it through Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, Erik Prince went to the Seychelles Islands to meet with a Putin emissary to get it, but surprisingly Donald Trump Jr. wins the prize. He established a […]

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