Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Polling On Impeachment Reaches High, Majority Favors Inquiry

As this critical day dawns, we learn that the American people increasingly appreciate the threat the lawless president poses, and support the ultimate penalty. A majority of Americans now favor the impeachment process, and they favor it even prior to learning of the unprecedented State Department inspector general’s report to congress about the conflicted Mike Pompeo. According to Politico, A batch of recent polling confirms the Democratic impeachment push is gaining steam — including a new POLITICO/Morning Consult survey that shows for the first time that more voters support than oppose proceedings to remove Trump from office. The uptick is primarily among Democrats, as Republican voters surveyed continue to have Trump’s back. In the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, 46 percent of voters said Congress should begin impeachment proceedings vs. 43 percent who said they should not. Eleven percent had no opinion. That support represented a 3-point bump from last week, when voters were evenly split. The fact that a majority of Americans now favor impeachment represents a seismic shift that could ultimately determine the timeframe by which the process goes forward. Trump remains in office today only because it is widely believed that few Republicans would vote to remove him. But each Republican sitting in the Senate now has to recalculate all previous assumptions, sticking beside Trump at all costs may incur the ultimate cost to their political career. Before anyone breaks into a dance, it should be noted that the poll reflects whether the public favors the impeachment inquiry itself, and not “removal.” At this point, the people favoring “removal” still remain in the minority, at 44%. Additionally, the impeachment question, like near everything else in this nation right now, remains deeply divided along partisan lines: Voters are becoming even more divided along partisan lines on impeachment. The POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows eight-in-10 Democrats support starting impeachment proceedings, while only 11 percent oppose that. Among Republicans, only 9 percent support impeachment proceedings, compared to 85 percent who oppose. Independents are split: 43 percent support beginning impeachment proceedings, while 39 percent are in opposition. Among the 41 percent of all voters who approve of the job Trump is doing as president, only 5 percent say Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against him, while 88 percent say Congress should not. Make of that what you will. For me, it tells me that there is no point in doing the “narrow and fast” impeachment proceeding advocated by so many in Congress. The public is not supportive of removal itself, not quite yet. Still, the public has shifted its views after only seeing the tip of the corruption iceberg. Consider all we’ve learned in just the last week. And with each revelation, it seems the support to remove Trump grows. I cannot help but think that even larger scandals, more damning information – taxes, Deutsche Bank records – are coming, and sooner than we might think. But, for now, the important takeaway is that public opinion is shifting, increasing the risk to each Republican senator who continues to defend Trump at all costs, oh, and increasing the risk to Trump, too. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com and on Twitter @MiciakZoom  
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A Turn Against Trump? “Civil War” Tweet Works into the Republican Consciousness

Recall this, we highlighted the viciousness of it yesterday, and all that it means: ….If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.” Pastor Robert Jeffress, @FoxNews — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 30, 2019 We noted that Americans ran into machine guns on the beaches of Normandy for their country, yet Trump seems to be implying that we need machine gun each other down to save him, fuck the country. Others have taken note: NOW From a GOP Senate staffer: "The Civil War tweet is a tipping point for some, but not all." Says Trump's actions are pushing the GOP toward removal if that vote comes. It boils down to @senatemajldr . "If Sen. McConnell votes for removal, then it's over." @realDonaldTrump — Brian J. Karem (@BrianKarem) October 1, 2019 Forget for just one moment that it is Mitch McConnell, and just relish for a moment that Trump is not in control of his own destiny. Now would be as good a time as any to remind ourselves that Jared Kushner was spotted visiting McConnell late last week. Chuck Grassley is now reminding … well, it seems like he’s reminding an audience of one, Individual 1, to keep his mouth shut: NEW: Sen. Grassley statement on whistleblower: “This person appears to have followed the whistleblower protection laws and ought to be heard out and protected … No one should be making judgments or pronouncements without hearing from the whistleblower first." pic.twitter.com/rw5cFZzJlG — NBC Politics (@NBCPolitics) October 1, 2019 The best challenge that I have seen today? Crowdsourcing this: Running count of Senate GOP members who have issued a full-bore condemnation of “Civil War 2” and “Arrest my opponents” If reporters aren’t flooding the zone with Senate comms staff, they’re doing it wrong. This is an important moment. — Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) September 30, 2019 It would appear to me that the leak concerning “If McConnell votes …” indicates that reporters are flooding the zone. We have repeated two adages several times over the last bit: The end could come blindingly fast, especially as Republican senators eye each other nervously. And we’ve also referenced the old stock trader adage: “Don’t panic, but if you do panic, panic first,” which matches the thought process of Republican senators, eyeing each other nervously, checking their twitter feed. We have almost made it through another day. ALMOST: Update, Richard Engel’s quote really frames the dilemma for Republicans. They HAVE to see that this is taking the country in a direction from which there is simply no return. This is just beyond what many of them can take: Not normal is an understatement. It's off the hook, The wheels have come off the bus. The AG investigating US intel services, via foreign intel services? ,.. what? https://t.co/7Y1lyIFe6o — Richard Engel (@RichardEngel) September 30, 2019 **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com, and on Twitter, where I am collecting followers: @MiciakZoom

A Heroin-Addicted Moby Fan, Son of Dead Deustche Banker, May Doom Trump-Putin

Alright. Much of this has been all-too-predictable. But not all. The fact that a Moby fan, addicted to heroin, son of a Deutsche Banker who committed suicide, might play a pivotal role in bringing down Trump and perhaps Putin? I admit, I didn’t see that coming. I figured more of a Green Day type. From Charlie Pierce over at Esquire, hit me one time: The saga involves the tragic suicide of a DB official who thought he hadn’t done enough to investigate trickeration and deceit inside the bank; his son, a musician, who came into possession of a massive trove of internal communications, and who decided that sharing is caring, and who apparently has been battling an opioid jones for most of his adult life; North Korean hackers, and the massive hack of the Sony Corporation; and a cameo appearance by Moby, who connected the whistleblower with Rep. Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee. Sure, of course. Happens all the time. What is clear is that if the world ever wants to know the truth about Trump, someone is going to have to autopsy Deutsche Bank. Key word being “autopsy,” because that entity deserves to be deader than the chicken nuggets in your happy meal. From the New York Times: “Clearly, things went on in Deutsche Bank which weren’t kosher,” added the second agent. “What we’re up against is, all those bad acts are being pushed down on the little people on the bottom.” “The low-hanging fruit,” said the first agent. “And the larger bank in its entirety is claiming ignorance and that it’s one bad player,” said his partner. “But we know what we’ve seen. It’s a culture of just — ” Clearly. Mr. Simpson asked Mr. Broeksmit to travel with him to Washington and meet some of his contacts. Mr. Broeksmit shared some of his files with a Senate investigator and — after snorting some heroin — a former prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney’s office. The documents found their way to a team of anti-money-laundering agents at the New York Fed. Coincidence or not, a few months later, the Fed fined Deutsche Bank $41 million for violations inside the American unit that Bill Broeksmit had overseen. (A Fed spokesman declined to comment.) What does all this mean? It means that the answer to everything Trump-Russia-Saudi goes through the servers at Deutsche Bank. Someone likely committed suicide over it. I am sure there are some in Russia quite willing to murder, if necessary to keep it out of our hands. God help us. Moby? **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com      
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Pompeo Declares War: Refuses All Cooperation

Things have heated-up, exponentially, and real threats are now being exchanged. The Trump administration continues to defy the legitimacy of the House of Representatives and the Democrats that lead it. In a brazen rebuke of the rule of law, Secretary of State Pompeo refused to comply with the latest impeachment inquiry subpoena, compelling him and other State Department officials to testify and produce documents pertaining to the Ukrainian matter. Who could have predicted? From The Hill Pompeo asserted that the committee’s demand for testimony from five current and former State Department officials beginning this week raised “significant legal and procedural concerns” and questioned the committee’s authority to compel an appearance by officials for a deposition through the letters sent last week, according to a letter that the secretary of State released on his Twitter feed. The Secretary of State is concerned with the legality of a summons by letter? So he rejects it by releasing a letter, on his Twitter feed? Of course. None of us were under the impression that the administration would actually show up and answer questions, were we? After all, that would imbue some legitimacy into another branch of government. If f we know one thing about the Trump administration, it’s that they don’t acknowledge anyone who disagrees with them. Dictatorships tell dissenters to go fck themselves. To wit: The secretary of State also claimed that there is “no legal basis” for the committee’s threat that the failure of the officials to meet their timeline for documents and testimony would constitute obstruction of the impeachment inquiry. And he raised concerns that House Democrats are seeking to “intimidate” State Department officials with a slew of requests on Ukraine and President Trump‘s interactions with Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky. “Intimidate” the State Department by demanding answers? Why, yes, I suppose when one finds the truth to be dangerous, it sure would be “intimidating” to be asked to tell the truth. It gets worse: I’m concerned with aspects of your request that can be understood only as an attempt to intimidate, bully and treat improperly the distinguished professionals of the Department of State, including several career Foreign Service Officers,” Pompeo wrote in a letter to Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday. “Let me be clear: I will not tolerate such tactics, and I will use all means at my disposal to prevent and expose any attempts to intimidate the dedicated professionals whom I am proud to lead and serve alongside at the Department of State,” Pompeo wrote. Please to be fcking off now. The roadblock is just the beginning, and it is a massive problem. Now would be a great time for some Republicans to find it in themselves to start wondering aloud if it wouldn’t be best to find out what’s really happening. Have no doubt, neither Trump, Pompeo, nor Barr have any intention of providing one word of testimony to this impeachment probe. They will simply ignore the entire matter until they are physically removed, or compelled. Book it. I have said this before, but at some point, the Democrats are going to have to enlist a second branch of government. They have to go to the SCOTUS and get a judgment to enforce their subpoenas. Doing so will serve two necessary purposes. One, it obviously represents […]

Coming Undone, “Civil War,” Witness Intimidation, Inspector Barr

Over and over, we’ve said it. Trump will not “go down” without taking everything he can with him, and increasingly, it seems he’s determined to take down witnesses, other countries, and our nation itself, if it saves His Greatness. Yesterday, in a column infested with Trump self-righteous rage-tweets, we noted that Trump floated the threat of “civil war” should law-abiding citizens determine that Trump be impeached. We were not the only one’s who noticed. Conservative columnist Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast tore into Trump’s unveiled threat: “In January 1973, National Lampoon featured an infamous cover declaring: ‘If You Don’t Buy This Magazine We’ll Kill This Dog.’” he began. “I was reminded of that when Donald Trump sent a similarly desperate tweet this weekend, suggesting that ‘If You Don’t Stop This Impeachment My People and I Will Start a Civil War.’” Of course he will. At no point in his life has Trump ever acknowledged anything greater than himself. If his presidency is threatened by Americans, he will absolutely wage war – limited only by what he’s able to get away with – on other Americans. Not only is Trump not interested in “what’s best for the nation,” not only is Trump going to spend 100% of his time and effort in saving himself, he will take hostages. Not that it should surprise anyone, after all, holding funding to Ukraine hostage for Trump’s personal gain is how he got into this mess in the first place. Trump doesn’t learn well, he will only accelerate the pace of his lawlessness. It will all come undone, absent some sort of pushback by Republicans, Republicans in office, with the ability to stop this man. Trump is also intimidating witnesses – another felony, tweeting out messages to anyone who might dare cross him. We will find you. So if the so-called “Whistleblower” has all second hand information, and almost everything he has said about my “perfect” call with the Ukrainian President is wrong (much to the embarrassment of Pelosi & Schiff), why aren’t we entitled to interview & learn everything about…. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 1, 2019 And ….the Whistleblower, and also the person who gave all of the false information to him. This is simply about a phone conversation that could not have been nicer, warmer, or better. No pressure at all (as confirmed by Ukrainian Pres.). It is just another Democrat Hoax! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 1, 2019 “Learn everything about the whistleblower” and also “the person who gave all the false information to him.” Learn everything about him. It doesn’t take a MENSA member to note the twisted logic here. If the phone call is the only issue, and the phone call is perfect, why do we need to know anything about the “whistleblower,” Mr. “President”? Because Trump wants that whistleblower endangered, in fear. Moreover, he wants potential future whistleblowers in fear. This is the same man who called witnesses to the Mueller investigation “rats.” This is the same man who states that his supporters will erupt in civil war over his impeachment, Trump knows damn well that his “supporters” will immediately endanger this whistleblower. That is the point. We have whistleblower laws precisely because people in power could exact revenge upon the person highlighting the abuse of power. […]
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The Real Deadline that Will Most Likely Dictate Trump’s Fate

Over the last five days, the nation has come to learn more about the shocking abuses of power that infuse the Trump presidency than the last three years combined. If anything, the pace accelerated today, with Barr and Pompeo directly implicated in the extortion of foreign powers, all to confuse the circumstances surrounding the corrupted 2016 election. Why are top American officials traveling the globe enlisting foreign powers to scrape together innuendo concerning 2016? Well, if one asks Occam, he will likely say that the administration believes that the nation is about to learn the truth regarding Russian interference in 2016 and that plans are in the works to do the same in 2020. Best get “alternative facts” in place fast. That part is speculation. It is also beside the point. The point here, for our purposes in this column, is to examine the pace of revelations, increasing momentum by the hour, as insiders feel freer to “leak” and get lost in the avalanche of leaks. It is possible that, until now, the people with information that could bring down the president feared retribution, lest they stick their necks out too far. Perhaps they didn’t have a Geiger counter to waive over their dinner. Now, those same people may see the recent zoo-break as the perfect time to unload what they know, hoping to avoid being fingered as part of conspiracy central. Each Republican, elected and sidelined, has to know that everything is different now. Assumptions that seemed safe only two weeks ago are imperiled, or have already evaporated. One of those imperiled assumptions would be that the Republicans have their nominee for the 2020 election, and that Trump had the best shot (however weak) of hanging on to the White House. But, everything is different now. Democrats have informally tossed around the “Thanksgiving” date as their deadline, the date by which they want to end the investigation. Republicans may be looking at a different deadline, the point at which they’d be stuck with running a crippled, perhaps impeachment-worthy Trump, or a weak and compromised Pence, as their 2020 candidate, versus a date by which they could cobble together a Mitt Romney, 2.0, to run against whomever the Democrats nominate. Without regard to how much they may deserve it, Republicans aren’t about to be shamed into giving up the White House to a more deserving party in 2020. In fact, many of them **COUGH** #MoscowMitch, may believe their very wealth and freedom depends upon retaining the White House. As the floodgates open, and evidence pours in, all following the same pattern, that Trump used his position as president to further his political chances at reelection, and possibly further his personal wealth, Republicans must be looking at the calendar. They have to be contemplating the requisite grace period they need leave themselves in order to draft a new nominee, the most “opposite-Trump-type” person left in the bowels of the Republican party. #Jeff Flake 2020? George Will? Andrew Sullivan? I am not saying that Republicans aren’t willing to stick with Trump as their nominee. It isn’t like they’d reject him out of principle. Additionally, against all odds, it worked once in 2016 – though we might be about to learn exactly “why” it worked. I am saying that if evidence continues to emerge, evidence […]

Trump’s Crumbling “Wall,” Jeff Flake Calls on Repubs to Dump Trump

Jeff Flake, the former Republican Senator from Arizona, took to the Washington Post today to challenge fellow Republicans who remain in office to find their souls, rather than adhere to thoughtless allegiance to Trump. Vague, Flake was not. “My fellow Republicans, it is time to risk your careers in favor of your principles, Whether you believe the president deserves impeachment, you know he does not deserve reelection.” Flake has them coming and going. Impeachment or not, they best know that Trump needs to be gone. Flake has some “cred” here, since he knows the stakes, and has faced them down himself: “I am not oblivious to the consequences that might accompany that decision, In fact, I am living those consequences. I would have preferred to represent the citizens of Arizona for another term in the Senate. “But not at the cost of supporting this man,” To our friends over at the orange mothership, those who love to aggressively assert that “conscientious Republican” is a contradiction in terms, I give you Jeff Flake. Sure, we may not agree with this views as to the proper role of government, women’s rights, policy, etc, but he does seem to care about what he sees as right and wrong. He gave up a prime seat in the Senate over it. Flake then echoes what we have noted here, several times, but most recently today, the danger that Trump will attempt to bring it all down around him: “I fear that, given the profound division in the country, an impeachment proceeding at such a toxic moment might actually benefit a president who thrives on chaos,” Flake wrote. “Disunion is the oxygen of this presidency. He is the maestro of a brand of discord that benefits only him and ravages everything else.” I wish that Flake had not noted that an impeachment process might help Trump because he “thrives on chaos.” Words like that might well convince Trump that the grease fire he sprayed across the country will actually help him politically. Certainly, we agree with Flake that Trump would be just fine with burning the whole place down, so long as he emerges better off. After all, we’re near certain those were Putin’s exact instructions. I am going to give Flake credit, because he didn’t blame the times, he didn’t blame Putin, he didn’t blame violent video games, he laid blame right where it belongs: Republicans “have failed each other, and we have failed ourselves.” Someone had to say it. Besides us, I mean. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com

House Dems Consider Releasing Second Whistleblower Complaint: IRS and Taxes

Well well. When it rains, it … House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal (D-MA) says he is investigating whether to make public a complaint by another whistleblower, a whistleblower who claims to have evidence that the Internal revenue Service acted illegally or corruptly in the preparation or analysis of President Trump’s taxes, Bloomberg reports. The whistleblower, a federal employee, stated that “inappropriate efforts to influence” the audit process occurred within the Internal Revenue Service. Chairman Neal stated that his decision hinges upon whether or not lawyers for the House committee believe such a move would be legal and/or helpful to the long-term goal of obtaining public release of Trump’s tax returns. One might think that releasing the complaint could certainly be “helpful” given that the House has had no success, yet, in releasing the last six years of Trump’s returns. According to Rawstory: On August 8, Neal sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin asking for communications between the IRS and Treasury employees who were involved in the agency’s audit of Trump and asked him to reply by August 13. It’s still not known if Mnuchin replied or not. Let me help Rawstory out. No, Mnuchin did not reply, or we would have heard. Y’all are likely tired of hearing me saying it, but this process – the impeachment process – cannot go forward in my mind, without access to Trump’s taxes and his financial records. If we know anything about Trump, it is that he is motivated purely be self-interest. We will never understand the underlying basis for Trump’s foreign policy choices, nor his domestic concerns, without full disclosure of Trump’s personal financial interests and conflicts. Somewhere, hidden among the paperwork, one will likely find Russian and Saudi money carefully blended in, almost unnoticeably. For that very reason, it is a safe bet that – with the White House knowing there is a good chance that a judge will order Trump to disclose his taxes  – someone in the Trump administration sought manipulate the returns prior to the impending release. While it is strictly a “guess,” it is the guess that makes the most sense given what we know. Last, the situation is devolving such that even Republicans must be looking for lifejackets as they jump ship. “Crimes on paper,” furnish Republicans the perfect floatation device. Crimes on paper are not subject to “nuance,” Republicans fearing the MAGA-head blowback can throw their hands up and say: “What choice did I have? He broke the law, period.” I know that I can be insufferable, but we have said for quite some time that the end could come blindingly fast. If Chairman Neal releases a complaint evidencing direct White House manipulation of IRS employees handling Trump’s taxes, it wouldn’t shock me if Trump stepped down that week. Stay tuned. Oh, and while you procrastinate, day-dreaming, let your mind consider what Trump might have engineered in his private meetings with Putin, given what Trump appears willing to do out in front of American White House and government staff. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com  

Former Ukrainian Prosecutor Ends Giuliani-Trump Extortion, Tells Truth

Well, apparently all one needed to do was speak to the main man involved. Interestingly enough, Rudy Giuliani did speak to the main man involved, and did not like the answer he got. That explains Trump’s phone call and request for a “favor,” in which Trump looked for “alternative” facts regarding the Bidens. According to the L.A. Times, the prosecutor at issue, Yuri Lutsenko, told Giuliani less than a month ago he would be happy to help real law-enforcement, but he knew of no crime committed by the Bidens. Lutsenko stated that if there were to be an investigation, it should be done between law enforcement agencies, and not between “presidents.” Ukraine’s former top law enforcement official says he repeatedly rebuffed President Trump’s personal lawyer’s demands to investigate Joe Biden and his son, insisting he had seen no evidence of wrongdoing that he could pursue despite Trump’s allegations. In an interview, Yuri Lutsenko said while he was Ukraine prosecutor general he told Rudolph Giuliani that he would be happy to cooperate if the FBI or other U.S. authorities began their own investigation of the former vice president and his son Hunter but insisted they had not broken any Ukrainian laws to his knowledge. Huh, I’ll be damned. A politician – attorney general-type with some integrity who insists upon following the law? No wonder Trump had to lean on the president of the nation. Lutsenko, who was fired as prosecutor general last month, said he had urged Giuliani to launch a U.S. inquiry and go to court if he had any evidence but not to use Ukraine to conduct a political vendetta that could affect the U.S. election. “I said, ‘Let’s put this through prosecutors, not through presidents,’ ” Lutsenko told The Times. I guess that is precisely what made this man the western world’s choice to lead Ukrainian prosecutions against corruption. Not even pressure from the United States could make the man budge. In case you are asked at work, or confronted by a MAGA-head neighbor, the facts as to the Ukrainian prosecutor story are straightforward. Names and specific dates are omitted here in the interest of extreme brevity and clarity. Pre 2014, Ukraine was the wild-west, ripe for corruption around every corner. The “prosecutor” at the time looked the other way because – the story goes – that same prosecutor was in on the corruption. The entire world – basically – insisted that aid to the Ukraine hinged upon the nation cleaning up the bribery. Vice President Biden advocated on behalf of the position of the United States’ government, and most governments, that Ukraine should fire the prosecutor. Ukraine fired the prosecutor and put in place a man who couldn’t be corrupted and did investigate corruption. Hunter Biden was asked to join the board of a Ukrainian gas company. The non-corruptible prosecutor looked into the arrangement and found nothing illegal. The end. Apparently this is the story that Mr. Lutsenko wished to communicate to Rudy Giuliani, but he also left open the possibility that perhaps there were facts he did not know, and please send real law enforcement, like the FBI, and the matter could be discussed. Interestingly enough, the fact that neither Trump nor Rudy Giuliani asked the FBI to investigate any of this is the giant “tell” in the matter. Trump […]
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Things Come Undone, Shocking Behavior on the Sunday Morning Shows

Down South, Sunday morning means church. But throughout much of blue America, it means the New York Times, the farmers’ market, and Sunday talk shows, the period during which the news is analyzed, not made. Today revealed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the nation is coming undone. Where to begin? How about Fox News, where none other than Sith Stephen Miller decried the coup instigated by those anti-American Deep Statists against the greatest president to bless this nation. Up with this, even Chris Wallace would not put: Via CrooksandLiars: “This is a deep state operative, pure and simple,” Miller charged. “People who haven’t been in the federal government, who haven’t worked in the White House may not appreciate this but the situation is you have a group of unelected bureaucrats who think that they need to take down this president.” “Enough with the rhetoric,” Wallace shot back. “Let’s talk about some specific facts in this.” Done? Nyet. “How about answering my question?” Wallace interrupted after Miller tried to avoid the topic. “I understand,” Miller replied. “I understand that you have your question, I have my answer.” “It’s a non-answer at this point,” Wallace observed. Well, alrighty then. It must be frustrating to be the Trumpiest of the Trumpers, go on Trump TV, only to get one’s ass grilled for brunch. Over on CNN, yet another Trump apologist got ridiculed by known liberal Democratic-Socialist Bill Kristol, not at all happy that Trumper David Urban refused to actually answer a question, preferring instead to focus upon meany Adam Schiff and his “made-up” story about Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president. “Pathetic” Kristol labeled the attempt, as the two began shouting over each other: via Rawstory: After Urban frantically attacked Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for reading a parody of the highly redacted transcript of Trump’s conversation with the president of Ukraine, Kristol said he was making too big of a deal about it in order to deflect from the president’s criminality.”This is pathetic,” Kristol began only to have Urban yell over him and what followed was a quick-paced back and forth. “This isn’t about the chairman [Schiff], it’s about the president of the United States,” Kristol charged. “Will you defend the president’s behavior? The real transcript?” Short answer? No. “You think President Trump’s behavior was proper?” Kristol demanded. “Is it proper for Adam Schiff to read something,” Urban attempted, which Kristol dismissed as unimportant. To be real clear, this particular “always-Trumper” believes the real scandal is Schiff’s characterization of the transcript, and not the obvious illegalities within the transcript. Once respectable Republican Lindsey Graham demonstrated that he either continues his descent into madness, or is having an increasingly difficult time fulfilling his role as the wholly compromised U.S. Senator in charge of covering for all things felonious Trump. Lindsey wonders why we haven’t yet heard from all the witnesses and are going forward on “hearsay,” apparently forgetting that Trump admitted to the gist of the charge, and also banking on Trump supporters’ inability to understand the words “impeachment investigation.” Also via Rawstory, from Face the Nation: “The complaint sounds like a legal document,” Graham insisted. “Who helped this guy write it or this girl write it. We are not going to try the president of the United States based on hearsay. […]

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