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Conservative War College Prof: Fox News Is Addictive Drug to the Paranoid Elderly

[F]rom 7pm to mid-afternoon the next day, every day, Fox is pure, stupid, unvarnished rage for the old and the ignorant.” Thomas Nichols Well, of course it is, and we make note of it near daily around here, and have lots of company in doing so. In fact, I can just run off some “first […]
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George Will’s Column: “Pence the Worst Person in Government” Has a Message We ALL...

The damnably brilliant conservative writer George F’in Will has penned a piece in the Post that is making news, mostly because it has an eyeball grabbing headline. But, anyone who simply reads the headline is missing a critical message that this country needs to hear and absorb, because George takes on the single greatest threat […]

Trump knew about Michael Cohen’s grift. How do I know? Because he TOLD us.

Take a little stroll with me for a moment down memory lane. You won’t need a backpack, we’re not going that far, only a couple of weeks. But I think you’ll find it worth the trip. Flash back just a few short weeks ago. Michael Cohen just had his office, home, his temporary residence hotel […]
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Trump Just Turned The United States Into A Banana Republic, Laughing Stock Of The...

Another small misguided step for Donald Trump, another leap into the abyss for the United States. With Tuesday’s announcement that the U.S. is pulling out of the agreement to constrain Iran’s nuclear program and reimpose sanctions, our credibility on the world stage has been shattered and we’re that much closer to becoming a banana republic. […]
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Trump Mid-Term Nightmare: Blakenship Leads Going Into W.V. Republican Primary

It is primary day today in West Virginia (among several other states in and around the same area), and it’s a rather significant one. West Virginia went for Trump by 42% points, and yet has a Democratic Senator, Joe Manchin (though we use “Democratic” label in the loosest possible terms, Joe Manchin is no Amy […]
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Hey Democrats, Chris Cillizza is right. Don’t just run against Trump!

Chris Cillizza of CNN has an article out today on the CNN website that is one of the smartest, most concise analysis that I have seen in a long time on the state of the race with 6 months left until the November midterms. And while Cillizza concurs that most likely a wave is coming […]

Trump Iran Decision Expected Soon, Expect Sharp Rises in Gas Prices to Over $3...

Major American media companies are in consensus, an announcement on the Iran deal is expected soon, possibly by the end of the day. Trump has every reason to get the decision “done,” desperately trying to drive news that he hired an Israeli security firm of ex Mossad Agents, “Black Cube,” to frame dirt on the […]

The NRA has a new Crackpot in Chief!

Apparently the National Rifle Association has a built in shelf life for homicidal megalomania. And so, one of my all time favorite rawhide chew toys, Wayne LaPierre, is going to slither back under his rock. Which left the NRA with a problem, how do you top a guy who looks like a high school remedial […]
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This Morning the President Proved Himself Unhinged in Twitrade: News Not Made

Just remember, this is not news, okay? This is how we expect our Mondays to begin, because Monday follows Sunday, and big important news shows take place on Sunday. Thus, it would be unusual for the current President of the United States to not go poo-flinging monkey insane. This is not news. President Trump kicked […]
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Trump Will Force the Mid-Terms to Be About (What else?) HIM, and Only Him.

It is an old political axiom that voters are motivated to vote “for” something rather than against a person or issue. Democrats utilized that very principle, talking up their priorities and programs for the nation, to make great strides in the 2017 elections, and in many special elections that have occurred since Trump’s election. You […]