Thursday, November 14, 2019

I’m with ​​​​​​​Kudzu, I mean Kudlow.

No, I’m not talking about being with Larry Kudlow on the economy. Larry Kudlow has about as firm of an understanding about the US economy as I do about our checking account, which is why Teri handles the money fer Gods sake! Like Joe Biden, Larry Kudlow is finding out that when you have l a long career at something, you do and say shit that other people can’t wait to throw back in your face later, long after it goes kerflooey! And Kudlow found that out repeatedly over the weekend, as talk show hosts threw his myriad of failed past predictions in his face. But amidst all of that, Kudlow had a mantra that he kept repeating the way a 4 year old keeps chanting “There’s nothing in the closet, there’s nothing in the closet” in bed at night. And that mantra was Don’t be afraid of optimism! Thank you Larry! I’ve been desperately trying to preach that exact same sermon for well over a freakin’ year now! After the sorry events of November 8th, 2016, we all went through the various stages of grief. But somewhere along the line, the Democrats let fatality and resignation creep in. A year ago, I was citing polls, and national mood, and all kinds of shit, foreseeing a blue wave of at least 30 seats, and all I got in my comments was “Don’t be so optimistic, there’s plenty of time for us to fuck this up. Besides, the polls don’t mean anything, 2016 taught us that!” Good Lord! Even Charlie freakin’ Brown still tries to kick the stupid football! And it just happened again yesterday on MSNBC. Karine Jean Pierre, who apparently no longer has any serious responsibilities at, since she now spends all of her time as a potted plant on various MSNBC sets, replied to a question about Democratic primary polls by responding, “It’s early yet, the polls don’t mean anything. Besides, we learned in 2016 that the polls don’t mean anything.” Oh, for fucks sake! How many times do we gotta do this damn scene, Roger? Look, for the last time: in 2016, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.1%, 58.2-46.1. And if you look at almost any of the stable, reputable, mainstream national polls in the last week before of the election, almost all of them had Clinton winning by 2-2.5%! They couldn’t have nailed it any better if they tried. Trump won in the electoral college, and the national polls don’t predict that! Look, I’m down with bashing the polls after 2016, hell, ya gotta blame somebody, right? But after the polls spent months in 2018 predicting a blue wave, and Larry Sabato nailed it almost down to the district, and we actually outperformed the polls in the election itself I kind of hoped that the polls could get some of their swagger back. But no, the Democrats are all still lying there under the covers, trembling at the though of the big, bad poll boogeyman! Did you ever love playing a game when you were a kid? I dunno, say scrabble? And while you loved playing the game, you couldn’t win at it to save your mothers immortal soul? You’d be up by like 90 points, and you’d start playing it safe, second guessing yourself because if you did something stupid, your friend would […]


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ep_jhu / Flickr Families...

A glimmer of hope for separated immigrant families. Help is on the way.

This has been a week of immeasurable heartbreak, angst, and outrage. Make no mistake, the Trump family separation policy was working exactly as intended, and was only braked when outrage nationally as well as in congress at the intended outcome became too intense. Late in the week came a feel good story of charity and hope, […]

This upcoming “cat fight” is going to be EPIC!

I’m still laughing. You know, I thought that the G20 meeting was supposed to be a serious matter, between serious world leaders. That swing-your-arm-back-a-foot, loud slap, thumb grab handshake between the two international pariahs, Putin and MBS that I was yesterday was the most juvenile display in the history of diplomacy. It looked like a couple of failed frat pledges who just scored a kegger to drown their sorrows. But such childish shenanigans aside, the spotlight was on the Cheeto Prophet, as it always seems to be at these moments. Trump once again made news by announcing that he was cancelling his one-on-one with Putin over the situation with Ukraine. Here is a guy who changed the GOP convention platform to bar giving the Ukraine lethal defensive weapons, but now he’s got his panties in a bunch over a fender bender between a Russian warship and a Ukrainian tugboat.The Russians immediately gleefully called “bullshit,” noting that Trump’s decision was much more likely caused by Trump’s domestic problems. But hey, at least they didn’t rub in the fact that they were the cause of those domestic problems. I was gratified to see that, as usual, the media pundits had their heads safely up their collective ass. Everybody was somberly opining that the reason that His Lowness cancelled the meeting with Putin was to avoid having to answer questions about Michael Cohen at the post powwow press conference. This is ridiculous, he already answered questions about Cohen before he got on Trump Force 1. His answer was basically, “So what?” What?” Trump couldn’t afford was having Putin standing at a podium answering questions about Michael Cohen. Look what happened in Helsinki. A reporter asked Putin if he did actually order his GRU to interfere in our election, and did they do so, and Putin answered “Yes, and yes.” Right now, Cohen’s accusations are publicly uncorroborated, the last thing Trump needs is his co-conspirator spilling the beans to the press. Putin is about to learn what everybody else already knows, namely, that Trump is your best friend until he’s not. Other foreign leaders already know this. When Justin Trudeau was staring adoringly at Trump like a kid watching his Dad show him how to change spark plugs, he was aces. But respond to Trump’s tariffs in kind, and suddenly he’s weak. Likewise with Macron, when he was busy showing off his war toys to Glorious Bleater, Macron was golden. But tell Trump that only idiots withdraw within their own borders, and suddenly it’s time for somebody else to “Make France Great Again!”Trumps problem is simple, the little light has finally gone on when the fridge door was opened. Cohen has finally shown a direct relationship between Trump and the Russian government, while he was running for President. Somebody finally took the plate with his bacon double cheeseburger away from him until he got it through his thick skull that doing everything but flush after he wiped Putin’s ass was making him look like a whiny little sycophant. He was going to have to put his big boy pants on and try to look tough when it came to Vladimir Putin. This is a ill planned course of action, for two reasons. First, it’s much too late. Trump has been slobbering all over Putin’s face like your […]
HuffPost / YouTube Kavanaugh Opens Testimony With Tantrum...

Kavanaugh’s biggest danger? He doesn’t know. And neither does the GOP.

The Truth Is Out There   The X-Files Good afternoon Senators. I’d like to begin my opening statement with a question. Do you people have any idea of who I am? I’m Brett fucking Kavanaugh! I was so pure in high school that my name was put forward for sainthood in my sophomore year. The Vatican […]

Hook. Line. Sinker.

This would be embarrassing if only it weren’t so damn hysterical. Watching Donald Trump go up against Nancy Pelosi is like watching Don Knotts fight Muhammad Ali in his prime. It’s just no contest. And it’s exactly why we have a Speaker Pelosi, and not a Speaker Ocasio Cortez, or a Speaker Moulton, or a Speaker Bass, or any of the others. When it comes to political warfare, the Speaker is the ultimate Ninja. It has already been leaked that His Lowness’ response to Pelosi’s comment this morning was done on the fly. Immediately after her “cover up” comment, Trump flew off the handle, the press was summoned to the Rose garden, the podium was hastily placed, and the visual poster was hurriedly printed out and tacked to the podium for the inevitable Trumper Tantrum. It was a set up, in other words. But it ended up being a set up in response to an even more beautifully rafted set up. Don McGahn’s lawyer advised Jerry Nadler the day before that he would not be appearing at the hearing. The hearing was gaveled in anyway, thankfully free of chicken bucket props. Then the outrage and frustration, all understandable, over Trump’s continued obstruction of mandated Democratic oversight, and open talk of the necessity of moving immediately into an impeachment inquiry. Followed by the news that there would be a closed door meeting this morning at 9:30 an, 90 minutes before Pelosi was scheduled to sit down with Trump in the Oval Office. Don’t get me wrong. The outrage over Trump’s tactics was real, understandable, and justified. In fact, I agree with it, if for no better reason than people will tune in more closely to televised impeachment hearings on every channel than they are to the 6 o’clock news. But the fact of the matter is that this mornings meeting could have been held at any time, especially if the meeting would run into a time crunch if Pelosi were to make her meeting with Trump on time. They could have held it last night, or had a closed door box lunch this afternoon, after the Oval Office meeting. But it was held specifically when it was for a reason, and the reason was for the use of the Nixonian phrase “cover up” to have a maximum effect at an occasion when the press would be present in force. And it worked. Nancy Pelosi drives Donald Trump insane, and she always has. Trump is repelled by any strong woman who refuses to consider him as the Adonis of masculine perfection. The fact that she’s a “San Francisco librul” just adds fuel to the fire. I have always been convinced in my own mind that it was Pelosi’s public dressing down of Trump in front of the cameras, at the now infamous “shutdown summit,” when she scolded him to “Please don’t mistake my position of power in the Democratic led House” that yanked Trump’s crank hard enough to lead him to angrily boast to Chuck Schumer how proud he would be to shut down the government over his border wall, backing him into a corner that he couldn’t extract himself from. In what passes for Trump’s fevered mind, Pelosi is the ex wife that he can’t pay enough to go away. There was one […]
Bloomberg / YouTube Why Robert Mueller Is the Perfect...

Who “Won” The Trump-Putin Summit? Robert Mueller Of Course.

Let the games begin. As I write this, the world is waiting for the Tangerine Tantrum Machine to tell us all how we totally misunderstood what he said yesterday, and how strongly he shoved Putin into the corner when nobody was watching. Knowing His Lowness, he’ll probably recap his amazing electoral college win again. That seems […]
CBC News / YouTube Does Robert Mueller have the goods...

Everything changed, except nothing did.

Apparently the world as we know it came to an end on Friday, not that I knew anything about it. For me, these last 4 days are my World Series and Super Bowl all tied together. Starting at 9:15 PDT on Thursday, and ending around 8:30 on Sunday night, I am a totally whacked out zombie for 4 days, furiously switching between 4 different TV stations, desperately trying to catch every play of my guilty passion, March Madness. That doesn’t mean that I was totally disconnected, I caught short bursts of coverage in the scattered breaks between the morning and evening sessions of the tournament. And I must say that I was highly amused. Mueller dropped his report bombshell just before 5 EDT on Friday evening, and of course the networks went all hands on deck. Which was by itself highly amusing, since only in America can an endless assembly line of vapid talking heads spend the next 40 hours earnestly discussing an upcoming release of a report summary that they haven’t seen, and the contents of which they have not the slightest clue. But Mueller is finally done. After 22 months of angst and despair, wailing and gnashing of teeth, and broken relationships and workplace feuds, Mueller has finally spoken. And as of this moment, we still have absolutely no idea of what he said. because all of the information that we have to go on doesn’t come from Robert S Mueller III, it comes from a company paid shill, William Barr. And his “summary” of the Mueller report sheds about as much light on the subject as a dead firefly. It’s kind of like suffering through weeks and months of anonymous teasers about an upcoming “Blockbuster Movie,” only to find out when it’s finally released that it’s just another damn sequel to The Care Bears Movie. However, one thing has changed. From here on out, 24/7 for the next I have no idea how many months, we will no longer be referring to the Mueller investigation. We will all now be referring to the Mueller report instead.Because the fight over the release of the whole report is going to be the political version of the release of “Die Hard 37: Die Even Harder Than The Last 36 Times.” It’s going to be the same old, tired plot, with the same basic cast of characters, but with different shit blowing up. We most likely won’t really learn anything really definitive until Barr and Mueller get their asses hauled up to Capitol Hill in the DC version of Battle of the Network Lawyers! But we did learn a couple of things, at least I think we did, because so far we haven’t heard or read a word that Mueller wrote, all we’re doing is playing “William Says,” For example, William says that Mueller did not find indictable evidence of collusion between any members of ht Trump campaign and Russia. Barr had to be careful here, he couldn’t say that Mueller found no evidence of collusion, because sooner or later the facts are going to come out. But this proclamation from the new court jester is giving Trump more nocturnal emissions than Stormy Daniels. But I’m not sure that they’re really thinking this through. They’re bragging that Trump and his Trumplets were telling the truth all along, that they were literally too fucking stupid to collude with […]
PBS NewsHour / YouTube Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani ...

Look out Rudy! There’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s about damn time!

I have been waiting for this moment for over a year now, and it’s finally here. For more than a year, first Trump, and then his personal howler monkey, Rudy Giuliani, have been flinging shit balls all over the place, seeing what if anything will stick to Robert Mueller and the investigation. But now, finally, […]

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