@JuddLegum / Twitter Michael Cohen skips court to smoke...

Michael Cohen’s next excuse? “I’m not dumb, I’m just trained that way.”

Oh. My. God! I have got to stop being so sarcastic! I have in the past referred to some of His Lowness’ legal representation as having having graduated from Jim Bob’s Bait Shop and Law School. When it comes to Michael Cohen, it turns out that I was damn near RIGHT! Politico took a good, long […]
New Hampshire Public Radio / Flickr John McCain in Nashua...

John McCain: Trump NOT Welcome at Funeral, Pence Will Stand In When Time Comes

John McCain is not well. This is not breaking news, obviously. But, the neuro-blastoma that has set-in, appears to not be responding to treatment (it basically never does), and the elder-statesman is making plans for his final arrangements. According to the New York Times, McCain’s friends have told Donald Trump that he is not welcome […]
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Rudy Giuliani rides to the rescue! Of Stormy Daniels and James Comey.

Did you ever catch a toddler that did something wrong? You tell them that you know they did it, and they burble out a totally nonsensical explanation of why it couldn’t have been them. Then, you patiently explain why you know it was them, and they come up an excuse so lame that even the […]
Gage Skidmore / Flickr scott pruitt...

At least ONE person in Trumptopia loves Rudy Giuliani.

You know, it turns out that Rudy Giuliani is a man with many hats. Currently, he’s a legal laughingstock, and an existential threat to the Trump legal defense, both in terms of Stormy Daniels, as well as the firing of James Comey. But Rudy has plenty of room on that fat, empty head for another […]
Gage Skidmore / Flickr Donald Trump...

What’s with this “Trump ruins reputations” argle-bargle all of a sudden?

I’ll be honest, I am not loving this. As the unplanned dismissal rate in the Trump administration rises like the “Viet Cong body count” in an old Pentagon press release, more and more media analysts are bemoaning the fact that His Lowness tarnishes the reputation of everybody he comes in contact with, their reputations just […]

“Springtime for Twitler.” ( Musical Parody)

They always say that when shit goes south, you can either laugh about it, or cry about it. Personally, I’m sick of washing more hankies than underwear…Hey, a satirist’s gotta do what a satirist’s gotta do. Many profuse apologies to Mel Brooks! Springtime for Twitler Springtime for Twitler, and lunacy Winter for logic and thought […]
BipHoo Company / Flickr Trump dissolves voter fraud commission adviser...

Trump Will Force the Mid-Terms to Be About (What else?) HIM, and Only Him.

It is an old political axiom that voters are motivated to vote “for” something rather than against a person or issue. Democrats utilized that very principle, talking up their priorities and programs for the nation, to make great strides in the 2017 elections, and in many special elections that have occurred since Trump’s election. You […]
Gage Skidmore / Flickr Donald Trump...

This Morning the President Proved Himself Unhinged in Twitrade: News Not Made

Just remember, this is not news, okay? This is how we expect our Mondays to begin, because Monday follows Sunday, and big important news shows take place on Sunday. Thus, it would be unusual for the current President of the United States to not go poo-flinging monkey insane. This is not news. President Trump kicked […]

The NRA has a new Crackpot in Chief!

Apparently the National Rifle Association has a built in shelf life for homicidal megalomania. And so, one of my all time favorite rawhide chew toys, Wayne LaPierre, is going to slither back under his rock. Which left the NRA with a problem, how do you top a guy who looks like a high school remedial […]

Trump Iran Decision Expected Soon, Expect Sharp Rises in Gas Prices to Over $3...

Major American media companies are in consensus, an announcement on the Iran deal is expected soon, possibly by the end of the day. Trump has every reason to get the decision “done,” desperately trying to drive news that he hired an Israeli security firm of ex Mossad Agents, “Black Cube,” to frame dirt on the […]