Monday, October 26, 2020
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Something makes absolutely NO sense about this Michael Cohen situation.

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m a dumbass. But, be that as it may, I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, There’s nothing I love more than hearing Trump on tape, sounding like an even bigger dumbass than I am when he asks “What payment?” to Michael Cohen, forcing him to inform His Lowness that […]
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Don’t Miss These Late Summer Hits!

Traditionally, even in presidential years, this is the slowest time of the year for political news. Congress is on their August recess, and most vacations are over with, or just wrapping up. Parents are just finishing up last minute back-to-school shopping, or are collapsed on the couch with the little monsters safely back under somebody else’s watchful eye, and the President himself is somewhere away from the office, giving us our summer reprieve. Thus close to Labor Day, normally the summer blockbuster movie season is winding down. All of the alleged monster hits having already been released when there are more people likely to park the kids in a dark place for a couple of hours. But even in a summer movie season as bereft of really good fare as this one was, all of a sudden, there are several political thrillers that could be box office blowouts, all looking to come out around the same time. Keep an eye out for these. Escape From Mitch Mountain – Everybody thought that it was hysterical when Joe Scarborough of MSNBC seriously tagged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell with the oh, so elegant moniker of Moscow Mitch. The cherry on the sundae was the way that the nickname drove Yertl McTurtle absolutely insane, forcing him to the floor of the Senate to piss and whine about how his oh, so honorable name and integrity were being impugned by a bunch of vicious lefties. We’re now starting to see just why McConnell went to Defcon 5 so quickly. Several newspapers, along with Rachel Maddow of MSNBC are starting to lay out a very clear timeline of Moscow Mitch’s Machiavellian interference in ensuring that sanctions against Putin aligned aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska were lifted, despite overwhelming bipartisan support for them to stay in place. Within days, Deripaska’s company ponied up $200 million for a new aluminum plant in the most distressed part of Kentucky. This is blowing up in everybody’s faces. The Kentucky legislature is now royally pissed at the way the state’s Governor deceptively marketed the plan to the legislature in the closing hours of the session, some now claim under false pretenses. The machinations of former Senator David “The Hooker Magnet” Vitter as a go between, and a federal appeals court slot for his totally fruitcake wife are just adding fuel to the fire. This could end up leaving McConnell himself with a full omelet on his face. Deripaska’s company has already threatened that any scrutiny of the deal could cause the company to pull out. Well, the deal is now getting more scrutiny than a new strain of virus, from the media to the KY legislature. McConnell is going up against a female former marine fighter jock, with in state popularity of 32%. If this thing mushroom clouds on him, especially if Deripaska bails out leaving him holding the bag, we could see a Crying Game ending, with McConnell tearfully bitching that everybody in Washington is being mean to him, taking his shriveled old balls, and going home. The Hunt For Beto October – Normally, campaign reboots, especially this early are not a good sign for a campaign. A campaign 2.0 is normally a dead-in-the-water signal flare, and a campaign 3.0 reboot means that the bow just slid under the water. We’re now in the opening credits of Beto 3.0, […]

The Irony Of Defeat

Well, well, well, what a day, huh? In a stunning 6-3 ruling the Supreme Court has ruled that Title 7 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that protects people from workplace discrimination due to sex, includes such perky considerations as gender identity and sexual orientation. This is a crushing defeat for conservative religious groups, since it now brings federal uniformity to the 29 states that had steadfastly refused to write any anti discrimination laws based on sexual preference at the state level. While the ruling itself surprised me, there was one component in the majority that stunned me. Since the ascension of “Brewski” Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I have written frequently that he has forced conservative Chief Justice John Roberts into the personally uncomfortable tole as the 5th swing vote that retired Justice Anthony Kennedy used to hold. Since Trump so publicly bragged that Kavanaugh’s confirmation gave him a bulletproof conservative majority on his court, Roberts has had to deliberate decisions almost as much on the effect of the ruling on the legacy of his court as on the case merits. But sweet Jesus, Neil Gorsuch? Gorsuch is a solid, consistent conservative judge. Were it not for the Merrick Garland debacle, Gorsuch would have been about as non controversial conservative pick there is. And this case is a poster child for why the Federalist Society had him on their short list of nominees for Trump in the first place. Gorsuch not only joining Roberts in the majority, but actually writing the decision was a resounding slap. Which was something I’ve actually been expecting, If y’all recall correctly, when I’ve written in the past about Roberts new role as the swing vote on the court, I’ve also said that I expected in at least one case that it would be Gorsuch that would give Roberts a break and make the critical swing vote in the liberal direction. That wasn’t just a hunch or wild guess, I had a logical reason behind it. Gorsuch, as much as Roberts has been tarred by the filthy Kavanaugh brush. And even worse, as one of two nominees appointed by Trump, he is directly smeared every time that Trump prattles on about how loyal his court will be in ruling on his behalf. But here’s what I’ve always felt was the overriding factor. Now matter how you cut it, deep in his heart,m Justice Gorsuch knows that his is an illegitimate seat. That seat rightfully belongs to Judge Merrick Garland. While Gorsuch bears no personal responsibility for the situation, it is what it is. I have always had the feeling that Gorsuch has been biding his time for an opportunity to shoot Moscow Mitch McConnell a double barrel Fuck You! and this case, with its devastating consequences to the religious right was the perfect vehicle. It also allows Gorsuch to graphically demonstrate the fact that he’s not just some RWNJ stooge in a black mumu. Just a suggestion. Keep an eye on Justice Gorsuch for a while. President George H. W. Bush privately complained to friends that the worst mistake he ever made as President was to appoint Justice David Suter to the Supreme Court. This is the problem with appointing justices. Like any job applicant, a SCOTUS nominee will say whatever the boss wants to hear to get the job. But once he’s sworn in, the kid gloves come off. They can’t […]

Devilish Randall Terry and Fake Jesus Flail at Mayor Pete in Iowa, Twitter Is/Is...

Anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-sanity activist Randall Terry (in the spiffy red suit) has teamed up with fake Jesus-in-Wal Mart- sneaks and his sound/S&M guy to bedevil Pete Buttigieg on the campaign trail in Marshalltown, Iowa today. I guess their point is every expression of love is a lash for Fake Jesus or something… they found a flesh colored union suit and blue gloves?? for fake Jesus, they couldn’t rustle up some Huaraches? Twitter, like the rest of us,  stared agog, but managed a few asides… Mayor Pete had the perfect retort though… One day, when the history of the Evangelical movement gets written, I hope the author reserves a chapter for this.
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Lindsey Graham; Expert Believes the Russians May Have Gotten to Him.

You will be forgiven if you haven’t noticed, but Trump has gained an unshakable ally from the strangest of places. Trump picked up a loyalist from a group that used to be among his biggest critics, Lindsey Graham. The next question anyone should ask is why? It is not an easy question. In fact, authoritarian […]

Republican Strategist: “I’m Terrified” as Ohio Election Sends Quake Through Party

Conservative strategist Evan Siegfried joined MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle yesterday, prior to having even one vote counted in Ohio (a race still officially too close to call, but Repub likely to eek out victory under 1%), the last special election prior to November’s midterms. He certainly has reason to be terrified. The Republican hold on the […]
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Trump’s “Grand Reopening” Is Tearing The GOP Apart

El Pendejo Presidente is charging full guns forward towards his Reopening America Sale for May 1st, and although someone in the administration talked him into taking some ground cover by leaving the ultimate decision up to the Governors, he’s sure to Twitter praise the twits who rush forward unto the breach at his command. But there’s a couple of problems here. The first problem is that the con is collapsing, for the simple reason that it has gone on too long. If you’ve been watching CNN or MSNBC the last couple of days, or caught the right newspaper article, there are just a trickle of stories, likely the shower before the deluge, that are markedly different. They’re from survivors, or family members of victims of the coronavirus, and they’re laying some very specific blame that is going to have them ordering Maalox in tanker trucks at the White House and FUX News headquarters. These angry and heart broken family members are starting to blame Trump himself as well as FUX news. And these aren’t Democrats either, either they, or their family member were solid Trump supporters, and that’s what makes the anger more terrible. Trump and FUX spent months ridiculing the virus as nothing more than a bad case of the flu, and a hoax, and supporter bought into it. As one family member told a reporter, If FOX News had just stopped making a joke out off it, and if President Trump had walked behind that podium wearing a mask, and said that this virus was nothing to joke about, I know for a fact that my father would not have boarded that cruise ship. That cruise ship was bound for Spain, and her father died of the virus last week. It has gone on too long. One of the things that Trump and FUX seized on, a vafary of chance, was that for a long time the circus seemed to be restricted to the coastal, more liberal areas. Places like Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and New Jersey. FUX hosts played on the fact that it lagged in their base heartland, regularly asking people, Do you actually know anybody who has died from the coronavirus? Do you know anybody who has even caught the coronavirus? Those salad days are now long gone and over. As time spread, and the virus with it, into the GOP stronghold heartland states, more and more frequently the answer to those snide FUX questions is becoming a resounding YES! And the more common and widespread the virus gets, the more resentful people become at the intentional misrepresentation as it begins to hit home. But as bad as that is, it isn’t the worst thing that Trump is facing with his nudge-nudge, wink-wink May 1st reopening date. There is dissent in the ranks at two levels. On the broader level, GOP Governors such as Larry Hogan of Maryland and Mike Dewine of Ohio are signalling that they have no intention of taking precipitate action just to please The Pampers President. And even Trump friendly Greg Abbot in Texas is taking a more incremental approach, and has already stated that if the virus begins to rebound, restrictions will snap back into place. This is not the kind of unified front that Trump was hoping for, allowing him to put the blame of […]

Nancy Pelosi Sticks Her Iron In The Fire

God I love it when the Democrats show up like they actually want to play the game. Chuck Schumer comes out all bad ass yesterday, darkly threatening McConnell and giving him a taste of his own medicine. And then today,  it was Nancy Pelosi’s turn to come out full Rambo with her own dark threats of […]

The tragedy of Notre Dame. A lesson and a question.

As an Irish Catholic, it broke my heart to see that magnificent spire collapse through the flames, and down to the floor so far below a few days ago. But you don’t have to be an Irish Catholic, or even religious, to feel the sadness and loss of an iconic symbol of peace, hope, and beauty destroyed before your eyes. Notre Dame cathedral is approximately 850 years old, and took decades to build. It began as a vision, and an article of faith, a monument to hope and good, and a vision of something larger than just ourselves. And when it was completed, its beauty and intracy far surpassed any expectations. And Notre Dame was almost a living organism. Over the years it was modified and updated, changes made to improve the structure, and keep it relevant, without removing from the original beauty and function. But 850 years is a long time. Everything gets old, even you and me. As Notre Dame aged, it required constant vigilance and care, both to protect it, as well as to keep it structurally sound. And while renovations and repairs were made when problems became obvious and dangerous, there were times when matters of economics, as well as political expediency, vigilance waned, and protective measures were ignored. Our democracy is 243 years old. Like Notre Dame, it began as a shining vision. A vision of hope and freedom, A shining vision of something greater and more noble than ourselves, a higher purpose for mankind. And like Notre Dame, our democracy has been a living organism, updated and mostly improved over the years, making it hopefully safer and more functional, without detracting from the original beauty of the structure. But like that other magnificent cathedral, the cathedral of democracy also required constant attention and care as it aged in order to keep it safe and functional. And like that other temple to a great and higher vision, as the years have gone by, economy, political expedience, and even avarice and corrosive agendas have led to a level of disrepair that weakened the structure. On January 20th, 2017, a fire strted in the cathedral of democracy. Despite the best and heroic efforts of all of those who instinctively understood how important this symbol and structure is to the nation and the world, the conflagration has destructively blazed, largely unabated. It seems as if everything that is good and right in this world is going up in flames, right before our eyes, while we can do nothing except to watch helplessly. Fortunately for France and the world, it has been determined that the basic structure of the great Notre Dame cathedral is structurally sound. French President Macron has already vowed that Notre Dame shall arise from the ashes within 5 years, and shall be every bit as magnificent as ever it was, and even safer and stronger than it was before. Billions of dollars are pouring in from around the world, and the nation is unified in its desire to restore its historic treasure. But what is to become of the cathedral of our democracy? Like Notre Dame, it is currently little more than a smoldering hulk. I honestly believe that thanks mainly to the independence of the judiciary, as well as a mammoth volunteer fire brigade […]

Mark Meadows Texts Rick Santorum That Cummings is No Racist…and Neither is Trump.

(Above – I’ll text something on the down-low in a few days…) Talk about your profiles in courage… the Racist-in-Chief attacks your friend, calling your friend a racist who represents a “filthy place” where “no human being would want to live” and you wait to respond to this outrage for three news cycles before sneaking out a text to ex-senator frothy mixture to read on CNN so you won’t have to mouth a rebuke of drumpf yourself…. Business Insider “Republican Rep. Mark Meadows on Monday rejected President Donald Trump’s recent attacks on Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings, roughly three days after the president’s onslaught of tweets against the Maryland lawmaker began. Trump in tweets over the weekend accused Cummings of allowing his congressional district, which includes much of Baltimore, Maryland, to become consumed by poverty and crime. Trump described Cummings’ district, which is majority African-American, as a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess” and a “very dangerous & filthy place.” After facing accusations of racism over his tweets, Trump called Cummings a racist. Meadows on Monday texted former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who’s now a political commentator for CNN, stating, “No one works harder for his district than Elijah [Cummings]. He’s passionate about the people he represents, and no, Elijah is not a racist.” The Republican lawmaker added, “I am friends with both men, President Trump and Chairman Cummings, and I know them both well, and neither is a racist. And he offered to go to Baltimore with President Trump to see what they could do to remediate some of the problems they have there.” Of course the purpose of this ploy was not to defend Elijah Cummings, but to set up the false equivalence that both Cummings and Trump were called racists and Meadows can clear that all up right now by attesting that both are not. That and threatening Baltimore with a visit. Hasn’t that city suffered indignity enough at drumpf’s hands already, Mark?   

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