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Daily Beast: Trump’s New Favorite News Channel Shares Russian Reporter with Sputnik.

(Above – One America News Network needs a new logo, might I suggest….) Department of…. ..knock me over with a feather. Daily Beast “If the stories broadcast by the Trump-endorsed One America News Network sometimes look like outtakes from a Kremlin trolling operation, there may be a reason. One of the on-air reporters at the 24-hour network is a Russian national on the payroll of the Kremlin’s official propaganda outlet, Sputnik. Kristian Brunovich Rouz, originally from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, has been living in San Diego, where OAN is based, since August 2017, reporting on US politics for the 24-hour news channel. For all of that time he’s been simultaneously writing for Sputnik, a Kremlin-owned newswire that played a role in Russia’s 2016 election interference operation, according to an assessment by the U.S. intelligence community. Rouz’s on-air reports for OAN include a wholly fabricated 2017 segment claiming Hillary Clinton is secretly bankrolling antifa through her political action committee. Clinton, Rouz claimed falsely, gave antifa protesters $800,000 that “went toward things like bricks, hammers, bats and chains.” Other smears target billionaire financier George Soros, a longtime Kremlin bête noire. In one segment, Rouz amplified a thoroughly debunked claim that Soros collaborated with the Nazis during World War II, when the Jewish philanthropist was 14 years old. Another Rouz story accused Soros of secretly funding migrant caravans.” Apparently Rouz is also a guitarist who once played with an indie band, White Tar. But he and band-mate Jov Paradice had a falling out: (bolds mine) ”Paradice said he and Rouz frequently clashed over their differing world views. “We kind of had a thing musically, but we were total opposites,” said Paradice. “When Trump was getting elected he went into full sports coat mode. He had an indie style before—the whole blurred-line-of-sexuality thing—then he was wearing red ties and a suit. I said, ‘I’m not getting on the stage with Trump.’” Good call, Jov. It’s kind of like you’re in a band and find out your guitarist is stealing your gigs and giving them to the indie band across town. Only that other band is dedicated to the destruction of your country.
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Full Text of Adam Schiff’s Opening Statement Today.

Chairman of The House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff’s opening statement today: “Your report, for those who have taken the time to study it, is methodical and it is devastating, for it tells the story of a foreign adversary’s sweeping and systematic intervention in a close U.S.presidential election. That should be enough to deserve the attention of every American, as you well point out. But your report tells another story as well. For the story of the 2016 presidential election is also a story about disloyalty to country, about greed, and about lies. Your investigation determined that the Trump campaign – including Trump himself – knew that a foreign power was intervening in our election and welcomed it, built Russian meddling into their strategy, and used it.   Disloyalty to country. Those are strong words, but how else are we to describe a presidential campaign which did not inform the authorities of a foreign offer of dirt on their opponent, which did not publicly shun it, or turn it away, but which instead invited it, encouraged it, and made full use of it?   That disloyalty may not have been criminal. Constrained by uncooperative witnesses, the destruction of documents & the use of encrypted communications, your team was not able to establish each of the elements of the crime of conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt, so not a provable crime, in any event. But, I think, maybe,something worse.   A crime is the violation of a law written by Congress. But disloyalty to country violates the very obligation of citizenship, our devotion to a core principle on which our nation was founded: That we, the people, not some foreign power that wishes us ill, we decide,who shall govern, us.   This also a story about money, about greed and corruption, about the leadership of a campaign willing to compromise the nation’s interest not only to win, but to make money at the same time. About a campaign chairman indebted to pro-Russian interests who tried to use his position to clear his debts and make millions. About a national security advisor using his position to make money from still other foreign interests. And about a candidate trying to make more money than all of them, through a real estate project that to him, was worth a fortune, hundreds of millions of dollars, and the realization of a lifelong ambition – a Trump Tower in the heart of Moscow. A candidate who, in fact, viewed his whole campaign as the greatest infomercial in history. Donald Trump and his senior staff were not alone in their desire to use the election to make money. For Russia, too, there was a powerful financial motive. Putin wanted relief from U.S. economic sanctions imposed in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and over human rights violations. The secret Trump Tower meeting between the Russians and senior campaign officials was about sanctions. The secret conversations between Flynn and the Russian ambassador were about sanctions. Trump and his team wanted more money for themselves, and the Russians wanted more money for themselves, and for their oligarchs. But the story doesn’t end here either. For your report also tells a story about lies. Lots of lies. Lies about a gleaming tower in Moscow and lies about talks with the […]
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Romney’s Revenge?

Cry havoc! And let ship the dogs of war!   William Shakespeare Keep an eye on this, and be patient, because I have a feeling that this may take a while. MSNBC reported yesterday that in addition to being an all purpose pain in Trump’s ass, Utah Senator Mitt Romney (R-Bain Capital) is not ony talking quietly to other GOP Senators concerning Trump’s criminal antics, he’s also been holding hush-hush meetings with leaders of the “Never Trump” movement. And while these two things are not necessarily mutually exclusive, they do indicate two separate paths that Romney is navigating down at the same time. Romney’s quiet conversations with other GOP Senators is a no brainer. Romney is gently testing the waters on announcing he is for the impeachment inquiry. Right now, Romney is the closest thing that the GOP has to a “conscience” in the Senate. If Romney were to come out in favor of the inquiry, especially if he indicated an openness to listen to the evidence, it could put quite a few vulnerable GOP incumbents up for reelection in 2020 between a rock and a very hard nother rock. It could also leave Yertl McTurtle with some world class damage control on his hands. I actually find it doubtful that Romney himself could engineer enough of a mutiny to topple Trump, mainly because he doesn’t cycle back up for reelection until 2024, when Trump is no longer a factor any way you look at it. Also, there is the natural antipathy to Trump in Utah, which makes for a larger comfort zone for Romney. But in addition to impeachment, I believe that Romney is also reminding these more “old school” GOP Senators that the Republican party actually used to stand for something other than Trump. Which is why the news of Romney quietly meeting with Trump resistance leaders is so fascinating to me. These people are absolutely no factor in the current Republican political climate. Trump ignores them, hell, he already beat them, and so does everybody else. If Romney is talking quietly to more mainstream GOP Senators, and he’s also quietly talking to the leaders of the “Never Trump” movement, it can only mean one thing. Romney is setting himself up as the leader of the post Trump reconstruction o the GOP. Actually, Mitt Romney is almost uniquely qualified for that task. Romney is an old line, moderate “conservative,” with bona fides to match. Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts, and his Romneycare was considered both popular as well as successful, no matter how badly the GOP hated Obama for using it as the framework of the ACA. As a sitting US Senator in a seat that he can hold for as long as he likes, Romney is already plugged into the power structure of the Washington GOP. Romney has universal GOP name recognition. And as the last, and likely most fondly remembered pre Trump GOP Presidential candidate, Romney has an inferred “Elder Statesman” status in the establishment GOP. Don’t think for a single moment that Mitt Romney doesn’t want this. You don’t get to be a billionaire venture capitalist without an ego the size of Montana. Hell, Romney loves to brag to this day about how he turned the lousy Salt Lake City Olympics into a stunning success after the original chair […]
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Brooks Brothers Riot 2.0—Republican congressmen create a day that will go down in absurdity

In the future, it’s possible that everyone will be asked, “Where were you when 20 white guys in suits invaded a closed-door hearing, violated the security of an electronics-free environment, tampered with a witness,...
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Kushner to the Rescue: Trump Taps Jared to Lead Impeachment Defense

Lest you worried that Trump would understand the seriousness of the charges against him, and invest in the swampiest of the experienced swamp-monster attorneys in DC, fear not. Trump got a public defender. Jared. From Rawstory: As reported by CNN on Friday, the president is relying on Kushner and chief of staff Mick Mulvaney to come up with a plan aimed at beating back investigations launched by House Democrats into the president’s efforts to get Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political opponents… Kushner has been the mastermind behind some of Trump’s biggest mistakes as president, most notably the decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey, which led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller and the conviction of multiple Trump associates for a wide array of offenses. If someone attempted to impeach me for the presidential crime of the century, I would be lining up the absolute best attorneys in NYC and DC, with a minimum of thirty years experience each, people who have tackled serious issues before, and won. Thankfully, it is Trump that is accused of abusing the powers of his office, not me. I get abused by my office. The internet is having a great time with the inspired choice: This is unfortunate news for the world. Now, who's going to solve the Middle East peace problem? — Jeff Dannenberg (@jecrda) October 4, 2019 😂😂😂😂😂 Kushner and Mulvaney to head impeachment defense. To my knowledge, Kushner does not have a law degree. TRUMP IS SCREWED! — Sherrie Kaw (@89wunderlust) October 4, 2019 To my knowledge, Jared’s tuition at Harvard (for undergrad) was well over a million dollars, that was the amount his father had to give the university to get his son admitted. F’ing moron. And, to remind everyone here of the stakes, and the need to keep an eye on “Kush” because he’s been known to “do whatever it takes:” Trump has tapped son in law Jared Kushner to lead his impeachment defense. While Jared is a repulsive and inept creature, we should not be overconfident. He has friends with bone saws who carve up journalists. — Jim David (@ComicJimDavid) October 4, 2019 Still, it could be much worse. Trump could have tapped someone who might have formed a plan, based upon experience, legal principles, and intelligence. Instead, he went to Jared. **** Peace, y’all Jason, and on Twitter: @MiciakZoom  
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With Trump, we’ve been making the wrong comparison!

You, my dear readers, know that one of my personal perks in writing these columns is that I live in the comments section. And while I answer as many as I can, I endeavor to read every one, and find them all entertaining and worthwhile. And with that in mind, I owe a shout out and debt of gratitude to one of my readers, DitchGator, on our affiliate site, Daily Sound and Fury, whose magnificent observation is the inspiration for this article. Certainly no former President, living or dead, and few other people of note, living or dead, have invited comparison the way that Donald Trump does. And while he is a truly unique individual, in more ways than one, his various characteristics tend to beg to be compared to past historical figures, both living and dead. Trump has been compared more than once to Il Duce, Benito Musselini, mostly for the facial similarity, as well as his habit of holding his head back and sticking out his jaw, as if daring you to knock that chip off of his shoulder. He has been often compared to Adolf Hitler, not only for his blatant racism and nationalistic oratory, but also for his ability to hold, control, and influence his audience with his words. And most frequently, he has been compared to Richard Nixon, not only for his own delusional belief in his own presidential omnipotence, but also for his base criminal mentality and actions. I believe all of those comparisons to be valid, in their own ways, and for their own reasons. But there is one comparison I have yet to see made, and it is the most striking and disturbing, not only for its accuracy regarding Trump himself, but also for its accuracy in describing his base followers. And that comparison is between Donald Trump and Charles Manson. And despite any obvious similarities, the more you know about Manson the man, the more striking the comparison becomes. I am old enough that I was alive and aware of the terror unleashed upon Los Angeles by Manson and his “family.” Not only the crimes, but Manson himself fascinated me as a study in flawed character. I have read the iconic chronicle of Manson and his crimes, Helter Skelter, by Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor who knew Manson well enough to be able to untangle his twisted mentality and put him away, so many times that the pages eventually separated from the bindings. And the comparisons are downright eerie. Manson did not grow up affluent, but like Trump, Manson grew up around a criminal influence. Trump’s father was not of sterling business repute, and Manson started a life of crime early, with a burglar uncle who used to hoist him through small windows that the child could fit through, so he could come to the front door and unlock it. Manson and Trump are both inveterate con men, whose belief in the infallibility of their own bullshit was utter and complete. Both men were racists, who only occasionally bothered to try to cover up that fact. And both men found themselves to be morally and intellectually superior to others, especially their followers. Both men were masters of manipulating their public persona. Trump used to call tabloid reporters pretending to be his own PR man, both […]
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It’s Official. Open Hearings On Impeachment Begin Next Wednesday.

The Democrats are striking while the iron is hot. They just announced that the first open hearing of the Trump impeachment inquiry will take place next Wednesday. This is gonna be some fun, you bet. GOP House member Jim “He groped me coach!” Jordan just held court for reporters, and like the Visa commercials, it was priceless. Jordan, who has accused the Democrats of cherry picking favorable tidbits from the closed door depositions to leak to the press to tar Trump, just spent his time cherry picking the most arcane and nonsensical snippets to try to muddy the water. Adam Schiff is going to have no end of joy trying to keep this particular howler monkey under control. Thank God that the state attorneys are going to do the major part of the questioning, although if Jordan replaces Devin “Midnight Run” Nunes, as the ranking minority member, he will get questioning time up front equal to that of Chairman Adam Schiff. For those of you who were unable to catch his performance, i have included a video copy of it below.   To know the future, look to the past. before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of  President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange  are available as e-books on Amazon, at the links above. Catch up before the upcoming release of the third book in the trilogy, President Evil III: All The Presidents Fen

Governance by whine

I have to hand it to the reporters at Axios. I can hardly get through one day of Trump’s verbal brain farts without treating myself to an hour long brain bleach shower to prepare for the next day’s assault, but they did a deep dive and compiled a full week of Trump’s verbal atrocities, for proper context. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the nonsense and mental depravity that make up the inner workings of Glorious Bleater. I strongly recommend that you check it out, if you have the stomach for it. And while I don’t want to hijack the entire 12 count indictment, there are a couple that I just want to highlight as being beyond the pale, even for Traitor Tot; He heckled Robert Mueller, both before the former special counsel’s testimony (tweeting “why didn’t Robert Mueller investigate the investigators?”) and afterwards (“Robert Mueller did a horrible job”). You know, they call it a “Friday night news dump” for a reason. Most politicians, when confronted with upcoming uncomfortable news, try to fob it off late on a Friday night, hoping that nobody will notice it at the bar. Even though it was a Wednesday, the concept is still the same. Leave it to His Lowness to give Mueller star billing to slam him, only to run the risk of people paying attention to see how terrible Mueller was, only to be caught up in the seriousness of his testimony against Trump. What a jackass. He infuriated the leaders of Afghanistan after noting that “if I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth.” Afghanistan officials demanded a clarification. This is not just casual, almost offhand stupidity, and not only the stuff of an unnecessary international incident, but it poses a potential life and death threat to American soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. US troops aren’t exactly being greeted as liberators over there, with flowers and parades. I can only imagine US local commanders being pointedly asked by their Afghan counterparts if said counterparts should skedaddle for Pakistan if the US troops ever pull out. He suggested investigating Barack Obama’s book deal: “Let’s look into Obama the way they’ve looked at me … Let’s subpoena all of his records.” This shit is almost too easy, I’m going to get lazy if this keeps up. So, Trumpenstein was actually running for President when he falsely claimed that Obama “wiretapped” him, which was “totally unfair,” and now he wants to investigate the kind of a book deal that a private citizen negotiated? Hmmm Maybe Maxine Waters should have her committee take a peekie-see at what kind of financial malarkey went into Trump negotiating The Art of the Deal? Why not, right? He kept attacking four Democratic congresswomen of color, tweeting that the group was “a very Racist group of troublemakers.” This one is potentially dangerous, and it’s accelerating. I honestly believe that Trump dredged this up as a distraction for Mueller’s scheduled testimony before congress on July 17th, the timing fits nicely. But it proved to be so wildly popular with his socially retarded base that it has taken on a life of its own, including legitimate fears for the safety of representative Ilhan Omar. And now it has expanded to include House Oversight chair Elijah Cummings and his constituents, and Trump’s Tommee Tippee crowd is lapping it […]

Coming Undone, “Civil War,” Witness Intimidation, Inspector Barr

Over and over, we’ve said it. Trump will not “go down” without taking everything he can with him, and increasingly, it seems he’s determined to take down witnesses, other countries, and our nation itself, if it saves His Greatness. Yesterday, in a column infested with Trump self-righteous rage-tweets, we noted that Trump floated the threat of “civil war” should law-abiding citizens determine that Trump be impeached. We were not the only one’s who noticed. Conservative columnist Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast tore into Trump’s unveiled threat: “In January 1973, National Lampoon featured an infamous cover declaring: ‘If You Don’t Buy This Magazine We’ll Kill This Dog.’” he began. “I was reminded of that when Donald Trump sent a similarly desperate tweet this weekend, suggesting that ‘If You Don’t Stop This Impeachment My People and I Will Start a Civil War.’” Of course he will. At no point in his life has Trump ever acknowledged anything greater than himself. If his presidency is threatened by Americans, he will absolutely wage war – limited only by what he’s able to get away with – on other Americans. Not only is Trump not interested in “what’s best for the nation,” not only is Trump going to spend 100% of his time and effort in saving himself, he will take hostages. Not that it should surprise anyone, after all, holding funding to Ukraine hostage for Trump’s personal gain is how he got into this mess in the first place. Trump doesn’t learn well, he will only accelerate the pace of his lawlessness. It will all come undone, absent some sort of pushback by Republicans, Republicans in office, with the ability to stop this man. Trump is also intimidating witnesses – another felony, tweeting out messages to anyone who might dare cross him. We will find you. So if the so-called “Whistleblower” has all second hand information, and almost everything he has said about my “perfect” call with the Ukrainian President is wrong (much to the embarrassment of Pelosi & Schiff), why aren’t we entitled to interview & learn everything about…. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 1, 2019 And ….the Whistleblower, and also the person who gave all of the false information to him. This is simply about a phone conversation that could not have been nicer, warmer, or better. No pressure at all (as confirmed by Ukrainian Pres.). It is just another Democrat Hoax! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 1, 2019 “Learn everything about the whistleblower” and also “the person who gave all the false information to him.” Learn everything about him. It doesn’t take a MENSA member to note the twisted logic here. If the phone call is the only issue, and the phone call is perfect, why do we need to know anything about the “whistleblower,” Mr. “President”? Because Trump wants that whistleblower endangered, in fear. Moreover, he wants potential future whistleblowers in fear. This is the same man who called witnesses to the Mueller investigation “rats.” This is the same man who states that his supporters will erupt in civil war over his impeachment, Trump knows damn well that his “supporters” will immediately endanger this whistleblower. That is the point. We have whistleblower laws precisely because people in power could exact revenge upon the person highlighting the abuse of power. […]
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The real reason why Trump is so unhinged lately.

Ya know, when you were a kid, your parents always told you that the only to handle a bully was to stand up to the bully. That was easy for your parents to say, because they weren’t the ones who were going to get their ass kicked in the middle of the school yard. besides, the real problem was never the bully himself, it was the preteen cro=magnons the bully was flanked by. The air of invincibility was in the strength of numbers, and the bully knew it. Donald Trump is a typical New York bully. When he started his run for President, he was the first one to pick up a gang to surround himself with. But not just any gang, all politicians get their “base,” but there was something different about Trump’s base. If a Marco Rubio dropped out of a race, his “base” would find somebody else to support. If anything happened to Trump, his base wasn’t going anywhere. Ted Cruz proved early that he was too tactically stupid to be president by continuing to coddle Trump in hopes of picking up Trump’s supporters when he finally flamed out. When faced with resistance from the teachers, Trump used his base until the principal gave him her lunch money. As president, Trump used his base to keep his GOP congress firmly in line. There was no sense in trying to defy Trump, since the bully had already dispatched 16 brave souls who had dared to stand up to him in the primaries. And while Trombies may not have been the sole reason that all of these Senators and Representatives got elected in 2016, Trump turning them against the incumbents might well be a reason for them to be defeated in 2018 or 2020. So, the congress joined the base standing beside Trump. Trump became invincible, at least in his own mind. There was no reason for him to change, either personally or politically, since his original antics were what was so popular with his base, and got him elected in the first place. He was free to say or do anything he wanted, since nobody in the congress would dare to stand up to him, for fear of being thrown to the Trump wolves in the next election. Examples were made of apostates like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, making their independence an issue with the base that made it impossible to be reelected. The bully was unfettered. Look, Personally I have no doubt that Trump is both paranoid as well as delusional. But it was Trump himself that broke the spell of invincibility without which no bully can survive. Every president loses seats in the first midterm of his presidency, and Trump had set himself up for, as President Obama put it, “ a shellacking.” An intelligent politician would have stayed out of the midterms, taken his puppy whupping, and blamed it on the candidates. But not Trump. He let his mania override any good sense he may have. He pitted his cult of personality against all of the odds, and he lost. He forced himself into the midterms, and he made it all about him. And he still got vaporized. Trump hysterically proclaiming a beautiful “red wave” was eerily reminiscent of Hitler screaming about the “phantom army” that was only days […]

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