Monday, October 26, 2020

The Trump ‘Big Lie’ That Nobody Is Reporting. And Should Be.

Actually honey, yes, that  dress does make you look fat   Famous last words I still think that Bill Maher said it best, when he said, I could tell Trump was lying,  because his mouth was open. And there was no meat in it. The problem with living in a country being run by a witless baboon who has lied […]

The Arrogance Is Almost Stunning

What we used to know as the GOP is dying before our eyes. There has been in almost incredible amount of media ink put over over the last few months that focus on the fact that the GOP is driven by a shrinking, older, white, evangelical vote. And that is not a sustainable way forward […]

Trump Lost The Debate. On Two Fronts

No great surprise here, Trump lost the debate again tonight, and in a landslide. True, Trump may not have roamed the stage like a rabid wolverine, but he wasn’t ready for a role in the film Good Will Hunting either. There were two possible matrices with which to judge this debate tonight, substance, and style, and Trump lost them both. First […]

The Unbearable Pressure Of Trump

There is something afoot that may show that not only Trump, but the entire GOP caucus underneath may be in mortal peril. And it’s something that I didn’t expect, but that, upon calm reflection, really doesn’t surprise me. I had previously written that a number of the GOP sycophant Governors that had enabled Trump’s feeble […]

Trump’s closing argument to the country is, that he just doesn’t get it.

Closing arguments; The final statements of the plaintiff or prosecution and the defense to the jury before they commence deliberations towards a verdict Closing arguments. That’s exactly where we are right now. Both candidates have had more than 6 months to present their cases to the juries, they’ve each held their national conventions, giving them […]

Let’s Try A New Perspective

Look. I know I have a difference of opinion with some of y’all. Once I got off of my fainting couch in 2016, and looked at the numbers, I realized that the actual national polling was spot on for the election, it was 77,000 puddle heads in three states, less than 1% in each state […]

The REAL Power Of Money

Money talks, and bullshit walks Yeah, but they also have completely different strides. And nowhere is that becoming more evident than in the almost incredible disparity of spending money between the Biden and Trump campaigns going into the last two weeks of the election. Just for starters. In the last 3 months in battleground Michigan, […]
CBC News / YouTube Donald Trump talks possible impeachment Michael...

You Just Keep Piling It On, Genius.

The morning after blues, from my head down to my shoes. Carefree highway, let me slip away, slip away on you   Gordon Lightfoot   Carefree Highway Look, we’re all a little bit narcissistic, we like looking in the mirror when we think we’re rocking it, we like when people pay attention to what we say, or enter a […]
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You Know It’s Bad When The GOP’s Own Messaging Goes Defeatist

I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor, and believe me, rich is better   Sophie Tucker No, this is not another pie-in-the-sky, exuberant article about Biden’s solid chances on November 3rd. I know when to take a break. What I am going to do tonight is to give you three direct quotes from various incumbent GOP […]
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McConnell won’t pass COVID-19 relief for nation, but will try to expedite Barrett confirmation

It's been 142 days since the House passed the $3 trillion HEROES Act, which Mitch McConnell has refused to take up. Meanwhile, the Senate Majority is plotting how to keep the Senate from doing...

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