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Democrats Honing In on Grand 2020 Strategy: Trump “Ineffective”???

It is more than a little disquieting. One reads an assessment on the Democrats’ effort to “brand Trump” and their message against Trump in 2020 as an all-encompassing theme, and walks away both hopeful and more than a little depressed. Through comprehensive studies testing various themes and whether the theme moves independent voters, it seems that the strongest message moving voters is to note that Trump is an ineffective boob, in part, because he spends so much time on social media. Well. Okay, but … I will hear them out. From Sam Stein at DB: Those who have worked on the messaging say that going after Trump for being a racist and for being distracted by Twitter to the point of ineffectiveness is not an either-or. But, they argue, the former comes with the risk of turning off his supporters by suggesting that they are comfortable with his worst traits, while the latter emphasizes a characteristic of Trump that virtually no one finds flattering. Yeah, but … alright, go on, for now: “I think only the hardest core Trump believers think he should spend more time on Twitter. But that is the reality of his presidency. For better or worse people think he spends most of his time on Twitter and the way he engages on it is mostly negative,” said Navin Nayak, executive director of the Center for American Progress Action Fund. “Juxtaposing that becomes a very powerful way of underscoring how he has not accomplished anything economically for the American people. Going after that is an effective way of attacking Trump without impugning the motives of anyone who voted for him.” And there you have it. The triumph and tragedy. It appears we have found a way to unify the Left with the Independents and the moderate Right. Well done. Except the way to do it is to de-emphasize the man’s racism, crimes, and international disasters, focusing primarily upon an underlying “ineffectiveness”? I guess I need to put out there right now that “de-emphasize” is used here with great purpose. No one is saying that the racism, the crimes, all that is acceptable or cannot be referenced, they are just saying that those “deplorable” traits need be subsumed into “ineffective” as the ultimate charge against Trump, and why he needs to be booted from office. Okaayyy. Again, glad we found something that unifies all “potential votes” for the Democrat nominee (because no one is counting the hard-core Trumpers in this), I guess that’s encouraging. But, Jesus on a phone poll, can’t this nation unify under something stronger than … “ineffective”? Moreover, I hope we can all agree, the only thing that could have been worse about the last three years is if we had gone through it with an “effective” Trump in office. Now THAT is a terrifying proposition. So, it’s kinda’ weird to be arguing that the problem is that the moron is “ineffective,” when I thank the great dog above that Trump was genius-like in finding new ways to be ineffective. I am not going to argue with the data, or the people who scientifically studied it, if that’s what the most people want to hear, then I suspect we need use it. It did move the needle more than any other choice, and that is the entire purpose of the exercise, “win.” […]
MSNBC / YouTube Donald Trump Had A Terrible Horrible...

It’s not US for once! How cool is that?

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord   Phil Collins As much as I try to listen to almost every Trump shill that befouls the oxygen at CNN and MSNBC, usually because they say such magnificent things to ridicule, I do have my standards. I refuse to let KellyAnne Con-Way emanate from my television, mainly because it’s so hard to get the smell of bullshit out of the speakers. And GOP strategist Amy Tarkanian is another one I cannot tolerate. After all, when your corrupt slob of a husband is a lifetime 0-7 in running for public office as a Republican, how great of a strategist can you be fer Crissakes?!? But alas, this particular time, I was stuck in the kitchen doing the dishes, and I couldn’t get to the remote to change the channel without having to dry my hands, so I gritted my teeth. But I’m actually glad that fate intervened. The guest before her was a Democratic congresswoman, I can’t recall which one, and she was dumping shit all over Trump’s head for his virulent racism, and it being a root cause for the buckethead protest in Portland. Kendis asked Tark the Snark for her response. She said something very akin to; “I heard that, and I’m extremely disappointed that the congresswoman wasted her precious time on the air with this scurrilous attack on the good name and reputation of our president.” And I thought to myself, Holy shit! Disappointment? From Amy Tarkanian?!? If you’ve never seen her in action, Blamey Amy is one of the most aggressive, arrogant, vindictive shills on the Trump roster. Outrage is in her vocabulary, not disappointment. And then it hit me. The Seven Stages Of Grief. As a Democrat, how many times in the past have you heard that goddamned phrase, applied to Democrats? Jesus, after 2016, I got so sick of it that I was ready to visit some of on the loved ones of the talking heads that wouldn’t shut up about it! Every time that the Democrats suffer a loss, either electoral or legislative, the Republicans absolutely love to describe whatever emotion the Democrats use in their speeches or public utterances as one of the seven stages of grief. Mainly that the Democrats are a bunch of whiner bags, working their way through the sorrow of yet another loss to a superior foe. But it’s not us this time, it’s the freakin’ Republicans! They dallied with it a little bit after last November, but tried to keep it under the bushel basket. But now, between the polling that shows His Lowness within the margin of error against Scooby Doo, and especially since both the Democrats, as well as the media started using the words racist, and white supremacist to describe President Bone Spurs on a regular basis, they have gone in for a full body immersion on the seven stages. First it was outrage. The Republicans, especially Yertl McTurtle, were blue with outrage every time that anybody dared to even suggest that Der Gropinfuror threw his right arm in the air every time he looked into a mirror. And now they’re all the way down the list to regret and disappointment. Moscow Mitch, now widely seen as Putin’s personal butt plug when Trump has the day off, took to the well of the Senate to hollowly whine about how he regretted the insult to his […]

Critical Juncture: As Trump Decompensates, the GOP Will Fall With Him.

I wrote a column this week noting that the entire Trump “thing,” by which I mean Trump personally and the Qanon-types, were caught up in an unsustainable march to an obvious and sad end. What I did not do is extend the logical conclusion out further, that the GOP, having tied itself to Trump, will suffer the same fate as all who have “worked with Trump.” He will take the GOP down with him. That is not necessarily as good as it might first seem. To understand the dynamic, it is necessary to revisit some principles that we all “know,” we just may not be utilizing it in our thought process. To confront the issue, one need digest a basic predicate. Dating back to at least Ronald Reagan, and perhaps even Nixon before, the GOP has been “one party” in name only. The real power behind the GOP is the moneyed-corporate interests that are after low taxes, lax regulatory administration, and saving money by diminishing social support for the poor to free up dollars for corporate welfare. The problem with this platform, other than the obvious, is that it is a platform that serves the interest of 10-20% – at most – of the total population. Tough, in a democracy, to be elected with that portion of the vote. What to do? Well, first you maximize your money advantage by getting the Supreme Court to decide that “money is speech” through Citizens United. Just as important, you minimize the Democratic vote wherever possible, shameless gerrymandering, as seen in Texas, North Carolina and Michigan, you impose voter ID laws skewed against the poor, and you have the SCOTUS dismantle the Voting Rights Act  – a law that just 7 years prior had been “re-upped” by a unanimous Senate. But, none of that is geared toward getting voters on your side. No, to get the votes needed by the Corporate wing and “normal conservatives,” they make every other issue part of a culture war. Their politicians acted like they cared about guns, that guns equated to freedom. They acted like they believed that scientists and educators were sketchy, not to be believed (but oil companies have a true heart and want what is best for all). They create their own reality, turning a downward trend in migration across the southern border into an invasion by gangs who illegally vote Democratic and get on welfare. And underlying all this is a racial animus that had to be kept somewhat “unspoken,” at least until lately. They needed this culture war since their real platform did nothing to help the day to day lives of someone living on $10/hour. So that’s the structure. They had their real agenda, the ones who controlled power, the Koch-types, Wall Street and trans-nationals. And they had their “for show” platform. The “for show” platform could be seen in a TV commercial showing young black men with their pants halfway down their ass, a young Hispanic girl in the E.R. to have her baby, a liberal scientist decrying environmental disasters and extolling teaching evolution, the underlying message being: “This is the cause of all your problems. We are against them.” The plan worked, at least once through every two administrations, and made massive gains in state government, even though the […]

Does this make me a conspiracy theorist?

Well, it’s a sunny Saturday, so of course the guys in the brown shirts with the sauerbraten stains dribbling down the front, and the male bed sheet runway models with the pointy hats are wandering around downtown Portland like a bunch of retarded lemmings. Hell, why not? The welfare checks deposited yesterday, so they can afford a bus ride. But something is different this time. You don’t have to be able to read a Ph.D. thesis on nuclear dynamics to know that Der Gropinfuror is in trouble. Forget the economy, hell, even Fox News latest poll shows him within the margin of error when pitted against Norm from Cheers. Hair Twitler is getting a bucket of shit dumped on his head from everybody to the left of the guy who used to buff Mussolini’s bald pate. And why? Because they’re saying that the greatest president in the history of the United States is just like them! He’s a filthy, racist, goosestepping white supremacist! This is intolerable! Portland has always been a popular place for west coast losers wearing BDSM boots and carrying crops, and losers clad in California Kings to go and stir up trouble. Mainly because it’s easily accessible, and has a younger, more progressive population that they know they can get a rise out of. But here’s what’s different this time. Cast your mind back to the murderous tragedy of Charlottesville two years ago. That rally was planned and advertised weeks in advance. The organizers went through the normal steps of petitioning for, and being granted permits for assembly in particular locations. It was all very sane, normal, and aboveboard, until the event actually kicked off. I have two daughters who live with their hubbies in Portland, so I keep an eye out for news from there. Personally, I love Portland, it’s a fun, quirky city with a unique personality. But if memory serves e correctly, at least the last two white subpremacist rallies held there followed the Charlottesville model. Meaning that they were organized and promoted weeks in advance, and permits applied for and duly granted. But not this time. MSNBC reporting of a couple of hours ago stated that blocks of cops keeping the two groups separated were shouting through bullhorns that these were unauthorized assemblies, and as such were against the law, and the groups had better disperse, or risk a guest appearance on Lockup: Raw. And if this is true of both sides, then there is only one conclusion that I can draw. The goose stepping goobers, and the tiki torch twits feel that their Glorious Furor is being threatened. With Trump being pilloried for being something that they themselves are oh, so proud of, along with the growing realization that there are actually impeachment hearings under way, they are starting to feel that their Imperial Grand Wizard and Brownshirt Grande may actually be in jeopardy. They are coming together, s spontaneously as they can gather in large numbers, to defend their leader, and the niceties of permits be damned. They are aiming for a show of muscle, solidarity, and support. And of course, it will ultimately backfire on these hopeless morons. By rallying to Trump’s support and succor, they only confirm what everybody else is saying, that the sitting President of the United States is a virulent racist, and unfit for duty. And to be sure, being so fucking stupid […]

“Pride goeth before a fall.” And Trump’s laces are untied.

With the exceptions of MSNBC and CNN, I don’t watch traditional “network” television, but even I’m passingly aware of a television show on CNBC, with a bunch of passably photogenic, moderately coherent venture capitalists giving sad sacks who come with their hands out a ration of shit. It’s called “The Shark Tank.” If CNBC ever makes a show like that about being an aide or staffer in the Trump White House, they would call it “The Snake Pit.” It’s a natural. Working in the Trump White House is not a job for the faint of heart, or for those with a healthy sense of self esteem either. When you have no appreciable skills for the job, your best way to survive is to make everybody else in the joint look worse than you are. This is a Beethoven sonata to a man who has spent his entire life cultivating mistrust and double dealing in his staff to keep them from getting together and becoming strong enough to threaten him. It has long been a running joke that not only does Trump have an attention span about as long as his manhood, he refuses to read. Cartoons and jokes abound about Trump’s daily briefing materials being a series of pop-up books, and it was reported early in Trump’s presidency that there were a couple of staffers whose only job was scouring newspapers and magazines to create a fat folder every day, stuffed full of positive, glowing, ego fulfilling articles about His Lowness. Funny stuff. Well, guess what? The joke is over. It has been common knowledge that as Trump degenerates, and his poll numbers drop, aides are casting about desperately for any third world, unprofessional, unscientific poll that shows him still on top of the world. That’s just fine and ducky with me. Hell, let him stay delusional right up until poll closings on election night. He thought he was surprised when he won?!? But it’s worse than that. Because, even in the monkey house that is the Trump administration, there are still a few people left who are tethered enough to reality to see storm clouds on the horizon, and closing quickly. Even the Clueless Wonder is starting to sweat the economy, and those below him with an unobstructed view of reality are freaking out, not only at the signs of a weakening economy, but at the terrible reality that there isn’t a man-jackin’-one of them in the administration that has any kind of a plan for dealing with a recession — but they don’t even have anybody capable of forming a plan to deal with one. So, what is the clear, steely eyed plan to deal with this approaching disaster in a professional, presidential manner? The same old shit. They’re running around like media went on lunch break, scouring every newsstand and third rate website for any cribbed up, mathematically questionable figures that can make it seem like the economy is still as strong as steel, and Trump is still the world’s leading economic savant. Cuz if there’s one thing that Da Boss hates, it’s bad news. So, how do you like dem little green apples? These are your tax dollars at work folks. The number one, overriding responsibility of any presidential administration is supposed to do the best job it can in protecting the […]

Nobody is safe from Trump’s wrath. Not even his supporters! (With Video)

Did you ever have one of those days? One where you had promised to take the spouse to the movies, but had the shittiest day in the world, but went to the movies anyway, rather than take heat for backing out and having a shitty capstone to a shitty day? That was yesterday for Trump. In hindsight, I’m sure that he now wishes he had just said “Screw it!” and rescheduled the event. Trump was not going into his rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, last night, normally the highlight of his week, on a high note. The Democrats were calling him a card carrying, bedsheet wearing white supremacist. His beloved FOX not only aired polls showing that even his own supporters think he’s dividing the country instead of uniting it, but even showing him trailing all five of the top tier Democratic candidates, and not clearing 40% against any of them. And to top it off, journalists were reporting that his own aides are terrified of a looming “Trump recession,” and a complete inability to deal with one if it occurs. The Washington Post reported that the speech was a rambling, one hour, thirty minutes-long long train wreck. He replayed all of his greatest hits from 2016, even though Hillary isn’t running, bashed Democrats, but rambled so much that he repeated himself later in the speech, without seeming to realize that he was going over the same old ground for a second time that night. But then disaster struck, and a disaster that was eye popping even for Trump. Wow. Trump mocks a protester for purportedly being overweight. "That guy has got a serious weight problem. Go home, get some exercise," he says. — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) August 16, 2019 When you watch the video, you’ll clearly hear at first a scattering of boos as Trump berates the man, which then become louder. I’ve watched it three times now, and I honestly can’t determine whether the other supporters are booing the overweight supporter that Trump is humiliating, or whether they are actually booing Trump for insulting a true believer. If it’s the former, then it’s typical for a rock headed Trump crowd. But if it’s the latter, then we may have just reached a watershed moment. One can easily imagine that the mind set of a typical Trump supporter is “Insult blacks. Insult gays. Insult Muslims. Insult Democrats. Insult anybody you want, but don’t you fucking dare to insult ME!” After the moment started getting airtime, the White House released a statement that sounds like pure Trumpian bullshit to me. In the statement it says that returning to New Jersey on Air Force One, Trump actually called the man he had insulted. How in the hell he got the phone number for an anonymous supporter in a crowd is beyond me. But being Trump, of course he didn’t apologize. He simply told the man that he had never intended to insult or embarrass him, and thanked him for being a supporter. That part at least rings true. It’s going to be interesting to see if either the size, or the tenor of Trump audiences changes at future rallies in the wake of his outright insult to one of their own. Trump has long bragged that his supporters would literally take a bullet for […]
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Don’t Miss These Late Summer Hits!

Traditionally, even in presidential years, this is the slowest time of the year for political news. Congress is on their August recess, and most vacations are over with, or just wrapping up. Parents are just finishing up last minute back-to-school shopping, or are collapsed on the couch with the little monsters safely back under somebody else’s watchful eye, and the President himself is somewhere away from the office, giving us our summer reprieve. Thus close to Labor Day, normally the summer blockbuster movie season is winding down. All of the alleged monster hits having already been released when there are more people likely to park the kids in a dark place for a couple of hours. But even in a summer movie season as bereft of really good fare as this one was, all of a sudden, there are several political thrillers that could be box office blowouts, all looking to come out around the same time. Keep an eye out for these. Escape From Mitch Mountain – Everybody thought that it was hysterical when Joe Scarborough of MSNBC seriously tagged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell with the oh, so elegant moniker of Moscow Mitch. The cherry on the sundae was the way that the nickname drove Yertl McTurtle absolutely insane, forcing him to the floor of the Senate to piss and whine about how his oh, so honorable name and integrity were being impugned by a bunch of vicious lefties. We’re now starting to see just why McConnell went to Defcon 5 so quickly. Several newspapers, along with Rachel Maddow of MSNBC are starting to lay out a very clear timeline of Moscow Mitch’s Machiavellian interference in ensuring that sanctions against Putin aligned aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska were lifted, despite overwhelming bipartisan support for them to stay in place. Within days, Deripaska’s company ponied up $200 million for a new aluminum plant in the most distressed part of Kentucky. This is blowing up in everybody’s faces. The Kentucky legislature is now royally pissed at the way the state’s Governor deceptively marketed the plan to the legislature in the closing hours of the session, some now claim under false pretenses. The machinations of former Senator David “The Hooker Magnet” Vitter as a go between, and a federal appeals court slot for his totally fruitcake wife are just adding fuel to the fire. This could end up leaving McConnell himself with a full omelet on his face. Deripaska’s company has already threatened that any scrutiny of the deal could cause the company to pull out. Well, the deal is now getting more scrutiny than a new strain of virus, from the media to the KY legislature. McConnell is going up against a female former marine fighter jock, with in state popularity of 32%. If this thing mushroom clouds on him, especially if Deripaska bails out leaving him holding the bag, we could see a Crying Game ending, with McConnell tearfully bitching that everybody in Washington is being mean to him, taking his shriveled old balls, and going home. The Hunt For Beto October – Normally, campaign reboots, especially this early are not a good sign for a campaign. A campaign 2.0 is normally a dead-in-the-water signal flare, and a campaign 3.0 reboot means that the bow just slid under the water. We’re now in the opening credits of Beto 3.0, […]

Trump Furor Coming: Way Down in FOX NEWS Approval Poll!

On the cusp of mass shootings, and sour economic news – not all of which could possibly be baked-in to the polls, some teeth gnashing Tweets are sure to spring from Trump’s Twitter account after seeing his “Disapproval ratings” on the Fox News’ Poll to be one point shy of its all-time high at 56% “Disapproval.” At the same time, his “Approval” ratings dropped three points to 43% from just a month ago. Forty-three percent of respondents said they approve of Trump’s job performance, down from 46 percent last month. The record low for Trump approval in Fox News’s polling is 38 percent, also from October of 2017. Trump has the disapproval of a record number of men, at 53 percent, white men, 46 percent, and independents, 64 percent, according to the survey. Researchers surveyed 1,013 registered voters nationwide from Aug. 11 to 13. The results have a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. That “August 13th” is a key day, as it was on that day that the markets and economic indicators demonstrated their full fury, diving down, making news that was almost impossible to ignore. As I said, that 43% number is “soft” and may be artificially high, as it cuts off some of the more dour economic stresses appearing later in the week. These are not historical lows for Trump, the historical “Disapproval” number remains 37%, but it is the trend that we favor. When FOX has Trump at 43% approval, one can near count upon other polls demonstrating 2-3 fewer points. Republican presidents polling a negative 13 points on Approval/Disapproval from Fox do not get re-elected. “Please, Jason, do persist.” Okay: How about Fox News polls demonstrating that every major Democratic candidate kicks Trump’s ass? he poll found Trump with 39 percent support among registered voters in head-to-head matchups against Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). The poll found Sanders beating Trump with 48 percent, Warren winning over Trump with 45 percent and Harris winning with 46 percent support. Former Vice President Joe Biden, meanwhile, beat Trump in the theoretical matchup with 50 percent support among those surveyed, compared to Trump’s 38 percent. Sooo … I will also note, that Elizabeth Warren might well be polling less than the others only because many independents and even conservatives have heard Trump beat her up for a while, but have not heard her speak. Our Professor Warren is an excellent teacher, and I suspect that once people hear more from her, her numbers might approach Joe Biden’s. Regardless, the excellent news is to be celebrated. Trump is trending the wrong direction, and will act accordingly: Bizarrely. Moreover, none other than Fox News is demonstrating that Trump is facing an ass-kicking next year, lest he change his tune. Which he cannot do. So, that’s good news, too. **** Peace, y’all. Jason
Fox Business / YouTube Nancy Pelosi s days in Congress...

Why do we keep making things SO complicated?

We all know that life today is complicated. Hell, we even have a strategy for dealing with it, it’s called “dumbing shit down,” trying to make complicated things easier for simple slobs like me to understand. That being said, why do the Democrats have the nasty habit of taking really simple shit and making it so much more complicated? Even the mathematical formula is absurdly simple. One deranged loner +One AR-15 with high capacity magazines + One large crowd in a confined space = BREAKING NEWS! Not only is it absurdly simple, it’s also becoming tragically commonplace. So why do Democrats insist on making it so much more complicated than that? Yesterday on MTP Daily, full time host and part time idjit Chuck Todd began a discussion on guns by asking “But can you really call it domestic terror? What if the gunman had one specific target, but more than one person got hurt?” Oooooh, a probing, insightful question. Allow me to respond in kind, Chuckles. “What fucking difference does it make?!?” Domestic means here in the US, you know, like El Paso or Dayton, and terrorism basically means scaring the living shit out of everybody in sight. What possible difference does the specific target, or lack thereof possibly make? If you cut loose with a semi automatic weapon in a crowded place in the US, that’s domestic, and it’s pretty well guaranteed to scare the living shit out of everybody, which is terrorism. Domestic terrorism, get it? Full stop. And the Democratic leaders in congress aren’t faring much better right now. Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, as well as Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are standing around in front of cameras and microphones, solemnly demanding that Moscow Mitch pull his head out of Oleg Deripaska’s ass, and skedaddle his troops back to Washington, to vote on that 90% approval rating universal background check bill that the House passed in February. And since I didn’t get an answer from Chuckles the Clown to my last question, I have a different question for you, Madame Speaker. Why are you standing around in front of microphones and cameras in San Francisco? And why are all of the other denizens of that monkey island you supervise tramping through theme parks with their kids, or burning to a crisp on beaches in Cabo San Lucas? Forget about Moscow Mitch, why aren’t you calling your kiddies back into a special session? There’s important shit to get done right now, and you’re the ones that need to do it! Right now, banning assault style weapons has a 70% approval rating with the public. Sweet Jesus, if you put ten people around the water cooler, you can’t get 7 of them to agree on which freakin’ restaurant to go to for lunch before the 4th ballot! And banning the sale of high capacity magazines is polling at well above 60%. What are you waiting for? Get cracking! Hit your speed dial, and tell everybody to be back in DC on Monday. Call legislative assistants, and tell them to have the shortest, most concise, constitution friendly bills possible written and ready to rock-and-roll by Monday. Get ’em into committee, marked up, debated, and out of committee, by a party line vote if necessary. Get ’em on the floor, debated, and passed by next Friday, again by a party line vote if necessary, although I […]

How The Trinch Stole Christmas

Let me throw a hypothetical at you. Let’s say you work for a company, any company. It isn’t even Labor Day yet, and you’re still finishing up the shopping for the last back-to-school things for the kids. You go to work one day to find that the company’s CEO has sent out a letter to all of the employees. The letter says; “I hope everybody had a great summer vacation! Right now, our company is the greatest company in the history of the world. We have the greatest bottom line in history, and things are only going to get better. I want you all to give everybody lots of cell phones, video game consoles, electronics, and shoes for Christmas this year. Because, starting on February 15th, I’m going to have to cut everybody’s pay by 10%. Happy holidays, and keep up the good work!” Don’t laugh, because that’s basically what our Moron in Chief just did. On Monday, the stock market took a shaving cut, dropping 400 points on fears of a recession fueled by China de-valuating their currency in retaliation for Trump’s idiotic trade war. I wrote last week that His Lowness was gift wrapping a recession to wreck the retail industry by hiking tariffs timed to go into effect at the start of the holiday shopping season. It’s nice to know he reads my stuff, because on Tuesday he finally admitted that Americans actually pay these tariffs, and announced that he was delaying the tariffs until December 15th, so that people would spend oodles for the holidays. Wall street immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and stocks clawed back 470 of those 400 points. Then yesterday, two lines crossed each other on a piece of paper, and the market took an 800 point bloodletting. You see my point? It takes 6-8 weeks after imposition for tariffs to be felt by consumers. Trump’s original tariff date would have raised prices by 10% between October 20th and November 15th, right at the start of shopping season. By proudly announcing that he was delaying the tariffs on popular Christmas items until December 15th, he basically wrote my 1st paragraph letter to the American people. Enjoy Christmas, because in February I’m cutting your paycheck by 10% when you go shopping. You’re an American consumer, ask yourself this question. If you know that you’re going to take a 10% hit in the pocketbook starting in February, are you going to go out in a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid blaze of glory for Christmas, before settling down to eat box mac-n-cheese and generic hot dogs for the next year, or are you going to pull back for the holidays, and save up for that upcoming “rainy day?” Yeah, me too. For a bunch of people who are supposed to be the greatest financial minds in the world, Wall Street seems to be filled with some of the dumbest sumbitches I’ve ever seen. These people are considered as failures if they aren’t “making a phone number” (i.e. a 7 digit salary), and yet they hang on every word this bankruptcy baron says. First they spent over a year pinballing the Dow average all over hell’s half acre based on every brain dead tweet Trump shit out. Then they spent a year ignoring him like people ignoring the […]

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