Friday, July 19, 2019

Like father like daughter: Ivanka Trump’s failed Planned Parenthood ‘outreach’

You can't run a government like a business. You can't expect someone with no policy experience to be able to translate "deal-making" to governing. The Trump regime is demonstrating, though, that you ...

What do you know: Ivanka still making clothes in China

"We will follow two simple rules: buy American and hire American," Donald Trump pledged during his January 20 inaugural address. "Except if you're in the family," he added. Okay, that last part wasn't actually spoken, it was just universally...

White House Ethics Loophole for Ivanka ‘Doesn’t Work,’ Say Watchdogs

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and other government watchdogs tell White House counsel to reconsider Ivanka Trump's "highly unusual and inappropriate arrangement"

Eric Trump’s winery is hiring foreign workers because U.S.-born workers don’t want the job

Donald Trump vowed to "buy American and hire American,” but like everything coming out of his mouth, it was a bunch of bullshit. The Denver Post reports that Eric Trump’s winery has asked his dad’s government for permission to hire dozens of foreign...

Ivanka Trump To Get Security Clearance, West Wing Office—But No ‘Official’ Role

"Doesn't the Trump administration have enough ethics problems? Aren't there already enough conflicts of interest to sink a ship?"

Donald Trump Jr. was likely paid $50,000 for meeting to discuss U.S.-Russia cooperation in...

A month before the November elections, Donald Trump Jr. attended a meeting in Paris to discuss the Syrian conflict and possible U.S.-Russian cooperation in the region. The Wall Street Journal now reports he was paid at least $50,000 to attend that...

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