Saturday, May 25, 2019

Today Is NOT Just Any Other Day in America:: Trump Consolidating Fascist Power

It has already been a devastating day. I apologize ahead of time. I am in a stupor. It appears to me that some people – like the readers typically here – do recognize the utter devastation unleashed upon our democracy today, but most people do not, or even support it, leaving me breathless. Trump declared […]

One Other Key Thing in Leaked Document: First Time President’s Team Admitted ….

In further evaluating the document that “leaked” to the New York Times – and not by Trump’s legal team we’re assured, and we believe everything they say – The Daily Beast picks up a new component that could spell big trouble with any normal administration, but with this one hardly seems to qualify as something […]

Russians Caught Doing It Again! Meddling In Mid-Terms. Our Gov Oblivious

McClatchy on their game, brings us a new find on Russian operatives tied to the never-to-be-damned-enough “troll factory” that brought us “President Trump” and already under indictment by special counsel Robert Mueller. A Russian group with ties to these very same group already indicted are likely launching or preparing to launch yet another operation to […]
Michael Belanger / Flickr Rod Rosenstein PATRIOT...

John Dean Breaks Down Bombshell Report on Trump’s Decision to Fire Comey

Raw Story now confirms a new report that Rod Rosenstein, everyone’s favorite Deputy Attorney General (everyone outside the WH), twasn’t played at all, with respect to Trump and the firing of Comey. Rosenstein knows enough that it could conceivably cause problems. He knew all along that Trump fired James Comey over the Russia investigation. I […]
Fox Business / YouTube Trump takes on AG Jeff Sessions...

Breaking: New Report, Trump Ordered Sessions to Reverse Recusal Two Days After

New Report tonight from the NYTimes and Lawrence O’Donnell on about Trump’s reaction to Sessions’ recusal of himself from the Russian investigation. UPDATE: Times article is here The video from the Lawrence O’Donnell show is at this link (it won’t embed) and the tapes, which post-date the discussion, take place in July as I noted […]
Daily Brian / Flickr Mueller To Subpoena Trump This Isn...

Expect White Hot Summer From Mueller

Politico runs a column written by a former Senate Judiciary and White House lawyer, predicting Mueller’s next steps, and it seems best to prepare ourselves, for better or worse, for the most likely scenario. As we have reported here before, Mueller is preparing reports in stages, the first to deal with obstruction. But, this prediction […]
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Rudy: “Investigation Illegitimate” then Lists Conditions for Trump to Speak to Mueller (Oh boy).

“I did [think the probe was legitimate] when I came in, but now I see Spygate,” Giuliani used Trump’s misleading term on CNN’s State of the Union in describing the FBI’s use of an informant. As we all know by now, the informant spoke with three Trump campaign officials in 2016 as part of the counter-intelligence […]

The TRUMP CAMPAIGN Is the One With “Spies” In the FBI and USED the...

Let’s all take a journey back in time, a time when we knew that Hillary would defeat Trump, because of course Trump could not possibly win the election. This CNBC article, written prior to the election, the article references near undeniable evidence provided by – who else? – Rudy Giuliani, a Trump Campaign official at […]
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Trump: “If the FBI had Spies in My Campaign It Is a Disgrace to...

“If they had spies in my campaign it would be a disgrace to our country, it would be a crime, and the biggest scandal in our country’s history.” Donald Trump, Current President Jesus Christ as an MSNBC analyst, the above was said by the United States of America. The President of the United States has […]

Trump Lit the Constitutional Crises Match Over the Weekend. Will the Nation Hose It...

My fellow writers here at Politizoom have done yeoman’s work in documenting the breathtaking revelations of the last week. In response to all the revelations, Trump did what he always does, he used all power at his disposal to attack the accusers. Only this time it’s serious. Trump ordered an investigation of the people investigating him, […]

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