Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Tipping Point

Bullshit. That’s all it is. And not only is it bullshit, but bullshit is all it’s ever been, and bullshit is all it’s ever going to be. And we’ve known it from the start. From the moment he oozed his way down that rattletrap escalator in Trump Tower, we have witnessed not just a candidacy, and not even just a presidency, but an entire administration built solely of pure, unadulterated bullshit. The problem with pure, unadulterated bullshit though, is that it’s not a particularly strong and sturdy material. There were a couple of interesting sniglets in impeachment world today, ones that make my point. First, CNN came out and reported that anonymous Senate sources had confirmed to them that despite his best efforts, Moscow Mitch McConnell lacked the requisite 51 GOP votes to allow him to make the first motion brought to the Senate floor for a vote in the trial be one of dismissing the charges, making it possible for Donnie Depends to scuttle off with nothing more than community service. Apparently there is a limit to the tensile strength of bullshit, especially when everybody is watching you shovel it. A couple of hours later, CBS News broke with the story that not only did McConnell not have the requisite number of GOP votes to give Trump a free pass, but senior White House officials had already resigned themselves to the fact that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer almost certainly had not only enough GOP votes to get to 51 and force the appearance of witnesses in the trial, he likely had more than the number needed to reach 51.Not only isn’t the tensile strength of bullshit not much, but it also seems that it cracks and expands quite easily. You know, bad boys and bullies always have kids hanging around them, kids who love to watch the bad boy get away with shit that they can’t. That pretty well seems to sum up the Republican party in the era of Trump. The problem is that, after watching the bully skate so ma ny times, the other kids start trying it themselves, only to find that the invincibility potion doesn’t travel very well. And then they call for Momma. Trump’s summary execution of Soleimani was an act of pure, senseless, political bullshit. Right now, Trump is balancing on the tightrope, but the wind hasn’t really started to blow yet. But when it does, being Trump, he will do what bullies always do, try to tough it out. And when he starts trying to counter reprisals with escalating military force, then the bully is finally going to find himself in juvie hall. Trust me on this folks, this ain’t my first rodeo. In 1967-68, massive protests against not only the Vietnam war, but the stunning clarity of the fact that our own government was lying to us about both the war, as well as its progress, led LBJ to decide not to run for another term. Those protests dogged Richard Nixon, and ended up bringing on a generational split in this country that has never fully healed. As a 16 year old sophomore that ditched classes not for opening day at Wrigley field, but to take the el train downtown to protest, I know what a powerfully motivating factor war can be. Hell, in two more years, it would […]

Impeachment Dynamic Changing Fast: Ernst Joins Romney Over Procedure

Not to sound too self-important, but it was only four hours ago that Romney came out with his statement that he wanted to hear from John Bolton, and we noted that Romney’s move will create a safety lane for other Republicans, the ones hanging on the edge, thinking about jumping SS Trump. Now Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is saying that she wants Mitch McConnell to start working with the Democrats. Via Rawstory: Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) is another endangered Republican running for reelection in 2020. She joined with Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) in complaining about the process of impeachment unfolding in the U.S. Senate. In a Politico report Monday, Ernst told Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) it was time to start working with Democrats instead of against them. No wonder the Russians are busy hacking the shit out of the Ukrainians. They better get moving. McConnell might want watch-out, because I sense a jail-break coming if just a couple more Republicans join with the Democrats in pushing back against McConnell’s sham. Two more will mean there are 51 senators – a majority – opposed to McConnell, something he is not used to. The remaining Republicans will have to assess whether they want to stay in the minority, or join the people seeking the truth. As we said earlier, a bet on the McConnell-Trump side is a bet on being able to manage the unknown into the future. I would hate to be Lindsey Graham, having argued his toff off about the giant hoax, suddenly having to explain how it was that anyone could be so adamant about anything when Trump was guilty as figs the whole time. Everyone get ready, because things are changing fast. The dynamic will look entirely different in two days. If you think Trump’s insufferable rage was running over to this point, you haven’t seen a thing yet. The scales are tipping, and I think that Twitter best add some extra wings to carry the load that is coming. Ernst has placed her bet, and decided it was best to suffer the rage, rather than the alternative. **** Peace, y’all Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom    

Never Trumper video obliterates the President’s pretend Christianity, morals and, values.

I’m just sharing this video on how Republicans, the Never Trumper republicans organized as the Lincoln Project, are slamming the orange dingleberry and, his death cult BS disguised as religion for the simple minded. Kapow!! This...

New York City Looking To Prosecute Trump For Two Sets Of Cooked Tax Books

Maybe Donald Trump will finally go the way of Al Capone and crucify himself with his taxes. ProPublica has obtained property tax documents, using New York State’s freedom of information law, and sure enough, it appears there’s two sets of books, one to appease the IRS and another one to lure lenders. ProPublica: Taxes have long been a third rail for Trump. Long before he famously declined to make his personal returns public, a New York Times investigation concluded, Trump participated in tax schemes that involved “outright fraud,” and that he had formulated “a strategy to undervalue his parents’ real estate holdings by hundreds of millions of dollars on tax returns.” Trump’s former partners in Panama claimed in a lawsuit, which is ongoing, that Trump’s hotel management company failed to pay taxes on millions in fees it received. Spokespeople for Trump and his company have denied any tax improprieties in the past. In February, Cohen told Congress that Trump had adjusted figures up or down, as necessary, to obtain loans and avoid taxes. “It was my experience that Mr. Trump inflated his total assets when it served his purposes,” Cohen testified, “and deflated his assets to reduce his real estate taxes.” […] In response to ProPublica’s questions about the disparities, Laura Feyer, deputy press secretary for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, said of the Trump International Hotel and Tower, “The city is looking into this property, and if there has been any underreporting, we will take appropriate action.” What Trump did was tell people what they wanted to hear, about how there was a great rise in leasing momentum and the building in question would soon be full. He backed up those claims with fraudulent records. There can be legitimate reasons for numbers to diverge between tax and loan documents, the experts noted, but some of the gaps seemed to have no reasonable justification. “It really feels like there’s two sets of books — it feels like a set of books for the tax guy and a set for the lender,” said Kevin Riordan, a financing expert and real estate professor at Montclair State University who reviewed the records. “It’s hard to argue numbers. That’s black and white.” What is ironic, is that Donald Trump spent his entire life trying to be a big shot in New York, to no avail. It’s very probable that his recent decision to make Florida his home state is based upon this investigation. The people that Trump spent a lifetime trying to impress, New Yorkers, may be the ones that finally take him to task. Good for them. It can’t happen soon enough.

Did Trump Just Deploy U.S. Troops as Mercenaries to Saudi Arabia?

This is where your nation stands now. Donald Trump bragged about deploying troops to Saudi Arabia, but only after they put “money in the bank” for them. Trump offers up our US military as mercenaries for hire to the world's richest autocrats: “I said to Saudi Arabia…you're a very rich country. You want more troops? I'll send them to you, but you have to pay us. They've already deposited $1B 'in the bank.'” Whose bank?? — Polly Sigh (@dcpoll) January 11, 2020 How does this even work? Did they wire it? Does the United States just have a giant checking account? Does anyone even know? I am sure someone knows, but I seriously doubt it is Donald Trump, and who the hell came up with the “One billion dollars” figure? That sounds a lot more like a “price” for which Trump is willing to sell. That’s not the way this works! IF the United States determines it is in the United States’ interests to deploy troops to another country, and IF the deal is worked out to have some cost-sharing, the costs are paid as “actual costs,” meaning it is broken down into salaries, equipment and support costs like fuel, and lodging, all that. The costs are then tallied as they go, and a nation then pays in installments as it is being expended or quarterly. This sounds like Trump just randomly told the Kingdom that he needed some cash if he is going to deploy troops. Maybe he figures the United States will “make some money off this.” And because it is Trump, and because he’s hopelessly conflicted on a million levels and because he hides everything about his finances, we have to ask if Trump somehow got some “grease” for the whole transaction, got a portion slid to him, personally. Trump did not say which bank, whose bank, when the deposit was made, nor whether anyone at Treasury had records for Congress, nothing. Perhaps Saudi Arabia didn’t pay a dime, and Trump just wants everyone to think he’s “tough” in driving those artful deals. Everything, literally everything, is a transaction in his life, no principles. I have no problem with the American government determining it is in American interests to secure freedom and economic flow throughout the Middle East, and therefore deploying our people and resources to secure that stability. It has been a doctrine of American foreign policy for a long time. I do not like the idea of peoples’ sons and daughters deployed to a region with missiles flying all over because Trump got a good deal for them. People die in these situations, and we only ask people to serve us if it is for the nation, the flag, our constitution, and our freedoms. If we decide all of this is necessary, WE pay for it, and then perhaps work out a deal for cost-sharing. What the hell is going on? More importantly, someone must know what is going on, and yet I am not sure that those people are within the proper structure of government. We talked yesterday about the lack of structure in decisions made at Mar a’ Lago. The same principle applies here. Have military and treasury experts run cost figures? Do they know how they are to be paid and […]
GOP / YouTube Watch Live Trump Rally in Las...

Trump’s Ohio Rally Illustrates Once Again He’s Not A President, He’s A Cult Leader

Mike Pompeo sounded like the wife of an out of control drunkard trying to clean up hubby’s mess the next day, when he unconvincingly tried to explain that he hadn’t really walked back his statements Tuesday about how “imminent” a threat Qassem Soleimani posed, and oh no, Donald Trump was right in Ohio, when he told the crowd that Soleimani was planning to blow up several embassies, jimmy pronto. Roll Call: Pompeo told reporters U.S. officials acted on “specific information on an imminent threat,” and that the “threat stream included attacks on U.S. embassies. … Full stop.” American officials did not know “exactly which minute,” but he claimed Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani was planning “broad, large-scale attacks” on American targets. But in an interview with Fox News aired Thursday night, Pompeo said, “There was no doubt that there were a series of imminent attacks that were being plotted by Qassem Soleimani. And we don’t know precisely when and we don”t know precisely where, but it was real.” When pressed for his definition of the word “imminent,” Pompeo said, “This was going to happen.” The sun is going to go dark at some point, too. It is going to happen. However, it would be ludicrous to call it “imminent.” Likewise, there is no credible intelligence to support an imminent threat to any embassy, this is just blowing smoke. Even Republican Mike Lee of Utah is bristling at Pompeo and other administration officials demanding that Trump’s ordering an assassination not be called into question, as “insulting,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Lee said that the intelligence briefing on Soleimani was the “worst” he’d ever seen. Trump believes that he should be allowed to do whatever he wants, unilaterally and unfettered, and if you don’t believe that, just take a listen to his unhinged Thursday rally in Ohio. Trump insulted and delegitimized Democrats, saying Nancy Pelosi, “wasn’t playing with a full deck,” and calling Adam Schiff “you little pencil neck.” He went beyond the norms last night, even for him. Greg Sargent, Washington Post: Mockery of the opposition is, of course, a constant in politics. But this is different. Trump regularly crosses over into a form of harsh belittling and abuse that is designed to delegitimize the opposition, that is, to tell his voters that the opposition has no legitimate institutional role in our politics at all. This is sometimes accomplished via dehumanizing residents of parts of the country that don’t support him, such as when Trump exaggeratedly derides the districts of black lawmakers as “rodent-infested.” Other times it appears deliberately scripted into Trump’s speeches. When Trump claimed that the Democratic impeachment shows hatred for “the American voter,” a phrase Trump probably wouldn’t improvise, he was flatly declaring that only his voters constitute the American electorate. Now Trump is claiming that the House and the Republican-controlled Senate have zero legitimate claim to oversight when it comes to Trump’s warmaking. “You should get permission from Congress,” Trump scoffed at his rally during a rant about Soleimani, mimicking congressional lawmakers’ demands. “You should tell us what you want to do.” Trump has never had any concept of government, separation of powers, nothing. He has gone on record countless times citing Article II of the constitution, “Article II says I can do whatever I want.” Interesting construction of that clause, he’s the first president in history to come up […]

Nation Demands to Know What Trump Is Taking after Slurred Speech

It says a great deal when one examines the low expectations one has now for an “acceptable” presidential speech. Nowadays, any speech in which Trump doesn’t commit, or pledge to commit, a crime is a pretty good one. I listened to Trump’s speech on Iran and didn’t notice anything too amiss, which – again – just goes to show where things stand.  Because the net noticed that Trump sounded way more monotone, out of it, detached. He slurred through quite a few words. Of course nothing will really come of it. But his performance in this speech seems to have brought out some criticism with an edge to it. One cannot ignore the context. It comes a day after a phone call about bombs dropping on (Or near, we find out) US troops. He may have to actually work in this next period, maybe square up and get familiar with the issues. Anyway. Trump is high as a kite on some drug he sniffed. — parislady1492 (@parislady1492) January 8, 2020 Trump looks & sounds like he's overloaded on adderall. He's sniffing, slurring his words, robotically reading words off teleprompter. His remarks were vapid, rambling, incoherent.No substance or detail.Trump's entrance was staged like a light show. We get cheap theater. — Charles Campisi (@1813Doncarlo) January 8, 2020 Every single time Donald Trump gives a major speech, he has the sniffles. This is a discussion that needs to be had. Has any major outlet every asked Donald Trump directly whether he uses Adderall? The American people have a right to know if the president has a drug dependency. This is interesting. I happen to disagree. I don’t think we have a right to know the president’s prescription drug regiment. That goes down a slippery slope on which I don’t want to step. We do have a right to know that his prescriptions and access to medicines are all being overseen properly, reviewed on occasion, that it is proper, all of that. If he is “on” a medicine that is not prescribed, well, that is an issue which touches back upon our rights because we do have a right to know if he is physically able to do the job. It also throws us right back into the whole “crime” thing. Meanwhile, Trump used this speech to both frighten the nation about his substance use, and to explain how it is that everything that is going wrong right now with respect to Iran is because a black guy used to head-up this joint that Trump runs. You know what that means. The last guy made some bad decisions, according to Trump’s speech today. It was a shame. Actually, that is the part of the speech that stands out. Trump’s hatred for Obama and Democrats deepens by the week. He had to make a half dozen (approximation) snide comments on the last administration versus what he has done. His enmity for Democrats (and especially Obama) far surpasses any for Iran. His feelings about Iran are likely neutral. What can they give him? There was some good humor that came of the criticism of the speech. It is possible that the dead-flat affect is not due to Adderall, but could be the result of a tranquilizer. The biggest, and most consequential dose ever distributed. whoever […]
Vox / YouTube Trump quits Iran nuclear deal undoing 1557918029.jpg...

Was a totally insane move really totally genius? It could be if Iranians realize...

The CIA specialist on Iran may be half right. Trump probably has flummoxed the Iranian leadership. Totally is too strong a word. But I think that the fact that they allowed General Suleimani to be...
Sky News Australia / YouTube Trump does not want impeachment to 1575916797.jpg...

Trump threatens war but he’s now on the golf course again

Over sixty hours of golf over the past two weeks. Iran 'offers $80million bounty for Donald Trump's head'.  His ‘head’ is worth less than his golf expenses.

Trump Is FURIOUS, Makes Up For it By Feeling Sorry for Himself!

‘Sitting here, innocently trying to watch the NFL playoffs, joking with daughter, check Twitter feed, flash to daughter, both of us nearly fall off the chair in some nebulous mix of laughter, disgust, astonishment, “ashamed” of my nation and, and and oh hell … As hard as I work, & as successful as our Country has become with our Economy, our Military & everything else, it is ashame that the Democrats make us spend so much time & money on this ridiculous Impeachment Lite Hoax. I should be able to devote all of my time to the REAL USA! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 4, 2020 Poor man!! “As hard as I work,” … LMFAO. Okay, okay, we’ve stopped now … pffft, lol, do, please gone on. “As successful as our “C”ountry has become,” … we were doing just fine prior to you. The economy was going up faster than now, fewer bankrupt farmers, our friends were NATO and Democracies, medical insurance was cheaper, Iran was locked into a peace agreement and had the U.N. inspectors walking all over their nation, we were loved throughout the world, we had actual cabinet secretaries and they actually stayed, and things were just fine. Thanks, though. “It is ashame,” that you never went to school. **And if somehow Twitter works such that when he changes it, or his minder changes it to “a shame” in our column, please know that staring at it right now, one minute after-post, it is “ashame.” Yes, where were we, oh: “That the Democrats make us spend so much time and money,” to pass the USMCA, deal with both a possible war with Iran and check a possibly criminal president, all at the same time, which they are. “Ridiculous impeachment-lite hoax,” about which I am so angry that I will not let a single person testify because it is just too damned perfect and each bit of evidence that comes out only proves it was more perfect. “I should be able to devote all my time to the REAL USA,”  AND GOLF DAMN IT!!! As opposed to the FAKE USA like California and New York, except the part that I’m from, but not even there, really, since I’m moving, damn it!! What. A. Snowflake. Imagine a woman, any woman, Republican, Democrat, Wiccan, writing the same thing, and then roll your eyes and … go back to watching the football game. Anyone need anything? I’m up? While “up,” I saw this, and since it’s halftime, just wanted to show that we weren’t the only ones that noticed: .@realDonaldTrump: You’re incompetent. You’re ignorant. You’re incoherent. You’re dumb. You’re deranged. You’re delusional. You’re despised. You’re a criminal. You’ve been impeached. You will be removed, by the ballot box, if not the Senate. You will be prosecuted. #IMPOTUS — George Conway (@gtconway3d) January 4, 2020 **** Peace, y’all Jason      

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