Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Trump Parrots Lunatic “Bleach Cleansing” Theory Provided by Florida Scammer

Donald Trump has never had an original thought in his life. This includes his “bleach cleansing” theory that shocked, horrified and amused the world. Where did this one come from? Primarily from Mark Grenon, a con artist who runs a “church” in Florida called Genesis II. Grenon’s little grifter organization has long touted chlorine dioxide — bleach — as a “miracle cure” for everything from carbuncles to malaria, HIV/AIDS and autism. Grenon knows there is one way to get Trump’s interest: abject flattery. Grenon and his church have been peppering Trump with letters touting bleach as the cure for COVID-19. Grenon wrote to Trump that bleach is “a wonderful detox that can kill 99% of the pathogens in the body” and “can rid the body of Covid-19.” Days after Trump received the letter, he went on television and touted bleach as a possible cure for the virus. Genesis II sells what they call MMS, “Miracle Mineral Solution.” Since the first headlines about the Coronavirus outgreak, Grenon and his fellow trolls have been hawking bleach as a viral cure, advising everyone to mix a few drops of bleach in water and drink it. They push MMS, which contains not only bleach, but sodium chlorite, a chemical used in waste-water treatment and industrial fracking. On April 19, Grenon took to the airwaves with his weekly radio harangue to read the letter he wrote to Trumo. He also said about 30 of his supporters have written letters to Trump touting MMS as a cure. When Trump told his television audience that doctors should consider having patients inject bleach into their lungs to cure the virus, Grenon stormed Facebook to claim: “Trump has got the MMS and all the info!!! Things are happening folks! Lord help others to see the Truth!” This was an about-face in the fortunes of Grenon’s organization: in mid-April, the the US Food and Drug Administration obtained a federal court order barring it from selling what it called “An unproven and potentially harmful treatment for Covid-19.” The FDA also ordered a Genesis II follower, Kerri Rivera, to remove claims that MMS cured coronavirus from her website. The FDA warned Americans in August 2019 not to buy or drink MMS, calling it a “dangerous bleach which has caused serious and potentially life-threatening side effects.” The White House refused to respond to requests by British reporters for The Guardian for clarification on the impact Grenon’s letter may have had on Trump. The Guardian also points out another grifter, former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes, who hawks bleach-based products as a “miracle cure” on his online television show. It is unclear whether Trump and Keyes have communicated with one another. Keyes, who like Trump was an infamous promoter of the “birther” conspiracy theory that claimed Barack Obama was born in Kenya, has his show hosted on IAMtv, a far-right Internet-based TV channel. IAMtv’s other anchor, Bob Sisson, has promoted Genesis II and MMS on air. In late 2019, Sisson held up two bottles of Genesis II and proclaimed: “Gonna meet Trump, it’s only a matter of time. President Trump’s gonna invite us up there, when he finds out about this stuff.” Sisson also boasted about meeting then-Kentucky governor Matt Bevin and Tennessee governor Bill Lee, both Republicans. Doug Nash, a retired planetary geologist with NASA […]
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“It’s NOT The Economy This Time, No Matter What Trump Wants.

I went to see a new doctor, and his office was in something called a “Professional Building.” I felt better right away   George Carlin It’s the economy, stupid! God knows that’s what Trump wanted the campaign slogan for this campaign to be. Instead, because of his almost other worldly stupidity and incompetence, the slogan has been rearranged into It’s the stupid economy!, although trump is still trying to run on the stock market as if that were the economy. But because of his criminal bungling of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump not only wrecked his only running platform, but he created a new #1 general election priority, one he can’t run on, and that Joe Biden is nailing pitch perfect. It’s the healthcare, stupid! That is going to turn out to be the number one issue at stake in the general election in my opinion. Here’s why. Last week, another 1.5 million Americans filed for unemployment. My wife Teri is lucky, the company she works for is continuing to cover the cost of her healthcare insurance while she’s furloughed, including her normal payroll deduction. But for the majority of Americans on unemployment, they are left with the unpalatable choice of covering the entire monthly premium themselves, or being uninsured until they are recalled to work. And this choice comes in the middle of a deadly pandemic. Last Saturday night, El Pendejo Presidente spent 1:40 in a 1/3 full arena in Tulsa, ranting like a drunken sailor on shore leave. And in that time, he never even laid a finger on Biden. In fact, he consciously avoided naming him at all preferring to raise the sexist and racist dog whistles of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton instead. He did this basically because his own internal polling was showing that he just can’t seem to come up with an effective way to attack an older white guy. He just can’t find anything that has any buzz for his racist and xenophobic crowd. Yesterday in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Biden gave about a 20 minute speech in which he laid Donald Trump to waste. Biden touched on the economy, and Trump’s pathetic response to the coronavirus, but he homed on on healthcare. Speaking as only a man who has lost a son to cancer can, Biden pointed out a woman whose twins had both been diagnosed with Leukemia at age 13. One of them just graduated college. He spoke of being unable to even conceive of having to make such decisions without the safety net of insurance. His empathy spilled out the speakers like a fog and filled the room. Biden then immediately pivoted to advise the small but attentive audience that that very day, Trump’s Department of Justice was arguing in front of the Supreme Court to try to invalidate the entire ACA. Never mind the millions of unemployed without insurance, Trump wanted to take away insurance for 20 million people in the middle of a pandemic. Biden then reminded the audience of the devastating fact that losing the ACA meant that the act of surviving the coronavirus could get you a preexisting condition label that would allow insurance companies from providing you access to healthcare in the future. Biden laid out a basic framework for his new healthcare initiative, promising to have it on his website in two weeks. Biden hammered Trump on the economy, as well as his botching the entire coronavirus response. […]
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The GOP Is About To Ensure That Their Worst Nightmare Comes True

I swear to God, you can’t teach this kind of stupid. And there is nothing in science showing that it is either genetic or inherited either. Which leaves us with only one possible explanation. The GOP Senators are actually interstellar refugees from the stupidest fucking planet in the solar system. Right now, all of the […]
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Brett Kavanaugh Suggests He Will Save the ACA, Legal Experts Stunned

Today is the day that argument is being heard on the Affordable Care Act by the Supreme Court. That is, in and of itself amazing, considering that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and millions could be deprived of health insurance if the court votes to eliminate it. The topic of the individual mandate […]

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