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Let’s call “vaccine passports” what they really are: documentation that you will not kill other people because you have selfishly chosen to not get a COVID vaccine. Sure, if you want to be like a right-wing radio host and roll the dice by not getting the shot, that’s one thing. (It hasn’t been working out too well for those guys.)

The choice of getting vaccinated or not doesn’t stay with the individual, of course. Your decision to take your chances and not get vaccinated has very real health affects on other people. It’s not just a personal decision, it’s a decision that actively harms other people. (See: rampaging delta variant and overflowing hospitals.)

Vaccine incentives were fun and made for good news stories but they clearly aren’t enough. It is high time airlines instituted a vaccine requirement to fly. If we have to show our drivers licenses to get on a plane, why not proof of vaccination? Bars and restaurants are already starting to require proof of vaccination — we just need more companies, colleges and other institutions to step up and do the same. The harder it is for so many people to remain unvaccinated, the better.

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