Republicans in Congress are increasingly willing to have you forget all about January 6th and their culpability in the insurrection. Everything is fine, promise! In fact, according to Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia, these people looked a lot like they were on a “normal tourist visit.

But it’s about more than just one stupid comment by an equally stupid lawmaker from Georgia, it is now looking pretty unlikely that there will be a bipartisan commission in Congress that will investigate exactly what (and how) the attack on the Capitol went down.

Besides an attempt to overturn a valid election at the heart of our democracy, Republicans seem to be forgetting about the Capitol Police and D.C. Metro Police — with injuries ranging from a lost eye to an amputated finger to crushed vertebrae and multiple concussions. Law and order Republicans are a thing of the past, whether that law and order involves police officers or the U.S. Constitution.

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