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The Biden administration is easing travel restrictions for foreign nationals who want to fly to the United States. Instead of an outright Trump-era travel ban on specific countries, like India and China, people on international flights headed for the U.S. will be required to show proof of vaccination for COVID-19.

That is unless they are an unvaccinated American on an international flight bound for the United States, that’s just fine. Huh? Oh, and there is still no vaccine mandate for domestic air travel. The airlines don’t want to drive away their unvaccinated customers, apparently. (Not a very good long-term business plan if you really think about it.)

With ICU wards still overflowing in some areas and deaths rising among the unvaccinated, it’s high time either airlines or federal regulators make proof of vaccination mandatory for all air travel. Air travel is one of the best places to encourage vaccination among a wider segment of the population and help tamp down this damn pandemic.

And if some people don’t like it, let them walk.

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