House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is heading off to Mar-a-Lago in a sure sign that the Republican Party still hasn’t learned its lesson after a violent insurrection and losing the White House. Unless McCarthy is headed to Florida to transport Trump back to Capitol Hill for his trial, this is definitely another indication that “my Kevin” is going to continue to support the twice-impeached Inciter-in-Chief.

The other indications? Kevin McCarthy has been blame-spreading since the day of the attack on the Capitol. Sure he said Trump “bears responsibility,” but every other word out of his mouth is blaming everyone else, including the police. He sure doesn’t sound like a law and order Republican — more like a ranking lieutenant in a twisted cult.

McCarthy is solidifying his standing as Trump’s chief defender in Congress while Republicans are acting as if the violent attack on the Capitol didn’t ever happen. Kevin McCarthy does a great holier-than-thou face while saying words like “responsibility” and “unity,” but remember to look at his votes and his travel schedule to learn the whole truth.

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