After last week’s Arctic cold snap and failure of the Texas power grid, I thought it was time to turn the show over to Flamey McGassy, your expert in everything fossil fuel related. And make no mistake, people freezing to death in Texas was fossil fuel related.

Never mind that the governor of the state and right-wing pundits blamed everything from wind power to the Green New Deal for putting millions of people in the dark, a few frozen wind turbines were the least of Texas’ worries. It looks like the real culprit behind this massive blackout is deregulation, frozen natural gas pipes and really weird weather.

Remember, global warming isn’t always warm. (Even though overall, human-caused climate change is heating up the planet dramatically.) Now we can probably add Arctic blasts going where they don’t belong to the long list of weird weather events attributed to global warming. Meanwhile, fossil fuel addicts want to rely even more on coal and natural gas after the Texas outage.

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