I honestly can’t believe we’re still talking about banning books. The “Moral Majority” calls to ban certain books in schools and libraries was archaic way back in the 1980s. Now in 2022 a far-right minority is using the same playbook.

We live in an era when we carry the world around in our pockets, work and play in virtual reality and don’t even notice the latest rocket launch into space — yet some people still get worked up over naughty words and who loves who.

The biggest naughty word for the right this time around, however, is a certain four letter word: race.

As schools and libraries include more racially diverse books and curriculum, white supremacy and fear are once again triggering a backlash. That backlash is metastisizing from right-wing advocacy groups to statehouses across the county — with ridiculous bills being pushed, some that even offer bounties or allow up to 5 “taxpayers” to monitor a teacher in the classroom!

As if education in this country didn’t have enough problems thanks to the pandemic and funding problems . . .

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