“We may well have not seen such dark days for American democracy and its institutions since the days of Joe McCarthy,” said Carl Bernstein in a discussion with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“In the case of McCarthy, it was a senator, not the president of the United States, who was a demagogic authoritarian.” The obvious takeaway is that there exists an exponentially greater degree of danger when the militant sits at the pedestal of the armed forces chain of command.

According to the Huffington Post:

Bernstein said he hoped the Republicans, who have always had a reputation as being toughest on the Russians, will stop following the president in “lockstep” and “get hold of their senses.”

If they “cannot see how Donald Trump has been manipulated, and how Donald Trump is using this [memo] to avoid legitimate investigation and to poison the institutions of American democracy, then the Republican Party is taking us somewhere where we haven’t been before

The Republican party continues to act as though there are no long-term ramifications to the lengths they go, the norms they break, on behalf of Trump. They pretend that they can get their tax breaks and whatever other regulations they demand overhauled, and then go back to “normal governance.”

Such thinking is both wrong and dangerous. Self-government requires the continued effort and commitment of those involved, us.

Republicans themselves righted the ship when Bernstein first reported on a scandal that rocked the nation to the core. This time, Republicans appear hell-bent on taking the entire nation to the bottom with them. A fact that does not look to have gotten by the old sage.

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