Late-breaking News! Michael R. Caputo is going home to be with his family and get some much-needed rest and medical attention. His leaving is being called a voluntary “Leave of Absence”. But we’ve seen a few other Trump Cabinet member and Appointees develop a sudden need to get on home and see the Family. That and the look on Caputo’s face as he got on the Greyhound Bus as he left the Whitehouse, kind of said it all…

You can read more here.

It seems if enough people catch you having a public mental meltdown on Social Media, you too may be invited to take a voluntary “Leave of Absence”, even in Donny’s Big Top, Klown Kolleje. Even Pennywise looked embarrassed.

We send our sincere hope to the Caputo family that Mikey will feel better soon and be able to come out to play. In the meantime we suggest you keep him away from the Social Media and for Gawd Sake, no access to the Qanon feed. We’d hate to have to pry him off a high place, donning a broom like an AK-47 shouting “Bang!”, “Bang!”. Besides being undignified, it will surely upset the kids.

This is actually less offensive than a Corporate Fundraising Douchebag buying the Postmaster General position for fun and profit (and gutting the 2020 Election), or another Corporate Fundraising Douchebag taking over the processing of COVID Data from the CDC, to hide critical (but embarassing) information from America, particularly the State Medical Professionals tasked with saving our lives. This person is just reality challenged. That’s barely criminal.

So Our President can sure pick’em! Only the best people. Yep, the Trump Cabinet reminds me of the molecular melding of Saruman’s Orokai and a bucket of crazed weasels on crack. So we’re getting used to the Jumbo Large Economy size bucket of mixed nut’s and criminal crazies. Well played Mr. President… So much winning. Well played.

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