Captain Queeg Had The Strawberries, Trump Says ‘The Oranges’ Key To Mueller Probe

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Trump met in the Oval Office Tuesday with the NATO secretary general, who had a look on his face similar to the one Mike Pence had, when he was hoping to blend in with the wall paper, the day that Chuck Schumer was openly laughing at Trump, who at that time was threatening to shut down the government, and “wear the mantle.” This meeting was one for the books, which considering this is Trump, is saying something. First, Trump rhapsodized about how much he loves Germany, home of his father’s birth — which is not only untrue, it’s not the first time Trump has made this particular gaffe in public.

I can understand if Trump and his father were not close. That happens to a lot of people. But the fact that he doesn’t even know where the man was born? Then Trump went on to say that the answer to immigration is simple and he can get it done in about 45 minutes.

If you missed this stellar performance today, Trump went on to say that closing the border would affect trade ($1Trillion Dollars worth, FYI) but some vague concept of “security,” which Trump did not expound upon, is more important than that $1Trillion bucks. To whom, you may ask yourself, to whom? I don’t know a living soul who thinks that one trillion in taxpayer money is insignificant, and I don’t care what’s on the other side of the equation.

And of course there was discourse on the “phenomenal” health plan to come — and nobody would like further illumination on this topic more than the Republicans. They don’t know nuthin’ bout no new healthcare bill. Ask Mitch McConnell. McConnell has flat out stated that he has “explained” to Trump that there will be “no comprehensive health care reform.” This has not sunk in, evidently.

The look on the face of the NATO secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, is priceless. Hit the button for a few seconds of that. The poor man reminds me of an episode of “Outer Limits” where the protagonist was told by space aliens that if he was ever in a situation where he felt trapped and wished himself to be elsewhere, that he would be transported to a hostile planet many light years away to participate in a form of inter-species war game. Right now Stoltenberg looks like he would infinitely prefer that challenge to being in the same room with Donald Trump, and I, for one, can’t say as how I blame him.

But the best, the absolute ne plus ultra clip of the day, was Trump’s Captain Queeg interpretation, where he rambled on and on, clearly lost, about “the oranges.”

Didn’t Darwin write a book, “The Oranges Of The Species,” something like that?


We’ve grown accustomed, now, to watching the President of the United States say things that don’t make any sense, or don’t add up, or are comically false, or are insidiously false, or are quite literally incomprehensible. It happens all the time. It happens pretty much every day. After all, the Washington Post assessed this week that Donald Trump, American president, has said something false in public 22 times a day over the last 200 days. The question is most often whether he knows what’s true and says something else—a lie—or whether he genuinely has any grasp on what’s real in the first place.

After all, the president seems preternaturally adept at constructing new worlds to escape into when the walls start to close in and the ceiling is teetering towards collapse on an old one. He does not subscribe to the idea there are immutable contours of our reality, hard truths you cannot bend or mold to meet your needs and desires. The truth is whatever you can get enough people to believe, and that’s a lot easier to do when you start with yourself.

Dementia, like dystopia, comes in different flavors and it’s no wonder that Comrade Cheeto displays a clear predilection for orange.

Say: ya spose Tim Apple could find the oranges? I think we should look into that. Ho, Watson, I say, the fruit’s afoot. Cheerio.


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Real Patriot
Real Patriot

If it was Barack Obama, people would be in the streets SCREAMING Impeachment! Whahahaha.

Michael owens
Michael owens

Why is the FKWT still in power??? Are we really going to wait another two year, till he totally screws the country???. He has the IQ of a Turnip !!