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For 35 days, virtually every elected Republican stood aside as Trump held millions of people and their livelihoods hostage.

All the Democratic senators who wax eloquent about “bipartisanship”, “working together” and “finding common ground” could not convince a dozen Republican colleagues to break with this destructive president. That should be enough for us to stick a fork in their line of thinking.

Every interviewer speaking with an elected Democrat should ask them what use they think “bipartisanship“ serves if the other side is willing to cause permanent damage to lives and institutions over a trifle.

Every voter who hears a candidate drone on about “finding common ground” to “get things done” should stop them right there to ask what fruits that approach yielded when it comes to the most basic task of Congress, funding the government.

In the end, what moved the needle was direct action by people who were hurting and refused to bear it in silence. Hard-nosed politics and whipping the entire Democratic caucus in shape (with the exception of Joe Manchin) helped.

We need Democratic politicians to stop bull-shitting us about bipartisanship and acknowledge that there is a great gap between the political visions of the Democratic and Republican parties. Here are two stories from today alone that illustrate the vast chasm between the parties.

Wynn Resorts Ltd. executives turned a blind eye as Steve Wynn over more than a decade was accused of sexually assaulting or harassing cocktail servers, salon workers and flight attendants employed by his casino empire, according to allegations contained in a regulator’s report that the company agreed largely matches its own findings. —…

The RNC and several prominent Republicans have not returned six-figure donations they received from Steve Wynn, who served as RNC finance chairman. That’s right, he was actually the chairman of an RNC committee is credibly accused of multiple assaults and rape, yet Republicans have not returned his donations.

Here’s another. While we discuss how much taxes need to be raised on the wealthiest 0.1%  of Americans, Republicans are planning to repeal the estate tax, which is only paid by the wealthiest 0.1%.

Three Republican Senators introduced a plan Monday to repeal the federal estate tax, moving to eliminate a tax on a small number of the wealthiest households just as leading Democrats ramp up calls to tax the richest Americans.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) joined Sens. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) and John Thune (R-SD), members of the Senate Finance Committee, in releasing legislation to permanently repeal the federal estate tax. —…

The only thing we can expect bipartisanship on is bills to rename post-offices. So don’t feed voters treacle about bipartisanship. If you’re a Democrat, recognize that the Republicans care only about the 1%, and usually only the 0.1%. Set aside any fantasy of insider collegiality on capitol hill. You were elected to represent the 99%. Tell us you will fight the good fight on our behalf.

Raw power is the only thing the Republican Party understands. Democrats who don’t have the stomach to wield it should stand aside.


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  1. They started it, the GOP, saying that they would not work with President Obama. So now they are all working for Putin. We the people of the American Democracy, will finish it.
    Lock them up!

  2. Ending the estate tax would give a tax break of up to:
    – $63.6B for the Walton family, the owners of Walmart
    – $39.1B for the Koch brothers
    – $27.8B for the Mars candy bar family
    – $13.4B for the Cox cable family
    – $0 for more than 99.8% of Americans

    Ok fine, the more than 99.8% of Americans can…
    NOT shop at Walmart.
    Other than throwing ‘dark’ money at the GOP I don’t know
    what the Koch’s are about but we can find out then NOT them too.
    Mars bars suck.
    Cox is just that, but with peronnes.
    So break this and screw you!

  3. We are sick of being threatened and taxed-and sick of hearing this “bipartisan” bullshit and no one wants to work with corrupt liars and find “middle-ground” ….No one can fight corruption at the highest level by being naively polite….and there is NO middle ground anymore…people are sick of this and increasingly angry

  4. The GOP is to blame for what is going on in the country now. THey are as corrupt as Trump. Stop working with the Russians. It is time to stop Trump to use all his scare tactics on the American People. Lets get all the GOP Scum out of office and behind bars.


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