Clear and present danger seems to remain operative as Mike Lindell was in a meeting at the Oval Office. All Trump has left are conspiracy fantasies fed by a bedding manufacturer.

On January 6, thousands of pro-Trump protesters gathered at a rally near the White House to rail against a fantasy: that the election was stolen from their beloved Donald Trump. It was from this crowd—which included white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and Christian insurrectionists—that the murderous mob of terrorists emerged and attacked the Capitol, with some marauders looking to take hostages or possibly assassinate elected officials of the United States. Five people died. Who helped to assemble the rally, where Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), Rudy Giuliani, and others whipped up the demonstrators with false claims of an evil plot against Trump before thousands marched to Capitol Hill to wage seditious mayhem?

The organizers of the March for Trump (also known as the March to Save America) have taken down the website for the rally and subsequent march, but an archived page cites nine “coalition partners.” It is a list that should not be forgotten—especially given that some of the sponsors have apparently tried to wipe away their fingerprints.

My Pillow. Yes, a pillow company run by that guy you see on television, Mike Lindell, helped spark a terrorist raid on the US government. Lindell, who co-chaired Trump’s reelection campaign in Minnesota, has been one of Trump’s loudest champions—and a spreader of conspiracy theories. Lindell has claimed that voting machines were rigged to produce Joe Biden’s victory. And he has financed the work of pro-Trump lawyers (and conspiracy theorists) Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. Though he has been one of Fox News’ biggest advertisers, he lately has accused the right-wing network of suppressing supposed evidence of election fraud. Following the assault on the Capitol, he was one of those Trumpers who suggested that “plants” might have orchestrated the violence. “First of all, the riots you’re seeing on TV—that’s a joke,” Lindell said in a video posted on social media. “My nieces were down there, and they said 99.9 percent was—it was just peaceful protest. There might have been some people, the ones that broke in—they seemed to break in early, and, for all we know, it could have been plants.”…


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