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Politically, I’m starting to visualize Donald Trump as the Terminator, sans the rockin’ shades and the buffed and cut physique of course. Seriously, no matter what you do to him, shoot him, burn him, blow him up with pipe bombs, he just keeps moving relentlessly forward, laser focused on his ultimate goal of carnage. He’s like Armageddon in a moronic MAGA hat.

Fortunately, that invincibility is confined to His Lowness himself. But look what’s going on around him. How many “Sarah Connor’s” and cops did Schwarzenegger kill stalking Linda Hamilton? And metaphorically, Trump is doing the same thing as he shambles inexorably forward, to his ultimate demise in Robert Mueller’s compactor.

The children are throwing rocks at each other in the playground again. Sam Nunbers is a character. I like to think of him as “Ernest goes to camp” in a shiny suit. He flutters around the edges of notoriety the way moths hang around candles. And apparently he ruffled a feather or two on All In With Chris Hayes last night. The Daily Beast highlighted this clip;

“He’s always trying to ingratiate himself to Trump. I don’t care about Trump. It’s irrelevant to me if I have a relationship with him again. Roger does. They have a long relationship,”

The context to that clip was that Nunberg was saying that Stone had been trying to suck up to Trump when he spoke of having connections to Julian Assange and Wikileaks during the campaign.To my mind, the statement itself was rather innocuous. Nunberg was saying that personally, he didn’t care a tosser about Trump one way or the other, but that Stone did. I mean, it’s not like he drove over Stone’s grandmother with a lawn mower or anything.

But Roger Stone was not about to take this despicable smear on his integrity lying down. Him? Suck to a poltroon like Trump?!? Out of deference to Glorious Bleater, Stone did not take to Twitter, posting his riposte on Instagram instead;

“Sam Nunberg is a cocaine addict,” Stone said. “And any news organization that takes anything he said seriously is courting a serious lawsuit. Coke head,”

Oh, sweet Jesus, please, not another vapid, empty threat of impending lawsuits! Stone went on to call Nunberg a “psycho,” as well as a “lying asshole.” Looks like these two are gonna be able to save a little postage money on Christmas cards this year.

But here’s the funny thing, Nunberg should have seen this coming. Nunberg has long referred to Roger Stone as his “mentor.” Rreviously on camera with Ari Melber on The Beat on MSNBC, he vowed to go to jail for obstruction of justice, rather than to testify about Stone to Mueller’s grand jury. And Stone repaid that kindness by calling Nunberg “delusional,” and disavowing him publicly when Nunberg refused to slam the door once and for all on Stone knowing Assange, or communicating with Wikileaks. Stone doesn’t want to be like Donald Trump, he wants to be Donald Trump, callously kicking people to the curb when they’re no longer useful. And it’s going to cost him. Bigly.

I am SO loving this! With his willful disregard for history, and his lack of understanding of human nature, Donald Trump is literally doing Robert Mueller’s work for him. Richard Nixon had a tight knit cadre of senior staff and advisers, willing to shut up and go to prison for him. By design, Trump creates a toxic atmosphere in his work environment, surrounding himself with people who hate each others guts, fighting like gladiators in a Roman Circus for his attention and missus. These people will gleefully tear their opponents to shreds in interview with Mueller, and as each is pressed on juicy tidbits of responsibility that others have placed on Mueller’s plate about them, a bloody trail of footprints is going to eventually come to the door of the Oval Office. Just look at what’s going on right now with Sam Nunberg and Roger Stone, in full public view. What must be happening behind closed FBI interview room doors? The compactor will have arrived for the Terminator. And I can’t wait.

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