Camps do concentrate people

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How shameful are Americans who waste time trying to parse the difference between concentration camps and death camps for some superior moral calculus? And even worse are those who would make it a pretext to claim antisemitism in use of the terms as if their faux outrage would make us less cynical.

Do not build more camps just because some idiots don’t understand that Concentration Camps are not identical to Extermination Camps. In the case of Nazis, concentration camps began in 1933, with specific death camps began in 1940. It’s no blessing that according to that timetable Trump will be only exterminating people during his second term.

Almost all Concentration Camps were in fact death camps for Jews. Fear, exhaustion, desperation, starvation, cruelity, death & cremation. Nothing good happened to Jews in these camps.

Auschwitz, on the other hand, was not built until 1940, but it soon became the largest of all the camps and was both a concentration and a death camp. Majdanek was also large and it too was both a concentration and death camp. As part of Aktion Reinhard, three more death camps were created in 1942 — Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka.

A Chart of Concentration and Death Camps

Camp Function Location Est. Evacuated Liberated Est. No. Murdered
Auschwitz Concentration/
Oswiecim, Poland (near Krakow) May 26, 1940 Jan. 18, 1945 Jan. 27, 1945
by Soviets
Belzec Extermination Belzec, Poland March 17, 1942 Liquidated by Nazis
December 1942
Bergen-Belsen Detention;
Concentration (After 3/44)
near Hanover, Germany April 1943 April 15, 1945 by British 35,000
Buchenwald Concentration Buchenwald, Germany (near Weimar) July 16, 1937 April 6, 1945 April 11, 1945
Self-Liberated; April 11, 1945
by Americans
Chelmno Extermination Chelmno, Poland Dec. 7, 1941;
June 23, 1944
Closed March 1943 (but reopened);
Liquidated by Nazis
July 1944
Dachau Concentration Dachau, Germany (near Munich) March 22, 1933 April 26, 1945 April 29, 1945
by Americans
Dora/Mittelbau Sub-camp of Buchenwald;
Concentration (After 10/44)
near Nordhausen, Germany Aug. 27, 1943 April 1, 1945 April 9, 1945 by Americans
Drancy Assembly/
Drancy, France (suburb of Paris) August 1941 Aug. 17, 1944
by Allied Forces
Flossenbürg Concentration Flossenbürg, Germany (near Nuremberg) May 3, 1938 April 20, 1945 April 23, 1945 by Americans
Gross-Rosen Sub-camp of Sachsenhausen;
Concentration (After 5/41)
near Wroclaw, Poland August 1940 Feb. 13, 1945 May 8, 1945 by Soviets 40,000
Janowska Concentration/
L’viv, Ukraine Sept. 1941 Liquidated by Nazis
November 1943
Concentration (After 3/43) Meza-Park, Latvia (near Riga) 1942 July 1944
Koldichevo Concentration Baranovichi, Belarus Summer 1942 22,000
Majdanek Concentration/
Lublin, Poland Feb. 16, 1943 July 1944 July 22, 1944
by Soviets
Mauthausen Concentration Mauthausen, Austria (near Linz) Aug. 8, 1938 May 5, 1945
by Americans
Concentration Natzweiler, France (near Strasbourg) May 1, 1941 Sept. 1944 12,000
Neuengamme Sub-camp of Sachsenhausen;
Concentration (After 6/40)
Hamburg, Germany Dec. 13, 1938 April 29, 1945 May 1945
by British
Plaszow Concentration (After 1/44) Krakow, Poland Oct. 1942 Summer 1944 Jan. 15, 1945 by Soviets 8,000
Ravensbrück Concentration near Berlin, Germany May 15, 1939 April 23, 1945 April 30, 1945
by Soviets
Sachsenhausen Concentration Berlin, Germany July 1936 March 1945 April 27, 1945
by Soviets
Sered Concentration Sered, Slovakia (near Bratislava) 1941/42 April 1, 1945
by Soviets
Sobibor Extermination Sobibor, Poland (near Lublin) March 1942 Revolt on October 14, 1943; Liquidated by Nazis October 1943 Summer 1944
by Soviets
Stutthof Concentration (After 1/42) near Danzig, Poland Sept. 2, 1939 Jan. 25, 1945 May 9, 1945
by Soviets
Theresienstadt Concentration Terezin, Czech Republic (near Prague) Nov. 24, 1941 Handed over to Red Cross May 3, 1945 May 8, 1945
by Soviets
Treblinka Extermination Treblinka, Poland (near Warsaw) July 23, 1942 Revolt on April 2, 1943; Liquidated by Nazis April 1943
Vaivara Concentration/
Estonia Sept. 1943 Closed June 28, 1944
Westerbork Transit Westerbork, Netherlands Oct. 1939 April 12, 1945 camp handed over to Kurt Schlesinger…

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Donnie Deutsch, on his MSNBC show Saturday evening took issue with the use of the term “concentration camp” because as a Jewish person he knows so much more than anyone else. Well, a specific group of people are being imprisoned without due process, the children are being neglected to death & a definition of genocide is taking people’s children away & giving them to someone else. We have concentration of people, imprisonment, neglect, & genocide. What else do you call it? Donnie D. & Morning Joe are partly responsible for this fiasco by all the free air time for the… Read more »