Most California voters feel the election to recall Gov. Newsom is nothing more than sore loser Republicans flinging poop. Apparently, a yet to be identified man wanted to prove them right.

Democratic activists practicing their constitutional free speech 

Carly and other Democratic activists have been setting up a table at Campbell Farmers Market to inform voters about the recall and make the case for voting no. When the elderly man walking his little dog approached this week they knew it would be wise to just avoid discussing the issue with him. He had stopped by previous weekends to argue with them, making it clear he was pro-Larry Elder and anti-vax.

Wanting to avoid an argument, they smartly directed the conversation to his cute dog. Carly tried to find common ground with him by mentioning she had a relative with the same breed dog. Like parents dealing with an unreasonable toddler they worked to deescalate the situation. And like a toddler not getting his way, the grumpy man-toddler acted out, flinging a bag of dog poop onto their table.

Carly was not happy but kept her cool. As the Coast Guard hat wearing man stormed off she followed asking him if he “was proud” of himself. He only responded after she stopped filming with a petulant, “fuck off.”

confused old man believes dog poop is free speech. don’t let him pick your governor 

While most Californians are against the recall, this special election could be determined by turnout. All California voters received ballots in the mail. But if not enough bother to return their ballots, a small minority of GOP poop-flingers will remove Gov. Newsom and replace him with the far-right, Larry Elder.

Election day is this Tuesday. If you have not already voted, you can find out how at this link.

Monday, Sep 13, 2021 · 4:43:04 AM +00:00 · Glen The Plumber


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