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President Donald Trump called for the end of the U.S. system that processes those seeking political asylum and refugee status on Friday and then added that it would also be good to “get rid of judges.”

“Congress has to act,” Trump told reporters outside the White House, referring to the asylum claim process and the broader immigration system. “They have to get rid of catch-and-release, chain migration, visa lottery, they have to get rid of the whole asylum system because it doesn’t work.”

“And frankly,” the president then added, “we should get rid of judges. You can’t have a court case every time sets their foot on our ground.” Trump was on his way to visit the U.S.-Mexico border in California and then to a campaign fundraiser event in posh Beverly Hills later on Friday.


While it was possible to interpret that president’s comments as specifically referring to judges who hear immigration and asylum claims cases, that unstated specificity offered no comfort to critics who immediately lashed out at Trump for once again thumbing his nose at human rights and the rule of law.

Political activist Max Berger responded:



  1. A president who says “we should get rid of judges” deserves more than to just be impeached.

    Think Benito Mussolini

  2. Why! Why in the hell do we have to keep putting up with this idiot. All of his miserable life he has screwed over, cheated and conned people and have gotten away with it. Now our government, who are supposed to protect us from all terrorist, foreign and domestic. Trump should be treated like we treat ISIS. I’m sick to death of this waste.

  3. Trump talks of chain migration…how did Melania’s parents get into the US? By the way, she and her husband were to have shown us her US citizenship papers…where are they?


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