Call The Home, Trump Claims Windmills Are Killing Bald Eagles “All Over The Place”

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Trump spoke to a group of natural gas workers in Hackberry, Louisiana, and it was pure Gaslighting 101.

“Under my administration we have ended the assault on our wonderful energy workers (applause) and you are under assault…Now they talk about the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal. Everybody go home, you just lost your Jobs. The Green New Deal, that’s a hoax like the hoax I just went through. Under that deal, everybody in this room gets fired. All of the thousands of guys and women standing in these buildings get fired, they go because under the Green New Deal, they don’t like clean, beautiful natural gas. They don’t like anything. They don’t know what they like.”

Now, here’s where it gets nuts:

“They sort of like wind even though it kills all the birds.”

“You want to see a bird cemetery? Go under a windmill sometime. You will see the saddest, you got every type of bird. You know, in California you go to jail for five years if you kill a bald eagle. You go under a windmill, you see them all over the place. Not a good situation.”

And of course he got in a crack, how if the wind isn’t blowing, you can’t watch television, the abysmally ignorant preaching to the easily deluded. Remarkably, he didn’t say anything about windmills causing cancer. Maybe he didn’t remember that lie. When you’ve told over 10,000 of them, I imagine it’s hard to keep it all straight.

Hearing is believing. The section quoted starts at 22:00, but if you want to hear more of this drivel, be my guest. We watch Fox News so that you don’t have to.

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Like this evil, ruthless POS really care about bald Eagles. Hell, he doesn’t even give a damn about American children not having health care. So drop dead!

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

The only hoax is the (role poly ) fake president “ and ( lier in chief )Trump . He’s against windmills because they knock his duck hair off and expose his bald head. Dr Trump says “they cause cancer “and flatulence, and he should know , because it happens every time he opens his mouth . All of this latest Anti Semitic attracts , have been caused by Trump encouraging it from his base .