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I’ll be the first to admit it, I love hunches. Which is one of the main reasons I don’t gamble, even living in Vegas. Plunking down $100 every time you get a wild hair up your ass about a team is not a fiscally sound way to make sure that the rent gets paid every month.

But people who have followed me for a while know that actually, I have a pretty good track record. Obviously, my “greatest hit” was predicting in print, on the Daily Kos, that Trump would go on to win the GOP nomination even before the first primary was held.

And now my prophesy nerve is twitching again, and it itches like hell. We won’t know whether or not I’m right for at least another week, but we shall see what we shall see.

Here’s my prediction. I think we’ve seen Melania Trump officially as the First Lady of the United States for the last time, especially in close proximity to her husband. There are a few good reasons for this.

First of all, did you see them come down the stairs of Air Force One in Florida? Forget about them holding hands, Melania has slapped his paw away for months now. But as usual, the Citrus Caesar comes down the steps first, with Melania a step or so behind. In normal times they also stood together at the top and waved. Not anymore. This time, Melania was a full two steps ahead of Trump, with Barron in tow, and both of their heads looked straight down. When they got to the bottom of the stairs, they immediately headed for the car, eyes still downcast, while His Lowness clowned around behind them.

Second, this has finally become “real” for Melania. This isn’t an audio tape of her husband bragging about “moving on her like a bitch,” or bragging about sexual assault, and it isn’t 19 women accusing Trump of groping them on airplanes, or ramming his tongue in their mouths by elevators. These are two women, credible as hell, telling tales of their romantic liaisons with Trump, and not just one night stands, months long affairs, with payoffs at the end to ensure their silence. I have no doubt that she watched the Karen McDougal interview, and she’ll watch the Stormy Daniels interview tonight. She’ll want to hear it, so see it, to compare their intimate details with things she personally knows about Trump, to know it’s true for herself. And she’ll be done.

There is also Barron to consider. Even if the story had broken as it occurred, in 2006 Barron was only months old. Even if In Touch magazine had published the Stormy Daniels interview in 2011, Barron was only 5, and still ignorant of sexual matters, and marital strife. Now, Barron is 12, with friends at school. And all of their parents are going to be glued to the TV tonight, quite possibly with the kids within earshot. For the second time in a week, his father will be exposed to the world as a selfish philanderer, and Barron is going to hear about it in school. I believe Melania is more protective than to willingly allow that to happen.

But most importantly of all, Stormy Daniels has exposed a weakness in Trump that has nothing at all to do with sex. Daniels and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, have bounced Trump and Michael Cohen around on their knees in the media like the two year old that Trump emotionally still is. Given the opportunity to slam dunk the President, and the resulting fame, I have little doubt that Melania can find the divorce equivalent of Michael Avenatti, and that he can tear that pre-nup to shreds. Hell,if the Daniels NDA is anything to go by, a third year law student could find holes big enough to drive a truck through. And for as long as Melania has been this close to Trump, just think about what she could testify to in a divorce case. Trump can’t afford to have her either being deposed or testifying in open court, especially if Mueller is still sniffing around. And although I can’t find an actual article, in my own mind I am 100% sure that I heard a panel guest on either CNN or MSNBC commenting at the time of the Access Hollywood video that the Trump-Melania pre-nup had a 10 year sunset clause. If that’s true, then Donald Trump is the marital equivalent of Elwood Blues’ “dry, white toast” in The Blues Brothers.

So, there it is. If I’m, wrong, I’m wrong. But this is just one of those times when the feeling that Trump has shit in one more kitchen is just so strong that I can’t ignore it. We should pretty well know if Melania and Barron aren’t on that big silver bird a week from now.

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  1. Unfortunately, I know women. Just like Hillary stood behind Bill, Melania will weather this while she is in the public eye. I do not think any of Trump’s wives left him. Seems he cheated and moved on to the next shiny new ball. I think that is what Karen McDougal was hoping would happen. They don’t care that he is a cheater as long as they get the ring in the end.
    As far as Barron, they probably will just homeschool him. I doubt that the Trump gene pool brain improves with formal education.

    • Somehow, I don’t think that the comparison between Hillary and Lemania is particularly accurate…But, be that as it may, we shall know in about a week or so if I’m right or wrong…

  2. I hope she does leave, especially for Barron’s sake. Many people make rude comments about Melania because they believe she married him for his money and deserves it. I don’t feel that way. I don’t know the reasons she married him, unless I’m a psychic. I have empathy for her. I don’t think she’s a bad person and seems to be a good mother. She didn’t expect him to become President, in fact was promised he wouldn’t, and then had her world turned upside down, especially with all these women coming forward lately. She’s poked at, called rude if not disgusting names and not for something that’s her fault. It’s the fault of her husband. I don’t accept responsibility or blame for what my husband does or doesn’t do and I wouldn’t expect her or any other woman to either!

    I don’t think she fits in as a First Lady. She didn’t and doesn’t want the job and she didn’t have a choice, but has made some minimal attempts at it. Her heart just isn’t in it and why should it be when she’s stalked everyday. To me she is like a fish out of water and just wants to get back to it’s tranquil lake.

    • I know, I feel the same way that you do…She never wanted to be FLOTUS in the first place, and is obviously uncomfortable in the public eye, even under neutral circumstances…And she isn’t the first political wife to have a randy husband, and most of them stayed with their husbands…UNTIL the affairs became public in the media and painted them in an ill light…But all opinions of her aside, poor Barron deserves mych better than the shitshow he has been raised in, and is now old enough to understand…

  3. We shall see indeed.
    I am not “rubbing my hands in glee” yet!

    Getting there though… just with the hint of an interview with Melania, not controlled by Trump, is…… “lack of verbiage to properly explain my feelings ????….”


  4. What an ugly nasty president we have. I fill sorry for Melania, although she come from a communist family, she looks like a decent girl. Why is she waiting to get away from this pervert. Why are we waiting to impeach him, I think we have more than enough evidence to put him behind bar for the rest of his life. THE WHOLE WORLD IS LAUGHING ABOUT US. WHAT A SHAME, PLEASE GOD, DO SOMETHING, SO THAT WE CAN SAVE OUR COUNTRY.


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