One special feature of the continuing resolution can be read as relieving a burden on local and state governments. It can also be read as $41 million to support Trump properties—and that money is coming directly from American taxpayers.

Sec. 544.  A new provision is included providing an extra $41,000,000 to reinforce extraordinary law enforcement personnel costs for protection activities directly and demonstrably associated with a residence of the President that is designated for protection. Although the federal government does not otherwise reimburse costs of state or local law enforcement for activities in support of the United States Secret Service protection mission, these funds are being provided in recognition of the extraordinary costs borne by a small number of jurisdictions in which a residence of the president is located. 

$41 million for “extraordinary costs.” That’s not enough to cover the full burden of allowing Melania to keep 200 miles between herself and her husband, but it will help with the $60,000 in overtime that the West Palm Beach area requires for every day Trump is golfing at Mar-a-lago.

Of course, this doesn’t address the $3 million tab that taxpayers lay out every time Trump gets an itch for another 18 holes. This is on top of that cost.

$41 million extra added to $3 million a visit. Or as Donald Trump would say, almost nothing.

“That costs almost nothing, because it’s hundreds of acres, and security, and they don’t have to close up streets,” said Trump in an interview with Martha MacCallum for Fox News Channel’s “The First 100 Days.”

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