Republicans are now officially insane. It is an open question whether a majority of SCOTUS is equally far gone. We, the majority, need to stage an intervention. Allow me to present the diagnoses, the prognoses, and the prescriptions that we need to apply.

  • Voting paranoid schizophrenia, with delusions of grandeur
  • Abortion psychopathic personality disorder
  • Covid self-harm
  • Cult of Personality Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Pseudologia Fantastica (pathological lying)
  • 1/6 Retrograde amnesia
  • Big Lie Cognitive Dissonance

and whatever the Best Comment Section on the InternetTM can remind me that I left out.

But before we dive into the details, a homage to Edgar Allen Poe from the Allan Parsons Project to get you in the mood, based on The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether.

This is, of course, not the first time that a US political party has committed suicide. I will just mention

  • The Federalists, the original Party of NO to Thomas Jefferson. The Federalists left national politics to the Democratic-Republicans for 18 years.
  • The Whigs, who fractured over the Fugitive Slave Act and sank without trace.
  • The Know-Nothings
  • Free Silver
  • Strom Thurmond’s Dixiecrats
  • The Segregationist wing of the Democrats, who bolted to Nixon’s Republican Crime Spree, including his bogus Law and Order and War on Drugs campaigns and J. Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO. (and good riddance)

The Republican Southern Strategy and its extensions produced two Republican Presidents, both criminals and vehement racists.

The Main Prescriptions

Before we get to the details of these mental illnesses, here is what we need to do.


  • Register another 2 million voters in TX for 2022, and the same again for 2024, and proportionally in every other former Confederate state. And more, like Pennsyltucky and also Kentuckiana, where I live.
    Thursday Good News: The Third Reconstruction is Coming
  • GOTMLV You know the drill.
  • Support all needed lawsuits. Petitions, donations, demonstration Friend of the Court Briefs, …
  • Keep the pressure on Manchin and Sinema over the filibuster
    Thursday Good News Roundup: Listen Up, Joe Manchin!
  • Support everyone being demonized and oppressed and terrorized: minorities, women, immigrants, refugees (notably Afghans), election officials, unions and those who want to join, schoolteachers, doctors and nurses…We make up a huge majority
  • Show up at state gerrymandering sessions, inside or outside as needed.
  • Statehood for DC, to take a bite out of the Constitutional gerrymander of the Senate.
  • The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, to make the Constitutional gerrymander of the Electoral College inoperatuve and irrelevant.
  • End the Filibuster, and enact hundreds of needed bills into law, starting with voting rights and infrastructure and codifying Roe v. Wade in statute law. (In whichever order the sausage machines require.)
  • Nuke the Hyde Amendment, so Obamacare and the coming Medicare for all can cover medically necessary abortions at any stage of pregnancy, plus rape and incest.

Pick what works for you, and let us discuss it here.

As ever,

Only do what only you can do.

Edsger Dijkstra

Republican Mental Disorders

Let us take these cases one at a time.

The Big Lie and the  Big Liar

Psychologist Mary Trump has the number of her former Crazy-Uncle-in-Chief.

Grokking Trumpists: Too Much and Never Enough

He is clearly incurable.

Prescription: Indictments, trials, disclosure (Oooh, that smarts!), prison.


Truth Brigade: Sheep Drench for the Sheeple

Prescription: Vaccine and mask mandates, with genuine medical exceptions but no excuses. COVAX for the rest of the world.


It turns out that the 1876 Ku Klux Klan Act forbids states authorizing civilians to enforce state law. Larry won a case at the Supreme court between the Cambridge MA restaurant Grendel’s Den and the state of Massachusetts over whether a church could veto a liquor license in their neighborhood.

Rachel Maddow’s marvelous 15 minutes about how a charming little pub in Cambridge, MA, could be the undoing of the far from charming Texas abortion ban. And yes, I’m part of the story. Please RT if you like it.

Well worth watching Rachel have Too Much FunTM with the backstory of this news.

The DoJ has announced certain measures it will be taking to protect abortion clinics and patients from vigilante violence. It is not ready to bring suit against Texas, but plenty of others will.


BREAKING: PRESSURE WORKS. Merrick Garland (DoJ) WILL SUE TEXAS over the SB8 abortion law as early as tomorrow, arguing the law illegally interferes with federal issues. No further details at this time. Source in second tweet.


Thanks to Ice Blue for providing this news in a comment.


There are at least five lawsuits against the Texas voter suppression law, three filed before Gov. Abbott signed it, and two just minutes afterward.

Texas Voting Restrictions Signed Into Law—And At Least 5 Lawsuits Are Already Trying To Strike It Down



Comedy! Pointing and laughing! Rage!!!

Kevin McCarthy falsely claims FBI cleared Trump of Jan. 6 culpability | By Steve Benen


Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene threatened to retaliate against companies complying with the House investigation of the insurrection. So we filed a complaint.

CREW files ethics complaint against Kevin McCarthy & Marjorie Taylor Greene – CREW | Citizens for… Sen. Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene threatened to retaliate against companies complying with insurrection House investigation.

Yes, they threatened to shut down every major phone company. But that’s all right. We all know that the only purpose of cell phones is to track the doings of patriotic, um, never mind.

Prescription: The House Committee hearings continue. The Capitol Police have started another. House Republicans are pretending to organize their own. There will be more.
Vote out as many of the rascals as possible, early and often. Except for the ones we can indict.


This Court is much too friendly with anti-abortionists and vote-suppressionists, and much too ready to find excuses for allowing unconstitutional laws.

Prescription: At some point I expect to see some justices investigated for realsies. We aren’t ready to impach any of them, although we should be. But the talk about expanding the Court is getting serious, along with much-needed reform of the entire Federal Court system, which Republicans have deliberately left without enough judges to enforce necessary laws in many of its branches.

In Other News

With thanks to the Good News Network.

The GNN Paperback Book: “And Now, The Good News”

I just now saw this, so of course I haven’t read it. Have you seen it?

8 in 10 Americans Have Taken Steps to Improve Their Health Since the Pandemic Started, Poll Says

4-yo Learns Piano in Lockdown, Wins Elite Competition But…n’t Play Carnegie Hall as She’s Too Young for Vaccination

Architectural Digest—U.S. Military Building “Eight Small Cities” to House at Least 50,000 Afghan Refugees

Science, Animals, Weirdness

100-Year-old Grandma Sets Guinness World Record as a Powerlifter, and Continues Winning Trophies (WATCH)

China Bans Written Exams for 6-Year-olds to Reform the Hyper-Competitive Pressure in Schools

French Beekeeper Invents a Trap to Take on Asian Hornets Decimating Bee Populations in Europe

The entrance to the sugar bait chamber is big enough for the hornets to enter. Bee-sized holes in the walls of the chamber let bees out but keep the hornets trapped. Made with 3D printers. Flying off the shelves at the factory.


I wanted to add even more Good News, but it is publishing time.

Hi. How are you this morning?

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