Bring On The Ghoul Man!


Right now, there is tremendous wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Democratic efforts to impeach The Pampers President, over whether or not to call Rudy Giuliani in to testify in open session about all of his stuff-n-nonsense on behalf of Glorious Bleater over in Ukraine. While he’s been all over the sad saga of Trump’s shakedown scheme with Ukraine, everybody is terrified to call him to the stand, for fear that it will turn into che Corey Lewandowski hearing, but on enough steroids to break Babe Ruth’s home run record.

I can save everybody all of the strum-und-drang. Call him. Call him in, knowing what’s coming, and fully ready to deal with it effectively. The hearing will be open, since Ghouliani has no security clearance, and no executive privilege, since Ghouliani isn’t a staff member or cabinet appointee. Putting Ghouliani on the stand won’t be like Lewandowski on steroids, it will be like Law and Order meets The Marx Brothers. But the upside is more than worth the spectacle.

Here is why it is so critical to get The Ghoul on the stand. Because, betwixt and between all of the gibberish, bluff, and bluster, Giuliani will crucify Trump without ever intending to. Not only that, but he’ll take down Tubby the Ewok and Mike Pompeo as well, and smile like your mother when you did something bad as he does it.He’ll bring down the whole house of cards without even knowing or realizing it for two good reasons.

First, when it comes to Trump, Ghouiani is a “true believer.” He’s a true believer because Trump has given him what he has always craved the most. No, not money, not women, or even respect. What Trump has given Rudy G is the media spotlight, the thing that Ghouliani lusts after more than a smoker craves a cigarette. Since 9/11, Giuliani has been banished to the media wilderness, and Trump brought him back and gave him free rein, which Giuliani has abused shamelessly.

When it comes to Trump, Ghouliani is as carefree and enthusiastic as a 4 week old puppy, and has just about as much common sense, but not quite. In testifying before congress, Ghouliani will desperately want to stress two things, his own self importance in the events that unfolded, and his close coordination with Trump in executing his mission. This is exactly the kind of sunlight that Trump’s vampire is trying to avoid, but Ghouliani won’t realize that, hell, he thinks his boss walks on water. what could go wrong? He” think he’s staunchly defending the Cheeto Prophet from attack.

Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about When the Michael Cohen hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougle broke, Rudy The Rube was dispatched to Sean Hannity to pacify the sheeple. But what did Ghouliani do instead? He basically blew the scheme right out of the water, admitting on national television that Cohen paid off Daniels and McDougle, actually using the words “funneled the money to,” and was repaid by Trump. Which caused a clearly stunned Hannity to clear his throat, and quietly say, Oh, I didn’t know that. Um. It kind of sounds like money laundering to me, while Giuliani sat there grinning at the camera like the Roslyn village idiot. This is the kind of stuff I’m talking about him doing on the stand.

When it come to Pompeo and Barr, Ghouliani will throw them to the wolves simply because he honestly doesn’t give a fuck about them. He’s the star of this show, and the apple of Trump’s eye, not those two stooges. He already telegraphed that simple fact in an interview on Cluster Fux today. When Giuliani was told by the host that Pompeo was furious with Giuliani’s role, Giuliani replied, “I don’t know if he’s mad or not, and frankly, I don’t care if he is. I was given an assignment, and it was mission accomplished.” Um. Not actually. Actually, I think that not having dirt on the Biden’s, but giving the Democrats all they need to impeach his boss, and have the public behind them while they do it, is about as far from mission accomplished as you can get, but that’s just me. Ghouliani will not only throw Pompeo under the bus, he’ll shove the driver out of the seat and back over him again.

So go ahead, give old Good Time Rudy a call. Hell, you won’t even have to subpoena him, just tell him that the cameras will be running. An aggressive Schiff can control Ghouliani’s rambling and nonsense, and the GOP panel members will be terrified to ask him any questions for fear of what will come out of his mouth next. And if Schiff gives a committee staff lawyer a 30 minute crack at him, Ghouliani will talk himself right into a Logan Act prosecution under a more sane Democratic DOJ in 20201. If yu want to take down the entire top tier of the Trump administration, Rudy G is the man for the job. So some on Chairman Schiff, Who ya gonna call?

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Larry Pyeatt
Larry Pyeatt

Yes, this is genius.

David Bishop
David Bishop

It’s Sturm-und-Drang, not Strum-und-Drang…just saying.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Yeah it will be a massacre alright. That’s the problem with the whole dam thing. Both trump and Rudy last me nothing better than talking about themselves and each other. You get either one in the hot seat 💺 and they will sing like a canary.